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A 20 Year Old Shares How to Be a Submissive Sugar Baby

My name is Alice, I am a 20 year old Mexican girl and a submissive sugar baby. I study Languages and I live with my brother who is 26.

I love traveling, swimming and sunbaths. I like spending money on make up, clothes and shoes.

Why did you become a sugar baby?

I am the youngest child of three. My parents were always worried about the money. So at an early age I stopped asking for toys, new clothes, sweets and candies. I was constantly thinking that my parents didn’t have enough money to spend on me.

I always wore my sister’s old clothes which I hated because they were all super pink and I wasn’t very girly.

So my main goal starting this journey was to finally get the things I want for me. A way to still help my parents “not spend on me” but also own nice clothes, nice shoes, a good phone and be able to go to nice places.

I’m not a materialistic person. I still appreciate my family and friends more than money but if I can have both, then why not?

What do you wish you’d known at first?

In my very own experience, I don’t wish I had known something before. Seven months ago I met my first sugar daddy and I’m still with him. I think I am very lucky because this is my first sugar experience and everything has been amazing. I don’t regret anything.

Furthermore, my sugar daddy loves that I’m still very innocent sometimes. I am the ideal submissive sugar baby to him. So I don’t need to know stuff because he will love to teach me.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met him online at Seeking.com.  He sent me a very promising message talking about trips, gifts and the polite and decent person he is. He also said that the most important thing is chemistry. So he wanted to show me his pictures to see if I could “feel” something.

His pictures were in different countries and showing fancy cars. But I didn’t like his looks so I instantly told him that I wasn’t interested.

I closed my account for three months. Until one day I activated it again. He sent me another message and I told him I wasn’t interested once more. Then he said something that completely changed my mind, he said “Right, you told me that three months ago but I saw you were back in here and I just felt like I needed to try again“.

Those words were enough to melt my heart.

Two weeks later we met in a restaurant. He looked older than the one in the pictures, yet more attractive to my taste. We ate and everything was perfect, a week later we started having more fun.

Do you have online dating tips for sugar babies?

I wanted to attract men that I could feel attracted to as well. So my profile picture on the site was an old profile picture from Facebook, looking nice and cute, wearing a dress and super light makeup.

A lot of men sent me messages but something in them didn’t convince me. I thought that what he liked the most about me was my waist, the dress wasn’t right but I was wearing a belt that would perfectly define my figure.

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A few days ago I asked my sugar daddy what did he like so much about me to make him wanna send a message. He said that he loved my smile right away. That my whole face screams innocence. And since he loves to dominate, he thought an innocent girl would be fine being a submissive sugar baby.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

Right now, sugaring means much more than money. My sugar daddy and I are very alike, even despite the age gap and the different lifestyles. Also, since the first day until now he behaves as a gentleman. He listens carefully to me and respects me in every single way.

To me, sugaring is a small reward I can give to the man that secretly cares the most about me.

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My favorite part is knowing how important I am to him. Being a submissive sugar baby doesn’t mean you don’t hold the power. I get to calm him down, I make him laugh a lot, I give him all the good things and that is great because we never fight. We are never jealous or disappointed.

Also a great thing is that he loves pampering me. And he knows that the fact that I let him do it doesn’t mean I lose some value. He sees me as a person and not as a thing.

How do you keep a sugar relationship interesting?

I have to say trust is key for a successful relationship. I was not an expert in bed before I met him. The first night was really awkward, I was scared and shy. He told me it would get better with time and it did!

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He is a very wise and caring man. He always says my pleasure is his as well. But I wanted to do something he liked although I hadn’t done it before. He proposed different things, they were nothing to be worried about but they were all new to me. So everything we have tried so far, has been delightful and mind-blowing.

What advice would you give aspiring sugar babies?

DO NOT FALL IN LOVE unless you are sure you will be loved back. I talked about it with my sugar daddy on the first date and we agreed on that.

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Right now I have strong feelings for him, I know he has them for me too. But a formal relationship between us wouldn’t work out. We are just taking the best parts of a formal relationship.

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