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5 Sugar Baby Profile Tips that Sugar Daddies Want You to Know

These sugar baby profile tips are a must read for every aspiring sugar baby. Especially if you’ve been searching for a sugar daddy online with no success.

Because we get it – you’ve spent hours crafting your online profile. You’ve donned several outfits and posed for profile pictures. Being tech-savvy, you’ve even utilized every search feature imaginable to track down the sugar daddies of your dreams.

And you’ve gone above and beyond to email, IM, text ’til your fingers bled. And of course, you’ve even primped and prepped for hours to meet a potential daddy for drinks or dinner…

…and you’ve still got no sugar daddy.

By this point, you’re frustrated and that’s understandable. But before you blame the sugar daddy sites you used or the sugar world itself, it might help to first take a look at what you might be doing wrong.

The sugar world is not a scam. Tons of sugar babies enter into mutually beneficial arrangements every day.

As for what may be wrong with all the potential sugar daddies who’ve passed on you so far – let’s not go down that road, it is a dead end. You can’t change those sugar daddies but you can change yourself. Especially if you’re making these common – and easy to change – mistakes.

Avoid them and sugar success will be yours.

The following sugar baby profile tips have been gleaned from years of hard-earned sugar baby experience. Years of creating sugar baby profiles and listening to sugar daddies on their opinions.

Ready to get started?

What to Put on Your Sugar Baby Profile

What you choose to put on your sugar baby profile will be the first impression that a sugar daddy has of you.

After years in the sugar world, we can tell at a glance which sugar baby profiles will attract the real sugar daddies and which will receive hordes of junk mail from fake sugar daddies just looking for a one night stand.

The difference in the profiles? Classiness.

What NOT to Do

Often, it’s as simple as the sugar baby profile pictures.

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The sugar babies who are getting bombarded by one night stand requests from fake sugar daddies usually have pictures that are provocative and flashy. A little too flashy. Their profiles reveal enough to catch the eye of even the least interested passerby.

They’re posing in lingerie, adopting Victoria Secret mannequin positions, and as a result, attracting the wrong kind of interest.

Don’t get us wrong – we’d never slut shame. Just letting you know that revealing too much, too soon is something that can deter, rather than appeal to, genuine sugar daddies.

What to Do Instead

The sugar babies who’re going to be receiving genuine interest from real sugar daddies are the ones with pictures of themselves in tasteful attire. They’ll be sporting jeans and well-fitted yet understated tops.

Their dress may hug their figure, but it’s classy enough to wear to an opera. Their hair is beautifully, naturally done and their makeup is girl-next-door sheer.

Your sugar baby profile is one of the most important tools in your sugar baby arsenal so make sure it’s presented in a way that helps – rather than hurts – your chances with real sugar daddies.

If you seem to receive more than enough solicitation emails from men whose primary purpose is to sleep with you – start by changing your profile pictures from flashy to something more classy. Leave the professionally taken boudoir photos for when you and your sugar daddy are better acquainted. It’s one of the first tip-offs for sugar daddies that you might be an escort.

How to Write a Sugar Baby Profile

Your sugar baby pictures are what is going to attract sugar daddies to click on your profile. But whether they choose to message you or not? That depends entirely on what you write in your sugar baby profile.

Here’s how to write a sugar baby profile that attracts sugar daddies…

Show It, Don’t Say It

Here’s a sugar baby profile tip every sugar daddy wishes you knew: avoid generic statements.

Sugar daddies can view several sugar baby profiles a day. Nothing is going to make him click away from your profile faster than if he sees the same old cliches.

Generic statements don’t just make you unmemorable. It makes you boring. The worst sugar baby sin is to bore your sugar daddy.

What NOT to Write

Prime example: “I like the finer things in life.”

If we had a penny for every profile that says this…well, we wouldn’t need a sugar daddy. Not only is this description completely redundant (who, tell me, who doesn’t enjoy the finer things in life?), it’s akin to broadcasting how you are absolutely no different from every other bland sugar baby out there.

The average sugar daddy is successful and well-versed in the “finer things in life” – which means his taste in sugar babies is going to be above average.

He’ll want the whole package – looks, wit, and personality.

What to Do Instead

Spend a minute thinking about what qualifies as the “finer things in life” to you. Demonstrate that you like and do these things in your sugar baby pictures. Describe the things you like, how you like to do it, where you like to go, what you like to eat.

Present it in an interesting, engaging way. Tell a story.

Example: “Last night, I traveled to Tibet. A Buddhist monk I met there told me that every new person I meet is no stranger at all – every new meeting is a result of our souls having met 100 times before.

And then I woke up. I don’t get to travel as much as I’d like, but I’m well-versed in the art of pleasure-making wherever I am. I’m more inclined to the fun, the fabulous, the decadent – is there anything more sensuous than sipping champagne mid-day? Playing hooky to peruse the Surrealists at a local gallery? Bantering over a platter of fresh oysters at a restaurant by the seaside? If you agree, let me know and we’ll arrange our (one hundred and) first date.”

You Want, Not Need

Here’s a sugar baby profile tip that can transform your online success rate.

One of the biggest sugar baby profile mistakes we see time and time again is the old: “I need help.” “I need money.” “I need my tuition paid.”

And yes, we get it. That’s part of the reason you’re seeking a sugar daddy. Sugar daddies already know this. They want to help you, to spoil you. But you know what? The old adage – “The crying baby gets the milk” – is NOT true in the sugar world.

sugar baby profile tips
desperation is never pretty

Many sugar babies fall into the trap of thinking that if they broadcast themselves as charity cases, sugar daddies will be more inclined to help them out financially.

Instead, they come off looking desperate. No one likes desperation.

What NOT to Write

There are so many sugar babies with sob stories. You can’t pay the bills. Your parents failed you. You had to drop out of school. Yes, life is hard and we totally sympathize but…keep it out of your sugar profile!

Real sugar daddies aren’t looking for a charity case. If they were, they’d go and donate to the local Red Cross. They’re looking for a SUGAR BABY. One that is fun and looking toward a better future instead of moaning about the crappy present or past.

By talking about your sad, sad sob stories, you’ll only attract fake sugar daddies who see you as easy prey and want to exploit you. The real ones will pass and move on to happier, more ambitious girls.

What to Do Instead

Your life is not perfect – no one’s is. But there’s two ways to present the picture.

One is to whine about what you don’t have and how the sugar daddy should give it to you. The other, better option is to talk about the things you want to have and have happen and how you’d be thrilled and happy and excited to receive them. 

Same situation but one exudes negativity, the other optimism. It’s clear which is more attractive.

If you’ve been the charity case, change your strategy. Get rid of any reference to sob stories in your sugar baby profile. And definitely don’t bring it up when you interact with your sugar daddy.

Instead, mention only things that you WANT, not what you LACK. Instead of talking about how you can’t pay your tuition, talk about how much you want to finish school and how you love working toward something you enjoy so much.

Instead of talking about how you can’t pay your bills, talk about that awesome new apartment you WANT. Instead of talking about how you can’t afford nice clothes, laugh and talk excitedly about that stunning dress you look amazing in.

The most successful sugar babies don’t broadcast their need for financial handouts. They focus on where they want to go in their life – which sugar daddies are far more likely to want to help out with.

Who’s Spoiling Who?

Peruse through a couple sugar baby profiles and you’ll find a common theme emerge.

“Spoil me, sugar daddy.” “Baby wants spoiling.” “Looking to be spoiled.”

Oh, darling, aren’t we all? We all want someone to cater to our every whim and fancy. But don’t forget – that includes sugar daddies too. A real sugar daddy will spoil you, whether you ask for it or not.

But in order to hook such a man, you’re going to have to be more creative than “want to be spoiled.”

What NOT to Do

Any mention of you “wanting to be spoiled.” Period.

It’s overused. It’s entitled. And it just does nothing for you.

At best, it makes you look uncreative. At worst, you come off unrealistic and selfish. A fake sugar daddy might find this funny enough to play with you for a bit, but the real sugar daddies will probably pass on you.

Note: Especially keep it out of the headline. There are so many ways you can use your headline to actually appeal to sugar daddies. Here’s how to write the perfect witty, eye catching headline for sugar baby success.

What to Do Instead

The most successful sugar babies emphasize what they can do for their sugar daddies instead of what they themselves need. Remember, the sugar relationship is mutually beneficial.

There’s no point asking to be spoiled and pampered. He already knows he’s going to help you financially, so focus on what you’re going to offer him.

sugar baby profile tips
you don’t have to go so far. just spoil him with your attention.

Remember: most sugar daddies became rich by making good business decisions. Not by lavishing their money on investments that promise no returns.

Instead of asking to be spoiled, start with what he wants to know first: what do you have to offer him?

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Make it clear in your profile that you’re the one that can help him feel what he craves to feel and guaranteed – he’ll see to it that you’re spoiled right back.

Focus On What You Offer

The most important sugar baby profile tip is this: focus on what you offer. And that needs to go beyond sex.

Many people are under the mistaken assumption that sugar relationships are an exchange of sex for money. As a result, some aspiring sugar babies are tempted to lead with sex.

Don’t do this.

What NOT to Do

Sex is not the answer. People can get sex anywhere. It’s cheap, too. If someone is looking to be a real sugar daddy, they are NOT just looking for sex.

If someone is going to give you a regular allowance and take care of you, sex is not their primary motivation.

No, they want something much more valuable than sex…

What to Do Instead

Sugar daddies are not just looking for sex. They’re looking to FEEL a certain way.

Figure out what any particular sugar daddy is looking for and how you’re going to give that to him. It can be something really simple, like a very sympathetic listener or someone to laugh sincerely at the things they say.

Or it could be someone who makes them feel young, alive, and totally forget about their problems. It could be a girlfriend with all the benefits a girlfriend brings – without any of the commitment and obligations.

Simply by fulfilling these roles, you spoil your sugar daddy….and in return, he spoils you right back. Make sure your profile reflects what you have to offer.

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  1. I am a beginner amongst sugar baby and sugar daddy relationships. My first question is who makes first or initial contact sugar baby or sugar daddy? Am I more likely to get a response if I initiate contact?

  2. I am a potentially new SB, im doing alot of research before I go back to school to see if this lifestyle is for me! I have written up a rough draft of a profile but ive never been on SA or other sites so I don’t really know what to expect other than from reading these articles! Would an experienced SB be open to reading it before I post it?


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