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Seeking.com Review: Is It Still Worth It in 2024?

We’ve had an in-depth Seeking.com review running on this website since 2013. But a lot has changed since then. Is Seeking still worth signing up for? Read on for the most updated version of this luxury dating site.

What is Seeking?

Seeking, previously known as Seeking Arrangement, is one of the most established players in the dating up niche. It’s been around for decades. It’s been on top of its game for decades. And it’s done remarkably well promoting the idea of mutually beneficial relationships in the mainstream media. It’s safe to say that Seeking is a pioneer in this space.

seeking review

Thanks to all this, it boasts an absolutely behemoth of a member base.

And that is one arena in which Seeking cannot be beat: we’re talking over 40 million members in 130 countries and growing. It has a global, ginormous reach. It’s safe to say that anyone and everyone who is interested in luxury dating is on this site.




BEST IF YOU LIVE IN: United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Singapore

GENDER RATIO: 1 male to 4 female

PRICE: Can be FREE for Attractive Members, starts at $96.66/month for Established Members

WHO’S ON Seeking.com?

As you already know, Seeking has a huge member base. With over 24 million visitors to its site every month, it’s fair to say that anyone, anywhere who is interested in dating up is on this website.

And the reach is truly global. The majority of traffic to Seeking comes from English speaking countries – namely, the United States, Canada, and Australia, which together account of 70% of site visits.

But it also has its fair share of members from Mexico, Singapore, and over 100 other countries.

So it doesn’t matter where you live – you’ll find matches on Seeking. It has the most global reach with the largest, greatest variety of members. To be a member on Seeking means you have access to Attractive and Established members across the entire globe.

For Established members who travel often for business and pleasure, this is the best mutually beneficial dating site to find dates anywhere you go.

For Attractive members, when an out of state – or even out of country – Established Member drops by your part of the world, this is the site he’s most likely to be using to meet dates.

IS Seeking.com FREE?

Signing up for Seeking.com is completely free – and that applies whether you’re an Established member or Attractive member.

But that’s just for Basic Membership, which as you can see, doesn’t give you much room to connect with other members.

To really use the website, you have to pay. But the payment is different for Established vs Attractive members.

For Attractive Members

There are a couple ways to use Seeking for free if you’re an Attractive member. Here are your options:

  • Sign up with an .edu email address. This automatically gets you a free premium upgrade.
  • Verify your profile. By verifying your email, completing your profile and having a public profile photo that’s approved, you’ll be able to search members and send messages for free.

For Established Members

For Established members, no free option exists. And this is good news for everyone because it guarantees that the Established members on Seeking aren’t just pretending to be wealthy and successful.

The membership costs are pretty hefty – starting at nearly $100/month – and you can spend more to further verify yourself.


As mentioned, Seeking is essentially free for Attractive Members. For Established Members, Seeking works on a membership basis. Here are the costs:


  • 30 Days Premium Subscription: $109.99 for 30 days
  • 90 Days Premium Subscription: $96.66 for 30 days
  • 30 Days Diamond Subscription: $274.99 for 30 days


  • 90 Days Premium Package: One time payment of $96.99 for 30 days
  • 30 Days Diamond Package: One time payment of $274.99.99 for 30 days

Diamond vs Premium: What’s the Difference?

Premium Membership Perks:

  • Advanced search. You get access to more search features like location, height and weight, ethnicity,  marital status, and much more. You can also save searches.
  • See who’s visited your profile. This lets you see the attractive members who took a peek at your profile.
  • More discretion. You can hide profile information, your online status, join date, and the last country you logged in from. You can even hide your profile from searches.

Diamond Membership Perks:

  • Visible to all. The biggest difference between a Premium vs Diamond member is that the membership status of a Premium member is only visible to other Premium members. But with a Diamond membership, your Diamond membership status is visible to all attractive members – Premium or not.
  • Priority approval. Diamond members are the VIP of Seeking so your profile and photos are all approved much faster than other members.
  • Featured first. On every search, your profile will be displayed prominently above other membership classes.


Seeking isn’t just another luxury dating site. This is a pioneer that’s grown to be a mainstay in this dating niche.

As such, it has some very unique features that are worth knowing about, like…

It’s Famous

Seeking, formerly called Seeking Arrangement, and its founder made massive waves when it first launched. It spread the word on mutually beneficial relationships on every major publication you can imagine. It was even voted the #1 Sugar Daddy Dating website by Playboy…how many other sugar sites boast that sort of publicity?

It’s thanks to this wide-reaching publicity and constant mention in the media that Seeking.com is the behemoth you see today. Everyone in the world who has ever been interested in mutually beneficial relationships has heard of – and most likely has an account on – Seeking.com.

Variety Galore

Seeking is massive. There are thousands of members in every major city around the world, not just in the U.S. of A.

Thanks to the large member base that spans the entire globe, Seeking.com offers endless variety. You’ll have access to members of across every age group, ethnicity, career trajectory, budgets, lifestyle, hobbies and interests, and so on.

Seeking also features the full spectrum of personalities and preferences. You’ll find members seeking long-term, committed relationships as well as those looking for short-term flings, a contract-based arrangement, and so on.

Sexual orientation is key, too. Seeking.com is LGBTQ-friendly and one of the few great dating up websites for gay members.

Last but not least, there’s an array of relationship styles. Seeking.com has its fair share of couples looking for Attractive members (both male and female), Established female members, and so on.

There are members of all stripes and types of Seeking.com. A lid for every pot. Its membership is so varied, in fact, that we’d go as far as to say that if you can’t find at least one match you like on this site, you can’t find one anywhere.

Streamlined Experience

Many dating websites in the luxury dating niche are functional at best. Seeking.com is actually nice to spend time on.

Design might not sound like a big deal, but when you’re spending a lot of time on the website – it matters. Seeking has, hands down, the best layout.

It’s ridiculously easy to perform searches for other members and once you upgrade, you can search according to your specifications.

The website is sleek, stylish, streamlined with:

  • High quality photos. Crisp, clear, very high quality pictures high-DPI display. Seeking goes above and beyond the normal grainy photos you see on most dating websites.
  • Video chat within the site. This is a great feature, especially since it’s not obtrusive. Note: you can only request to video chat with members you’ve already exchanged messages with. So no random people popping up for a face-to-face.
  • Wishlists. Attractive members can create wishlists and established members can gift them with items directly from that list.
  • Great customer support. Seeking’s support team is unparalleled.
  • High site security. Verifies every single profile so you only get access to real, authentic members.

It’s easy to search for members in your area or the foreign city you’re visiting in a month. The search features are plentiful and actually useful to narrow down according to what you’re looking for.

Don’t Waste Your Time

If we could sum up Seeking’s core mantra, it would be: have your cake and eat it too.

The site isn’t just for profit, the founder is serious – passionate, even – about connecting successful and beautiful people for mutually rewarding relationships.

To do this, they take safety seriously. It allows members to become “background verified,” which costs $25 for Attractive Members, and $50 for Established Members. 

The verification and security on Seeking translates to a safer, less-time-wasted experience on this site compared to literally every other website in town.

Is Seeking Worth It?

If you’ve been online dating for any amount of time, you feel a certain sort of hesitancy at signing up for yet another dating site.

Well, Seeking isn’t just another run-of-the-mill luxury dating site. This one means it – and it’s created a unique structure to make sure you get the relationship that you want.

Here’s our honest opinion on whether it’s worth it to be a member…

Seeking.com for Established Members

There are ‘dating up’ websites that have plenty of attractive members to choose from – some even boast ratios of 10 women for every 1 man.

Compared to that, Seeking.com’s ratio of 4 Attractive Members for every 1 Established Member may not sound like much. But here’s the difference: every Attractive Member that you see on Seeking is real, verified, and has a photo and completed profile.

Seeking.com is top-notch when it comes to screening and verifying potential members. It’s one of the rare sites you won’t get bots and scammers.

It’s also a very secure site with great customer support.

And a ratio of 4-to-1 is great when viewed from this lens. As an Established Member, the site offers plenty of choice as there are a lot of women vying for your attention. The best part is that because Seeking has a strong member base across 130 countries, you’ll be well-connected wherever you travel for work or pleasure.

Seeking.com for Attractive Members

There’s good reason why almost every sugar baby story begins with meeting on Seeking.com. In terms of quantity, quality, and sheer variety – Seeking.com is a must-sign-up-for website.

During our time on this site, we’ve come across business owners, doctors, lawyers, investors, bankers, heirs, professors, and entrepreneurs from virtually every industry.

What we’ve personally found on Seeking is that it has the highest range of professional Established Members. By that, we mean that most of the potential matches we met through this site had already been in at least one arrangement at some point in their lives.

We found these Established Members to be clearer about what they wanted and what they didn’t as well as more structured when it came to discussing the terms of the arrangement (i.e. how long it will last, how often we would meet, and the range of allowance).

Even the few first-timers we met through this site were surprisingly clear on what they wanted and ready to enter into a suitable arrangement instead of continuing to date endlessly.

In short, most members did not waste time. We spoke to so many Established Members on the phone before meeting – we recommend always doing this – and the majority articulated exactly what they were looking for and what they could provide. This made it infinitely easier in sussing out who was promising enough to meet and who we should politely end the conversation with.

Overall, you have nothing to lose since it’s pretty free for sugar babies to sign up and use the site. This is one site you definitely need to be on.

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