Stay Safe While Sugar Dating: Safety Tips for Sugar Babies

Sugar dating is fun and the chances are, you’ll have a blast mixing and mingling with the many different types of sugar daddies out there.

But before you venture forth, keep in mind that there are always a few rotten apples intent on spoiling the party. Such scam artists and perverts have been known to crop up on even the best sugar dating websites posing as potential sugar daddies.

Keep these rotten apples from spoiling your fun by following these safety tips for sugar babies.

Safety Tip #1. Protect Your Information

Your name, where you live, and where you work or go to school. All of these details might come up when you start chatting with a potential sugar daddy and they seem like harmless details to share, but we highly advise keeping your information to yourself in the beginning.

Once you find a mutually beneficial arrangement that works for you, you can share these details with your sugar daddy. But in the beginning, create a mock identity that’s close to your actual personality and details and use that until you’re sure your sugar daddy is trustworthy.

Click here for a guide on what you should or shouldn’t share with your sugar daddy.

Safety Tip #2. Get a “Sugar” Phone Number

Google Voice is really great for this. It’s a free service that allows you to choose from a database of available numbers from all over the US.

You can then link your Google Voice number to your real phone line and all the calls made to your Google Voice number will automatically be re-routed to your phone.

It also has the added convenience of requiring each caller to state their name, so you know who they are before you accept.

Even better, Google Voice transcribes voicemails for you so they are easy to read. And it’s also really easy to block numbers using Google Voice.

Skype is another option. A Skype on-line number costs about $20 for 3 months and you have to pay for credit if you want to make outgoing calls, but it functions like an actual phone so you can keep your Skype call record completely separate from your own phone’s call record.

If you have an iPhone or an Android (or any other smart phone on which you can download the Skype app), this is a really functional way of separating your anonymous online life with your real one.

Safety Tip #3. Receive Gifts Without Compromising Yourself

Some potential sugar daddies are going to offer to send you stuff. He might want your bank account number so he can send you a little gift. Don’t give it to him. Send him your PayPal address instead.

For physical gifts? Set up a P.O. Box and you can give that to potential sugar daddies freely. Do not send a potential sugar daddy your real address.

In fact, until you’re in a steady arrangement with someone you know and trust, don’t share any personal details that could jeopardize you.

Safety Tip #4. Talk on the Phone Before Meeting

It’s not always easy to suss out someone’s personality via email, but you can get a much better idea about someone simply by spending a few minutes on the phone with them.

Insist on a little phone chat just so you can “get to know them a bit better” before meeting. Of course, there will be some legitimate sugar daddies who don’t have great phone manners and you’ll want to give these guys the chance to meet in person, but you might also come across a few guys who give you the creeps over the phone and in the latter case, you can save yourself some time by deleting him off your “sugar daddy potentials list.”

Safety Tip #5. An Identity Check Before Every Date

Does doing an identity check before each date sound paranoid? It’s not – it’s both good for your safety and your time. Some sugar daddies simply aren’t who they claim to be. Why would you waste your time going on dates with fake sugar daddies when you have Google?

Some sugar daddies prefer to remain anonymous, but most will give you a phone number and a name. That is all you need to do a reverse phone look-up. If you do a thorough search, you’ll be able to find their full name, their address, whether they own a home, who else lives with them, etc.

You can then match this information with what they’ve told you to see if the person is legitimate or spinning lies. Another good idea is to look up the person on a sex offender database. Several sites offer database searches by name and location. Again, Google is a girl’s best friend.

Safety Tip #6. Always Insist on Public Meeting Places

This one is obvious and pertains to all online dating. Even if you have been talking to a potential sugar daddy for an extended period of time, the first meeting should always be in a public place with plenty of other people around.

Under no circumstances should a potential sugar daddy invite himself to your home (major red flag, by the way). If he invites you to his place, gracefully decline. Of course, there’s the scenario where you might be flying out to meet a potential sugar daddy for the first time – click here for tips on that.

Occasionally, a sugar daddy will offer to pick you up in his car. Politely decline by proposing he hire you a private taxi instead.

To be honest, most meetings with strangers are fine. Most sugar daddies are nice, friendly people. BUT it is always better safe than sorry. Meet at a public place.

Safety Tip #7. Get a Sugar Buddy

Sugar dating has a bad rep and it’s understandable if you are hesitant about disclosing this new activity of yours to your friends. At the same time, someone’s going to need to know where you’re going and who you’re meeting.

If you don’t want to tell your friends, do yourself a huge favor by logging onto your sugar dating website(s) and reaching out to a few sugar babies whose profiles resonate with you. It is so important to have a confidante and safety buddy when you’re sugar dating.

And most sugar babies will be happy to hear from a fellow sugar babe and quite possibly looking for the same.

Put your mind at ease by following these tips, doll yourself up and go meet some sugar daddies!

27 thoughts on “Stay Safe While Sugar Dating: Safety Tips for Sugar Babies”

  1. I have tried this site, and apparently no success yet but just got started. I must say though that the site is user friendly and very simple. No much hassle, nor requirements. Also, you will see where the sugar daddies really logged from so you can identify if they are providing fake details. There are some who pretend coming from United States when in fact they logged from a different country. This helps determining if they are scam. However, I don’t think some men there are real sugar daddies because some are a bit younger and don’t really have high/good earnings. I like the website over all. 🙂

  2. Hello, im considering becoming a sugar baby but am concerned about safety. I dont feel comfortable telling anyone i know, since this is something they barely know. But i dont feel safe doing this without someone who knows. How could i ask other babies for help? They’re strangers, so how would i ask them to be “sugar babies” as you said?

    • Hi Jen, totally understand. An easy way to do this is to use whatever sugar daddy site you’re on – or any of the ones that are free for sugar babies – to search for and message for SBs instead of SDs. Just reach out and say hi – sure, they’re strangers now but so were all of your current friends at some point. It may take several messages, you’re bound to meet a few that you get along well with. Good luck!

  3. I’m a new sugar baby, and I’m going to meet up with a potential sugar daddy for the first time. Is there any sugar babies that would be willing to talk and share experiences, just to be safe?

  4. So my sugar daddy and I have only been texting for like 7 hours and he asked for my personal phone number… should I give it to him? Or no?

  5. Hi! Thanks for this, this was helpful. A man has messaged me on Instagram asking me to be his sugar baby. He hasn’t asked for meet ups as we are in different countries, just photos (without my face) and messages. However he found me through my personal Instagram account so he already knows my name. Do you have any advice? Does this sound too risky? I’m completely new to this. Thanks! Harley x

  6. I met an SD who came across as genuine, smart and big-hearted so I trusted him almost instantly and engaged in unprotected S** within the first ‘date’. Once home , i asked about the allowance agreed on seeking arrangement, but eventually he blocked me. my worry isnt that he didnt keep up with his end of the bargain, I’m crazy worried that he lied about everything including being clean. I looked up stats in New York about STI prevalence and other SB experiences which all appears against me, and now I’m crazy worried.
    I am flabbergasted that someone could betray me like that. How foolish of me.

    • First of all, I am so sorry that happened to you, Luna, are you okay?

      What’s his username? So I can tell other sugar babies to beware of that fraud bastard who betrayed your trust. Don’t be afraid to talk to any of us. We girls need to support each other.

  7. I’m new to the sugar baby business and am looking for a sugar sister. I could definitely use a guiding hand to coach me and teach me how to be a good sugar baby

    • Hey Sarah! I’m in the same position. I’d love to chat and share some experiences and tips! I’m new too but maybe we can figure this out together!

    • Hey Sarah! I’m in the same boat and would love to chat and share some experiences and tips. I’m new to this too but maybe we can figure it out together! Let me know 🙂

  8. Hey ya’ll! I’m new to the sugar baby business and want to see if this is the thing for me yet. I would love to look for a sugar buddy to talk with before deciding if this is what I want to get into. Just let me know!

  9. I am very new at this actually first time ever. I was married for 32 years, but he died 4 years ago.. And my children have moved out.. So I want to try something new and I was told that this would an adventure I am 53 and look pretty good for my age. I am 5 foot talk and want to start living and having the best time life has to offer. I love the sunsets at night for me as the best part of a day I’m scabtable I love laughter and just cut up. I have never been anywhere but Georgia and South Carolina. I have been on different dating site and not nothing has worked out.

  10. So I have a question for you ladies as sugar babies. I had a gentleman reach out to me via Facebook and tell me he was interested in being my sugar daddy. Has anybody else encounter this kind of offer previously? I am new to this but looking into it I would like some input from somebody else. Thank you

  11. Hey. So, i have met a sugar daddy, who oferea to buy some things for me, and i gave him my address, he said that the stuff will arrive in like 3 days, only later i realizez my mistake. What can i do now?

  12. Hi when signing up for a sugar daddy website should I use my real email when signing up? Will it show on my account my email? Or should I make another email for it?

  13. The part about the taxi Should be clarified to say that we still shouldn’t have them send a taxi to our private address. It might just be safer to get your own ride and decline their help to avoid giving out private information. Just my thoughts!


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