100% Free Sugar Daddy Websites for Sugar Babies Who Don’t Want to Spend a Dime

Are there completely free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies? Of course there are.

After all, the very basic idea of sugar daddy dating is that the sugar baby should not have to pay for anything. So it only makes sense that there are sugar daddy sites free for sugar babies. That means you, as a sugar baby, pay nothing. Nada. Absolutely zero.

Sounds good, right? The catch is that the level of free depends from website to website. In short, many free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies aren’t completely free.

And there’s nothing more annoying than going through the rigamarole of signing up for a sugar daddy website only to find out that you barely have access to any functions, amiright?

So here’s our full guide to navigating the world of free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies. Here’s what we’ll cover:

We’ll start with the sugar daddy websites that are actually, 100% free and then list the ones that come with a caveat. Read on to find out which to sign up for.

100% Free Sugar Daddy Websites for Sugar Babies

These are the 100% completely free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies. No if’s and but’s about it. If you’re a sugar baby, you’ll be able to sign up for free and have full use of these websites – completely for free.


What’s Your Price

what's your price review

Free for: Straight and gay sugar babies

What’s Your Price isn’t the typical sugar daddy site. But if you’re a sugar baby looking for a completely free sugar daddy website, this is the perfect place to start.

Why? To signup is absolutely free for sugar babies, of course. But it goes further than that. Unlike most sugar dating websites – What’s Your Price lets you start getting paid right away.

How? Generous and successful men pay to go on dates with attractive women. And there’s no limit on how many generous members you can date or how many dates you can go on. Which makes it ideal for a sugar baby who’s just getting started.

No harm in trying it out. As mentioned earlier, it’s 100% FREE for attractive members.

Secret Benefits

secret benefits review

Free for: Straight and gay sugar babies

If you’re on the hunt for a sugar daddy website free for sugar babies, this is the first actual sugar daddy website you should sign up for.

Why? Despite only having been around since 2015, Secret Benefits boasts a huge member base and sees over 15 million monthly visitors, mostly from the USA, UK, and Canada.

The best part is that it is completely free for sugar babies.

Does it come with a catch? Yes and no. Because sugar babies get access to Secret Benefits for free, the site does require you to fill out your profile more than other sugar daddy website do.

To register, you need:

  • At least six profile photos and at least four secret photos (these are mandatory)
  • A short and catchy tagline
  • A sugar baby bio
  • A greeting to use with sugar daddies you want to message

Once you’ve done that, your profile is set up and you have full use of the website. You can browse profiles, use the extended filters to fine-tune your search for members in your area, and you can “Like” sugar daddies, and send messages to your heart’s content.

Ashley Madison

Free for: Female members, gay or straight

Here’s a little known sugar secret: One of the best free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies isn’t strictly a sugar dating website at all. Ashley Madison is better known for secret affairs of the extramarital variety but that’s precisely what makes it so conducive to sugar dating relationships.

Here’s why. Any sugar baby who has been in an arrangement with a married sugar daddy will tell you that it comes with unique benefits and drawbacks. It also comes with its own set of rules and limitations.

Many married men understand the importance of finding the ideal affair partner who understands all that. As such, many men on Ashley Madison they are willing to pay for the luxury of an attractive partner who can respect their boundaries and other commitments.

This is why Ashley Madison has quickly become a popular place for attractive women and generous men seeking sugar arrangements. The best part? The entire site is completely free for all female users – that includes you, sugar baby.



Free for: Straight and gay sugar babies

As one of our favorite free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies, the aptly-named SugarDaddy.com has a lot to offer. The biggest draw? It has a huge member base – currently over 7 million members and counting. The best part is that everyone there is looking for the same thing: a mutually beneficial sugar relationship.

But is it completely free for sugar babies? Yes. Completely.

The only catch is that you fill out your entire profile. That means:

  • Uploading at least six profile photos and four secret photos
  • A short and catchy tagline
  • A sugar baby bio
  • A greeting to use with sugar daddies you want to message

As long as you have your pictures ready to go, the signup process is a breeze. They don’t require essays – just short descriptions are more than enough.

And once you’re signed up, you can search for and browse members, as well as message any sugar daddy who catches your eye.

Luxury Date

luxury date review

Free for: Straight sugar babies

This luxury dating site is a newcomer to the sugar daddy space and as such, it’s only got 1+ million members so far. But it’s growing rapidly and despite the smaller numbers, the vast majority of its members are based in English-speaking countries.

So if you’re a sugar baby in the US, Canada, or the UK – this is a great site for you. Especially since it’s entirely, completely free for sugar babies.

During your entire time on Luxury Date, you will not have to pay for a single thing. You can create a profile for free, add unlimited videos and photos, browse for members, search using unlimited filters, and message every wealthy man who catches your eye.

We especially like this free sugar daddy site for sugar babies who are interested in a lifestyle upgrade. Think of it as the perfect site for ‘dating deluxe.’

Mostly Free Sugar Daddy Websites for Sugar Babies

There are 100% free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies and then there are the *mostly* free sugar daddy websites for sugar babies.

In short, these free websites come with a catch. We explain in detail exactly what’s involved for each one – and whether it’s still worth it. Read up before signing up.


Free for: Attractive members of any sexual orientation

Seeking.com, originally known as SeekingArrangement.com, is a classic. Most people have watched or read something by the founder, Brandon Wade, who has been a pioneer of sorts in the concept of dating up.

The popularity of this site definitely contributes to its seriously large membership base – there are currently over 40 million users in over 130 countries worldwide and its growing every day.

So if you’re looking for access to the largest pool like-minded people, Seeking.com is the place to head. Especially since it’s pretty much free for Attractive Members.

Why “pretty much” free? Well, here’s what we mean. Anyone can sign up for Seeking.com for free – it doesn’t matter if you’re a Generous Member or an Attractive Member.

But that only gives you Basic Membership.

So how do you use the site for free? One way to get all the premium features on Seeking.com for free is to sign up using an .edu email address. That automatically earns you a free premium upgrade.

For Attractive Members who are non-students, there is currently no way to get all the premium features for free. But you can still use the website to search members and even send messages for free. In essence – a free membership.

To do that, though, you need to do these things:

  • Verify your email
  • Complete your profile
  • Have your profile approved, which can take up to 2 days
  • Have a public profile photo that’s also been approved

As you can see, the drawback to using Seeking.com for free is that you don’t have the option to hide your primary profile photo. But you wouldn’t want to do that anyway. Seeking.com has a 4:1 female to male ratio so you want to make your profile photo stand out!

Sugar Daddy For Me

sugar daddy for me review

Free for: Straight and gay sugar babies

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the largest, most established sugar daddy websites with a membership of over 4 million members and growing. It may not sound like much compared to the likes of Seeking.com or Secret Benefits, but this site is an oldie but a goodie.

In fact, it’s been one of our favorite sugar daddy websites to find Allowance Daddies. Especially since SugarDaddyForMe is completely free for sugar babies.

That being said, there is a catch.

Here’s what we mean. As a sugar baby, it’s free to sign up and create a profile. This automatically gives you standard membership, which allows you to browse sugar daddy profiles and even message the ones you like.

But here’s the catch: With a free, standard membership, you can only contact the sugar daddies who have paid for a Full Access membership. As for the sugar daddies who have free, standard memberships like you, you won’t be able to interact with them.

To be honest, though, most sugar daddies who are serious about finding a sugar baby have opted to pay for Full Access membership anyway. So in essence, having a free membership as a sugar baby is more than enough for you to search for, message, and find a legit sugar daddy.

Sugar Daddy Meet

Free for: Straight sugar babies

True to its name, Sugar Daddy Meet is completely about connecting sugar babies with legitimate sugar daddies. And because it’s been doing just that for over 20 years, it’s perfected the process. That’s why we consider it one of the best sugar daddy websites currently in existence.

But is it free for sugar babies? Yes and no.

Here’s what we mean. Sugar babies can create a profile, upload pictures, and essentially sign up for a totally free membership. But that only allows you to:

  • Make your profile visible to all other members
  • Search for members by gender, age range, country and state
  • Like profiles
  • Send free winks to any members you’re interested in
  • Reply to messages sent by premium members

As you can see, you can use the website for free – but you can’t interact freely with any sugar daddy who catches your eye. As a free member, you can’t send messages to other members so you only have the option to communicate with premium members sugar daddies who have messaged you or wink at a premium member until he messages you first.

In essence, you can use it for free. But you’ll be doing a lot of waiting.

Which is why this is one sugar daddy website that we recommend sugar babies to spend the money to upgrade. Trust us – it’s worth it.

Why, you ask? The site boasts over 7 million members. The interface is the easiest, sleekest of all the sugar daddy websites. They manually screen profiles and delete fake sugar daddies and scammers so you don’t need to waste your precious time weeding through the fakers yourself.

On top of that, they’ve got a large collection of “Certified Daddies” with verified incomes, occupations, education levels and even ages and photos so you know they’re legitimate sugar daddy material before you even reach out.

So if there’s one sugar daddy website free for sugar babies that you want to splurge on the upgrade for – we’d vote for Sugar DaddyMeet.

Are There Free Sugar Daddy Websites?

You already know that there are sugar daddy websites that are completely free for sugar babies. But are there free sugar daddy websites that are free for everyone?

To our knowledge, no. In fact, none of the respectable sugar daddy websites are completely free for sugar daddies.

And that’s a really good thing.

Here’s why. A sugar daddy website that’s free for sugar daddies doesn’t require a potential sugar daddy to make even the most basic investment into his search for a sugar baby. And that’s not cool because you really want access to a pool of sugar daddies who are very invested in finding the right sugar baby – and willing and able to pay for it. 

By charging sugar daddies, the above websites are able to waive the fees for sugar babies while simultaneously ensuring that the sugar daddies on these websites understand the nature of sugar relationships.

But there’s an even more important reason why free sugar daddy sites that are totally free for sugar daddies is to be avoided at all costs. It’s because the lack of a financial barrier can let anyone in. As such, they can attract unsavory folk like sugar daddy scammers who aren’t sugar daddies at all and have no intention of taking care of a sugar baby. 

This is why we recommend sugar babies stay away from free platforms like Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, and so on in the search for a sugar daddy. Anyone can join these platforms free of charge and pose as a sugar daddy.

By making it too easy for these scammers to join – and allowing them unfettered access to sugar babies – these free websites open you up to risks that you really don’t need to be taking. 

Why Sign Up for Free Sugar Daddy Websites for Sugar Babies?

Most new sugar babies have one thing on their mind when they dive into the sugar world: make money. And at first, most sugar babies don’t want to spend any of their own money in order to do so.

Which is one of the main appeals of free sugar daddy sites…

It’s Free

The best thing about free sugar daddy sites is simply that they’re free. Which means there’s very little you need to invest in order to get started sugaring. 

These free sugar daddy sites allow new sugar babies to try out a new platform and check out the sugar daddies that populate that website. They allow new sugar babies to get an idea of what sugar daddies in their area expect and are willing to pay. 

And of course, they allow new sugar babies to find arrangements without paying a cent of their own money. 

You Can Try it Out

Many sugar babies enter the sugar bowl not knowing what to expect. Because, let’s be honest, you can read all about the pros and cons of being a sugar baby but you won’t know how it is until you’ve experienced it for yourself.

Chances are, you’ll love it and gain a lot from the sugar journey. But you may also decide that the sugar world is just not right for you. 

Which makes free sugar baby websites perfect because you can easily try your hand at them without it costing you anything. 

Even if You’re Broke…

You still have a shot. And that’s important because let’s face it: a lot of newbie sugar babies are in dire need of funds. To shell out an extra $20, $30 , or $50 for a sugar daddy website can be a lot – especially when there’s no guarantee of it all paying off anytime soon. 

Why Pay for a Sugar Daddy Website?

As you can see, there are tons of obvious benefits to signing up for free sugar baby websites.

And with the plethora of legitimate, reputable sugar daddy websites that are free for sugar babies, why would any sugar baby ever pay for a membership to a sugar daddy site?

Here’s the thing that many new sugar babies miss – the fact that free isn’t always the best way to go.

Don’t get us wrong – free sugar baby websites definitely serve a purpose. But there are reasons why you may not want to rely on them alone…

Competition is Stiff

The thing about free sugar baby sites is that every sugar baby is going to register for them. And that means you’re going to have some serious competition. 

For example, on one of the most popular free sugar daddy websites – Seeking – the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is 4 to 1. That means you’re competing with three other sugar babies for the attentions of just one sugar daddy!

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an arrangement – tons of real sugar babies have met sugar daddies on Seeking, but it does mean that it can be harder. 

Sugar Daddy Fatigue

Related to the above point, here’s something that many aspiring sugar babies don’t know: a free sugar daddy website opens the doors to, well, everyone

Which often means that anyone purporting to be a sugar baby can sign up for free. That includes escorts, prostitutes, scammers, rinsers, and every other variety of sex worker or scam artist under the sun. 

Imagine being a sugar daddy on a free sugar baby website. Imagine being inundated by messages and scams until you eventually grow jaded enough to disregard the real sugar babies you were on the site to search for in the first place. 

Note: Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the best of the free sugar daddy websites since they typically tend to be very active about removing scammy and illegitimate profiles – but some will always sneak through. 

As you can see, there are some real drawbacks of sticking solely with free sugar daddy websites.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a sugar daddy for free. Many sugar babies have landed a great sugar daddy without paying a cent of membership fees.

But if you want to expedite your sugar daddy search and avoid the competition, it can be very worthwhile to spring for a membership on one of the top sugar daddy websites.

Just remember that not every sugar daddy site is worth paying for – check out our guide to the top ones to see exactly which websites are totally worth the money as a sugar baby.

Tips on How to Find a Sugar Daddy for Free

You now know all the most legit sugar daddy websites that are free for sugar babies.

Your Profile Matters

The first thing a sugar daddy will notice about you is your sugar baby profile. So it’s really important that you invest time and effort into making yours amazing.

This is especially true because the sugar baby competition is fierce on free sugar daddy websites. You want to make sure yours stands out.

Here are our guides to creating a killer profile:

Be Greedy

One of the most important determinants to whether you’ll succeed as a sugar baby or walk away thinking the sugar world is a sham is this: how many quality potential sugar daddies you have access to. 

The sugar game is hugely a numbers game – the more potential sugar daddies you talk to, meet and connect with, the more likely you are to find a good arrangement. 

So it goes without saying that you want to put yourself in front of as many sugar daddies as possible.

Free sugar daddy websites allow you to do just that. Since you don’t have to pay anything, you don’t need to stick to one! In fact, we highly recommend you sign up for several of them – even all of them!

Sugar daddies usually stick to one sugar daddy website because of membership fees and lack of time so registering for multiple sugar daddy websites will get you access to the widest variety of sugar daddies in your area.

It’s especially easy to do since you can simply cut and paste your profile across several sugar daddy sites.

Not All at Once 

The smartest thing to do is to sign up for multiple free sugar daddy websites. But you don’t want to do it all at the same time!

The way sugar daddy sites work is simple: new sugar babies get featured. As such, you’ll get the most eyeballs and the most messages during your first week after signup.

Use this to your advantage by staggering your signups. Do something like this:

  • Sign up for SecretBenefits and take advantage of that first week where you’ll be receiving lots of messages.
  • Next week, sign up for Seeking, where you’ll receive a similar boost.
  • The following week, sign up for SugarDaddyforMe and get your benefits there.
  • And so on.

Take full advantage of that first week to passively let your new sugar baby status do the work for you. Once the benefits taper off, you move on to the next tip…

Don’t Give Up

We don’t know the exact numbers but we’re guessing that for every 10 aspiring sugar babies, only a handful land a sugar daddy.

Why? It’s because many new sugar babies don’t realize that the sugar daddy search takes work.

The truth is that being a sugar baby isn’t as easy as pasting up your profile and then voila – a sugar daddy sends you money. 

If you want to get your profile in front of as many sugar daddy eyes as possible (which you should!), you need to be proactive and search, message and actually meet up with any sugar daddies. And trust us – it takes time, patience and determination. So make sure you actually stick with it long enough to get the sugar arrangement you want.

Good luck, sugar babes.