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Sugar Date Tips: How to Elevate Every Sugar Daddy Date

As a sugar baby, it just makes sense to perfect the art of the sugar date. Because you will be going on so many of these dates with your sugar daddy.

It all starts with that first sugar daddy date. That one is a biggie so you dress to kill, hang on his every word, flirt just the right amount, and everything you do pays off. But just because you’re in an arrangement, doesn’t mean you can slack.

You need to uphold the high bar you set.

That means bringing your A game to every sugar date you go on. Here are 5 fairly simple ways to make every sugar date the best he’s every had.

Set the Right Mood

Ever notice how you could have a relentlessly long day at work, be absolutely pooped and then hear a favorite, upbeat song on the radio and instantly be in the mood to go paint the town red?

Or how ’bout when you’re rushing through your day, from one appointment to the next and you catch a whiff of a delectable scent that instantly takes you back to a sweet, not-yet-forgotten memory?

All of us have experienced this ability to instantly transform our mood. The smallest things can do it – a song, a scent, and even lingering on a memory.

We love taking advantage of this awesome ability we all have right before a sugar date. It doesn’t take long – you can do it just a few minutes before you meet your sugar daddy.

Here’s how: Before entering the meeting place, find a quiet place and choose a favorite memory. Select one that’s fun, funny, outrageous, something that still makes you laugh and fills you with confidence. Now hold that memory ’til you are feeling the fun, lighthearted mood of that memory…and then walk in and greet your sugar daddy.

Moods communicate – sometimes better than words – and you’ll be guaranteeing that his very first impression of you is one of absolute delight.

Try New Sugar Date Ideas

Fun circumstances create fun memories. And fun memories tend to linger in a sugar daddy’s mind. Much more than the same old dinner and drinks routine.

So how do you create these fun memories?

The easiest way is to set unusual circumstances. Unusual things take us out of our comfort zones. They cause us to – if only just for a moment – see the world through slightly different eyes.

They differentiate themselves from the minutiae of everyday life and as such, are easily remembered and not-so-easily forgotten. And they also have the effect of making us feel closer to the person we’re sharing the moment with.

All of these reasons are why you should try new and unique date ideas with your sugar daddy.

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New experiences make for uniquely memorable times together, just by the fact that he’s probably never experienced it with anyone else before. And it’s pretty much guaranteed to bring you closer together – it’s the perfect situation to come up with new inside jokes.

Not to mention – every time he thinks of that unusual experience, he’ll remember who he had it with. Just that alone will make you stand out among the other sugar babies he’s had.

Be Genuinely Curious

Isn’t it a lovely feeling when you know that someone is genuinely interested in knowing more about you as a person? Sugar daddies love this, too.

For the duration of every sugar date, make your sugar daddy feel like the center of your attention.

You can do this simply by asking questions. But avoid typical, small-talk, dead-end questions like: “How are you?” or “How was work?”

Instead, go for open-ended, thought-provoking questions like:

  • “Which place have you visited that you never want to go back?”
  • “What’s the worst thing you’ve gotten away with at work?”
  • “What was your favorite family vacation you took as a kid?”
  • “Was becoming a *insert his profession* your childhood dream? Oh, what was your childhood dream?”

And listen to his answer with curious, attentive eyes.

Approach the question-asking from the mindset that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know the core of the sugar daddy sitting across from you – that his resume, his on-paper qualifications don’t matter squat – and you’re super curious to find out what makes him tick, what excites him, what his various idiosyncrasies are, etc.

This sort of attention is addicting. He’ll soak it up. And more often than not – he’ll be back wanting more.

Playfully Tease Him

There are a lot of ways to build rapport, like asking questions, attentive listening, and finding shared interests. And there’s always mimicking the other person’s body language and doing what you can to put them at ease.

But whether it’s the very first sugar date or the 58th, playfully teasing a sugar daddy is one of the absolute best ways to build rapport and connection.

Teasing, of the silly, playful variety (not the mean, snarky kind) is one of the most useful tools a sugar baby can have in her arsenal. It invites the sugar daddy to joke, have fun, and open up with you.

The act of playfulness establishes rapport and connection like nothing else can. And this playful, unpredictable nature he sees in you keeps him on his toes and so interested that he hardly notices that he’s becoming attached on an emotional level with you.

Playfulness does all that. It’s a wonder that it’s not talked about as much as it should be.

To get you started, here’s an example of gentle teasing:

Him: So you texted that your audition went well today?

You: Yes, but don’t worry – I won’t drop you once I make it big.

Him: Umm…thanks.

You: I’d wait a few weeks.

At the same time, remember that playful teasing is an art and not a science. Make sure you know how to toe the fine line between fun teasing and snarky meanness before you use this on a potential sugar daddy.

And always – always – smile.

The Law of Reciprocity

There’s this little law that we absolutely love making use of in any and all social situations. It’s called the Law of Reciprocity and it works charmingly on sugar daddies.

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To use it on a sugar date, spend a little time getting to know your sugar daddy’s interests. You’ve probably already had several conversations. Go over what was talked about to suss out something interesting about your sugar daddy.

And…get him a little gift the next time you meet him for a date.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive – the most we’ve ever spent was less than $20. And we don’t do it for every sugar date – just occasionally is perfect. Some of the stuff we’ve gifted:

  • A potential sugar daddy said one of his most awesome memories was jungle trekking atop an elephant in Thailand. He was incredibly pleased when I showed up for one of dates with a little wooden elephant I’d found in a local ethnic shop. Told him I thought of him when I saw it. We’re still friends to this day.
  • For a sugar daddy who shared my affinity for all things sweet: a set of 3 adorable cupcakes. We shared them after dinner.

Even if these things seem to be small investments, they have amazing returns.

How? ‘Cause you just can’t help but like someone who has done something nice for you. Even if you never asked for that nice thing. That’s just how the Law of Reciprocity works.

Use it in your favor.

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  1. This sugar daddy phenomenon usually confounds me, but this is actually great advice for any first date. I’ve been online dating a lot and looking for ways to make that dreaded first date a little more comfortable. These are awesome tips to that end, but I have to disagree with the last point since it’s tricky to do. Unless you are a very good judge of people, I wouldn’t attempt it on the first date.


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