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How to Take Sugar Baby Profile Pictures that Attract Sugar Daddies

Here’s a simple truth: Sugar baby profile pictures are the most important part of a sugar baby’s online dating profile. They are so important, in fact, that we consider them the make-it-or-break-it key to whether a sugar baby will receive likes, messages, and eventually, dates with sugar daddies.

And it’s not because looks are everything.

Sugar baby profile pictures are so important because in online dating, photos are the first impression you make on a potential sugar daddy. And photos don’t just show what you look like, they also convey something about your personality, your expectations, and how you wish to be perceived.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say, and with men being visual creatures – they can learn a lot about you through your profile pictures.

So it goes without saying that you want to make sure your sugar baby profile pictures stand head and shoulders above the rest. We’re going to show you – in detail – exactly how to do that.

But first, let’s cover a few basic questions…


How many sugar baby photos you need depends on the sugar dating website you are using. Many sugar daddy websites like sugar babies to have a lot of photos. For example, Secret Benefits requires sugar babies to post at least six public photos and four private pictures. That’s ten photos in total.

Others don’t require you to post any at all.

So how many photos is best for a sugar baby to have? Well, think quality over quantity. Photos give you the opportunity to present you and your life in the best possible light. They provide a visually stimulating way to appeal to sugar daddies. So take advantage of that!

Instead of trying to aim for some arbitrary number, use as many photos as you need in order to show yourself and your life in the most appealing light. Here are some ideas.

  • You smiling or laughing
  • A full-body picture showing your figure
  • You dressed up, ready to go out for a night on the town
  • A cozy picture of you curled up on the sofa with your pooch
  • An adventure photo of you kayaking in the wide open sea
  • A close-up of you sampling wine at a winery
  • You in your favorite yoga pose

The possibilities are endless. Whatever you’re into – use it! Then choose the most flattering combination of those pictures to round out your sugar baby profile and make it heaps more interesting than any other a sugar daddy will come across that day.


Here’s another simple truth that all sugar babies should know: the more sugar daddies you have access to, the better odds of finding the perfect sugar arrangement.

That’s why we always recommend that sugar babies sign up to multiple sugar dating websites. It takes barely any extra effort since you can re-use the same profile information and photos on every site.

Keep in mind that many sugar websites are free for sugar babies while sugar daddies have to pay. Because of this, most sugar daddies end up only registering for one website at a time. Whereas you, lovely sugar baby, could be on three websites. That means you’re instantly getting access to 3x the number of potential sugar daddies.

So which website should you be displaying your newly-chosen, gorgeous photos on? Here are our top 3 picks.

  • Secret Benefits. There’s good reason why this is the fastest-growing sugar site right now. It’s 100% free for sugar babies and has a seriously large membership base.
  • Sugar Daddy Meet. One of the oldest, most established sugar dating websites with a very exclusive member base. Verification services are top-notch.
  • What’s Your PriceA pay-for-a-date website that’s quick, easy, and straightforward to use. Generous members can take attractive members on dates – for a price. If you’re a newbie sugar baby, this lets you start making money stat.

There’s also a bevy of free sugar daddy websites that don’t charge sugar babies a single cent. We recommend signing up for a couple of those.


If you want to craft the kind of sugar baby profile that will get the most attention from potential sugar daddies without you having to do more work, you need to focus on having the best sugar baby photos.

We’re talking about the sort of sugar baby photos that instantly make your profile personable, interesting, and memorable. The kind of sugar baby profile pictures that will intrigue a potential sugar daddy and make him want to reach out to get to know you better.

So what sort of photos do that? Here’s our list of must-haves and good-to-haves.


The classic head shot is an absolute must have. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you could have only one picture on your sugar baby profile, it should be a head shot.

That’s because on most sugar daddy websites, you will have just a small one-inch square for your profile photo. This is what sugar daddies will see when they scroll through a dating website…

The best way to make yourself stand out is to have an attractive, approachable photo of your lovely face to invite potential sugar daddies to click on your profile.


Choose natural light. Soft and diffused natural lighting is the most flattering. You can achieve this without visiting a professional studio by taking pictures of yourself at the golden hour of sunrise or sunset, facing a window that lets in indirect light, or standing in an overhang outside so that natural light reflects directly on your face.

Smile. The easiest, most low-effort way to instantly make yourself more attractive and approachable is to smile. And not one of those little Mona Lisa smiles, either. Make it reach the eyes.

You know how they say laughter is contagious? So is a good smile.

Simple backgrounds are best. What’s behind you matters, too. Simple backgrounds like a brick wall, pretty wallpaper, or a brightly-painted wall works great. Blurred backgrounds are good, too. And you want to avoid backgrounds that are dirty, chaotic, or cheap. Specifically, cluttered rooms and kitchens, pictures in front of your local corner store or a tacky diner, or at a bus stop with graffiti everywhere.

Eyes say a lot. There’s a reason they say that eyes are the windows to the soul. Eyes can convey so much. A seductive, suggestive look. A subtly mischievous glint. The look that you just heard something funny you just heard and would love to share.

Whatever it is, use your eyes to convey the message you’re trying to send.


If you love a sort of glammed-up, super-polished look in real life, by all means, portray that in your main head shot. But if you’re usually a no-makeup makeup kind of girl, feel free to let that shine through.

In fact, it turns out that most men prefer a more minimal, natural make-up look. One study that showed men pictures of each stage in a women’s make-up process found that men were most attracted to the women in the earlier stages, aka wearing minimal makeup.


Good question. What if you can’t hire a professional photographer or even get a friend to snap flattering pictures of you. Will selfies suffice?

Yes. In fact, selfies may actually be better in some ways.

Here’s why. Sugar daddies can be wary of fake profiles and scammers on sugar dating websites. So if you have pictures that look too professional, too staged, too good to be true – you may set off a potential sugar daddy’s alarm bells that you’re a scammer who’s stolen the pictures to catfish men.

So having at least one authentic-looking selfie can work well in your favor. Just make sure you follow a few simple selfie rules:

Avoid too much makeup. Not only do men like minimally made up women, selfies are quite up-close so overdoing it on the makeup can make you look garish.

When in doubt, smile. If you’re not sure what sort of facial expression to don – smile. Don’t stick out your tongue, look like you’re screaming, flip off the camera, or do a duck face.

Skip the filters. The floppy-eared dog filter, the nerdy glasses, the face distorters – you know what we’re talking about. They may be adorable and funny selfies to send to your friends but to potential sugar daddies, they look low-effort and immature. Skip them.

Background matters. The same thing applies to selfish as they do to any headshots – choose your background wisely. Avoid bathrooms, cheap diners, cluttered rooms or dirty streets. You have one second to make an impression so make it a good one.

#2. Full Body Shot

Most sugar daddies have a body preference. Some like skinny girls. Others prefer curves. Then, there are the men who like athletic physiques. And of course, you can’t forget about those boys who like a little more booty to hold at night (that booty, booty).

Whatever your body type is – skinny, athletic, hourglass, pear-shaped, muscular, curvy – there is a sugar daddy out there that loves it. But in order for him to find you, you must have at least one full body photo.


A full body photo simply means a very visible photo of your body so that potential sugar daddies can clearly make out what body type you possess. Instead of trying to hide or disguise your body through deceptive angles or outfits, be proud and show off your gorgeous body in the most flattering light.

Here are some ideas.

Show your everyday self. A full body shot in your casual (but nice), everyday wear is a great way to show a glimpse of your lifestyle while also showing off your body type…

Get dressed up. Another great way to show off your body type and reveal your personal sense of style is to use pictures that show what you wear when you go out…

Wear clothes that show your body. Duh, you say. But some people forget that this is the whole purpose of having a full body shot. It must give a very good idea of your body type.

The easiest way to do this is by choosing photos of yourself in form-fitting clothes. Sportswear is a good example. A lot of women’s workout clothing – especially for yoga and pilates – are designed to stick to the body. As such, they can make for great body shot pictures that simultaneously show off your physique as well as convey the message that you take good care of yourself.

Swimwear, of course, can be another way to show off your body type, if you’re confident enough. Just make sure that the photos are classy and cute rather than too provocative.

As you can see, there are many types of full body shot photos you can choose to show on your sugar baby profile. Go for the one(s) that you’re most comfortable with and just make sure that it checks a few boxes, mainly:

  • Look confident. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is secure and confident in her body. Make sure your body shot photo reflects that.
  • Closer is better. You want to make sure that the picture of yourself is not taken from too far away. If the sugar daddy has to strain to see it, he’s not going to bother looking for long.
  • Just you. The worst kinds of photos are the ones in which people can’t tell which person you’re meant to be. While photos with friends are cute, save them for your personal albums. Make sure your sugar baby profile photos are of just you.

Every sugar baby should have the above kinds of profile pictures. But what if you want to go above and beyond? What if you want to create a sugar baby profile that will get you more interest messages, more messages, and stand head and shoulder above the rest?

Well, then you should think about adding even more sugar baby profile pictures. Here are some ideas…


Here’s a beautiful opportunity to get glammed up and advertise what you’d look like if a sugar daddy were to take you to an upscale event.

This picture is a great way to show potential sugar daddies your sense of style as well as a testament that he can feel good inviting you to even the classiest of events because you’ll know how to look polished and behave accordingly.


The basic law of karma applies to sugar dating profile photos, too: what you put out is what you get back. So take a moment to think about how you want to present yourself – and what sort of sugar daddy that it’s going to attract.

We know you are multi-faceted. You’re intelligent, sexy, cute, sassy, fun, and so on. The trick here is to curate the parts of yourself you display so that you appeal specifically to the kind of men you want to attract.

You can go with sex appeal, of course, but keep in mind that just advertising sexiness may attract a lot of attention – both wanted and unwanted.

You can show yourself immersed in a book, which may appeal to more brainy, refined men. Perhaps some pictures of you outdoors to attract nature loving men who are looking for a more down-to-earth sugar baby.

Want to play up your wholesome side to appeal to sugar daddies who like a girl next door kind of vibe? Pictures with your pets – or other people’s pets – is an easy way to do that.

Or maybe you have a goofy, fun side to you and you’re hoping to attract a sugar daddy who is looking for a lots-of-laughs, friendship-based relationship. Appeal to those kinds of men by using a sugar baby photo or two that emphasizes your playful side.

How you come off in your photos matters. So be cognizant of the fact that a picture can say a thousand words. And be wise about the ones you choose.


Last but not least, the best sugar baby photos to round out your profile are the ones that show who you are and what you like to do. Remember that interested people are interesting. Not to mention, if you have an interest that you share with a sugar daddy, it’ll be an instant connection.

So what are your interests?

Do you love to travel? Post some photos of yourself on adventures, in scenic locations, exploring exotic locales. You can make it as sexy, classy, or wholesome as you want.

Maybe you are sporty. Love surfing? Yoga? Running? Rock climbing? Whatever it is, turn it into a gorgeous sugar baby photo.

These types of photos give sugar daddies an idea of who you are and what you do with your time. They make your profile a lot more personable and much more interesting. Make use of them.


A headshot showing your full, beautiful face may get you lots of clicks and messages from interested sugar daddies. But not all of us are comfortable with revealing our faces or identities on a sugar dating website, no matter how secure it may be.

If you’re an aspiring sugar baby who doesn’t want to show your face in her sugar baby profile pictures, do you still have a chance?

Well, we’re happy to say that you can definitely make this work. Here are a couple tips.


Most sugar daddy websites will give you the option to have public photos and private photos. Use one (or several) of our discreet sugar baby photo ideas for your public photos to appeal to potential sugar daddies.

But make sure you have at least one good photo of your face in your private photos. Many sugar daddies won’t be willing to meet until they’ve at least seen what you look like.


If you’re not going to have a beautiful, smiling picture of yourself, you should be ready to at least show off your other best assets.

That could be as simple as making your lovely eyes on display front and center.

You can also choose to focus on your lips. That could be done by artfully cropping a photo, wearing very big sunglasses or even donning a masquerade mask.

Tip: The only thing we suggest is that if you’re going to avoid showing your full face, at least make sure that one of your public profile photos shows your body type.

Of course, you can easily do this by simply showing off your bodily assets – without revealing your face. For example, if you have a booty you’re proud of or legs that go on for days, lead with that.

All in all, there are plenty of ways to have sugar baby photos that are attractive and appealing without revealing your face.


Another great idea for discreet sugar baby photos is to use pictures that show who you are – as in, your interests and personality – without showing your face.

Yoga poses are particularly brilliant for this since they show your body type without revealing your face.

Adventure and traveling photos can also do this in a tasteful, artful way that gives an impression of who you are without showing your face.

We love these discreet sugar baby photo ideas because they tell a story – even provide a conversation starter – while keeping everything discreet.


If you want to keep your identity safe and secure while searching for potential sugar daddies – don’t re-use photos. Especially any picture that you’ve also got up on your Instagram, Tinder, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts. These pictures can be traced back to your social media account and your real identity.

Of course, most sugar daddies won’t be using your pictures to do this kind of investigative work. But scammers might. And this is when it helps to be safe rather than sorry.


Last but not least, if you really want to keep your identity under wraps, you need to make sure that you avoid including distinguishing characteristics in your sugar baby photos. These can include:

  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Scarring
  • Unusual hairstyles, color, or dye
  • Anything that is one-of-a-kind

And it’s not just you in the pictures you should be careful about. If you’re taking a photo by a window or on your balcony, make sure to blur out the background so that the neighboring landmarks aren’t obvious.

Ditto if you’re taking pictures of easily recognizable landmarks around the places you normally frequent, i.e. work, your favorite cafe, etc.

This sort of safety precaution only takes a minute and guarantees that you remain anonymous.

TIP: On the other hand, you can use distinguishing features to give you an edge. Not ones that are too close to where you live or work – but by having a photo of two that contains some recognizable areas from your city or state. This shows that you’re actually from the city you claim to be and lends an immediate sense of authenticity, especially to sugar daddies who are vigilant about avoiding scammers.


Now that we’ve covered all the best kinds of sugar baby photos to display on your profile, it’s time to go over the types of photos you should never use.


Are there professional pictures you had taken at work for the company’s website? Well, keep them off your sugar dating profile. These come off cold, impersonal, and frankly, uninteresting.


Photos of you and your girlfriends may show some fun moments but group shots can be confusing. We particularly advise against group pictures of you partying.

Even if it’s just something you enjoy once in a blue moon, it could send the wrong impression or just attract sugar daddies who want to party.


You may be the most gorgeous woman in the world, but if your profile picture shows you in a shabby, dirty, cluttered room – potential sugar daddies are going to associate you with that.

Here’s a quick list of places to avoid taking pictures:

  • By the toilet
  • In dirty, graffitied public places
  • From a messy room with stuff on the floor
  • In front of a scruffy looking shop
  • In a mirror with water spots
  • Next to cabinets and dressers with clutter

As a rule of thumb, avoid taking pictures in messy, dirty areas. First impressions are made quickly so be careful what you are associate yourself with in the picture that you display.


There’s cute and fun. And then there is childish and annoying.

It’s great to display personality in your pictures but in general, pictures where you appear to be childish, loud, brash or annoying are best avoided.

For this reason, we recommended staying away from Snapchat or Instagram filters like the dog filter. It comes off immature and uncreative.

If you’re not sure how you come off in a picture, it’s best to not use it and go with something more tasteful and classy.


Duh, you say. But you’d be surprised how many sugar babies can be tempted to post pictures of themselves before they gained 20 pounds. Or that beautiful picture from a decade ago. Or made up to the extreme.

Yes, sugar baby photos should show you in the most flattering light. But they still need to look like you.


No article on sugar baby photos would be complete without some insight from sugar daddies. So what do sugar daddies like to see when checking out a sugar baby’s profile?

Here’s some input on commonly asked questions.


“I hate seeing overtly sexual stuff. It’s crass to me. Having said that, I do want to have as good an idea of your figure, breast, (and bum), and face as I can. So high quality bikini shots from different angles are helpful. But not posed bedroom shots sticking your bum up in the air or flashing me something.”

“You can’t be too “explicit”. You should post photos that clearly show your figure. Sure, bikini shots are compelling but don’t go overboard. One should do that. But others in casual and classy attire are also appreciated.”

“Explicit pics give off an escort vibe, at least to me. Let me see what you look like when you’re having fun, or feeling playful. Also, what you look like when you’re dressed up, say for a great restaurant.”

“Full body viewpoint, or close to it – yes. Slim dress or similar, yes. Bikini? Sure, if you’re at a beach or pool. Lingerie or nude? Not really. If things work out, I’ll see that in person.”

“Not explicit! That would feel trashy. At least a bikini if you want to show off your body, but ideally private pics if you use them are to show your face in a somewhat less public way than your public pics.”

VERDICT: Real sugar daddies don’t go on sugar dating websites looking for porn. Keep it tasteful and classy. Full body pictures should give an idea of your figure – but leave something to the imagination.


“Smiling makes a big difference. I want to imagine what it would be like to go out with you. If you’re having fun, then I’m having fun. The one where you’re laughing out loud is a keeper.”

“Photos that compliment the profile text. So if you say you like wine, hiking, and yoga – a photo of her hiking or in a yoga pose or at a winery would add some variety and show some personality.”

“In photos, I want to see 4 things: your face, your smile, your figure, and what you look like dressed up for a date. You should be able to do that in 3 or 4 photos. Pick the best quality that show each of these off well.”

“Include a fun or candid pic that shows of your personality…playing the guitar, with headphones on as you game, reading your favorite book, taking fresh cookies out of the oven, etc. Especially if it plays off something written in your “About Me” or “Seeking.” This can help establish that you are “real.””

“Make sure your pics are flattering. Good angles, good lighting, a nice smile, clear, focused, etc.”

VERDICT: Sugar daddies are like most people – they like to date people who can smile and have a good time. Make sure you include a smiling headshot, a full-body picture, a dressed-up picture, a photo of some of the hobbies and interests you mention, and something that shows your personality. Basically, everything we list out in the article above.


“Worst SB profile pic I’ve seen lately: bathroom selfie, dirty mirror, toilet visible with the *seat up*”

“Group pictures. Especially when you’re not even the most attractive one in the pic.”

“Pictures of you with piles of dirty laundry or stacks of empty White Claw cans. Or cribs, pack & plays, toys if you have a child.”

“A profile of just selfies and mirror pics is more likely to be a fake profile, so sugar babies might want to limit these and make sure at least 1 or 2 pics aren’t selfies.”

VERDICT: Low-effort photos taken amidst clutter, mess, and anywhere dirty does you no favors. Once you take great sugar baby photos, you can use them again and again. So invest that initial time and effort.

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