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8 Types of Sugar Daddies and How to Date Them

You’ll meet many different types of sugar daddies in the sugar world. And certainly, there will be a lot of variety within each type.

But when I look back on the past couple years I’ve spent in this world, I can pretty much narrow it down to eight types of men you’ll come across on your search for the perfect sugar daddy.

Here are the most common types of sugar daddies – and exactly how to date them.

The “John”

This is the type of sugar daddy who’s going to want sex, sex and more sex. This is the kind of guy who is going to want to meet you in a hotel or have you come straight over to his place. He’s basically just looking for a regular prostitute and will always want to give you a ‘per meet’ allowance.

You might get a couple of decent messages from this guy but then it’ll be straight to sex. He’ll ask you what kind of toys you like or what your favorite position is. He’ll compliment your breasts in your profile picture instead of your eyes or your smile.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

Don’t! This guy just wants to use you as a plaything. Unless all you’re looking for is sex, I’d advise you to steer clear!

The “Bossy Sugar Daddy”

This type of sugar daddy can be hard to spot at first. He may seem like the real deal. He can be direct, has sugar to give and he’s very interested in finding a sugar baby. At first, you may feel lucky to have him as a sugar daddy.

The thing is, though, this kind of sugar daddy has a chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he hasn’t done well with the ladies, even though he has done very well in other aspects of his life. Maybe he’s been rejected by beautiful women all his life and he now wants revenge.

Whatever it is, these types of sugar daddies doesn’t have good intentions. He will want to “buy” a sugar baby who he views as out of his league – i.e. younger, very attractive – and then seek to control, humiliate, and generally boss her around.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

Please don’t. This is one of those types of sugar daddies who is not worth the allowance. Even if you don’t recognize it at first, dating a bossy, controlling sugar daddy who views you as bought-and-paid-for will do untold emotional damage.

If you spot the signs of a controlling sugar daddy, opt out. Look for others – there are plenty of types of sugar daddies who are much better for your wallet and emotional health.

The “Lonely Sugar Daddy”

This is a sugar daddy who is usually experiencing some kind of trauma or difficulty in their life. He’s looking for some kind of escape in the form of human connection.

In London, I used to meet with a widower who had lost his wife about three years earlier and who didn’t have any children who lived nearby. We used to meet every Friday for lunch where we would just sit and chat about our week. He never had to see anybody else because I fit what he was looking for. All he wanted was a connection with someone and we actually developed a real friendship.

This went on for months until I moved to Barcelona. We actually stayed in touch for the first few months after I left. It was never about a physical connection or sex with him. He was mainly just looking for a companion.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

This type of sugar daddy will want to be able to unload his problems and feelings on to someone outside of the difficult situation he’s found himself in. He might want advice, he might not. But mainly, he just wants someone who will listen to him.

Dates will be a way for him to escape issues at home. So I’d definitely recommend keeping them fun and light hearted. This is not the place to vent your own issues. Listen to him and take his mind off it – that’s what he’s craving.

The “Stressed Sugar Daddy”

Then there’s the type of sugar daddy who’s just looking for someone to talk to for a whole different reason. Maybe they’re having issues within their marriage or at their job. They might even be going through a separation or divorce that could involve disputes over things like custody or assets.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

Men like this need an escape. They want to be able to pick up the phone and have a chat with someone who’ll be upbeat and positive. Or they might need an evening free of stress so they’ll call you up for dinner.

They’re looking for someone who won’t ask them about the troublesome things in their life but instead will be there to talk or even have a little flirt with. Think of yourself as a therapist of sorts (albeit an unqualified, unorthodox one). These men do not want to be bogged down with stress or problems. They want a fun dinner date to take their mind off the issues they are having in other areas of their life.

For this kind of man, you’ll want to have a very good reason if you ever need to cancel dinner. They won’t appreciate being let down; you’re meant to be a fun escape they can look forward to!

When you are out for dinner, keep things light and fun. Don’t bring up any work or marital issues they might be having unless they do. Keep it light and fun. If they do bring it up, just be there to listen.

Don’t start to tell them how to deal with it or criticize how they have dealt with it so far – they probably have a lot of that from other people in their life. You should be there to just listen, sympathize or take his mind off it if needed!

The “Travel Buddy”

This man is also looking for an escape. He travels a ton, usually for work and wants a little company. He’s usually just bored or lonely and wants to spend some time with a beautiful woman without any stress. He usually wants a casual arrangement as opposed to something more serious.

I once had a long term arrangement with a man from North Carolina. He worked in the hotel business and spent about a third of his year in Texas. I would fly there once a month for 3-4 days and we would go to shows, go shopping and explore Dallas!

It was a lot of fun and men like this usually have a lot of disposable income so you’ll be VIP all the way. They’re also typically busy with work during the day so it’s a perfect opportunity to sweetly ask if you can spend the day shopping or at a spa!

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

Have a passport and a flexible schedule. These types of sugar daddies will rarely provide allowance – he’s more of an Experience Daddy. But he’s perfect for the sugar baby who wants to explore the world in style.

You need to be prepared to be fun company. So it’s ideal if you’re a sugar baby who likes to dress up, banter over drinks, and engage in general merrymaking.

Oh, and if you only see him every couple of months or so, keep notes on your phone about past conversations and things going on in his life. It’s an easy way to show him you’ve been thinking about him between trips.

The “Show Off”

Then there’s the type of sugar daddy who just wants to show you off. He’ll want to take you to events or fundraisers as the ultimate arm candy. Think renting a really hot trophy wife for the night!

One of my best friends once dated a man who was on the board of a charity in New York. She used to go to incredible events about once a month. She’d get all dolled up and he bought her some of the most beautiful gowns. One of them fell right around her birthday and she was gifted a beautiful Versace dress!

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

For these types of sugar daddies, appearance is obviously important. So hair and makeup should be as close to immaculate as possible.

Overall, you need to look put together which I know can be time consuming (and sometimes costly). But these are the men who will be happy to pay for your hair or nails or buy you a new outfit after meeting a couple of times so it should get easier for you. Again, these men want a fun night with you so it’s best to keep things light and fun on your dates.

Big piece of advice for keeping a man like this hooked is to simply have good conversation. And very importantly – try not to drink too much! Know how to handle yourself because that matters hugely to this type of sugar daddy.

The “Typical Sugar Daddy”

This is my personal favorite type of sugar daddy and the kind of guy I actively look for. The other types like the “Travel Buddy” or the “Show Off” will likely just want to meet once every month or two but this guy will want a more regular SD/SB relationship where you see each other once or twice a week.

This is a man looking to build a genuine relationship with you – going to dinner, shows and vacations. Of course he’ll want to have fun but this won’t be all it’s about for him. He’ll want to get to know you and show a real interest in your life. He’ll be happy to give you a monthly allowance and he’ll generally want to help you with things like rent or tuition.

This type of sugar daddy isn’t typically looking to settle down with you. Some of them may even be married but they will be looking for an arrangement that’s long term. You find a sugar daddy like this and you’ve hit the jackpot!

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

You don’t have to be the prettiest or the smartest or the funniest sugar baby out there to date this type of sugar daddy and have him hooked on you. What you do need is to figure out what this sugar daddy needs and do everything you can to fill that void.

Is he someone who’s been so successful in business that he doesn’t have the time for a typical relationship? Or maybe he is married and just looking for a little bit of excitement? Is he just lonely and looking for someone to connect with?

You need to really pay attention to what he’s telling you so you can assess exactly the type of sugar baby he’s looking for. And then you do your best to be that sugar baby.

Here are some guides that will help you do just that:

The “Lifer”

These types of sugar daddy can be similar to the typical sugar daddy. Except this guy is looking for a real girlfriend or wife instead of just a sugar baby. This guy will be easy to spot from his profile as he’s usually quite open about wanting something serious.

When I first joined Seeking, I got a couple of messages from men asking if I’d be interested in moving in with them, accompanying them as they travelled and staying at home with them when they weren’t.

One man in Florida offered me my own bedroom in his home and access to his cars if I moved down but unfortunately, it’s not exactly what I’ve ever been looking for! It didn’t take me long to add a disclaimer to my profile to let POTs know this wasn’t for me but I have friends on Seeking who still get similar messages.

As I said, it isn’t for me. But to each their own. Plus, living like a princess isn’t the worst situation to find yourself in!

How to Date This Type of Sugar Daddy

This type of sugar daddy requires a different mindset because you’re looking at very, very long-term. And it’s difficult to pretend to be something you’re not – especially when you have to do it forever.

The priority here is to form an emotional connection that will lead to a fulfilling relationship with your sugar daddy – not negotiate the best terms for an arrangement. That means focusing on whether you actually click and how well your lifestyles and future goals align.

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Aly, aka The Travelholic Sugar Babe. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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  1. I know that there is also a kind of sugar daddy that is very embarrassing. They are also really rich, but they will care about every penny spent on the sugar baby, and there is a very obvious atmosphere of a businessman. That is, how much sugar baby pays, and how much money they give, looks like a transaction. I call this type of sugar daddy “bussiness sugar daddy”.

    • To that I totally agree but here’s the deal there is always profit no loss and most important thing the business never stop.


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