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This is your one stop source for everything you’ve ever wanted to know about sugar dating. Welcome to the place where sugar daddies and sugar babies spill the beans about the what, why and how of sugar relationships.


What is sugar dating?

Where to Find a sugar Partner?

When it comes to finding a sugar partner, the Internet is hands down the best place to start. Especially since there are websites solely dedicated to SD/SB relationships where everyone is on the same page.

These are lot of sugar daddy sites around but make sure you stick to just the best ones with the most members and most thorough verification.

Here are the ones you’ll have the best luck with.

1. SugarDaddyMeet – 9.9

“Most exclusive with the best verification”


The most exclusive sugar daddy website, SugarDaddyMeet caters only to members of the wealthiest countries in the world. It’s trustworthy and reputable – and has 20 years of experience as a top sugar site to back it up.

The best thing about it is its top notch verification. If a sugar daddy is certified, you know he’s verified his photos and income. If a sugar baby is verified, she’ll have submitted her ID so you know she is who she says she is. Read the full review

2. SecretBenefits – 9.8

“Fastest growing sugar daddy site”


With its super simple interface and speedy signup process, it’s no wonder this is the most popular, fastest-growing sugar daddy site in 2023.

It has a brilliant model that works for both sugar daddies and babies. For sugar babies, it’s 100% free. Just upload enough pictures so sugar daddies can get a good idea of what you look like. For sugar daddies, you have tons of sugar babies to choose from – but you only pay for the ones you wish to contact. Read the full review

3. – 9.8

“Established, reputable site”


An oldie but a goodie, is one of the pioneers of online sugar dating. They’ve had decades to perfect their website and it shows.

There’s a noticeable lack of fake profiles and bots, all members are 100% real and no profiles are shared with other dating sites. The best part, though, is the quality of the members. You’ll find established, elite sugar daddies and the cream of the crop sugar babies here. Read the full review

4. What’s Your Price – 9.7

“Quick and easy”


Sometimes you don’t want to spend days and weeks messaging back and forth – you want a date stat.

This website gets straight to the point. It’s sugar dating expedited. It works by allowing generous members to bid on dates with attractive members. No fuss, no time wasted, as straightforward as it gets. Read the full review

5. MillionaireMatch – 9.7

“Luxury long-term arrangements “


This is the cream of the crop of the sugar dating world. But it’s not for those who are looking for a short-term sugar fling. This website’s goal is to bring together the most successful men with the most attractive women.

Just to get verified, successful members need to prove they make over $300,000. But it’s worth it – you’ll find models, fitness influencers, and just generally beautiful women.

HOW to Get Started


How does sugar dating work?

Sugar dating is a mutually beneficial relationship between two consenting adults. One – the sugar parent – takes care of the other’s financial needs and provides monetary benefits. This can be in the form of cash, bills paid, tuition assistance, gifts, or even travel.

In return, the other – the sugar baby – takes care of the sugar parent’s emotional, intimate, and other needs that are harder to quantify but just as important.

The most crucial thing for newcomers to understand is this: When done right, a sugar relationship works just like a good vanilla relationship – with sugar as a bonus.

Is sugar dating easy?

Honestly, it depends on who you are. If you’re a sugar daddy who takes reasonably good care of himself and has a higher than average income – yes, sugar dating is pretty easy. For most sugar daddies, it’s much easier than vanilla dating. That’s one of the biggest benefits of being a sugar daddy.

But if you’re a sugar baby, it can actually be more challenging than vanilla dating. Unlike on other online dating platforms, on sugar dating websites – the numbers are stacked in favor of sugar daddies. Beautiful, attentive sugar babies outnumber sugar daddies on every single sugar daddy site. So be ready to put the work in and be aware that finding a sugar daddy won’t happen overnight.

How do sugar daddy sites work?

Sugar daddy sites work pretty much like regular dating sites do. You create an account, upload some pictures and fill out a bio. You filter and search for members in your area (or anywhere in the world you want). And then you message and chat with potential partners.

The only difference is that sugar daddy websites cater exclusively to people who are onboard with and actively searching for a sugar relationship. As such, there are certain features to help expedite the process, such as verification of a sugar daddy’s income or profile fields that show annual income or net worth.

What is the best sugar daddy website?

To be honest, there is no such thing as one “best” sugar daddy website because everyone’s needs are different. That being said, some sugar daddy websites are much better than others. This is why we have a list of the only sugar daddy sites you need.

You can’t go wrong with any of them. Just choose the one(s) that fits your needs. For example, for quick and easy sugar dating, the best website is What’s Your Price. If you’re looking for more long-term sugar arrangements, we’d say it’s Millionaire Match.

For heterosexual sugar daters living in wealthy countries like the USA or in Europe, Sugar Daddy Meet is great. If you’re looking for same-sex sugar partners, Secret Benefits is our top pick.

How much do sugar dating websites cost?

It depends on the website. But in general, most sugar daddy websites are free for sugar babies. On the other hand, sugar daddies will always need to pay.

But the payment system differs from website to website. Some charge monthly membership fees, which are usually cheaper the longer you sign up for. These membership website typically have a free trial so you can test it all before paying.

Other sugar daddy websites work on a credit system, which means you only pay to perform certain actions, like message a potential sugar baby or view a sugar baby’s private album.

It’s up to you to decide which payment model works better for you.

Are sugar daddy websites safe?

The sugar daddy site that we recommend are the best and the most established in the industry. Some have been running for decades. As such, they are as safe as online dating sites go. Your profile information as well as your payment details will be secure.

But beyond that, safety hugely depends on you. That starts with creating a strong password and taking measures to protect your privacy. That includes not using your real name, sharing your address or phone number, as well as being careful not to disclose personal information on your sugar dating profile.

On top of that, all the standard online safety protocols apply. Never send money in advance to someone you don’t know and have a trusting relationship with. Do not share explicit or compromising photos with strangers. And read up on common scams so you can avoid them.