Can You Handle Life as a Sugar Baby? A Closer Look at the Pros and Cons of Being a Sugar Baby

By Emma


As with any dating dynamic, sugar dating presents both challenges and rewards, both pros and cons. Most aspiring sugar babies dive into the sugar world, noticing only the rewards only to find out they can’t deal with the challenges involved.

If you’re currently considering sugar dating, first read through the list below to see if the pros match what you’re looking for and the cons are something you can deal with.

And of course, if you’re a seasoned sugar baby, do let us know some other pros and cons we may have left out!

The Advantages of Being a Sugar Baby

Perk #1. The Allowance

This one is a no-brainer. Getting a full-time paycheck on a regular basis – without anywhere near the time commitment of a full-time job – is one of the most wonderful perks of being a sugar baby.

The recommended allowance is basically everything you need for your monthly expenses (rent+bills+food+tuition) times two. That’s usually enough for most of us to put away a pretty penny or two every month.

Tons of free time, the option of not having to work, and a stash of cash to pay your rent, your bills, and take you where you want to go…oh, that is a lovely advantage of life as a sugar baby.

Perk #2. Free Time

Ah, free time. What a luxury. Sometimes an even greater luxury than just money. Having ample free time to do the things you love without having to work full-time for luxurious living – quite possibly the best thing ever.

A wonderful thing about all this free time, in our humble opinion, is the chance it also gives you to learn new skills and increase your value without having to pay for your existence by working a dead-end job.

Yes, you can leverage your free time to take resume-boosting courses, try out an internship that might lead to a career shift, and pick up a few hobbies that may turn into income over time.

Perk #3. Experiential Knowledge

This is one of those intangible benefits to being a sugar baby, but not every sugar baby takes advantage of it. Whether you already are a sugar baby or planning to be, take advantage of this last benefit as it just might be the most useful thing you gain from the sugar relationship.

Any sugar daddy who’s able to afford thousands of dollars to take care of you every month has done something financially right. Learn from him. Question him. Find out how he does things and most importantly, how he thinks about things.

Don’t let him just catch you fish – let him teach you how to fish.

The Disadvantages of Being a Sugar Baby

The advantages of being a sugar baby are pretty much the same for most sugar babes. On the other hand, the disadvantages range a lot. Some sugar babies hardly notice any disadvantages. Others can list a ton.

The difference?

The sugar daddy you choose and the relationship you both decide upon. This is by far the most important consideration in your life as a sugar baby and the difference between whether you will enjoy being a sugar baby or live to despise it.

Remember always that a mutually beneficial relationship is first and foremost a relationship. Choose wisely who you get into one with.

That being said, there are a few disadvantages to being a sugar baby that both happy and unhappy sugar babies can agree with…

Disadvantage #1. The Secrets

The life of a sugar baby is oftentimes a secretive one. Sure, some sugar babes are perfectly okay telling their friends – and maybe even family – about this part of their lives but most choose to keep it private. And this can get complicated.

People close to you might wonder why you suddenly have so much free time. Or how you could afford expensive jewelry or gadgets or the rent on your city-center loft, especially without a job. Or who you’ve been going on those little trips with. Do you have a boyfriend? If so, how is it no one has met him?

To keep the details of a secret sugar life a secret, many sugar babies end up often lying to those closest to them. At first, it might not seem like a huge deal but after awhile, the secrets can push wedges between you and those close to you. Make sure you’re ready to deal with this before you embark on life as a sugar baby.

Disadvantage #2. No “Real” Boyfriend

The biggest disadvantage of being a sugar baby – even if you have a sugar daddy you genuinely like – is the lack of a real relationship.

In most cases – your sugar daddy is not also your boyfriend. You’re not going to take him home to meet your parents, there’s no real future (aka marriage and kids) to look forward to, and you are not entitled to be chosen over, say, an important dinner meeting.

At the same time, juggling a sugar daddy and a real boyfriend is too much for a lot of sugar babies. Chances are – you’re not going to have a “real” relationship while you’re a sugar baby. Be prepared for this sacrifice before you dive in.

Disadvantage #3. Time Control

Sure, you have tons of free time as a sugar baby – but one thing you most likely won’t have control of is when you see your sugar daddy. Most sugar daddies have busy hectic schedules and they squeeze you in when they have a free moment.

Sometimes, you won’t be notified until the last minute, sometimes you might have to cancel other plans you had. A part of being a sugar baby is being time-flexible. If you want absolute control of your time and set schedules, this might not be the best lifestyle for you.

However, most sugar daddies will take your own time constraints into consideration. If you have a set schedule that you must keep (i.e. work or classes), just let him know and he’ll accommodate your schedule as you accommodate his.

Downside #4. Begrudging Company

This last disadvantage is not a real disadvantage since it can be entirely avoided by choosing your sugar daddy wisely.

So many sugar babies fall into the trap of getting into an arrangement with the first sugar daddy who offers them a generous allowance. And then they face the misery of having to see this person over and over again while despising the time spent with him.

This is the worst sugar mistake you can make and we absolutely, under-no-condition, think anyone should do this. If you need money desperately, get a job first and then search for a sugar daddy with a clear sense of judgment.

There are tons of sugar daddies out there. Some you won’t like, other you’ll have a great time with. Hold out for the latter.

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[…] and it all depends on the dynamic you have with your sugar daddy. Allowance is only one of the advantages of having a sugar relationship. The rest are a little less […]

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[…] – and it all depends on the dynamic you have with your sugar daddy. Allowance is only one of the advantages of having a sugar relationship. The rest are a little less […]

Lulu June 27, 2017

Before a date how does someone go about the allowance and agreements cause at any time they can ditch the agreement and not pay.. What do you have to consider before actually starting a relationship based on thrill, pleasure and money? How does a sugar daddy normally slurge their babies?

Josh Minnich October 31, 2017

I have a sugar baby named Natasha. We met last week. And we watch TV together every night. It’s awesome. I enjoy being with her.

Music man

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