Secret Benefits Review: Is It Worth Signing Up For?

By Caitlin


If you’ve been in the sugar world for awhile, you know better than to jump at every new sugar daddy site that pops up. After all, many of them start off with media fanfare and then turn out to be not worth your time. Which is why we tend to wait awhile to give a new site or app time to mature.

One relatively new site, Secret Benefits, has now been around for two years and is already one of the largest sugar dating sites around. So we thought it was time to take a look around and find out whether it’s legit and worth a sugar baby’s time. Let’s dive in.

What is Secret Benefits?

“Like regular dating – only better,” reads their logo, which is awesome because that’s exactly what we say the perfect sugar relationship should be. A sugar relationship is first and foremost a relationship – but you know, with sugar on top.

And that’s the next thing that Secret Benefits gets right – the emphasis is on benefits.

Secret Benefits make it crystal clear the second you land on their site that this is a site geared toward sugar daddy dating. Not rich singles, not elites but straight up sugar dating.

secret benefits review

This lack of euphemisms and minced words is important in the sugar world because you want to make sure that the platform you’re on is optimized to attract sugar daddies who have a clear idea of the sugar arrangement and are actively seeking one. After all, there is nothing worse than meeting a promising POT on a wealthy dating website only to have him start hemming and hawing over the idea of an allowance.

Secret Benefits precludes that sort of time-wasting awkwardness by making it clear from the get go that this platform is exclusively for sugar daddies and sugar babies. Those are actually the only signup options. And we say that’s a great start.

But it doesn’t stop there. The super easy signup process is impressive not only because it allows you to set up a profile in, say, 5 minutes or less – but because one of the first questions it prompts you to answer is about what you’re looking for.

secret benefits review

Providing this space for both sugar babies and sugar daddies puts the emphasis on the fact that this site is for mutually beneficial arrangements. Plus, it makes it so much easier since you know every sugar daddy who contacts you already knows and is okay with what you’re looking for and you don’t have to ask every sugar daddy what he’s looking for. Lots of awkward conversations avoided.

What’s Special About Secret Benefits?

Every experienced sugar baby knows that there are a bunch of “me too” sugar daddy sites out there – and they’re best avoided.

Turns out Secret Benefits isn’t one of them. In fact, it has unique features that appeal to both sugar babies and daddies, ensuring that both parties find their way to the platform. Here are our favorites:

  • Free for Sugar Babies. Sugar daddies go where the sugar babies are which is why it’s smart for sugar dating platforms to keep things free for sugar babies. And yes, it’s actually totally free – you won’t need to “upgrade to Premium” to message sugar daddies or pay a cent for anything else.
  • Lots of Options for Sugar Daddies. Thanks to the free-for-sugar-babies model, there are around 10 sugar babies to every sugar daddy on the site. That’s great news for sugar daddies.
  • Real and Active Profiles. Secret Benefits is adamant about authenticity and screens for bots so you know that each profile on the site belongs to a real person.
  • Verified Users. Speaking of bots, you know how some sugar daddy sites populate their website with fake profiles to reel in sugar daddies? Secret Benefits goes the opposite route and allows sugar babies to verify themselves with pictures and a matching video – a very original idea that gives verified sugar babies instant credibility.
  • Unique Pricing for Sugar Daddies. Like most sugar daddy sites, sugar daddies do need to pay to use the site – but it’s a pretty great system. There’s no recurring billing; instead, sugar daddies just buy packs of tokens (say, 100 tokens for $59) and spend the tokens to message the sugar babies of their choice.
  • Plenty of Search Options. One little details that’s great about this site is that you can search for members based on whether they smoke, drink, or have tattoos and piercings. This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but it matters a great deal to others. So it’s a considerate feature.

By the way, the option for sugar babies to do the photo and video verification is definitely worth taking advantage of. Not only does it give your profile credibility since sugar daddies know what you look and sound like, but it’s a smart way to really showcase yourself to as many POTs as possible without doing any extra work.

Oh, and last note on this topic: Secret Benefits lets you upload an insane amount of photos on your profile and you can of course mark any photos you want as “secret” so feel free to go all out.

Is Secret Benefits Worth Signing Up For?

Here’s the thing: Secret Benefits has unique features that make it extraordinarily beneficial for sugar daddies. How so? For starters, it’s completely free for sugar babies, which makes sure that there are plenty of attractive sugar babies to choose from.

To add to that, sugar daddies have the added assurance of photo and video verifications that prove each and every sugar baby profile is legitimate. On top of all that, sugar daddies don’t have to pay a recurring membership and can simply pay for the services he wants to use. This sort of flexibility is a first in the sugar world.

So Secret Benefits is definitely worth it for sugar daddies. But what about sugar babies?

It’s good for us, too – in fact, the very features that appeal to sugar daddies are what make the site perfect for babies as well. Because Secret Benefits appeals to sugar daddies, there’s a lot of them on the site. There were hundreds – even thousands – of promising sugar daddies for the locations we checked out.

But our favorite thing about Secret Benefits is the sort of mentality it promotes. As mentioned, it emphasizes benefits from the get go…and it even integrates this idea into the pricing model. Here’s what we mean: While Secret Benefits is free for sugar babies, sugar daddies have to pay for various things, like gaining access to a sugar baby’s Secret Photos or to message a sugar baby.

This is great because it requires a sugar daddy to invest right from the beginning. And as a sugar baby, you get the assurance of knowing that the POT who messaged you has paid to get in contact with you – specifically with you.

Even better? This system makes the sugar daddy search a sheer pleasure since you don’t have to pay anything to message POTs first. That means you can send plenty of free messages and get conversations started with as many sugar daddies as you want. And any sugar daddies who contact you back – well, you know they’re interested enough to have invested specifically in you.

Overall, we’d say Secret Benefits’ unique features and ease of use makes it definitely worth signing up for – for both sugar daddies and babies. Plus, it only takes a minute or so – get started here!

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(23) comments

Fred June 12, 2018

Secret Benefits is a total scam. It seems like it is full of bots and scammers. Women contact you, you respond (spending valuable credits) and then never contact you again. Bots, very clear.
Then, if you are lucky enough to find a real person, they just want money with nothing in return.
It’s a terrible site. Don’t waste your time and money.

    jayesh patel July 19, 2018

    yes i agree i was a member in june 2018 the site is full of bots fake profiles and people who do not message back i wasted my money

Rick June 28, 2018

I disagree, yes you have some women that don’t show up at a meeting spot, their loss. Just don’t go out of your way to meet anyone. There’s probably some bots, there is also beautiful young girls that are willing to have some fun with men twice their age. Where else can a 50 year old man bed a 18 year gorgeous girl again and again. I’m a full believer in this site, happy hunting.

    Ben January 1, 2020

    I must agree, many bots, but I for one feel the reward for spending a little time fishing through fakes is well worth a little frustration for what I have ultimately came here for, intamacy and companionship with a young hottie!

Michael July 1, 2018

They will never remove you constantly emailing spamming The most disgusting approach to maintaining a high end service Huge turn off to be chased via email and spam which just means to me a big ZERO WASTE OF TIME. Go elsewhere!

jayesh patel July 19, 2018

i was a member of this site in june 2018 paid for credits to cantact sugarbabes some never messaged back some were bots some timewasters all my credits were gone waste of money

Tony August 20, 2018

Run! Three months on site didn’t meet one woman. They deleted my profile when I wrote
“this site is fake” to a girl who was a bot or employee, so they read your messages.
This site is a scam filled with bots or probably even paid girls to get men to spend their credits. The girls will look real, probably stolen pics. This site uses the same tactics as able Madison. Real women are few and far between and some asked me for $800 week allowances but expected no intimate relationship.

Ted September 6, 2018

COMPLETE SCAM, all bots no real people, they send you messages like “Hi Im stacey, im looking for man to take care of me, are you him?” What the hell kind of human talks like that, that continues until all credits gone

Shane November 2, 2018

I’m not sure what site you guys have been on, but I’m not experiencing bots. I’ve been having a fine time on the site, and I’ve seen several beautiful women. There are also verified profiles if you are paranoid about that. Check out their reviews elsewhere. Secret Benefits has one of the very best reputations I can find online. I question if some of these comments are not their competition.

    Ben January 1, 2020

    Here here….I concur, had great success

bob December 4, 2018

. I don,t find secret benefits a scam at all.. the problem is the women are looking for the best position they can find.. and there must a few thousand guys on that site hustling just like you,, I have had few women off the site to play with,, some are great looking and some are a bit roached out,, so it,s your choice,, and if you are bitching about the money don,t play the game

Mia December 23, 2018

Well I was looking for a site to meet a sugar daddy, after reading, this I’m glad I didn’t sign up.
Seems to be scamming people away, and that will never help pay for college lol.
Wishing you men the best of luck!

    Tom February 3, 2019

    Hi Mia,

    What site did you end up going? Where would you suggest I go to find a nice girl that needs some financial help. Just looking for some quality time with a nice lady on a regular basis. I work too much, so I don’t have time for a ‘real’ relationship. Thank you!

      Marie January 5, 2020

      Tom, any website a young lady is on is good for someone like you, however, what I have found is that the men don’t make the kind of money the women want. Someone offering $200 is a joke. I ended my profile on Secret Benefits because all the men I was meeting said their income was under $100,000! They were under the impression that I would meet them and screw them for $200. That isn’t a sugar relationship it’s prostitution and I hope a pro is getting more than that. The absolutely lowest you can give a sugar baby is $2000 a month. Normally is between $3000 and $10,000 depending on the quality of the woman. It’s not an escort service or prostitution. It is a relationship with one person who meets all of your financial needs. Secret Benefits are working-class people at least that is what I have seen. I searched through a lot of profiles and there were only a few with $500,000 and above.

        Sanderson May 23, 2020

        $2000 month min for any “sugar baby”??? Sorry Marie. You’re nothing but a major gold-digging ho who might find a rich man STUPID ENOUGH to give you or another ho that kind of “pretty woman” money but I would’t give a greedy, selfish, heartless ho like you a penny!!! And BTW MOST MEN HERE IN THE LV AREA and the REST OF THE USA DO MAKE LESS THAN 100K but have more qualities, heart, and soul than YOU WILL EVER HAVE!!!

John D. December 31, 2018

Total Scam. When you are new, you get tons of views and messages. As soon as you buy a membership, everyone disappears or no response!! The girls are all bots. Stick with Seeking.

bob January 13, 2019

I have no problems with secret benefits,, ya got to spend the money if you want the honey..the problem the guys that are calling sb a scam do not seem to aware that there a lot of guys on that site that are looking for the same thing you are.. and the women are trying to get the best deal for themselves they can.. this a pay for play site,, you are grown men why do you cry so much

Tom February 3, 2019

With all these comments, I am not sure where to go… Where would someone suggest I go to find a nice girl that needs some financial help. Just looking for some quality time with a nice lady on a regular basis. I work too much, so I don’t have time for a ‘real’ relationship. Thank you!

Steve June 9, 2019

JUNE 19. We’ve (husband and wife) met two real girls off this site and both were lovely girls so there are “real girls” on this site…….however there are lots of instances where you get messages from girls (or bots) that you NEVER get a response from when you message them back.The only reason (bearing in mind they can see your pictures and your profile) that you don’t receive a reply is because “somebody” is sending you through fake messages, otherwise the very least response you would get from the messenger would be “sorry you’re not quite what I expected etc”
Also there are quite a few escorts on the site and openly quote you an hourly rate!!
So gentlemen…..there are real women on the site but there’s definitely some shenanigans going on “behind the scenes”…..pays your money etc. Good luck guys !!

Mati November 12, 2019

After trying out a few sites over the years like Tinder and POF I really got tired of the way guys were approaching me. No class. I was getting sooo many messages from dudes who didn’t know how to have a decent conversations or were clearly only looking to hookup. I discovered Secret Benefits a few months ago. Since starting a profile with them I’ve dated around a bit and recently found an amazing man! I feel over the top happy right now because I never had very good luck and now I have way more than I could have hoped for with this guy! He has blessed my life in so many ways! We are talking about moving in together after I finish my graduate degree within the next year. I couldn’t be happier!

Jake Jones April 14, 2020

You have to use brain cells #1 and #2. Any site where you can create a virtually empty profile and immediately receive a bunch of messages from
“interested” women is a scam. It was created to take money from suckers.

Sanderson May 23, 2020

Major Scam site. Plenty of fake profiles mixed in with the real ones. You can’t write want you want on your profile UNTIL YOU PURCHASE CREDITS, THEN THE SB POLICE EDIT YOUR PROFILE CONSTANTLY TO WHAT THEY WANT NOT WHAT YOU WANT!! You’ll receive tons of messages from hot looking chicks but when you spend your credits ($6 each reply)to answer them , they SUDDENLY GO SILENT AND MANY MYSTERIOUSLY DISAPPEAR FROM THE WEBSITE.(I had this happen 5X @ $6 each) All the “real” girls on this website only care how much you’ll spoil them and you getting very little in return. This site may be good for rich guys with money to burn but if your a hard working all around guy making anywhere from $40K-$80K this site is a MAJOR RIPOFF, STAY AWAY YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

He July 21, 2020

The site is free for sugar babies, but to weed out the time wasters and jokers, the women should be charged a small fee to register.

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