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Should I Travel to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy?

At some point in your journey as a sugar baby, you may be asked to fly to a different city to meet a potential sugar daddy.

But is it safe to travel to meet a potential sugar daddy? Is it even legit that a potential sugar daddy wants you to fly to his city?

We get it. You’ve got tons of questions. And that’s good because this is not a trip that you take lightly. You want to make sure that this trip is as risk-free as possible before you even start packing. We’re going to show you exactly how and what you need to consider.

Let’s dive in.

Is it Safe to Fly to a Different City for a POT?

Note the operative word here is “potential.” While traveling outside of your comfort zone always comes with a risk – it gets much riskier when you’re going to some unknown city to meet with someone you essentially don’t know.

This is not to say that traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy is dangerous. In my personal experience, these requests have been surprisingly common. I’ve even gone through with it a few times and they’ve all been safe, and mostly fun, experiences.

But I’ve also heard of one too many experiences from sugar babies who found themselves not taken care of, exploited and left at the mercy of douchebags posing as sugar daddies to recommend traveling without taking necessary precautions.

The last thing you want is to be lured over to an unknown place with the promise of sugar only to be left stranded, broke, and begging friends and family for airfare back home.

We don’t want you to ever end up in that situation. That’s why you need to take some precautions. Here’s where to start.

Should You Travel to Meet a POT?

The very first thing you need to assess is whether you should even travel to meet a potential sugar daddy. Here is a list of questions to consider to help you decide.

  • How comfortable are you with each other? By the time a potential sugar daddy offers to fly you over to meet him, you should have not only exchanged messages and texted. You should have had enough conversations on the phone as well as video calls to feel comfortable with one another.
  • Are you a new or experienced sugar baby? Traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy is something that we would only recommend you do if you’re an experienced sugar baby who is a good judge of sugar daddy character and who has no qualms drawing boundaries.
  • Are you new or experienced with travel? You’ll be better equipped to take care of yourself if the situation goes sideways if you’re already experienced with travel. If you’ve never really traveled before, then it’s not recommended you start with this situation.
  • Is it a city or a small town? A big city that always has lots of people around is a lot more reassuring when you’re traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy. You’ll be able to use public transport, hail a taxi, or ask a stranger(s) for help if the need ever occurs. On the other hand, if you’re in a small town with winding back roads and surrounded by corn fields, you’re more likely to be at the mercy of the potential sugar daddy.
  • Do you know anyone in that city? A college buddy, an old colleague, a childhood friend who moved, even a friend of a friend – if you know someone in that city who could help you out in a pinch, that’s a plus.

Got your answers? If you feel comfortable traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy, read on for exactly how to do it safely.

Safe Travel Tips to Meet a POtential Sugar Daddy

The trick to safely traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy is all about how you plan the trip beforehand. It may be tempting to grab your passport and go – especially if there are promises of sugar and it’s a tempting destination.

But doing your due diligence first is the safest, smartest thing you can do for yourself.

Here’s what we recommend you do before you start packing that suitcase…

Assess His Attitude

First things first. How a potential sugar daddy asks you to come meet him is very important. At the bare minimum, he should be cognizant of the fact that you are actually doing him a solid.

Because make no mistake – flying to a different city to meet a potential sugar daddy is very convenient for him. It’s not so convenient for you. In short:

  • It costs you time – at the opportunity cost of meeting local sugar daddies as well as taking time off from your school or work
  • You have the inconvenience of not knowing your way around the city or knowing anyone in that city apart from the potential sugar daddy
  • You’ll have to pay for things you don’t have to pay for at home (i.e. hotel, toiletries, eating out, etc)
  • Not to mention, traveling can be pretty exhausting – fun, but exhausting

If he is a considerate sugar daddy – the kind worth traveling to meet – he’ll show that he understands and appreciates this. But if he phrases it as if it’s no big deal, flying is so easy, and so on, the chances are that he doesn’t have the consideration to make this trip safe, comfortable, or enjoyable for you.

In that case, we recommend you ask him to fly to you instead.

Make Sure You’re On the Same Page

You’re going to be traveling to a place you don’t know and where you probably don’t know anyone in order to meet your potential sugar daddy.

The last thing you need is to arrive and find out that your expectations and his expectations don’t align. Perhaps you thought it’d be a get-to-know-you meeting but he’s expecting intimacy straight away. Or maybe you’re expecting a couple dinner dates to see if you’re a match for an arrangement. But the potential sugar daddy was expecting an insta-girlfriend where you stay in his house and meet his kids during the weekend when he has custody.

Or you want to travel to meet a potential sugar daddy but have your alone time to explore the city by yourself but he is expecting you to be by his side 24/7.

You don’t have room for these kinds of misunderstandings if you’re traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy. So be very specific about what expectations before you say yes. Make sure you’re both on the same page when it comes to what you’re both expecting from the trip.

Secure Your Travel Essentials

Let’s be very clear. By agreeing to travel to see a potential sugar daddy, you’re doing him a favor. He should know and appreciate this enough to be willing to do whatever he can to make sure the travel arrangements are suitable and safe for you.

So what constitutes suitable travel arrangements?

The first thing you’ll want to do is to figure out exactly what your travel expenses will be. We’re talking absolutely essential travel expenses here:

  • Taxi ride from your home to the airport = $xxx.xx
  • Flight from your hometown to where potential SD is = $xxx.xx
  • Taxi ride to and from the airport to the hotel you’ll be staying in = $xxx.xx
  • Hotel fees for however many nights you’re staying in his city = $xxxx.xx
  • Daily food expenses = $xxx.xx
  • What it’s costing you to take time off from work = $xxxx.xx

Add it all up and give him the final amount. This is what he needs to send you, by cash transfer or PayPal in order for you to even think about making your way over to him.

Do not move forward in traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy unless you know that he will uphold his side of the deal, which is: you travel to meet him, he makes sure you’re provided for, safe, and comfortable.

Transportation Matters

Most times, the potential sugar daddy will offer to pick you up from the airport. But we really recommend that you have your own transportation when you arrive in a new city.

This is for obvious reasons: landing in a strange city and getting into a private vehicle with a stranger can be dangerous.

If it’s a big city, take a taxi to the hotel you’ll be staying in. Otherwise, insist on a rental car.

The same safety rules for a first sugar date apply here. If you wouldn’t let a potential sugar daddy pick you up in his car in your own town, why would you let one do it in a different town?

A Note on Housing

Occasionally, a potential sugar daddy will suggest that when you travel to meet him, you can simply stay in his home or hotel room.

We recommend you insist on staying at a hotel. Under no circumstances will you be “sleeping over” at his abode. We don’t care how many times he assures you you’ll have your own bedroom or how awesome his house is.

You two are not yet in an arrangement – you are traveling so you can both interview each other. There is no good reason why you shouldn’t have a place of your own, a sanctuary that’s YOURS and yours alone to sleep in.

Don’t agree to travel to meet him if he cannot agree on this one basic point.

Note: It’s better to get the money and book the hotel yourself. If the potential sugar daddy insists on booking it, make sure it is a non-refundable booking and to send you details of the booking in advance. It goes without saying that it should be a nice hotel that is well-located in the center of town.

What if He Doesn’t Want to Pay Upfront?

A potential sugar daddy may say that he’s been burned before or he’s worried you may not even come to see him if he gives you all the travel expenses upfront.

Or he may question why he should send you this money when you could just run off with the cash.

Gently explain to him why securing the necessary essential travel expenses before you go to meet a potential sugar daddy is really important. Tell him that it’s simply a matter of making sure all of your basics are totally covered in case anything goes wrong.

If you show up in his city and find that you hate each other, having been pre-paid the money to get you safely home will ensure you’re not stranded, broke and suddenly totally dependent on him.

Also remind him that trust goes both ways. You’re willing to trust him enough to spend your time and effort to travel to his turf. So he needs to show that he trusts you enough to take that chance.

Then observe how he takes this. It’s important to see how a potential sugar daddy reacts when you ask for the essential travel expenses up front. This will show who he is.

The only kind of sugar daddy worth traveling for is one who understands the inherent risk for you will want to make sure you’re safe no matter what happens. A sugar daddy who is genuinely interested in having a mutually beneficial arrangement with you will ensure that you’re comfortable and cared for.

Learn More About the Potential Sugar Daddy

Once you’ve secured all of the above, it’s time for the final round: getting some details about your potential sugar daddy. That means more personal information than what’s written on his sugar daddy profile. The reason we save this for last is that many sugar daddies can be pretty reluctant to part with personal information (can you blame them?). But if he’s already agreed to the above requests, he’ll be much more willing to agree to this one.

And this one is pretty simple. You’re just going to ask him for some assurance that he’s a real person, an upstanding citizen and member of society. You just want to make sure of who he is, you know, just in case. He should understand.

The easiest thing is to ask for the company he works for or owns. Ask for a company website. Or at least his full name so you can do a quick Google search on him. The key is to ask for some kind of identifiable information about him, something that lets him know that you know things about him. It evens out the risk you’re both taking.

Lastly, before you take off – let someone you trust know where you’re going and who you’ll be meeting. You can take it a step further by reaching out to other sugar babies who live where you’re going. Sugar babies are everywhere. Start by using the search feature on popular sugar dating websites to search for and message women you think you’ll get on with in the city you’re flying into.

Last Note

A potential sugar daddy worth traveling for is one who knows that you coming to see him is a risk – a risk that he can significantly reduce by coughing up the necessary funds. If he’s a real sugar daddy who’s interested in an arrangement, it’s a risk he’ll take, especially if you’ve been corresponding for awhile and he really wants to meet you.

If he cannot even do this, he is not sugar daddy material.

Essential travel expenses will usually total less than $2,000. So if he is not willing to shell out even that amount for your sense of security – ixnay that dude.

The first sugar daddy who wired me around $1K for my travel expenses joked that “in case you run off and I never get to see you, hope you spend it on something fun!” A few thousand dollars is a small risk to these sugar daddies. But it’s a big risk for you – so a real sugar daddy will fork it over.

Do not place yourself at the mercy of a potential sugar daddy by traveling to meet him unless he is willing to do everything he can to make sure the travel arrangements are suitable for you.

Stay safe, sugar babies!

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