Sugar Dating 101

Brand new to sugar relationships? Here’s everything you need to know about the fundamentals of sugar dating.

Find out the exact meaning of popular sugar terms, sugar dating facts, and exactly what to expect from the sugar world.

The Basics

Consider these the ABC’s of sugar dating. These must read fundamentals are deep dives into what a sugar daddy and sugar baby are, as well as exactly what to expect from a SD/SB relationship.

Sugar Dating Glossary

All the sugar daddy terms you’ve read and heard – but didn’t know the meaning to. Until now. This is a little sugar daddy dictionary. Click on each term to learn to speak sugar.


SD stands for sugar daddy. A sugar daddy is a man who provides financial benefits to a woman or gay man in exchange for companionship, intimacy and/or a range of other non-financial benefits.


SB stands for sugar baby. A sugar baby is a person who is financially provided for by a wealthier person and in exchange for fulfilling the sugar parent’s needs.

Sugar Mama

A sugar mama, aka sugar mommy, is a female sugar parent who provides financial benefits in a sugar relationship.

Sugar Cub

Gender neutral and another term for a sugar baby.


A POT stands for potential sugar daddy/sugar mama/sugar baby. It’s a temporary status until an arrangement becomes official – or doesn’t.

Salt Daddy

A type of fake sugar daddy who poses as a real sugar daddy to get sexual benefits from sugar babies without providing any sugar.

Splenda Daddy

A Splenda daddy is essentially a poorer sugar daddy, aka a SugarDaddyLite. He doesn’t have as much resources as the typical sugar daddy but he is still willing to provide what he can.

Whale Daddy

Also known as a Sugar Daddy Whale, these are the ultimate catches in the sugar bowl. They are wealthier and more generous and spend lavishly on their sugar babies.


A John is a man who hires a sex worker. Sometimes used to refer to fake sugar daddies just looking for sex and Pay to Play.


Means Sex Worker and can refer to an escort or prostitute, as opposed to a sugar baby.


SR stands for Sugar Relationship. Used to describe any mutually beneficial relationship.


Stands for Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby. Just another way to describe a sugar relationship.

Sugar Bowl

The Sugar Bowl, or The Bowl, for short, is the sugaring community and the world of sugar relationships.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Aka, a Mutually Reciprocal Agreement. It’s another term to describe the sugar relationship and how both members are getting something out of the arrangement.


This means a Sugar Girlfriend or a Sugar Boyfriend, which is used to describe a sugar relationship that has progressed into a deeper, more intimate relationship. But still has elements of sugar.


Refers to any and all non-sugar relationships.


Stands for No Strings Attached and is one of the vaguest terms in sugar dating. It can mean anything from wanting a one night stand to casual sex and not looking for emotional intimacy to just not wanting to get married.

Best practice is to ask what it specifically means for them.


Stands for Friends With Benefits. Typically means there is hooking up without any expectation of a relationship.


Stands for In Real Life.


The act of finding a sugar partner in real life, i.e. bars, clubs, and so on, as opposed to online.


Stands for Pay Per Meet. It’s a different way to provide an allowance. Instead of a regular allowance, the sugar parent provides financial benefits at each meet.

Sugar Allowance

The financial benefits that a sugar parent provide for a sugar baby. It can take many different forms and be provided in many different ways.


The M&G stands for Meet and Greet and is another way to describe the first sugar date.


Used to refer to sugar relationships that do not include sexual intimacy.


Stands for Pump and Dump. Refers to when a sugar parent claims to want a long-term arrangement but ghosts after the first time sleeping together.


The term for when a sugar baby tricks a sugar daddy into providing money with the promise of intimacy. But doesn’t follow through.


A Long Term Arrangement. Basically a sugar relationship that lasts over 6 months.


A Short Term Arrangement. In essence, a sugar relationship that only lasts a few weeks.

Pay to Play

Refers to a straightforward agreement that is simply an exchange of financial benefits for sexual favors.

Sugar Guides

Whether it’s money, the first date, or what sort of sugar partners you can expect to meet, here are the most useful guides to settle all those questions.


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