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How to Get a Sugar Daddy to Give You Money and Gifts

Wondering how to get a sugar daddy to give you money and gifts? Join the club. If there’s one question every sugar baby has asked at least once in her journey, it’s this one.

And that surprises no one. After all, you’re a sugar baby for a reason – you love sugar! That sugar can come in the form of cash, gifts, trips, educational expenses paid – you name it, we’ll take it.

And even if you’re already receiving an enviable allowance, you’re always open to more. Because if there’s one thing every sugar baby wants more of, it’s sugar.

But how do you go about getting more sugar from your sugar daddy without demanding, whining, stressing him out, and being an all around pain-in-the-butt?

Or even better – how do you get more (a lot more) from your sugar daddy without even having to ask? We’re going to show you exactly how. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • The little law that you can use to make your sugar daddy spend more on you
  • How to treat your sugar daddy
  • Why making your sugar daddy happy benefits you
  • The techniques successful sugar babies use to make sugar daddies feel special

Quick note: This article is for sugar babies who are already in an arrangement with a sugar daddy. If you haven’t yet negotiated an allowance or PPM with a sugar daddy, you’ll find the below articles more helpful:

If you already have a sugar daddy and you want more money and gifts, you’re in the right place. Read on.

How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Spend Money on You

Whether you currently have an Allowance Daddy who you’d like to also receive gifts from or a Gift/Experience Daddy who you’d like more extravagant spoiling from – you want to increase the amount of sugar in your life. So how do you make your sugar daddy spend more money on you?

Well, it’s simple: you make him want to give you more. And you can do this without you even having to ask.

If you’re wondering how this is possible – we’re going to clue you in on a secret all smart, successful sugar babies know. It’s the same secret the best sales people, marketing experts, and business mavericks know and use to their advantage as well.

And it’s a secret that’s guaranteed to work. Why? Because it’s law.

The Law of Reciprocity

Yes, we’re talking about the Law of Reciprocity. Have you ever noticed that you want to do something nice for people who do nice things for you, even when they haven’t asked you to?

That’s the Law of Reciprocity at work, which basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you’ll experience a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return.

What’s even crazier about the Law of Reciprocity is that you’ll often feel motivated to reciprocate with a gesture that’s far more generous than their original good deed.

It’s a strange, yet wonderfully effective law that humans can’t help but respond to – we simply like to give back to those who give to us.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend mucho money on your sugar daddy to make him give you more sugar. You can apply this law in ways that only cost you a few dollars or nothing at all but makes your sugar daddy feel so satisfied and grateful, he’ll make it his mission to pamper you silly!

To start working this magic, you first need to have some basics down.

How to Treat a Sugar Daddy

A sugar relationship is, first and foremost, a relationship. The most successful sugar babies never forget this. Because how you treat your sugar daddy matters massively.

Sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen – that’s how they made their money in the first place. And clever businessmen don’t part with their hard-earned wealth unless they feel like they’re receiving something of equal or greater value.

And by “value” – we’re not talking about sex. That’s a rookie mistake. Sex is cheap, easily bought and it doesn’t keep men around – it especially doesn’t keep sugar daddies around.

Ways to Provide True Value

What does keep men around? Emotional connection. Friendship. Comfortable rapport. Someone they can share genuine laughs with. Having an attractive woman who just “gets you.”

To truly endear yourself to your sugar daddy and make him want to spoil you like a princess and treat you like a queen, you need to get in his head and worm your way into his heart. 

And that all begins with how you treat your sugar daddy. Here are a few simple ground rules in how to treat a sugar daddy:

  • When you are together, he becomes the most important person in the world to you.
  • Give him your active attention and be curious about his life.
  • Discover as much as you can about your sugar daddy in a way that shows that you’re interested in him as a person (not an ATM).

This is simple but not as easy as it sounds – like we said, being a successful sugar baby takes work. But it is highly effective and will demonstrate your value in a way that your sugar daddy can’t help but notice. 

And once you have that foundation laid out, you can get to work on ways to make your sugar daddy so happy that he wants to do the same for you.

How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Happy

The key to making your sugar daddy want to spend more money on you comes down to knowing how to make your sugar daddy happy.

And the only way to do that is to provide massive value to his life. So much value that he can’t help feeling immensely happy and grateful to have you as his sugar baby.

Because a happy, grateful sugar daddy = a generous, pampering sugar daddy.

Yup, the easiest way to keep yourself happy and all your needs and wants taken care of is simply by keeping your sugar daddy happy and taken care of. And unlike the whining and pestering route, this is actually a win-win for you both.

So how do you go about doing that? There are a couple tried-and-tested techniques you can put to use to start working this magic in your life today.

Practice and repeat. Pretty soon, you’ll become an expert at getting everything you want without even saying, “Pretty please.

#1. Give Your Sugar Daddy Your Support

One of the biggest misconceptions is that being a sugar baby is all about looking good and sexually pleasing a sugar daddy. But ask any successful sugar baby what makes her a good sugar baby and most of them will say that it’s their ability to be emotionally supportive.

You see, nothing turns off a sugar daddy like a sugar baby who’s constantly stressing him out with the drama of what’s going on in her life. You want to be a source of support to your sugar daddy rather than a source of stress – especially since most sugar daddies spend all day taking care of everything and everyone except themselves.

Think of yourself as a beautiful, replenishing oasis amidst his stressful life. You are a refuge, a relief, a very welcome change from his usual busy, work-focused existence.

Here’s how Moira, aka Innocent Missionary Sugar Baby put it:

“You don’t have to be that stereotypical hot model to be a sugar baby. All of my sugar daddies in the past have commented on how much they loved that I laid there and played with their hair and listened to them talk about their work days.”

Stevie, aka Sugar Daddy Whisperer agrees:

“It also helps that I allow them to be heard. I’ve had some sugar daddies that have no outlet to express themselves because they are always busy, so when we meet up, I give them a chance to talk about their day and how they really feel.”

Candice, aka the Bay Area Sugar Baby had the same thing to say:

“At the end of a long day, sugar daddies are tired and will want to wrap up their day with you, and that’s what I try to do best: Listen to them.”

So listen to him vent about his frustrations, wax poetic about his passions, and generally provide an easy presence where he can relax and unwind.

By not burdening your sugar daddy with your own problems and letting him share some of his emotional and mental burden with you, you’re providing HUGE value – the kind of value that he can’t get anywhere else in his life. This is surefire way to keep your sugar daddy satisfied, grateful and spoiling you for as long as he can.

#2. Be Genuinely Interested in His Life

Did you know the most flattering thing you can do for your sugar daddy is to be genuinely interested and curious about who he is as a person?

Plus, it automatically makes you more interesting to your sugar daddy. Debra Fine, a keynote speaker and author put it best: “The more interest you show in me, the more interesting you become to me.

It works so well that Steffi, aka the German Sugar Baby cites it as her top tip:

“When you’re with your sugar daddy (or a POT) – be really there. Focus on him as if he were the most interesting person on earth.

Chances are your sugar daddy is a fascinating guy with great stories to tell, so this isn’t hard. Find something that you can truly compliment him on. Do this every time you see him. And be sincere about it. It’ll work wonders.”

You can practice paying active attention to your sugar daddy by asking him interesting questions and actively listening to find out things like: 

  • What makes him tick?
  • What are his interests and hobbies?
  • What makes him laugh and feel good about himself?
  • What are his values?
  • What are the most important things in his life?

Or even better: What are his secret insecurities? What are his unvoiced fears?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can be that girl that supports his interests, validates his values and crucially – calms his insecurities and fears. If you can master even this one part – congratulations, you’ve just made yourself invaluable to your sugar daddy and he’ll give you anything to keep you happy and by his side.

#3. Give Your Sugar Daddy Gifts

Wait…what? Shouldn’t he be giving you gifts?

Yes, of course. But giving him gifts first is one of the most effective ways to get more frequent, more awesome gifts from your sugar daddy.

Here’s how MJ, aka the Sugar Baby Mrs puts it:

“I keep my relationship with my sugar daddy exciting and spontaneous by surprising him too! Come on ladies – no man wants to be with a woman who takes takes takes.

You may be in an “arrangement” but he is still human. Take some of your allowance money and surprise him with his favorite thing. It could be as simple as a mug or a shirt!”

Cee, aka the New Kid on the Block, has the same advice:

“Sugar daddies are, at the end of the day, lonely people. I like to keep the relationship by taking notes when they mention they like something and giving them a small gift relevant to that. Nothing extravagant, just things like favorite chocolates, a little painting, or something else that is very personal and is more about telling them that you listen than the gift itself.

They are always so touched, and it only takes me 2 seconds to take a note of it when they mention it. Once I bought my sugar daddy a set of house slippers because he had mentioned he kept meaning to buy them but always found himself forgetting—he was so touched he gave me $100 on the spot to “reimburse” me.

The slippers cost me about $10 and I gained $90 and the utmost affection from my sugar daddy.”

Giving gifts to your sugar daddy is one of the smartest sugar baby moves. And one of the best kept sugar baby secrets.

Know what’s doubly cool? It won’t cost you much.

But not all gifts will have the impact you want. And the last thing you want to do is spend your precious allowance money on presents that won’t score you any points with your sugar daddy.

Instead, you want to find gifts that hit the perfect sweet spot. As in, doesn’t cost you much but makes a huge impact on how your sugar daddy perceives you.

This kind of gift-giving is both an art and a science. And it’s so important that we’re going to go into a bit of detail. Here’s the quick guide on how to make your sugar daddy feel special by giving thoughtful gifts.

How to Make a Sugar Daddy Feel Special

The kind of gifts you give your sugar daddy don’t have to be expensive or fancy. He’s not expecting that from you at all.

To make your sugar daddy feel special, you just want to get him little, thoughtful presents that do 3 things:

  • Show him that you care about him and have been paying attention. He’ll be flattered to receive thoughtful gifts that makes his life easier or improve his life in some way. It’ll demonstrate that you’ve truly been paying attention and cared enough to get him something, even though you didn’t have to. This makes you seem like you went above and beyond your “duties” – aka, providing massive value.
  • Make him think of you often in a happy, grateful way. The best sugar daddy gifts are the ones they’ll use daily – or even several times a day. If it’s also something he loves and/or improves his life in some way, he can’t help but feel happy and grateful to have you in his life every time he sees or uses the gift.
  • Demonstrate he’s special to you and you have a special bond. These are the “secret meaning” gifts that are small in price but huge in sentimental value that endear you to your sugar daddy and really bond him to you. If you get them right, it basically guarantees that he’ll go above and beyond to provide for you since men instinctively take care of what’s “theirs.” These are a little tricker than the above – no worries, we’ll give you examples soon 🙂

One of the easiest ways to get started picking the perfect sugar daddy gifts is to pay attention and observe how you can add value to his life. Look for things you can improve in his life or things that will brighten up his day.

Tip: Use the “Notes” app on your phone to jot down quick notes on things your sugar daddy mentions.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Sugar Daddies

Here’s a little list of ideas for thoughtful sugar daddy gifts that meet the above 3 crucial points. Check it out for some inspiration. All of them are big on thoughtfulness but have a small effect on your wallet.

  • Does your sugar daddy love his drinks icy cold – but hate running to the vending machine or his fridge every several minutes? Simplify his life with a mini fridge cooler.
  • This applies for sugar daddies who like their drinks warm – a USB drink warmer is a thoughtful gift.
  • Does he love beer? Pick up a few craft beer candles for his home or office. It’ll cost you practically nothing and he’ll be pleased with the thoughtful gift every time he smells the lovely scent.
  • Does your sugar daddy love to travel? Even more importantly – do you want him to take you somewhere amazing? Gift him a deluxe Scratch-Off Map to remember his travels with. Make it better by attaching a little post-it on the part of the world you want to visit with a note that says “Can’t wait to be here with you!”
  • Is he a workaholic who’s often strapped with pens and paper? Show him you’ve noticed and you want to make his day-to-day easier by hooking him up with this awesome snap-on web iPad case!
  • Is he on his phone a lot…even when it’s cold? Make his life easier (and keep his fingers warm) with these touch screen gloves.
  • Men don’t carry purses (well, most don’t). Which means most sugar daddies have to dump their keys, wallets, cell phones in the car and scoop them all up again when they get out. Make the process easier for him with a super practical anti-slip grip pad for his car.
  • Some sugar daddies really love practical gifts. For example – is your sugar daddy a bit of a hygiene freak? Impress him with a toothbrush sanitizer. He’ll be happy with the thoughtful gift and think of you every time he brushes his teeth (at least twice a day).
  • Does your sugar daddy have trouble sleeping ’cause he drinks too much caffeine? Maybe he’s trying to live healthier by quitting coffee. Either way, show him you care by gifting him a fun tea infuser he’ll actually want to use (bonus points for adding some yummy tea).
  • Some people say they have the best ideas in the shower – especially busy people who’s minds are always running. If your sugar daddy falls into this category, gift him the ability to always remember his most brilliant ideas…

The above, quite practical gifts may not impress you but they all meet criteria #1 and #2 – they show you’ve been paying attention to him and care about making his life happier and easier.

But what about criteria #3? Those can be a little trickier…

Gifts that Make Your Sugar Daddy Feel Special

These “secret meaning” gifts are powerful but trickier because they are specific to your relationship. These gifts are anything that play off an inside joke only the two of you share, a nickname he has for you or a nickname you have for him, or something that reminds him of a moment you guys had together.

In essence, these are gifts that speak to something only you and him understand and share. So to find the perfect “secret meaning” gifts for your sugar daddy, you’ll have to think over your relationship and find the things that have made you laugh, helped you bond, topics of conversation you keep returning back to and so on.

Here’s a few examples from our own lives:

  • I had a sugar daddy who had a habit of using the F-bomb – and he was really trying to stop. To make light of the situation and help him with his predicament, I gifted him this adorable mug
  • Another sugar baby we knew called her sugar daddy “Batman.” He was very wealthy, superbly resourceful, and preferred to dress in black. Choosing cute little gifts for him was easy peasy. All she had to do was pick him up batman cufflinks or other memorabilia that’d remind him of her.
  • The best part of this gift-giving business is that the gift doesn’t have to be just for him. One sugar daddy loved his fantasy football. So one day, totally out of the blue, I showed up to his house dressed in a super sexy fantasy football costume. Needlessly to say, he was incredibly happy with this gift.

No matter what the gift – the very act of buying a present for your sugar daddy shows that you’re a giver and appreciate him as a person, not an ATM. That alone will make it “safe” for him to give to you as well – which he will, frequently and generously.

More gift giving tips for sugar babies…

How often? As always, quality over quantity. We personally like to practice this every month or two. But it’s more important to find a great gift than to simply do it just because.

At what point in the sugar relationship? It’s important that you only begin giving him gifts after he’s made a financial contribution to your life. The Law of Reciprocity works with pretty much everyone. But you want to invest your time, effort, and energy into the most promising returns. And a sugar daddy who’s already willing and able to provide you with an allowance or great gifts is your best bet.

Does this really work? Yes, this stuff actually works. In fact, it’s one of the most effective things we’ve ever used to instantly increase sugar daddy happiness and get extra goodies from an already great sugar relationship. But hey, you won’t know ’til you’ve tried it yourself. So give it a whirl and let us know how it goes in the comments!

What other simple tactics have you used to increase your sugar daddy’s happiness and gratitude toward you? Let us know in the comments!

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