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Do You Need a Sugar Daddy Contract? Here’s How to Do It

The idea of a sugar daddy contract makes sense at first. After all, sugar relationships may be relationships, but they do operate with clear expectations and boundaries.

On top of that, there is also a transactional aspect – the sugar baby is financially compensated for her companionship and time by the sugar daddy. Considering all these factors, it seems smart to get it all written down, formalized, and legalized…right?

Not quite.

Here’s everything you need to know about sugar daddy contracts, whether you need one, how to create one, and which are legit and not.

What is a Sugar Daddy Contract?

Here’s the truth: There is really no such thing as a sugar daddy contract. Not in a legal sense, anyway.

When you hear it spoken about in the sugar bowl, it is in reference to some vague idea of a typical legal contract but with sugar relationship elements. And that is where it gets tricky.

Because a legal contract is incompatible with many of the terms of a typical sugar relationship.

Here’s what we mean. The main point of a contract is to define the legal implications and obligations that each party needs to deliver upon.

On top of that, the basic elements that are required for a contract to be legally enforceable are:

  • Mutual assent
  • Adequate consideration
  • Capacity
  • Legality

Now consider some of the typical obligations that exist in a typical sugar daddy relationship. Many of the important components – i.e. emotional connection, carefree fun, maintenance of a sugar baby’s looks – are simply not enforceable.

And some of the important “terms” – i.e. sexual intimacy – disqualify it from being a legally enforceable contract. At least in the States, where sexual transactions are not legal.

So a legally enforceable sugar daddy contract that covers every aspect of a sugar relationship does not exist. And even if it did, it would be far too much work and unnecessary hassle for the average sugar relationship.

But while sugar daddy contracts may not exist, there are some contracts you may come across in the sugar world. Let’s see which ones are legit and which are not.

Is a Sugar Daddy Contract Legit?

It depends. Here are the various scenarios in which a sugar daddy contract may come up – and what you should know about them.

An Online Sugar Daddy Contract

A person whom you’ve never met in person offers to be your sugar daddy and promises to pay you $xxxx as a monthly allowance to be his sugar baby.

You don’t have to do anything or even ever meet. He just likes you, that’s all. And to prove it, he’s willing to sign a sugar daddy contract promising the exact allowance he’ll give you every month.

Verdict: Not legit. In fact, this is 99.9% a sugar daddy scam. The presence of a sugar daddy contract is only there to try to give the scammer a sense of legitimacy.

Sugar Daddy Startup Contract

This is an interesting one that a couple sugar babies have reported. A potential sugar daddy that you just met online has a proposal for you. He is working on a very promising and soon-to-be lucrative startup. Because all his assets are tied up in the company, he cannot afford sis living costs, much less a sugar baby allowance.

His proposal? You support him. And in return, he offers you a contract giving you a large stake in this soon-to-blow-up company.

Verdict: Definitely not legit. The contract is only there to make it seem legitimate and will most likely be some generic form they got from the internet. It’s not just the contract that’s not legit here – this isn’t even a real sugar daddy. This is a hobosexual. No sugar daddy will ask to be supported by a sugar baby.

A Kink Contract

A sugar daddy or sugar baby may ask for a contract à la 50 Shades. Maybe it includes BDSM elements. Perhaps it just lays out the various forms of spoiling for certain sexual activities.

Whatever the terms are – is this sort of contract legit?

Verdict: No, as in it’s definitely not legally enforceable. But it can be a bit of kinky fun. If the sugar partners are turned on by the idea of setting or following rules and directions and/or find power dynamics sexy fun, this type of contract can be a starting point to sexual exploration. But only if both sugar partners consider it a turn-on.

A sugar daddy non disclosure agreement

A famous sugar daddy who is a celebrity, politician, or another public figure asks for an NDA (a non disclosure agreement). Is it legit?

Verdict: NDAs are legally enforceable, but it does not cover any terms of a sugar daddy relationship – i.e. how often you meet, how much a sugar baby allowance is. Its purpose is privacy and it will only really cover information that is private or confidential.

So in that sense, it’s not a sugar daddy contract at all, just a contract you may have to sign with a sugar daddy.

The “Courtesan Contract”

One thing we’ve learned from history’s most famous courtesans is that there was such a thing as a courtesan contract. It was a legally binding agreement written up and witnessed by lawyers when a courtesan entered into a long-term liaison with a wealthy benefactor.

These courtesan contracts included provisions so that the courtesan would be financially cared for well beyond the end of the relationship. Usually in the form of an annuity.

In the here and now, this could still be possible. For example, if a high-flying and very successful sugar daddy needs his sugar baby to be at his beck and call and adjust her life entirely to his schedule. Or she may have a list of things she’s required to do – i.e. physical fitness and so on – in order needs to prioritize his needs in her life.

If that happens to the extent that she may have no other means to support herself, such a contract may be viable.

Verdict: This is probably the closest thing you’ll find to a sugar daddy contract. It may be legit but this is usually above the pay grade of most SD/SB relationships. If you happen to find yourself in a relationship with a Whale Daddy who proposes something similar, it’s time to contact an attorney.

Other Contracts

As you can see, there isn’t actually a sugar daddy contract that can lay out the terms and obligations of a typical sugar relationship in a legally enforceable manner.

But in the course of your sugar journey, there may be other contracts that you need to sign. It can be a tenancy agreement, for example, in an arrangement where the sugar daddy provides one of his properties for a sugar baby to live in during the course of the arrangement.

Another possibility is if a sugar daddy adds a sugar baby to his payroll.

Whatever the contract is, we do recommend that the sugar baby consult an attorney before signing anything.

Do You Need a Sugar Daddy Contract?

You’ve found the ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby. You both know your expectations for the sugar relationship. Is it time to put it all in writing and make a sugar daddy contract?

In most cases – no.

Sugar daddy contracts, even if drawn up by a practicing attorney, are likely to be un-enforceable. The only real case in which a sugar daddy contract may be of use is an NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which might be applicable, for example, if a sugar daddy is a public figure.

But in the majority of cases where a sugar daddy asks a sugar baby to sign a contract, it tends to be a scam.

Not to mention the fact that a contract creates a paper trail that neither sugar partner would likely want.

On top of all that, contracts cannot compel someone to do something. In the best case scenario, it can only claim damages in the case a contract is broken. But that would involve going to court and spending money for lawyers – all for no guarantee of a win.

All that being said, the basic premise of signing a sugar daddy contract is a smart one. It allows both parties to spell out expectations, terms, responsibilities and boundaries.

But you don’t need a contract for that – a sugar daddy agreement is a much smarter way to go.

Why a Sugar Daddy Agreement is a Good Idea

The main benefit of a sugar daddy contract is to lay out clear terms and responsibilities so you are not relying solely on memory. But considering that sugar daddy contracts wouldn’t be legally enforceable anyway, you don’t need one to accomplish that goal.

All you need is a sugar daddy agreement.

It doesn’t have to be particularly formal or complicated. It would just need to to make expectations clear between two parties so it can include things like:

  • Frequency. How often will you meet?
  • Duration. How long do you want the arrangement to last?
  • Compensation. What is the sugar baby allowance and how often will it be paid?
  • Exclusivity. Will the sugar partners be monogamous or not?
  • Emotional involvement. How involved will you be – can range from a complete NSA to a FWB to a sugar girlfriend
  • Discretion. Are you okay with PDA or being in public together? Can texts and phone calls only happen at certain times of the day?
  • Sexual terms. Whether it will be platonic or sexual as well as how you’ll practice safe sex like birth control and STD test

This could all be written down. Most misunderstandings happen when expectations differ. A written agreement could help make that clear.

So if you want to draw up a little note with expectations that both sugar partners agree to – have at it. But it’s just something to refer to from time-to-time to make sure that you are both on the same page. Nothing more, nothing less.

The most important thing is that a sugar daddy and a sugar baby have talked honestly about expectations and both are in agreement. A sugar daddy contract is not necessary.

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