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How Do Sugar Babies Get Paid? 7 Safe Ways to Receive Money

How do sugar babies get paid? What is the safest way to receive money from a sugar daddy? If you’re asking these questions, you’re in a pretty good position.

You know what you want and you went after it. Now, you’ve finally got it – a sugar daddy and an allowance amount that makes you smile.

You’re pleased, you’re excited, but you’re also wondering…how exactly do I receive this money?!

We totally get the confusion.

A sugar baby allowance is unlike anything you’ve received before. It’s not income from a place of work. And it’s not a little birthday check your grandparents sent you. It’s a regular infusion of a substantial amount of money. You’re going to have to come up with the best way to handle it.

We’re going to show you:

  • Safest ways to receive money from a sugar daddy
  • Pros and cons of various options for getting paid as a sugar baby
  • Tips on making every payment option safer
  • How sugar daddies transfer money – and how they don’t

Let’s dive in.

How Do Sugar Babies Get Paid?

Every sugar baby has her own preferences and once you have some experience, you’ll find what works best for you.

In the meantime, though, here are some of the most popular ways sugar babies like to receive their allowance (in no particular order).

#1. CASH

One way to receive your allowance is in cold, hard, untraceable cash. Cash is one of the most popular options, especially in the beginning of sugar arrangements, simply because it guarantees privacy. As a sugar baby, you don’t have to provide any bank information – or even your real name – to receive cash.

how do sugar daddies transfer money

Ditto for sugar daddies. There are no records left in his bank account or payment apps. This anonymous aspect can be comforting for both sugar daddies and babies.

Cash is also scam proof. Once a sugar daddy has given you cash, it’s final. You don’t have to wonder if the check will clear or if the PayPal payment will be reversed. Once it’s in your hands, it’s yours.

All that being said, getting your sugar baby allowance in cash also has some unique drawbacks. Here are the quick pros and cons.


  • Convenient and easy
  • It’s untraceable
  • Anonymous and doesn’t require sharing any personal details
  • Easy to use for almost anything you need to buy


  • If lost or stolen, it’s gone for good
  • Can be awkward for both sugar babies and daddies
  • Safely managing cash can be difficult – i.e. storing, hiding, spending

Is Cash the Safest Way to Receive Money from a Sugar Daddy?

Overall, cash is a good option because it’s untraceable. But keep in mind that this particular advantage of cash can also be a huge disadvantage. Because if it’s lost or stolen, you won’t be able to get it back.

With that in mind, cash can be inherently risky. And knowing that, if you’re receiving a few thousand in cash every month, you might suffer mounting paranoia in direct correlation with the amount of cash you’re storing.

We would only recommend going the cash route in the beginning. And for continuing cash allowances, it’s probably only for you if you’re very, very good with not losing things as well as managing your cash. Anyone who’s received a bulk of cash can testify how easily it is spent and how difficult it is to recall precisely what it was spent on.

And even if you’re really good at both those things, there are still a couple things we recommend you do.

Tips on Receiving Cash from a Sugar Daddy

If you decide to go the cash route, we recommend doing this as soon as you get your allowance:

  • Get money orders to pay your rent, your car payment, your tuition, etc. You can get these money orders for like a dollar or two at your local post office and it is a safe, untraceable way of paying your bills and reducing your cash burden.
  • Make little deposits into your bank account. See the next section for more on this.


Another popular way to receive your allowance is through bank deposit. It’s easy, convenient, and spares you the awkward handing-over-of-the-stuffed-envelope routine. Plus, it’s much safer than hoarding wads of cash under your mattress.

Once you’re in an arrangement with a sugar daddy you trust, you can give him the name of your bank, your name and your bank account number and he can make weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly deposits directly into your account.

So what are the pros and cons of receiving your sugar baby allowance via bank deposit?


  • Hands-off and easy
  • Money in the bank is safe and secure
  • No awkward exchange of cash


  • You need to share banking info
  • Easily traceable, not anonymous
  • Possibility of tax trouble

Is Bank Deposit the Safest Way to Receive Money from a Sugar Daddy?

A bank deposit is easy, convenient, and offers safety points that cash doesn’t. However, it comes with one big potential drawback. And that is the possibility of tax trouble.

According to Forbes.com:

“The minimum deposit that require banks to report it to the IRS is $10,000. Reporting of bank deposits over $10,000 or more is required by the federal law in accordance with money laundering and drug trafficking laws. Failure to report transactions over the said amount are punishable by law.”

Most sugar babies have an allowance that’s under $10K, but regular deposits of a few thousand dollars might also set off bank alarms and some prefer to be safe than sorry.

Tips on Receiving Bank Deposits from a Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy bank deposits might be convenient but it’s only recommended for arrangements in which you already know and trust each other.

Read: Sugar Daddy Asking for Bank Info: What Info Should You Share?

Never fork over your bank info to just anyone! Especially a potential sugar daddy that you just met online.


PayPal is a super convenient way to receive money without giving out any of your personal details. All your sugar daddy needs is your email and he can send you your allowance in a matter of minutes.

You don’t even need to provide your real email address. In fact, we recommend making a PayPal account that is linked to your sugar baby burner email.

Read: Sugar Baby Safety 101: How to Be Safe as a Sugar Baby

If you don’t already have one, check out our sugar baby safety tips on why you should.

But back to the show, what are the unique pros and cons of getting your sugar baby allowance via PayPal?


  • Instant payments
  • Fast and convenient
  • Protects personal information


  • Very low privacy and low anonymity
  • Possibility of tax trouble

Is PayPal Safe to Receive Money From Sugar Daddy?

PayPal is fast, convenient, and offers a low-risk way to receive money from a sugar daddy since you don’t have to provide any personal information apart from an email address.

That being said, it’s not anonymous. There remains an electronic record of every payment your sugar daddy sent your way. This might not be a problem, but PayPal has new regulations…

“PayPal says it will use your tax ID number to send tax Form 1099-K to you and the IRS when the payments you receive exceed both of these milestones in a calendar year: $20,000 in gross payment volume for goods and services and 200 payments”

Most sugar babies won’t meet these regulations (i.e. 200 payments), but all that information will be sitting in your PayPal account if the IRS does decide to go browsing.

Tips on Receiving PayPal Sugar Daddy Payments

PayPal is a safe way to receive money from a sugar daddy – as long as he’s a real sugar daddy. The problem is that there are swindlers who like to use PayPal to try to scam you. In fact, it’s a popular sugar daddy scam that many sugar babies have fallen for.

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But don’t worry – you can avoid it completely. Just do these two things:

  • No Relationship, No Contact. If you just started chatting with a total stranger you’ve never met and don’t have any relationship with, and he offers to send you an allowance for pretty much no reason – he’s 100% a scammer. Block and report him.
  • Never Pay First. The most common PayPal scam is when a sugar daddy scammer sends you a picture of a pending payment and then asks that you send him a small fee or accept his request for a smaller amount. This is not how PayPal transfers work. Don’t ever pay.

Overall, PayPal works as a payment tool if you’re in a trusted sugar arrangement. But remember that a real sugar daddy will never make you pay something in order to receive an allowance. If a potential sugar daddy is promising you the world – but you have to pay a small fee first, that’s because he’s a scammer.

#4. Digital Wallets

PayPal is no longer the only viable peer-to-peer payment method. It’s 2023 now and there are a whole host of digital wallets that let you receive your sugar baby allowance with only the username and/or email associated with your account.

No personal details = no risking your personal info.

So which digital wallets are best? Here are our favorite PayPal alternatives you can use to receive money from a sugar daddy:

  • Venmo. Easy to sign up for and a fast, convenient way to send money. But it does have a $5,000 weekly limit on both sending and receiving money. Also, if you have an unverified account, you can only send $1,000 per transaction.
  • CashApp. Very convenient to use but has a very low sending limit for unverified accounts – i.e. you can only send up to $250 every week or $1,000 per month. If you complete the identity verification, the sending limit increases to $7,500 per week.
  • Google Wallet. If you already have a Gmail account, this is an easy one. It’s safe, convenient, and allows your sugar daddy to send you money with just your email address. For unverified accounts, you can only send $500 per week. Once identity verification is done, the limit is $5,000 per week.
  • ApplePay. It’s convenient and secure to use. It also has fairly high sending limits – $3,000 at a time or $10,000 per week.
  • Wise. Wise, formerly known as TransferWise is one way to receive money from a sugar daddy that just doesn’t get talked about. It allows you to set up virtual bank accounts in various countries – i.e. USA, Canada, Australia, UK, etc., so you can send, receive, and hold any currencies you want.

Are Digital Wallets a SafE Way to Receive Money from a Sugar Daddy?

Digital wallets are pretty great and work similarly to PayPal – instant, fast and protects your personal information. So the next time a potential sugar daddy asks you for your bank account password – so he can “check” the payment – you can give him your email address or tell him to go take a hike.

In this way, digital wallets are safe. All apps are equally as discreet and only show up as “Venmo” or “Paypal” in a sugar daddy’s bank account statements.

But when it comes to taxes, it’s the same situation as PayPal. There will be an electronic record of every transaction so it’s definitely not anonymous.

Tips on Receiving Sugar Daddy Payments via Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are not a scam at all. But fraudsters often like to use the convenience of these apps to try to scam sugar babies.

How do you prevent ever getting scammed? It’s the same thing we recommend for PayPal – if someone you’ve never met and have no real relationship with offers to send you a boatload of money, that man is a scammer.

Also, never ever send money to someone who is claiming to be a sugar daddy. If anyone you chat with online asks you to send money via CashApp, Venmo, or ApplePay – we guarantee that is not a real sugar daddy. It’s a scammer. A genuine sugar daddy will never ask you to send him money.


A prepaid card is probably one of the best options for sugar babies. That’s because these cards are almost like cash – with all the convenience of a debit/credit card.

That being said, they do have some downsides. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of being paid with a prepaid card.


  • Easy to reload even large amounts of money
  • Very versatile – can use it to pay both online and offline, can transfer to own bank account, can withdraw cash, or use it to pay all your bills
  • No need to provide any personal information to your sugar daddy
  • Can be recovered if lost


  • Can come with steep fees, i.e. monthly fee, transaction fees, ATM fees, etc.
  • Less privacy as sugar daddy can track the balance

Is a Prepaid Card Safe to Receive Money From Sugar Daddy?

A prepaid card is a safe way to receive money from a sugar daddy. BUT you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

Here’s what we mean. We get a variation of this question almost every week:

A sugar daddy wants me to get a prepaid cardshould I?

The answer is NO. If a sugar daddy wants you to buy and load a prepaid card so that he can send your allowance to the card, be wary. It’s most likely he’ll ask for the serial number and drain the balance you’ve loaded.

If a sugar daddy sends you a prepaid card but says you need to send him funds from the card or buy something for him – he’s a scammer. He’s most likely using a stolen prepaid card and he needs you to launder the money for him.

Overall, prepaid cards are a great option to get paid as a sugar baby – as long as you’re in an arrangement with a genuine sugar daddy. Not someone you’ve never met but have briefly chatted to online.

Remember: No real sugar daddy will ask you to spend money to get your allowance. No real sugar daddy will need you to send him money for whatever reason out of your allowance.

Tips on Receiving Money on a Pre-Paid Card

The biggest downside of prepaid cards is that it could be a headache if you lose it. To make sure you can be re-issued a new one and not lose the money you have in your account, be sure to keep a copy of your card number as well as the toll-free number listed on the back of the card.


Another popular option for sugar babies to get paid is to simply have their sugar daddies pay all their bills.

Here are the pros and cons to getting paid as a sugar baby in bill payment.


  • You have no bills to worry about since he pays the rent, tuition, and other bills directly
  • No money – or very little money – actually changes hands


  • Lack of control
  • Can’t put anything toward savings
  • Less privacy since you have to disclose all of your bills and personal information to your sugar daddy

Is Bill Payment a Safe Way to Get Paid?

Having a sugar daddy pay your bills can be a good, stress-free way to get paid as a sugar baby. But only if you:

  • Trust your sugar daddy. Like, a lot. He’ll need to know your real name, your address, the school you go to, your bank information, probably even details like your account logins and security information. So it needs to be a sugar daddy you’re in a long-term, intimate relationship with.
  • Have a SHTF plan. In other words, a backup plan. If you are entirely reliant on a sugar daddy for every expense in your life, you need some kind of backup plan in case the proverbial poop ever hits the fan. If something happened to your sugar daddy – you could be left without shelter, tuition, and even food. So make sure you either have savings to cushion you just in case or a job on the side.

Tips on Having a Sugar Daddy Pay Your Bills

As mentioned, the most important thing is that you absolutely trust your sugar daddy.

The next important thing is to make sure you also have another source of income. Perhaps the sugar daddy who is taking care of all your bills is also willing to give you some allowance for you to save. Or you can choose to continue working.

Whatever it is, just make sure that you’re not going to be left completely vulnerable if anything happened to your arrangement with your sugar daddy.

#7. Cryptocurrency

Way back in 2017, we listed cryptocurrency – specifically Bitcoin – as a great way for sugar babies to get paid. If you took our sage advice, received your allowance in BTC and HODL-ed some of it, you’ve probably done amazingly well for yourself.

If that’s the case, you’re welcome.

Well, now it’s 2023 and we say cryptocurrency in general and BTC in particular is still a decent method for sugar daddies to transfer money.

Here are the pros and cons.


  • Anonymous and untraceable so sugar babies can receive payments without their personal information being tied to the transactions
  • No money actually changes hands
  • The chance that your allowance amount can multiply


  • Require some tech know how to handle – both sugar daddy and baby need to know how to use and store it properly
  • Cryptocurrency values fluctuate a lot and not always upward
  • It’s more difficult to pay living expenses and buy things you need with crypto
  • It’s irreversible so if you make a mistake, there’s no undoing it

Is Cryptocurrency a Safe Way for a Sugar Baby to Get Paid?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are no longer the sole domain of drug dealers and money launderers. In fact, it’s a great way for a sugar baby to get paid.

But it’s certainly not for every sugar baby. We’d actually only recommend getting paid in cryptocurrency if:

You know how to use it. A tech savvy sugar baby who has at least a functional understanding of cryptocurrency and the technical know how to use and properly store it.

You don’t need it for everyday expenses. Keep in mind that cryptocurrency is not the most convenient form of money for everyday transactions.

You want to save and invest. Crypto is a volatile currency. Which is really awesome news if you had Bitcoins in January 2013 (when they were worth $14) and kept them until now (when they’re worth over $20K+). But if you get caught at a time when they’re sliding in value and you need to withdraw them to pay your bills – that’s not a happy transaction.

We’d recommend Bitcoin for sugar babies who have enough to cover basic living expenses and want to use an anonymous, 100% independent currency to receive payment as a backup savings and investment account.

As for sugar babies who need all of the allowance for living expenses – skip crypto.

Tips on Receiving Cryptocurrency from a Sugar Daddy

Here’s a quick list of the most important tips you’ll need to know if you’re planning on getting paid in cryptocurrency:

Do your research. Read about cryptocurrency so you have a good understanding of what you’re getting into.

Be able to HODL. It doesn’t have to be forever or even years, but cryptocurrency is so volatile and you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to sell it for less than it was when you received it.

Use the main ones. Whether you want to use it as a method of payment or you want to save it as an alternative investment, we recommend you go for the main cryptos, i.e. BTC and ETH instead of alt coins.

Never send BTC. One of the most common ways sugar daddy scammers will ask to be paid is via Bitcoin. Why? Because they know it’s irreversible and virtually untraceable. If a potential sugar daddy ever asks you to send him Bitcoin for any reason – he’s a scammer. Don’t do it.

How Do Sugar Daddies Transfer Money?

Sugar daddies can transfer money in all the ways described above. You already know that. But before we end this article, we need to talk about the ways in which a sugar daddy will NOT transfer money.

If a potential sugar daddy ever suggests transferring money to you in the following ways, it’s guaranteed that he is a scammer. Here are the main ways that a sugar daddy will NOT transfer money.

#1. Where YOU Need to Pay a Fee

Here’s one way a legit sugar daddy will NEVER ask to transfer money – in a way where you need to pay a fee. That means a real sugar daddy will never:

  • Ask you to pay a clearance fee to receive a transfer
  • Need you to transfer money to prove your account is real or you’re genuine

In no way will a legit sugar daddy ever send you money in a way that requires you to pay a small fee to receive it. If there are transaction fees associated with sending you allowance, a real sugar daddy will pay those. No questions asked.

If you’re ever asked to pay fees in order to receive your allowance, it’s 100% a scam.

#2. In a Convoluted Way

Every sugar baby will most likely run into a potential sugar daddy or two who offers allowance – but you have to jump through some strange hoops to receive it. Like:

  • He needs you to log onto his bank account and transfer money to yourself, pay off your bills, and send money to another account he has
  • The potential sugar daddy can’t pay you, per se, but he’s going to give you stock options in his new start-up company
  • He’s going to send you a huge check but you need to buy a gift card and share the details with him, send him money via Western Union, or transfer Bitcoin to his wallet

Do not do any of the above. Sugar daddies do NOT transfer money like that. But scammers do.

In general, receiving money from a sugar daddy is a straightforward process. You discuss the nitty gritty, you decide on the terms of the arrangement, and then you figure out how you will receive your allowance or PPM.

It’s straightforward with a real sugar daddy because real sugar daddies have access to modern banking. They can make their own transfers and pay their own bills. And they definitely don’t need to have their sugar babies send them money for any reason.

#3. Where You Need to Do Something in Return

When a real sugar daddy has entered into an arrangement with you, he knows that financial compensation is his end of the deal. And he’ll take care of it. He won’t need you to do something in return, like:

  • The sugar daddy sends you a big payment – BUT you then need to send them a gift card or other payment
  • He sends you a pre-paid gift card with more money than you agreed on for allowance so he needs you to transfer him a part of it

Overall, when it comes to receiving money from a sugar daddy, it should feel comfortable and be a straightforward process. Once it starts veering into the “Huh? This is strange…” territory, that’s because no real sugar daddy would ever transfer money that way.

The Final Word

As long as you’re careful to avoid the sugar daddy scammers, there is really no right or wrong way to receive your allowance. Just go with the option you’re most comfortable with and remember to always do your research!

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  1. I have been on every sugar daddy dating site I could find and all the sugar daddies I spoke to has been asking for banking information is that a scam I told them to send it through the mail and they no longer wants to help me

  2. how about setting up an ibc ( or international business corporation) in 1 jurisdiction with a bank account linked to a credit card in say the isle of man or sark or Luxembourg, etc. If there is over $250,000 a year going through have an asset protection trust as well as international trust agreement banking agreement drawn up

    • Yes, 100% there’s a ton of guys on these sites that ask you for user names and passwords to your account! They want to get into your account so they can drain it! They claim that they been burned by other sugar babies and that this is the only way that they will deposit money into your account is by doing a mobile deposit. I’ve had the same thing happened to me plenty of times. I’ve explained that they can use PayPal, they can use SurePay by Wells Fargo, they can use Venmo, they can use square…there’s plenty of way someone can send you money without giving up your login information! Don’t do it it’s a scam 100% say goodbye and don’t look back.

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        • You should feel stupid. What person with a brain does something like that? You know what happens when you give out your personal info? You get scammed for life and when they give you their account info without even meeting you, they’re setting you up to be arrested for fraud.

          • There’s no need to belittle anyone over a mistake that they made nearly a year ago. I’m sure the individual already understands the ramifications of their actions without your words.

          • Thats what I said. I have been scammed before and yes I felt like a complete idiot. When your desperate to help your children you will go to the moon and back. Sometimes we let our guards down. Mistakes happen. I am sure she already feels bad enough but to call her stupid is downright rude and heartless

          • I have a PSD that also asked for my CC username and password to pay off my CC debt before we meet. I didn’t give it to him thought thinking that was strange. Who in the world would want to pay off my CC debt before even meeting me?? So I did some research and glad I didn’t. So what exactly do you mean about “they’re setting you up to be arrested for fraud” how would they even do that?

          • Silverleaf….why would you say that? Don’t you think she feels bad enough and then you call her stupid on top of it all. Totally not cool.

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    • I don’t know the answer to that but is he paying for your travel if not don’t do it. Also tell someone you trust where your going for long exactly who you think your meeting and when you plan to be back so that if he is someone bad they can know where to start looking for you. If he is the one with the money why doesn’t he come to you. Just be safe bring pepper spray or something before you meet up. Respond back on here so we know that you are ok please.

  5. How do you declare your money gifted to you as taxable? I don’t want to get in any trouble and would rather everything was upfront. Does it count as personal allowance? Is it me being self employed? Would I get questioned about where I got it all anyway?

  6. a new sugar daddy claims to have spent a lot on his last project (didnt mention what it was), stating his last month’s check is still delayed. he wants me to take a loan of 3k from the company that gave him the loan, while making him the guarantor to pay back.

    Is this safe. i don’t believe it because i never even met him. If it’s so simple, why can’t he take out another loan. do you think i should do this or is he a fraud. wouldn’t he get my personal info in me doing this fake loan? it could be him portraying the loan company for all i know. please help

    • Don’t do it! It’s 100% scam! Anyone asking you to send money back to them or to take out a loan is trying to launder money in some way or another! Don’t get involved with that or you could end up getting arrested in jail! It’s not worth it this is not a real sugar daddy. I’m real sugar daddy would never ask you to do something like that! Be safe be smart. If it feels wrong and it doesn’t sound right it’s not. Trust your gut girl.

    • Andrew I bet his name is just tried the same with me. I would never take out a loan for a stranger. He later called me out of my name for telling him no and and that karma would get him

    • Sounds fishy to me I 100% wouldn’t do it. There are plenty of other ways for him to give you money and Rhee is no reason who needs you to do this. How long have you known him? Has he ever paid you before? The fact that you are asking this question on here tells me that you’re instincts already know its not right. So I always say listen to your gut feeling. Let us know what happens please

  7. My potential SD says he only does bank to bank transfers. Is this legit or a scam. Should I create an account just for him to transfer money into and then remove it?

  8. So he’s saying he wants me to open a separate account at a specific bank and he’ll transfer money into it? I need a mentor! I’m so new and I don’t want to lose the little I do have!

  9. By all means, if you’re still new to the SD-SB relationship, don’t accept anything unless it’s in cash! I did this with a guy who promised that he was going to send money, I trusted him, and he kept telling me over and over that he was going to send it, but he never did! Treat yourselves like a princess before expecting anything from anyone, and don’t settle if you feel uncomfortable with the deal. If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

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  12. I’ve been using Amex bluebird . It’s been awesome for depositing & spending my 10k a month allowance. My SD had only paid cash to others so when I mentioned my method he was very proud to see I had done my research into being a responsible SB. It’s a win win

  13. help! my sugar daddy wants me to open a bank account so he can “link” his account to mine and I can take out cash anytime I want. I’m afraid of being scamed.

    • Hi Shae, not sure what you mean. The bank login info is for online banking and is not necessary to receive a wire transfer. All he needs is your bank account number and a routing code – not your bank login details.

  14. I have a question a Sugardaddy told me to get a nonreloadable prepaid card so he can deposit money on it..i knew it was a scam but what do u guys think

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    • Im having the same problem as well. The card itself even says it’s non reloadable. So idk.how the hell they would reload it. It’s making me wonder. I’ve had 2 SD tell me to get one. But I have to put 50 in it just for them to out money on it.

      • OMG ME TOO, I’ve had to buy cards for them to put money on, and they are SO PUSHY, and I sent this SM like $75 and she kept saying she’ll send me my money once I send another $25, my card declined and still no money. @lanadelany112 on Twitter

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  19. I have a POT that transferred money from a Russian business called NSI money transfer. He has a receipt and I got emails from the company saying my money was ready. But there is a 10% service fee that I have to pay first. It states it on their website. The instructions were to go thru western union or money gram and sent it to a person that’s local. Basically send $500 to some woman here in Dallas. I haven’t done it. Anyone else heard of this company?

  20. I was told to go buy a prepay beesor or Mastercard put $50 on it and he will top it Straight up from merchant I account through his bank, Hum new to this have no idea what the h*** he is talking about but I don’t want to sing dumb are stupid lol please help is this legitimate can he a blow money on the car without me giving him the information

  21. I understand why they are asking for bank logins or getting a credit card from WalMart. They are not trying to scam you or drain your account. Of course, if you have so much money in your account you won’t be looking for a sugar daddy. It is only bad when they deposit a fake check in there cos the bank will come calling after a month or two or less.You guys have a lot to learn about this. I know everything and I mean everything. You can make so much money with this if you understand what they do. I can share my knowledge with anyone willing to learn 512-273-4650

    • I need guidencd!! First time sugar baby.. but am aware of fake people on social sites.. but i dont want to come into this with a mindset of whos fake. I have been researching online but now im lost!! I would just dive right in but i am taking this seriously.. i need help ..especially all this bank acct info? Please help.lol

    • Hi my SD,asked for my bank account number, name n name of the bank. After He sent me €2000 In bank account which is R30k + in South Africa. Now he says I must buy a Gift Card for r300 on Google Play Store, so the money can be transferred to my bank account immediately. Is it true n safe?

  22. Ok so ever since I have become a SB I have gotten nothing but seemingly scammy demands. I was just in an arrangement with someone i thought I trusted and it ended up with him using a fake check to deposit into my account. Thank goodness my bank had taken a good look at the check because if not it would have gotten bad quick. I really need some mentoring from a recent or previous SB who has had both some good and bad. So i can be taught what is basically right or wrong when it comes to the different aspects of a POT.

    • Is this kind of the same as a “possible” SD giving his bank account information for me to use on my credit card to make payments? Gave me his acct. number and routing. It looks legit so I made a payment. It went through but could it still be bad? Should I have not made the payment?

  23. Pre-paid cards are traceable and can be cancelled and funds replaced if lost or stolen. You can even dispute a transaction on them. The reloadable ones are just a like a bank account and you have to verify all of information. The non-reloadable ones can have outrageous fees such as a per transaction fees, account maintenance fees, etc.

    And Bitcoin is not as anonymous as everybody thinks. Security experts call it pseudonymous privacy. Your personal details can be linked to your Bitcoin address and as soon as that happens, your entire purchase history is revealed.

    Cash is always the best. Just be smart about it.

    MIT calls it pseudo-anonymous. Yes, your purchase are only identifiable by an electronic address but once you and your electronic address are connect

  24. Hi, I’m new as a SB if anyone can be kind to answer my question, is it safe from the IRS from snooping if my POT transfers money to my bank account?

  25. I met a potential SD on Grindr and it looks too good to be true! He says no PayPal but he asked about checks? He gave me his number and we are texting back n forth. He seems really nice?? I’m new to this and I just don’t want to be scammed! Any advice or help?

  26. Hey,
    I have a POT that wants to set up a direct debit to my account every month. Is it save to give him my account number and sort code? so that he can deposit money in there monthly.

  27. Everyone I have talked to asked me to ask others to use their card and I’m just like no I can’t do that. I use PayPal and cash app because I have been scammed before.

  28. What if you haven’t gotten paid yet by a SD and they want you to buy them gift cards like Itunes or Googleplay on your credit card. They say they’ll pay your credit card bill right away

    • That is a scam! The only ways to get paid by an SD are cash, physical gifts or thru Venno/Cash app. They should not be asking you to purchase anything in order for you to receive $.

  29. So as an SD what I do for the two ladies I help is sent them a pre-paid Credit Card which I top up every month or add to for extra gifts. They have there own login details so they can see what they have used the card for and or dispute any transactions. While I did need there real name so they have no issue using the card I originally sent the cards to a PO Box until trust was earned on both sides. Please note this is from a UK card issuer which I sent to the US and while there is some currency fee’s I have to pay and a few ATM charges it does make things pretty untraceable for them and the TAX man and neither side has had any problems with either card. As an SD there would be no reason for me to ask for bank login details all I would need is basic account details so any payment can be made as for PayPal I have had issues with them in the past. So I stick the pre-paid cards now and some cash amounts when I visit. Hope that helps

    • Thank you so much for the input Bynot – I think most of the ladies here are getting scammed. I’m sure you will help ALOT of ladies starting out,including myself!

      • Glad to help Briane. any questions from an SD’s point of view happy to help where I can.

        Even as an SD I’ve been scammed myself in the past by some very convincing people. My main rule now is I do not enter into any arrangement without meeting them first in person you’d be surprised how quickly that puts the scammers off. I would advise anyone to take someone with you when you go to that first meeting even if they are just in the background or make sure you tell someone where you are going and times or at the least have a friend just call you during the first meeting at a set time.

        I know it can be difficult to be open with people about this sort of thing but it is better to be safe than sorry I know it can be very easy for ladies sometimes to agree to giving out information because they might be in a dire situation but always take a moment to think about do I really need to give out all this information.

        To be very honest most genuine SD’s want a long and fulling relationship and don’t mind being asked questions or that you have concerns giving out certain sensitive information and most genuine SD’s have done this before and know how things should be done properly and the ones I know will go out of their way to accommodate you and your needs an they won’t be aggressive in wanting your details IE: constant emails or sms making lots of promises.

        Also anyone asking you to buy this or that so they can do this or that to get money to you is a big massive warning. As I said I can get money to any bank account that excepts international payments with the basic of basic bank information and if worst ever came to the worst there is always WU in an emergency.

        As for a supposed SD saying they want to pay off your credit card bill I would only enter into this once trust is built and you have at least met them quite a few times.

        I think that if you just spend a day doing a bit of research, google is a wonderful thing, as scammers stories are all pretty much the same.

        • So what are your thoughts on a SD asking for you to get a gift card load it up and give you the front and back card information and receipt.. for them to put money in it?

    • Hi, I’m a new to all this and looking for an SD, I’m in the USA any advice for me? I’m behind on my truck payment and other things…can you help in anyway whether it be in advice or pointing me in the right direction?

  30. I just became a sugar baby like two days ago, three potential Daddy’s telling me they need something, like one says, I need to buy a this card for the arrangement to begin. Another one I was stupid enough to give out all my bank info and now he is linked into it and I am not even his “accountant” is linked into it. Another wants me to get a bank account, two out of the three wanting nudes and videos. One wants me to keep everything a secret, not wanting to meet, why would they do this and what should I do, they even convinced me to deactivate my account, I feel so stupid can u help me please. Thank you

    • This is strange… a potential SD asked me for my CC log in info so he can pay it of and thats even before we meet! He also told me to deactivate my account just like they told you?! Any updates about so far Christina?

    • It happens more than you think, don’t put yourself down, just learn from it and never give out your bank information. Use PayPal or cash app or Venmo or something like that. How are you getting SD? I still a little new to this as well.

  31. Does anyone know the direct deposit process really well? like, how to set it up, what information is needed by both parties to make sure that no ones banking information or security information is compromised?

  32. Would it be safe to set up an account with another bank that they can have full access to instead of giving them your personal banking login?

  33. Are you joking? You must be a real idiot telling girls to give out their bank information to their SD. I don’t care HOW well you know the man, you do not Ever give away personal information like that are you crazy? You must be new here.

  34. I need help. I have a sugar daddy who sent me 3,600.00 in checks and I deposit them. And now my bank account if Frozen. What does this mean? Am I getting reported. Or am I going to get the irs on my ass for it?

  35. My sugar daddy is only asking to chat no nudes no nothing. He sent me a check but the check just doesn’t look real to me. Could anyone help me on this?

  36. Hi. I’m confused because I’ve never done this type of dating before. My potential sugar daddy is saying he will mail me cash via fedex or pay my credit card. I’m just not sure how this is supposed to work because I had asked to do transfers via PayPal or zelle and he told me those don’t work for him. Does that mean it’s or a scam or is he just trying to avoid the paper trail?

  37. I felt dumb giving my SD my bank info but that same day he paid off my CC. Buttt now he’s saying to spend money on gift cards for him he says so he knows he can trust me and will pay it off right after. What do you guys think?

  38. so my sugar daddy told me to get a google play card and he would match it to his account and he would cash app the money, so his wife would see transactions w google instead of paying me directly. am i being scammed?

    • Yes, that’s a scam. If it sounds too good to be true then it usually is. Follow your gut instinct.

      I set up an account on Google Pay but did not link any bank information to it. Google *Play* is completely different from Google *Pay* or Google Wallet.

  39. Hey, I’m new to this SB business! I just recently had a SD, named Andrew Garrettson wanting to be my SD. He keeps asking for bank info. Or login info, but I keep telling him no and to use paypal,or zelle, or cashapp. He then said to get a reloadable vanilla card. He says hes in Dubai but if from California and so they do things different in dubai in regards of sending money. Should I trust that? Or is he scamming me?

  40. I have a potential sugar daddy who wants me to pay him $55.00 to be put on his legitimate business app on cash app? Then he will send me money. I’m 100% that this is a scam then he sends me a picture of the money that he supposedly put in my account but it can’t be authorized before I add him? I’M ALL NEW and he knows it!

  41. Um pause ! Bank deposits are an absolute no go, I’ve fallen for that trick before to then have the “sugar daddy” copy all of my ss checks as well as my work checks he redeposited them with different check numbers so that the check wouldn’t bounce back. He marked up a total of 12k dollars and had me send them to ransoms for “charity” he proceeded until my account got locked for redepositing without a different check number. I recommend meeting him first if you wish to continue this way..

    • Good point 🙂 Cash is king and is always an option – that goes without saying. It’s not listed here mainly because it’s fairly easy to receive. Storing it, on the other hand, can get tricky when you’ve been receiving for a couple months…

  42. I don’t know if I’m getting scam or not it’s my first time they are asking me for my cash app and that they need me to pay them a fee for me to be approved as their suger baby and that I can pay half now and the other later

    • Hi Mari, thanks for stopping by. Rule of thumb: any time a potential sugar daddy asks you to pay something to receive an allowance from them – it’s 99.99% of the time going to be a scam. Throw this POT back (and report them).

  43. I been trying to get a sugar daddy for the longest everyone always asked for username and password word for cashapp. But he asked for email and cash tag was that the right choice to do

  44. I’m new to being a sugar baby. I’m currently talking to a sugar daddy. We’ve been talking for a couple of days now and we talked about my allowance. He asked how he should send it and I said Cashapp but he said direct deposit was better. I’ve been looking it up and so far the people I have asked have said that it’s “okay”? He hasn’t asked for any money or gift cards. I’m not sure what to do? I mean it’s not like I can get robbed 😂My account is in the negatives. I just need some advice please.

  45. So much of this advice is bullshit. PayPal can take back the money easily. Giving out your bank info is sooooo risky. Holy shit. And prepaid cards are easy to scam too ahhh

  46. Hi, I’m a dumb peasant bitch who doesn’t know any skills or how to be a normal person and I’m even having trouble with trying to get millionaires to give me money… should I kill myself now or do it when I find out that being a sugar baby is a complete waste of life?

  47. so this guy told me that i had to pay him 100 dollars for his business account to verify me so he can send me 2000 on cash app. is he trying to scam me

  48. Hi so my sugar daddy just a wants my full name and email to send to his account/financial person to send me money is that a scam ?

  49. Honestly, I’m so new to this sugar baby game and I’m not comfortable even giving my possible sugar daddies the name of my bank ( mind you not of them have asked for any information but they do want to do mobile deposit. ) Whenever I suggest PayPal they say they can’t send the money to me and I’m new to this sure, but honey do I look stupid? PayPal and Venmo exist for that reason.

  50. So I feel stupid…. Please help… I’m new to being a SB… I gave a SD my name and email address so he could give me a check which I deposited into my bank account. (at the time I didn’t know a fake check could be deposited that it has to be real.) Shortly after I received an email from my bank saying my account was locked due to suspicious activity, and then the SD texted me accusing me of trying to steal the money…. I’m afraid, will things be okay or not? Be honest…

  51. Cash cash cash. Trust me on this everyone wins non-traceable no explanations every Wednesday or Thursday you go to the bank and deposit it or you keep a lock box. For tax reasons being on an allowance is still too traceable. We don’t need the government knowing what we’re doing.

  52. I gave my PayPal email address as SD requested it then said he couldn’t process the payment because the transfer fee won’t come out of his account because his allowance is set for his company. This is my first time so I’m being cautious and vigilant

  53. I am a29 year lady with 2 kids I am a single parent I need a sugar daddy to give me money and will give my whole body for him

  54. I’m new to the scene and am looking for a SD, where is the best place to look? I’m ok with them being over seas and just wanting to talk, I’m not however comfortable with meeting them. How do I find men just wanting to send a lady money for her time?


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