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Our Experience With and Review of SugarDaddie.com

We’ve tried out a wide variety of sugar daddy sites during our time as sugar babies, but only a few make the cut.

One of our favorite sites is Sugardaddie.com, despite the fact that they charge both sugar daddies and babies for membership. Actually, the paid memberships on both sides have the advantage of reducing the amount of sugar baby competition that’s prevalent on the free sugar dating sites as well as pretty much eliminating fake or spammy profiles. Totally worth it, in our opinion.

This site is one of our favorite sugar daddy sites for one primary reason: It has quality men.

sugardaddie.com review

Most of the sugar daddies on this site have detailed profiles, verifiable positions and incomes, and are legitimate, established, and serious about finding a suitable relationship. There’s also a very good variety of men on this site. We spoke with musicians, financial analysts, theatre directors, and doctors. All of these men were forthcoming about their backgrounds, their credentials, and what they were looking for. They were also easy to Google and find out more about – they all checked out as legitimate sugar daddy material.

But the one thing you should be aware about Sugardaddie.com is that most of the sugar daddies on this site are looking for a more serious, on-going, relationship-like type of sugar arrangement rather than a straight-forward allowance-type arrangement.

One of us, Caitlin, met a few potential sugar daddies from this site – one sugar daddie arranged flights and a hotel to meet him on the other side of the country and after the first dinner date, offered her a “girlfriend” sort of arrangement in which he would provide her everything she needed to live a very comfortable life in his city.

He would not provide a set monthly allowance, but arrange living quarters based on her preference, give her access to his beach houses and cars, take her shopping for everything she needed and provide her the funds she needed for anything else. In return, she’d be his girlfriend and integrate herself into his life, meeting his friends – and even family – and accompanying him to any events he wanted her to.

She said no, since she much prefers a life of her own and a set allowance.

The other man she met was extremely young, almost intimidatingly good looking, and an accomplished entrepreneur. The holy grail of sugar daddies. But he was also not looking for a set allowance type of sugar baby, but more of a no-strings-attached girlfriend type to accompany him on all-expenses-paid travels. She would be pretty much on-call and must be available to drop everything at the drop of a hat when he wanted to take off. This didn’t really fit what she was looking for, so that was also a no-go.

The majority of sugar daddies on this site are men looking for a relationship in which they take care of their partner, provide for her financial needs, and treat her to luxuries.

To be honest, neither of us are really interested in this type of “girlfriend” arrangement in which the sugar daddy simply pays for everything without providing a set allowance, but we’ve both used Sugardaddie.com successfully to meet some of the most established, successful sugar daddies we’ve ever met.

Whereas neither of us have entered into an official arrangement with the men we’ve met on this site, some of the men we’ve met have turned out to be great people to know, in terms of gifts and travel as well as intangible benefits such as career and investment advice – some of the best things you can get from a sugar daddy, in our opinion.

Overall, based on our experiences of meeting sugar daddies on Sugardaddie.com, we’d recommend this site to sugar babies who are interested in finding top-notch, very established sugar daddies to have on-going, girlfriend-type relationships with.  It is also a great site for sugar babies who are actively seeking sugar daddies for mentors more than for allowance, thanks to the site’s tendency to attract successful, legitimate sugar daddy types.

For $25 a month, it’s not a bad investment at all. Click here to get started!

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9 thoughts on “Our Experience With and Review of SugarDaddie.com”

  1. I am looking in to this after i saw a facebook page for sugarcoupling.com a USA site that’s launching in the UK this year, anyone heard about them?

    They claim to have a unique usp for a sugar daddy dating site which i’m not sure about. As there are at least 5 or more sugar babies to each sugar daddy, sugarcoupling.com offers sugar babies the option to create Xfile photo/s in their account, these can be erotic sexy topless/nude photos that only premium paying Gold member sugar daddies can view, without prior permission needed.

    Apparently It’s not compulsory though, and entirely up to each sugar baby if they create an Xfile. SB with Xfile photos get a sugar daddy with a monthly allowance offer 5 x quicker than those without an Xfile they say:) They would wouldn’t they ha ha.

    My body’s in good shape and i’ve been told i’m a looker, so what’s to lose, i lent my previous bf £7k then he left me and i’ve yet to get my money back. I’ve been going about this dating thing all wrong, i want a man to spoil me, not the other way round. Might give it a go!

  2. Horrible Site, that you actually have to PAY FOR! Have been scammed by user with username Ts7701s, located in NY, works in finance, 31 year old white male. Handle is “testing the waters, looking for a SB” This fake SD was quick to offer an arrangement, moved our conversations to email (email address used is tms77_01@yahoo.com) and requested a front and back nude video with me stating the dates we had agreed to meet to verify that I was who I said etc……
    All I will say is that as soon as he received what he wanted, I was blocked from his profile and no email correspondence. This is an easy way for creeps to get naked videos, plain and simple. Sad and pathetic, but even sadder that I fell for it. Ladies, if you come across this person/profile….DELETE DELETE DELETE

    • No legitimate sugar daddy would ever ask for this, and any veteran sugar baby would tell you to never comply with such a ridiculous request. If you wouldn’t have sex before getting your money, why on earth would you show your naked body for free? Charge for pictures. One of two things will happen: he will disappear (good riddance), or he will pay up. For a long term arrangement, I wouldn’t even entertain an offer from someone like that. Picture collectors are losers that get off on getting women to do things for FREE.

  3. Text me on (703) 957-0121
    I am a sugar daddy looking for a legitimate and humble sugar baby.
    Just say the code word “unloved SD”


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