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How to Be 100% Bulletproof to Sugar Daddy Scammers

Sugar daddy scammers are an unfortunate risk you run into when you enter the sugar world. They come in all shapes and sizes and they’ll try their luck with every sugar baby they can.

These scammers pose as rich, promising sugar daddies to swindle money or extract personal information from unsuspecting sugar babies. And despite what they promise you – sharing your information with them can end up costing you more than any allowance they promise you’ll receive.

Thankfully, these scammers are far and few.

Even better news? There are a few things they do and say to give themselves away early on. Once you know the signs to watch for, sugar daddy scammers are easy to recognize and even easier to avoid.

To keep you from losing time and money on these scammers, we’ve come up with a list of hints and signs that will help you recognize them immediately.

How to Spot a Sugar Daddy Scammer

Some sugar daddy scam signs are fairly obvious while others are much more subtle. Be on the lookout

His Profile Looks Fishy

You know what we mean. There’s a profile picture that looks like it’s straight from a magazine. Maybe there’s a picture or two of luxury vehicles.

And then there’s the bio text. It’s scant and even worse, almost unreadable. The phrasing is odd. Or they are promising too much.

Even the most legit sugar daddies are known to skimp on bios and how many pictures they upload to their profile. So we’re not just talking about missing information.

Look out specifically for strange syntax. Is there random capitalization? Strange phrases? Sentences that look like they were Google Translated? If so, it’s probably the profile of a sugar daddy scammer.

No Face to Face

A telltale sign of a sugar daddy scammer is that he won’t want to meet you. He will also have many excuses to not FaceTime or even do a quick video call.

The reason is not because he has bad connection on his yacht in the Seychelles. It’s because jumping on a video call with you will quickly reveal that he’s not who he claims to be.

Remember: Most sugar daddies want to meet you. They want to see what you look like. If a potential sugar daddy keeps turning down requests for a quick video chat, it’s likely that he’s a sugar daddy scammer.

Asks for Money

Here’s the most obvious of sign that he’s a sugar daddy scammer: he asks you for money.

Because simply put, a real sugar daddy would never ask you for money. You know who would? A sugar daddy scammer.

If a potential sugar daddy ever asks for money – for anything – we can guarantee you that he is 100% not a real sugar daddy. It literally doesn’t matter what the reason is. We’ve heard it all before:

  • He’s been burned before
  • It’s a test to prove that you’re a caring, loyal baby
  • He just needs you to pay for this one thing so he can send you money

Um, no. That’s just not kosher.

Real sugar daddies have access to bank accounts. Real sugar daddies are perfectly capable of transferring their own money. And most importantly, if a real sugar daddy wants to give you allowance, he’ll do that without making you pay to receive it.

So again, if a sugar daddy asks for money. For anything. He is 100% a sugar daddy scammer.

He Gets Too Personal

If anything should clue you in that you’re talking to a scammer, it’s this: he asks you for information that no sugar daddy should ever ask you for.

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That includes your driver’s license number. It definitely includes your social security number. And it most certainly includes your bank login info and your bank account details.

Nobody needs your bank login info. Ever. As for your bank account details? Never share those with a potential sugar daddy you’ve never met and don’t have a relationship with. There are tons of other discreet ways to transfer money.

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If he’s so desperate to send you money, he can give it to you via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, Bitcoin or even as a pre-paid card to a P.O. Box.

But he’s not getting your bank account info, okay?

Note: Is there ever a case when you can give your bank account number to a sugar daddy? Sure, and that’s when you trust him and you’re in an actual arrangement with him. This includes knowing where he works, where he lives, and other (verifiable) information about him and his life. In other words, you need to actually be in a real arrangement in order to trust him with this kind of information.

How to Avoid Sugar Daddy Scammers Completely

You know the signs of a sugar daddy scammer now. But these scammers are constantly evolving and coming up with crafty new schemes.

Is there a way to protect yourself completely from sugar daddy scammers?

Yup, the next time a potential sugar daddy is making you suspicious, here’s a list of things you really must keep in mind.

Do you actually know this person?

You meet someone online, he has nice pictures and he sounds promising. You chat, exchange a few pictures and bam! He wants you to be his sugar baby.

That was easy. Who knew finding a sugar daddy would be so quick and painless, right?

No. This does not check out. A sugar relationship is not established quite so easily. In fact, it’s pretty much like any other relationship: you chat, you meet, you get to know each other, you develop a sense of what each person is about, and then you decide whether you want to pursue things further with that person.

Think about this way: if you were chatting with a guy on Tinder for all of three days and he proposed to be your fiancé, that’d raise eyebrows, right?

It’s the same with sugar dating. So if there’s a potential sugar daddy you’ve exchanged a few texts with but have never met up with, don’t know much about, and who doesn’t know much about you…be very, very suspicious when he suddenly wants an arrangement and offers to send great big gobs of cash your way. ‘Cause 99.99999% of the time, yes, it is a scam.

No relationship = no information

There are very few rules in the sugar world (every sugar baby has her own tastes and preferences, after all), but this one is a hard and fast rule: If you have never met the person, do not give them any personal information. At all.

Because the truth is, you have no idea if they are who they claim to be. That promising potential sugar daddy could be a bored housewife in Timbuktu. He could be a group of scheming teenagers.

Or he could just be your run-of-the-mill sugar daddy scammer who’s decided sugar babies are his favorite targets.

You’re not a special snowflake

Okay, you are. We’re all very unique and special but when it comes to scammers, you’re just another easy paycheck.

The thing is though, scammers can get pretty creative and in the process, really mess with your head. You know in your gut that it’s fishy but you can’t help think to yourself, Hmmm, maybe it is true, maybe this is an exception.”

It’s not.

It doesn’t matter what the variation is:

  • Maybe he wants you to take a loan which he promises to pay back in lieu of actually giving you the allowance himself (what?!)
  • Maybe he has a huge fintech project in the works and he’s going to give you equity if you pay for all his living expenses (double what?!)
  • Maybe he’s a Nigerian prince who’s trying to transfer millions of rubies out of his country and he’ll reward you generously once you wire him…well, you know where this one’s going

And you do know. Even if it’s not the same old Nigerian scam, if it’s some convoluted payment plan that makes you think “what?! is he serious??

You know in your gut that it is a scam.

So don’t fall for that tempting idea that maybe, just maybe, this can be for real. It’s not. Real sugar daddies have real money and they’re willing and able to provide a real, straightforward allowance for an arrangement that they want.

The others that ask you to jump through hoops and use your own money to get your allowance? Wish them the best of luck with their “business” and cross them off your potential sugar daddies list.

Desperation can make you do stupid things

When an aspiring sugar baby is in desperate need of money, she might be fooled into forking over valuable information at the promise of a big allowance to come. She may even find herself sending a virtual stranger her own hard-earned money at the promise of a bigger re-payment.

It happens because desperation makes you do stupid things. When you’re hungry, it’s hard to keep a clear head. That’s why the hungriest animals are the easiest to trap.

Being hungry makes you easy prey.

Sugar daddy scammers know this. That’s why we recommend sugar babies leave any signs of desperation out of their profiles.

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We know it’s not easy. Especially if you became a sugar baby because you have immediate bills to pay.

Yet, this is the time when you most need your wits about you.

So no matter how much you want an allowance right now, no matter how much you want to believe this person who’s promising an arrangement and a hefty allowance – whenever a potential sugar daddy asks you for something that makes you suspicious, check in with yourself to see if you’re considering it out of desperation or if you’re thinking with a clear head.

After all, you’re in this for profit, not loss. And that requires a clear head to get.

Listen To Your Gut

We all have a little bit of intuition. And when it’s trying to tell you something – it’s usually wise to listen.

So many sugar babies we’ve talked to mention having a “strange feeling about a POT.” Or maybe “he just felt off.” Don’t shrug those feelings off. Ask yourself why.

And if you have a weird feeling about a potential sugar daddy, follow your gut.

How to Be Bulletproof to Sugar Daddy Scammers

When it comes to protecting yourself from sugar daddy scammers, what you DON’T do is even more important than what you DO do.

So even if you’re not 100% convinced that he’s a sugar daddy scammer, NEVER do the following:

  • Do not, under any circumstances, share your bank login details with anyone.
  • Do not ever pay a fee in order to receive a PayPal transfer. That is not how PayPal transfers work.
  • If someone whom you have never met and that you have no relationship with is sending you a check to deposit – simply do not deposit it.
  • Don’t buy something for a sugar daddy, especially one you’re not in a relationship with. A genuine sugar daddy will never ask a sugar baby to buy something for him.
  • Never give a prepaid card serial number or information from the purchase receipt to a potential sugar daddy. A prepaid card is a popular way for genuine sugar daddies to provide allowance to their sugar babies. But when it’s a genuine sugar daddy, he’s the one purchasing and loading the card – not you.

Ultimately, all sugar daddy scammers work the same way. In order for them to scam you, you must be an active participant. They need you to give them money or personal security information.

If you don’t? Well, there’s not much they can do.

So rest easy in that knowledge. The vast majority of sugar daddies you’ll meet online are going to be interesting, successful, decent people.

And the sugar daddy scammers out there can’t take anything from you that you don’t willingly give them. So just don’t give it to them.

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