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What Do Sugar Daddies Get in Return? This Will Surprise You

One of the most popular questions that non-sugar daters like to ask is: what do sugar daddies get in return? It’s easy to see what sugar babies get. After all, financial benefits like tuition assistance and cold, hard cash are more tangible.

But what about sugar daddy benefits? These men aren’t supporting sugar babies out of the kindness of their heart. It’s not a charity. So what are sugar daddies getting in return?

Sugar Daddy Benefits

The thing about sugar daddy benefits is that they are a lot less obvious than you’d expect. In fact, the majority of the things that sugar daddies are looking for are nuanced and hard to put in a bullet list.

So we’ll cover them in detail in a minute. For now, here is a list of sugar daddy benefits, in a nutshell:

  • The company and attention of beautiful women
  • Sexual intimacy
  • A relationship on a sugar daddy’s schedule
  • A romantic relationship that’s customized to a sugar daddy’s needs and wants
  • Expedited dating
  • An attractive woman “on call”
  • Girlfriend benefits without the obligations
  • Discreet relationships and flings
  • Non-monogamous dating
  • Emotional support in the form of an attractive companion
  • Satisfaction of being instrumental to someone’s achievements

And so much more. Let’s dive into it, in detail.

What Do Sugar Daddies Get in Return?

Many outsiders glibly assume that the sugar dynamic is a simple, crude interaction of money and sex. But insiders know better. The typical sugar relationship is complex.

And unlike money, the majority of sugar daddy benefits are intangible. Yet, they can make a big difference in a man’s life.

So what do sugar daddies get in return? Well, the perks of being a sugar daddy can’t always be quantified.

But they can be described. Here’s a little list of what sugar daddies get in return…

The Numbers are in Your Favor

Many sugar daddies are busy men. And busy men don’t want to waste time sending endless messages on Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, or the like in order to maybe get a date.

Sugar dating simply expedites the dating process. On websites like What’s Your Price, sugar daddies can simply bid on and pay for a date with an attractive women. No endless messaging, no playing games, no time wasted.

Even better, the sugar world gives sugar daddies the advantage. Unlike regular dating, where women are bombarded by messages from interested men – sugar dating flips the script. On every sugar daddy website, the men are vastly outnumbered by women.

Dating Younger Women

Simply put: sugar dating makes it easier to date women who are younger than you. It’s a lot easier to date a 25-year-old woman when you’re in your 20s and 30s. But not as easy when you’re in your 40s, 50s, and beyond.

So for sugar daddies who are older but still interested in dating younger women, the sugar scene puts them front and center in a sea of mostly young sugar babies who are actively seeking more mature sugar daddies.

All the Relationship Perks – Without the Downsides

Ah, that honeymoon phase of a relationship. Everyone is on their best behavior. You get all the blissful, carefree perks of being in a relationship – the flirtation, the curiosity, the desire, the fun getting-to-know-you, the dates that you never want to end.

And none of the jealousy, pressure to commit, or the myriad obligations that follow.

That sums up one of the biggest sugar daddy benefits – you get all the advantages of a casual yet intimate relationship to satisfy emotional needs without the commitment, obligations, guilt, and the typical trappings of an actual relationship.

Arm Candy on Retainer

There’s nothing like a gorgeous woman by your side to instantly make you look good. And that is one of the most common sugar daddy benefits.

sugar daddy benefits

Here’s how one sugar baby put it:

“I had a sugar daddy who frequently went on business trips. I accompanied him once. We went to the same venues he usually goes to but he remarked how different it is with a beautiful woman.

He was used to feeling almost invisible but with me, he saw how much positive attention we got and how many men checked me out. I thought it’d make him feel jealous but he loved the attention.”


If you’re a see-and-be-seen type of sugar daddy, the perks of having an attractive woman on your arm is obvious.

Dating is Much, Much Easier

One of the biggest sugar daddy benefits is that it’s just so much easier for the sugar daddy. How so? Have a quick think about all the dating rituals we normally go through. It may not be as elaborate as a Bird of Paradise, but there is still so much burden on men to:

  • Make the first move, send the first message, keep pursuing
  • Impress the woman
  • Pay for the first date – unless she wants to split the bill! – and be gracious about it
  • Not appear too keen and pushy
  • Be honest but not too direct and most importantly, sensitive to her feelings

And so on and so on.

Sugar dating removes a lot of the time-consuming and sometimes exhausting ceremony of regular dating. Sugar babies know what they want from this relationship – i.e. financial benefits – and they won’t need you to beat around the bush to date them.

You Can Be Honest About What You Want

One of the most underrated sugar daddy benefits is honesty. If that sounds trite – consider these various scenarios:

  • A married man with children wants a quick no-strings-attached fling with an attractive, smart younger woman
  • An extremely busy executive who often has to cancel plans last minute, travels 200 days a year, and can only make last-minute plans wants a non-committal, stress-free relationship with a witty, gorgeous woman who is as great company when discussing philosophy and culture as she is in bed
  • A man who is focused on his startup with very little time to date endless women wants the intimacy of a close romantic relationship with a beautiful, intelligent woman but he has no plans to ever settle down, get married, or have children

How many women in the traditional dating scene are going to agree to the above scenarios while knowing the whole truth of the situation. Not many.

But it’s different when it comes to sugar dating. A sugar daddy can be much more upfront about his situation and exactly what he needs and wants. It’s expected that boundaries and expectations are laid out upfront so that both parties can agree.

Which makes it a lot easier to be honest about what you want.

A Second Chance at Youth

One of the more under-rated sugar daddy benefits is that having a younger sugar baby could feel like making up for lost time.

Many sugar daddies are successful men who spent their 20s, 30s, and oftentimes 40s, working and hustling for their careers. During that period, they may not have had as many opportunities for dating and romance.

Now that these sugar daddies are more established in life, they may wonder what they missed out on and want a second chance at re-living it.

The Only Real Option for NSA

NSA, or no strings attached, dating is a good concept. You date, you indulge in all the benefits of an active dating life – but there are no strings.

In reality, it rarely works this way.

One party usually feels led on or taken advantage of. Or catches feelings and wants more. What is meant to be NSA often turns out to be messy drama.

Sugar dating, on the other hand, may be the only true form of NSA. That’s because the “strings” are already laid out – i.e. companionship for financial benefits. So there is less room for misunderstandings or expectations. You both know the terms of the arrangement.

The Satisfaction of Being a Benefactor

It’s well-documented that helping others makes people feel happy. And many sugar daddies get a strong sense of satisfaction from knowing that their money is genuinely improving a sugar baby’s life.

It could be a sense of pride seeing a sugar baby finish her degree – without the burden of loans – and knowing that you gave her that tremendous advantage in life. It could simply be providing a gift or experience that’s easily within your budget but out of reach for a sugar baby.

Or it could be non-financial mentorship, such as using your life experience, connections, and know how to give a sugar baby a huge lift in her career.

Whatever it is, many sugar daddies quote this as one of the biggest sugar daddy benefits – spending your money on something fun and worthwhile.

It’s Easier to Ask for What You Want

This is one very underrated benefit of being a sugar daddy – you may simply feel more entitled to asking for what you want. And what you don’t.

Maybe it’s because we live in a capitalist consumer society, but many sugar daddies simply feel more comfortable asking for the things that they want (even in a person), when they are “paying.”

Knowing that sugar babies are getting some out of it – financial benefits – somehow makes it easier to communicate clear boundaries and set expectations.

It Makes Life More Fun

Some sugar daddies are constantly going on solo business trips. Others may live busy lives and travel at times when it isn’t convenient for their friends or family to join them.

And many sugar daddies enjoy doing various activities, from sailing to skiing, but are missing the fun, attractive company of a willing participant.

For these sugar daddies, paying for a sugar baby to tag along is worth the expense.

It Satisfies a Kink

Here’s one sugar daddy benefit that doesn’t get talked about as much – the exchange of money can turn both parties on. In fact, some sugar babies cite this as a reason they enjoy having a sugar daddy to begin with – the idea that a man is so interested in them that they are willing to pay for it can be a major turn on.

The same can be said of many sugar daddies.

The Final Word

As you can see, there are a lot of less-than-obvious benefits that sugar daddies receive. It’s not immediately apparent to the outside world.

Which is why, for outsiders, the concept of a sugar baby being paid for her time can be baffling. It seems too easy and too good to be true.

But most sugar babies will tell you that sugaring is, indeed, work. As you can see, there are a lot of things that a good sugar baby can do for her sugar daddy that he wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.

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