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What’s Your Price Review: Can You Get Paid to Go On Dates?

Getting paid to go on fun dates? Sounds like a whole lot of fun to us. But is it? What’s the catch? If you’re curious about the premise of paid dating but not sure what to expect, we share all the nitty gritty details here.

Here’s our full What’s Your Price review, from a sugar dater’s perspective.







GENDER RATIO: 55% male, 45% female

PRICE: FREE for ‘Attractive’ members; fees start $50 for 100 credits for ‘Generous’ members


If you’ve been on the sugar scene for any amount of time, you’ve heard of What’s Your Price. It has, after all, gotten tons of press. So what’s all the commotion about and is the site worth checking out?

The first thing you need to know about What’s Your Price is that it’s actually another brainchild of Brandon Wade. In case you didn’t know, Wade is the founder of SeekingArrangement, now Seeking, which started as one of the best sugar websites on the market.

But unlike the typical sugar dating websites, What’s Your Price lets you get paid from the very first date.

The basics are simple: If a ‘Generous’ member wants to go on a date with an ‘Attractive’ member, they make an offer to show how serious they are. The ‘Attractive’ member can then accept, counter or decline.

Once an offer is accepted, a date ensues.


What’s Your Price has a ginormous member base. Currently clocking in at around 5.1 million members (and growing) and with an average of 1.1 million monthly visits, this dating website sees a lot of activity.

But who’s actually using the website? Let’s dive into the nitty gritty.

First and foremost, we need to know where most of the members are based. As you can see from the traffic stats below, with around 86% of the site’s activity based in the United States, it’s fair to say that this website is US-centric.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t find matches if you’re from Canada, Brazil, Italy, or the UK. Although you’d think that you’d have a much smaller pool of ‘Generous’ and ‘Attractive’ partners to choose from, the numbers aren’t so bad once you actually sign up.

For example, the website stats show that less than 1% of traffic is from the United Kingdom, but 1% of about a million is still a good 100,000. As such, it’s not surprising that when we logged in from London as an ‘Attractive’ member, we still had nearly 6,000 matches to browse through.

That’s not bad at all.

But overall, this website is particularly fantastic for Americans. If you’re based state-side, you will be spoiled for choice.

Now that we’ve got geography out of the way, let’s delve into gender distribution.

The site’s visitors lean slightly more male, at around 45% female and 55% male.

It is also a fairly young website – around 46% of the website’s visitors are under 34.


The basics of the site are simple: ‘Generous’ members bid to go on dates with ‘Attractive’ members. But how exactly does that play out?

Here is the whole process in short.


The registration process is super simple and straightforward. To get started, you simply enter in your email, password, and other basic information.

In less than five minutes, you will be able to browse other members in your area.


As soon as you sign up, What’s Your Price will display all the members available for dates in your area.

As you can see, pictures really matter.

While this is true for all dating websites, it is especially true for What’s Your Price. The site is designed to display large profile photos as you scroll down. So the main way to quickly grab a member’s eyes is the photo you use.

Make sure you take the time to upload a couple well-taken photos. This is particularly important if you’re an ‘Attractive’ member as you need to showcase just how attractive you are.

TIP: While browsing, if you find any members you like but don’t want to make an offer just yet, add them to your Favorites for a later date.


Found a member you want to go on a date with? It’s time to make an offer.

‘Generous’ members can make an offer from $5 to $500.

How much should you offer? The standard seems to be around $100 to $150. What’s Your Price reports that the average offer amount is $126.

How much you offer will depend on factors like how much you want the date and your location. For example, in high cost-of-living areas like San Francisco, New York City, London, and such, the standard offer will be higher than in lower cost-of-living areas like Wichita or Buffalo.

Although that’s not always the case. Here’s some data from What’s Your Price on what men in various cities across the world paid for a first date:

1. Denver, CO: $221
2. Seattle, WA: $197
3. Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX: $178
4. Chicago, IL: $173
5. Los Angeles, CA: $169
6. Toronto, ON: $166
7. San Francisco, CA / Bay Area: $163
8. Philadelphia, PA: $158
9. Washington, DC: $154
10. Boston, MA: $151
11. New York, NY: $145
12. Oklahoma City, OK: $143


Once you make an offer, the ‘Attractive’ member can accept, decline, or make a counter-offer. If it’s accepted, you’re on your way to a date.

But what about ‘Attractive’ members? Do you have to just sit back and patiently wait for offers to come your way? Not at all.

‘Attractive’ members can also be proactive and send date offer requests to ‘Generous’ members. Then, ‘Generous’ members also have the chance to accept, decline or make a counter-offer.


Up to this point, What’s Your Price is free for all parties. But once a date offer is accepted, ‘Generous’ members must unlock the messages in order to communicate.

Once both parties are able to chat, you can quickly sort out where and when to meet as well as what to do on the first date.


Finally, the big first date!

Make sure to meet in a public location – that’s just basic online dating safety. And have fun!

Tip: The amount offered is not paid through What’s Your Price. It needs to be paid and received during the date itself. While this is worked out is between the parties, a smart and fair way to do it is to offer half at the start of the date and the rest at the end.


To sign up for the website is free. And it remains free to browse and make offers to other members.

But once a date offer is accepted, you need to purchase credits in order to communicate.

The nice thing about What’s Your Price fees is that they don’t charge a monthly membership. So you don’t have to worry about paying for a service that you may use a lot on some months and not at all on other months.

Instead, you purchase Credits.

There are several packages available, with the most popular being $150 worth of Credits. Credits never expire so you can opt for the best value package. Or you can start small, with just 50 Credits and try out a couple dates.


For ‘Attractive’ members, What’s Your Price can be used entirely free. ‘Attractive’ members can sign up for free, browse the site for free, and send date offer requests to ‘Generous’ members – all for free.

But once a date is accepted, the ‘Generous’ member must purchase credits in order to message you and make sure the date comes to fruition. It doesn’t cost ‘Attractive’ members a thing – apart from a bit of patience.


What’s Your Price is a very unique dating site. And as such, it may not be for everybody.

So who is it for? Here are some examples of people who this website would be perfect for.

‘Generous’ members who:

  • Don’t want to waste time on dating apps messaging constantly without the certainty of a date
  • Often travel for business or pleasure and would like attractive dinner companions
  • Are busy and want to expedite the process of dating attractive women
  • Simply want to go on dates with attractive women

‘Attractive’ members who:

  • Are curious about the sugar lifestyle and want to try it out by going on dates with generous men
  • Sugar babies who are looking for platonic dates with generous partners
  • Aren’t necessarily looking for a sugar relationship but want to be spoiled and shown a good time on a regular basis
  • Like the idea of going on dates with successful, generous partners


If you’re curious how What’s Your Price compares to Seeking Arrangement, the best way to think of it is short-term vs long-term.

The goal of What’s Your Price is a date. A ‘Generous’ member spoils an ‘Attractive’ member by paying her for the pleasure of a date. What happens afterwards – i.e. never seeing each other again, going on another date, entering into a mutually beneficial arrangement, or even getting married – is up to you.

The purpose of the website is just that first date.

Seeking Arrangement, on the other hand, is more designed for people who are seeking a relationship. So the goal of Seeking is a mutually beneficial relationship. First dates will be part of the process to get to that relationship but they won’t be the goal itself.

Of course, it’s not necessarily the case. You may find a long-term arrangement on What’s Your Price. Or go on a couple first dates with men who spoil you on Seeking.

But generally, the difference between these sites comes down to dates vs relationship.


If you’re a newbie sugar baby dipping her toes into What’s Your Price, here are some tips to get you those successful first dates…

Pictures are everything. We said it before and we’ll say it again. ‘Generous’ members are looking for ‘Attractive’ members to take on dates. Present yourself in the most attractive light. Have plenty of well-lit, well-taken, tasteful and sexy pictures.

Do a daily check-in. The more you’re online, the higher up you’ll be featured in the search results. So make sure to log in whenever you have a minute so more people can see your profile.

Favorite everyone. Well, everyone whose profile you like. All members can see who’s Favorited them and if a ‘Generous’ member sees that you’ve Favorited their profile, they’re a lot more likely to offer you a date.

Show yourself. What’s Your Price is a very straight-forward website. Every profile has a picture gallery, some basic stats like age, location, body type, height, as well as a section titled “A Little Bit About Myself” and “My Ideal First Date.”

While you shouldn’t write a monologue in either of these sections, take the time to write a short description that portrays your personality. While pictures are key in getting members to click on your profile, what you say and who you are is going to determine whether they offer you a date.


Honestly, a What’s Your Price date is pretty much like any other date. The only difference is that you get compensated for the time and energy that it takes to get you ready for the date as well the funds it costs you to get to the actual date.

In return, the generous member gets the convenience of a straight-forward dating process with an attractive member.

As for what you choose to do on the date, it is just that – your choice.


What’s Your Price is not an escort website. The purpose of the website is to expedite the dating process, not to arrange pay-per-meets.

What two consenting adults choose to do on the date is entirely up to them. Much like with any other dating website.

But as a dater on the website, you can make sure that other members you go on dates with have the same expectations as you do.

How do you do that? The easiest way is to exude the energy you’re looking for. What you portray dictates the sort of members who will contact you. A good way to do this is to take advantage of the “My Ideal First Date” section.

Here are some actual examples:

My Ideal First Date: Dinner, drinks & good company.

The above is short, sweet, and lets people know that this person is most likely looking for a platonic first date. On the other hand…

My Ideal First Date: Dinner, drinks and maybe dessert after 😉

This is also short and sweet but it gives a distinctly different impression – that this ‘Attractive’ member is up for something more than a platonic date.

Here’s yet another example…

My Ideal First Date: Cute coffee date, check out the farmers market, maybe buy some local produce to attempt to cook a meal! Or going to a concert! I love music – anything house, hip hop, rap, r&b is my favvv but also love finding new artists to listen to!!

This ideal date description is more in-depth and gives other members a look into her personality. It also suggests that the first date is going to be platonic but she is interested in getting to know the date.

In a similar vein…

My Ideal First Date: I am here to find a very nice man, caring with good personality.

While the above description doesn’t say much, it suggests that she is looking for more than a first date – most likely, a relationship.

Much less open-ended is the below example, where she gets straight to the point…

My Ideal First Date: I love dinner drinks or shopping sprees 😘

This description shows that she’s interested in being spoiled on the first date, possibly looking for a Splenda Daddy.

And last but not least…

My Ideal First Date: An obedient, eager, and generous sub who is comfortable pushing limits and capable of giving up total control.

This member is very clear that she is seeking financial domination.

Our advice is simple: take advantage of your profile to showcase your personality and what you are seeking. It makes it a lot easier for the members who are on the same wavelength to find you.


Got more questions about What’s Your Price? Here’s a summary of the most popularly asked questions.


Absolutely. This dating site has been around for over 20 years now and has been covered on pretty much every major news network, from Insider to Forbes to ABC News.

You can also find personal anecdotes from successful daters who have used What’s Your Price on YouTube as well as Reddit. Which is not surprising since What’s Your Price has arranged hundreds of thousands of successful meetings around the world.

In our experience, this is a great dating website that is extremely good at facilitating one thing: dates between busy people who want to meet attractive people.


What’s Your Price is definitely not a scam.

The website is extremely straight-forward and easy to use. There is a noticeable lack of fake and spammy profiles when you browse the website. And as long as you don’t live in a sparsely populated city like Akhiok, Alaska (population: < 100), you’ll find plenty of members in your area to choose from.

From a man’s perspective, there is a seemingly endless amount of gorgeous women to choose from – at least in the major cities that we logged in from (i.e. San Francisco, New York City, Boston, London, and so on). The diversity is amazing as well – in age, in body types, in styles, and so on.

From a woman’s perspective, What’s Your Price is equally great. The men that we found when logging in from major cities spanned the range in age, body types, and what they were looking for.

And in every city we trialed, it was easy to find men who were attractive, fit, and seemed interesting and fun. We were always able to find men we wouldn’t chatted up on even a traditional dating site like Match or OKCupid.

So what’s the downside? Why are some members dissatisfied with What’s Your Price? Well, as vigilant as the website is against scammers and fake profiles, it’s impossible to completely weed out time-wasters.

But a few bad eggs don’t make a website a scam. Overall, we’d say this is a solid dating website for both generous and attractive members.


Unfortunately, there is not currently. The website, though, is incredibly easy to use and works well on mobile as well.


What’s Your Price is the perfect website for newbie sugar babies who want to dip their toes into the sugar game and be spoiled on first dates.

But to be honest, if you’re looking for an arrangement, we wouldn’t recommend only using What’s Your Price to find a sugar daddy. You may get lucky but What’s Your Price is more date-oriented.

So sign up for What’s Your Price for some fun, fully compensated dates and get yourself on a more arrangement-oriented sugar dating website as well. There’s plenty to choose from and most are free for sugar babies so you have nothing to lose.

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