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Sugar Daddy Date Ideas: 18 Things to Do With Your Sugar Daddy

If you’re actively looking for sugar daddy date ideas, you’re probably desperate for some fun, unique things to do with your sugar daddy.

Because let’s face it. The same old dinner and drinks routine gets old.

Of course, going out to eat is the most basic type of date and is usually how you’ll get to know a new man, no matter what the situation. And when it comes to the sugar world, you really can’t complain.

One of the best things about being a sugar baby is getting to experience some of the finest things in life – including the hottest, poshest restaurants in your locale.

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Thanks to these dinner dates, I have been to some of the most amazing restaurants in some of the hottest cities in the world. But even the most incredible dinner dates can get repetitive if that’s all you’re doing.

And that’s the last thing you want – after all, sugaring is meant to be fun!

So it’s always a good idea to have some fun sugar daddy date ideas in your back pocket. In fact, it’d be silly not to.

Being a sugar baby allows you access to experiences you wouldn’t normally be able to afford. And most sugar daddies are more than happy to pay for fun dates with their sugar baby. Most will even be flattered you took the initiative to think of fun things to do with your sugar daddy.

So what should you ditch the dinner date for? Here’s an all-seasons list of sugar daddy date ideas to try.

Sugar Daddy Date Ideas for the Spring & Summer

When the weather is nice outside, you want to take full advantage. There’s so much research showing that warm weather is a mood booster. It’s even shown to broaden the mind.

Combine that with the fact that we tend to transfer good emotions on to the person who’s nearby when we experience them and you’d be silly to miss out on making unique memories with your sugar daddy during the best weather months.

Here are some fun, unique things to do with your sugar daddy during the best weather months of the year.

Picnic in the park

We’re going to start off with this one because it is probably the easiest date to organize on this list. I usually like to suggest this to a man early on as it takes away distractions and really allows you to get to know each other and it also shows your sugar daddy you don’t need all your dates to be fancy or expensive for you to enjoy.

I usually go to a deli and get a couple of sandwiches and salads. If you’re worried about any awkwardness, you can always bring along a pack of cards or even a speaker and you can discuss what kind of music you’re both into.

Technically, it is just a variation of the typical dinner date we discussed at the start but it’s a different setting and will shake things up.

Go to the zoo

This is a great date, even if you’re only starting out with your sugar daddy. It’s basically impossible for it to be awkward with so much to talk about. Most people love at least some kind of animal and on a sunny day, there’s no better place to be.

Read out fun animal facts to each other, make up conversations that the animals are having, let him spoil you at the zoo gift shop, and just generally spend a day being silly and young together.

One of the best dates I was ever taken on was to Central Park Zoo. I had mentioned on our first date that I loved tigers and leopards and so, about three days later, he brought me to the zoo to see the snow leopard they have. It was so much fun and we genuinely spent the day laughing and pointing out the animals to each other like big kids.

Definitely one of my top recommendations, whether you’re just starting out or already in a committed relationship.

Spend the night somewhere new

You’ve been to his place, he’s been to your place…so why not try somewhere new? Even just going to a random, nearby city to spend a night in a swanky hotel is exciting. But if you really want to step it up a notch – hop onto Airbnb and book a night (or two) somewhere you’ve never thought you’d sleep.

This is especially fun to do in the summer months since you can spend the night in interesting places like a boat or a tree house. It’ll lead to some crazy, funny memories and you’ll both have a blast stepping out of your comfort zone.

Day on the Water

If you’re lucky enough to live by the coast, nothing beats a long, leisurely day at the beach in the summertime. But beach days aren’t the only ways to spend time near the water!

Sailing or booking a romantic lunch on a yacht are fun ideas. Or if you are both active, a day of kayaking or learning to balance on a stand up paddle board makes for a day of laugh and connection.

It’s something that shakes things up and allows you to enjoy each other’s company near a gorgeous body of water.

Wild Fun at Amusement Parks

One of the best sugar daddy date ideas to do with a sugar daddy who is young at heart is to head to the local amusement park.

Not only is it a lot of fun, but it lets you take advantage of a little psychological trick. You see, many social psychology experiments have demonstrated that people can misattribute feelings of fear and anxiety to sexual attraction. And when you find yourself feeling physiologically aroused – think a racing heart and sweaty palms – you’re prone to attributing it to the person you’re with.

Which means: the thrill of riding roller coasters with your sugar daddy could lead to bringing you closer together.

Sugar Daddy Date Ideas for the Winter

Let’s be blunt. When it’s freaking cold outside, the last thing you want to do is lounge around indoors. You feel it, your sugar daddy feels it and you’re both feeling resigned to several months of hibernation and indoor vegging.

Except…that gets old. And there’s nothing like doing the same old boring routine to kill the passion in any arrangement – which is what you certainly want to avoid. Especially when there’s so many ways you could actually take advantage of this cold, cold winter to have fun and take your arrangement to new heights.

Here’s a few fun things to do with your sugar daddy, no matter how cold it is outside!

Spa & Hotel

Ah, a classic. This is always something fun to do in the winter. First off, with all the parties and events coming up to Christmas, who’s ever going to say no to a facial or a massage? The real fun in going to a spa with your sugar daddy is taking full advantage of the heated indoor pool. And if you pick a real winner, the hot tub!

Both always make for some sexy fun and they’re the perfect distraction from the bitter winter cold outside. The second major plus of going to a spa is that they’re typically in the most picturesque of places – the perfect setting for wrapping up warm and going for a walk through the snow with your sugar daddy.

It means you can also round off your day by scurrying back to the hotel, putting on a fluffy white robe and enjoying a nice hot shower and a glass of champagne.

Tip: If you can find a spa with a novelty aspect, that makes it even more fun. Take a page from the Japanese and look for an onsen facility in your area!

Ice Skating

Come on, you didn’t think we were going to write an article about winter dates and not include ice-skating. It’s the ultimate winter activity and fun for everyone from beginners to professionals. It also gives you the chance to show off your skills or let your man show you the way around the rink.

A lot of ice rinks will have other activities around it too, think Winter Wonderland displays and hot chocolate stands. There’s always such an amazing atmosphere and you can spend a beautiful night strolling around, soaking it all in.

Romantic Carriage Ride

This is another must for winter. It can seem a little cliché but it’s a really romantic night and the cold is always a good excuse to snuggle into your man. I did it twice in New York and it was so much fun!

The first time I did it, I was with a sugar daddy I had been seeing for about a year so it was extra special as it was a kind of anniversary for us. We obviously got coffee and hot chocolate beforehand as it was absolutely freezing but once we got there, I found out that he had arranged a bottle of champagne, chocolate and fruit inside the carriage.

We bundled up and snuggled in the blankets and it was genuinely one of the most romantic dates I’ve ever been on. The second time I went, it was during the day but we went through the park and it was just as beautiful as doing it at night. We got to see the park covered in snow and went for a lovely dinner afterwards to warm ourselves back up.

Cosy Night In

This is one of the most simple, but one of the best, sugar daddy date ideas you can organize. There’s loads of things that remind me of winter but a cosy night in is definitely near the top of my list. The best thing about these kinds of dates is that you can tailor it to suit yours and your sugar daddy’s tastes.

I’d recommend ordering in his favorite food and also stocking up on alcohol. A good bottle of wine or his favorite beer works great.

Whenever I host these kind of dates, I also always make sure I have some ingredients for some sexy fun later that night. I usually like to get ice cream and chocolate and then you can feel free to get creative!

Next, I’d light a fire and bring some blankets in from your bedroom – this will allow you both to get nice and comfortable. Lastly, select your favorite movie (bonus points if you manage to find a Christmas one) and enjoy your night. An inexpensive way to give your sugar daddy a night to remember!


I debated including this one in this list but who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping? Your sugar daddy will most likely be feeling a lot more generous around the holidays too, meaning there’s even more opportunities to get that purse you’ve had your eye on.

Christmas means a ton of parties and events you have to attend so try mentioning that you need a couple of new outfits or let him know you have a great idea for your Christmas present this year.

Your sugar daddy should want to spoil you and you might as well get a gift you’ve been wanting! However the same goes for him – he probably also has parties to attend so be sure to mention you’re keen to go shopping for him as well. What guy doesn’t love an ego boost?

Going shopping also means that you’ll get to take a walk around all the stunning Christmas lights and then you can round off your day with a lovely meal. Win-win!

Sugar Daddy Date Ideas for Any Season

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the climate is temperate all year round or you just need a handy little list of sugar daddy date ideas for any season – here are some fun things to do with your sugar daddy, no matter what the weather is.

Teach each other something

This is always a great idea for a date, no matter what stage of the relationship you’re at. First of all, an activity can always liven things up and second, stepping into each-other’s worlds will bring you closer than ever.

If you have a real talent for painting, buy a canvas and some paintbrushes or book both of you in for a painting class. If golf is where his passion lies, let him take you to a driving range and show you how to tee off.

It’ll be a fun afternoon and who knows, maybe you’ll develop a passion for it on your own and it will be something you can do together going forward.

Check out a comedy club

It’s pretty obvious why this is going to be on any list of suggested dates – who’s not going to have fun at a comedy club? It generally doesn’t matter if it’s a comedian (or comedians) you recognize as either way, you’re guaranteed to have a few laughs no matter what.

It’s also perfect if you don’t want to veer too far away from a typical dinner date as you can always find places with some nibbles too. Have a few drinks, have a lot of laughs and there won’t be an awkward pause all night.

Game night

This has got to be one of my favorite things to do and it’ll loosen up even the tightest of couples. You can pretty much choose any games you or your sugar daddy enjoy – the only other things you need is some takeout and a bottle of wine!

You can make your own rules (and your own stakes for the loser). I like to really inject some fun into it and make the stakes fun and sexy (think along the lines of loser has to strip, etc.). You obviously have to pretty comfortable with your sugar daddy so I’d advise waiting until you’ve been out together a few times before suggesting it but I’ve never had a man say no to this when I’ve brought it up!

Sexy night in

Usually with my sugar daddies, I travelled to their homes if we were having nights in or watching a movie, etc. When I really want to make an effort, I decide to take the reins and invite him over to my place. I’ll plan a meal, buy a bottle of wine and some hot new lingerie and put on some sexy music.

Again, obviously this won’t be something you’ll do for just any guy but once you’re comfortable with him, this will be any man’s dream so don’t hesitate to offer it for some guaranteed spice.

Try a New Dining Experience

There are so, so many upscale restaurants. He’s been to them all. So why not suggest a cuisine he’s probably never tried? Like…maybe something you guys can eat with your hands? Ethiopian food is superb, can be eaten with your hands, and provides plenty of things to talk about.

Somewhere with belly dancers is also fun. The presence of curvaceous women swinging their hips through tables heaped with food lends an atmosphere of sensuality that’s not easily forgotten.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, check out if there are any “dark restaurants” in your area. These provide the opportunity to dine completely in the dark.

Or, if it’s available in your area – human sushi platter, anyone? Sushi restaurants serving their sushi atop naked women are far and few – and guaranteed to be a very memorable experience. Oh, and the natural sweat of the human body is meant to lend the sushi a unique flavor. You’ll never know if it’s true ’til you try it!

Go to a Casino

Live near a casino? Doll yourself up and make a day of it. Try your luck at the slot machines, practice your poker faces at the poker table. Teach him or let him teach you how to play BlackJack. See how you guys fare at roulette.

It makes a great rainy day date idea – who care what the weather is when you’re in a casino? – and it’s guaranteed laughs as you win and lose money together.

Head to the Local Dog Shelter

This is such a fun, healing activity to do with your sugar daddy, especially if you’re both canine lovers. Local dog shelters usually welcome friendly people to interact with the pups and you get very rewarding playtime and canine cuddles.

It’s a win and win. Both you and your sugar daddy will walk about feeling loved up and on top of the world.

Couples massage

As a big lover of anything to do with a spa, this is always going to be a favorite of mine. Most spas and salons will offer a couples massage and even with other people actually giving you the massages, it can be quite a sensual experience.

If you want to kick things up a notch, you can always buy the oils yourself and give each other massages. Set down a nice soft towel on the bed and light some candles to set the mood. Make a rule that you’re not allowed to kiss each other until both massages are over. It’ll really build the tension between you and a great night should follow!

Refer to this handy list of fun things to do with your sugar daddy whenever you need to inject some excitement into your relationship. Got more ideas that you’ve tried and loved? Share them with us in the comments!

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