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The Truth About Sugar Baby Expectations vs Sugar Daddy Expectations

The sugar world is full of expectations. Sugar baby expectations. Sugar daddy expectations. And that’s just what to expect when looking for the ideal sugar partner.

Sugar expectations for the actual SD/SB arrangement are a whole other bag of worms to consider.

The thing is, though, expectations are super important. So you never want to skip this step.

Whether you are a sugar baby or sugar daddy, it helps to get familiar with the most common sugar baby and sugar daddy expectations.

Let’s start with some popular sugar baby expectations…

What are Sugar Baby Expectations?

Sugar baby expectations are obvious. Money, right? Well, yes, but it’s actually not quite that simple. Sugar babies enter the sugar world for various reasons. And financial assistance tops the list, but most expect a little more than that…

Here’s what most sugar babies expect:

Financial Assistance

It can be in the form of straight up cash, bank deposits, prepaid cards, or even cryptocurrency. It can even be financial assistance in the form of having tuition or living expenses paid for.

But whatever form it comes in, financial assistance is at the top of the list for sugar baby expectations. Factors such as the actual amount, how often it’s received, and how a sugar baby receives the money vary depending on the arrangement. But it’s fair to say that all sugar babies expect financial assistance in some form or another.

To Be Wined and Dined

This is one of the most popular sugar baby expectations. And it doesn’t necessarily mean dining at Michelin star restaurants and sipping Grand Cru all the time.

But most sugar babies aren’t with sugar daddies to be going on dates at Chipotle.

In fact, one of the biggest goals for sugar babies is to be treated to places that are out of their usual budget. So top-of-the-line bars and restaurants are definitely a sugar baby expectation.

Gifts and Extras

Even sugar babies who are receiving a generous regular allowance from a sugar daddy will agree: gifts and little luxuries are always welcome, if not expected.

That can be in the form of an occasional shopping spree. Depending on the sugar daddy or sugar baby, a shopping spree can run the range from Zara to Chanel. Or it can be little gifts here and there.

There’s a huge range when it comes to luxurious gifts as well. Some sugar babies expect nothing but the best. Louboutins over Steve Maddens. Louis Vuitton over Kate Spade. And so on.

But for other sugar babies, thoughtful gifts and small tokens of appreciation are more than enough.


Here’s one underrated sugar baby expectation. There are actually many sugar babies who enter the sugar bowl motivated not by money, gifts, or connections. These sugar babies simply want to date chivalrous men. They want to experience the pleasure of being treated like a lady.

Oftentimes, these sugar babies are highly feminine women who have been in relationships where they gave and gave and got nothing in return. And now, they are seeking mutually beneficial arrangements with gentlemen who make them feel taken care of for once.


For some ambitious sugar babies, it’s not all about the Benjamins. And that brings us to one of the most popular sugar baby expectations: mentoring and connections.

Many young sugar babies are starting from scratch, right at the beginning of their career. They may not have the family and friends network to provide them a boost up the career ladder.

And that’s where a sugar daddy comes in. These sugar babies are looking for experienced, successful sugar daddies, preferably in a related field, who can give guidance and support, provide hard-earned insights, and even connect them to the right people.

Travel and Experiences

Another fairly common sugar baby expectation is to travel and have interesting experiences. If the sugar baby is in school or has a flexible job (or no job), she may want a sugar daddy to take her on vacations to places that are out of her usual budget.

Even if a sugar baby isn’t into travel, she may want to have a variety of experiences with a sugar daddy. Those can be anything from attending a pottery class together, going on a photography tour around town, doing a helicopter ride over the city, and so on.

The point is there are always fun and interesting experiences that a sugar baby may not be able to afford on her own but a sugar daddy certainly can.


Here’s one of the top sugar baby expectations: sugar babies absolutely want a sugar daddy who is reliable. And this makes perfect sense when you consider that quite often, a sugar baby is dependent on the sugar daddy for her monthly living expenses.

A sugar daddy who ghosts the minute things don’t go his way or keeps canceling dates and plans is a deal breaker for most sugar babies.


One sugar baby expectation that is harder to quantify is simply access. This could mean everything from access to the hottest restaurants and most exclusive clubs to access to a more jet set life experience in general.

It can also mean access to a different group of people – wealthier, more well-connected, more educated and successful people – who the sugar baby may never be able to access on her own.

And sometimes, it simply means access to the myriad conveniences that life offers. Having a sugar daddy with more resources and know how often means that a sugar baby’s problems are quickly and painlessly sorted.


Mutual respect is a key sugar baby expectation. Sugar babies understand that this isn’t a typical vanilla relationship – but the basic rules of human relationships still apply. Like decency, basic manners, and overall treating each other with kindness.

In fact, we’d go so far as to say that you should only choose sugar babies who expect this level of treatment. Because those are the sugar babies who will treat you with respect and consideration in turn.

So that rounds out the most popular sugar baby expectations. Let’s see how it looks for sugar daddies…

What Do Sugar Daddies Expect?

When it comes to what sugar daddies want, it’s not as simple. Whereas things like financial assistance and gifts are tangible, the benefits that sugar daddies expect are a little less obvious.

Still, most sugar daddies do have a lot of expectations. Here’s a list of common sugar daddy expectations:


What sugar daddies find attractive can vary widely depending on the sugar daddy. But one thing is for sure: sugar daddies expect to be attracted to their sugar babies.

If there is a look or style that a sugar daddy is into, a smart sugar baby will play into that.

But most importantly, no matter how long a sugar relationship lasts, sugar babies need to keep up appearances. That means constant maintenance so that a sugar baby looks every bit as gorgeous as she did when they first met.

No Strings Attached Relationships

Most sugar daddies are sugar daddies because they don’t want the strings of a vanilla relationship.

So it goes without saying that they are expecting a no-strings-attached sort of casual relationship where you have carefree, mutually beneficial fun with an understanding that there is no future together.

No Relationship Drama

On a related note, one of the biggest things that sugar daddies expect is simply this: all the perks of a relationship but absolutely no relationship drama.

That means no jealousy or possessiveness. No pressure to commit. Absolutely no guilt trips. And no endless list of obligations for the sugar daddy to fulfill.


This is a very underrated sugar daddy expectation but it needs to be said. Most sugar daddies are masculine men who like the role of being a provider. These types of men typically are drawn to feminine women.

That doesn’t mean sugar babies need to always wear pink and blush when holding hands. It just means that sugar daddies expect a feminine energy. One that is non-confrontational and classy not crass.

Be Made a Priority

One huge sugar daddy expectation is simply to be a priority in the sugar baby’s life. That doesn’t mean he needs to be the priority – but he should be a priority.

That means not canceling dates. It means remembering the things he tells you about his life. And it definitely means being present during every sugar date and engaged.

Good Sex

Sure, there are platonic sugar daddies. But the truth is that the vast majority of sugar daddies are expecting an intimate relationship with a sugar baby – and that includes sex.

But it’s not just sex. If they wanted that, sugar daddies would simply hire escorts.

Most sugar daddies are looking for a sugar baby who enjoys sex, is sexually open, and wants to have intimate, connected, mind-blowing sex with their sugar daddy.


Mutual respect is something that tops the list for both sugar babies and sugar daddies. So what does respect look like for sugar daddies?

First and foremost, be punctual. That shows respect for a sugar daddy’s time and busy schedule. When a sugar daddy does something nice, show appreciation, even if it’s something expected, like paying for dinner.

And most of all, treat him as a human being, not an ATM.

Carefree Fun

A big reason for sugar daddies to look for sugar babies is for some good old fashioned fun. He wants a good time. That can include everything from light banter, wild flirtations, a sympathetic ear, deep and meaningful conversations, and true emotional connection.

But it doesn’t involve dealing with constant stress. So always keep in mind that just because a sugar daddy is willing to be provide financial assistance, it doesn’t mean that he is looking for a charity case. Sugar daddies definitely are not.

Most sugar daddies are happy to provide money and mentoring to a smart, happy sugar baby who adds value to his life. But if a sugar baby is constantly whining or moaning about needing more money, that is a huge dealbreaker.


One of the most underrated things that sugar daddies expect from sugar babies is simple appreciation. It can be as simple as knowing that a sugar baby genuinely enjoys his company and appreciates the time spent together.

It’s also showing real appreciation for small gestures like opening the door and treating a sugar baby to a nice dinner. The more appreciation a sugar baby has for a sugar daddy, the more inclined he is to be generous to her.


One of the top sugar daddy expectations is the ability to be discreet. The degree to which discretion needs to happen depends on the sugar daddy, of course. Married sugar daddies will need a sugar baby who can fully respect his boundaries by doing things like only texting him on select apps or within certain times.

But even most single sugar daddies would prefer a sugar baby who can be discreet and keep their affairs to herself, especially while out in public or amongst company.

Communication Skills

One of the most underrated sugar daddy expectations is that sugar babies be good communicators. Many sugar babies tend to be much younger than their sugar daddies and as such, may not have developed the emotional maturity to be able to say exactly what they need, don’t like, and are absolutely not okay with.

So if you’re a sugar baby who can master how to communicate her expectations and boundaries in a classy but firm way, you’ll be heads and shoulders above the rest.

The Final Word

We’ve covered sugar baby expectations as well as common sugar daddy expectations for the ideal sugar partner. As you can see, sugar babies and sugar daddies have a variety of expectations. And many of them are shared.

Have a think on which are most important for you and which you can reasonably fulfill for a sugar partner. It will make finding the ideal SD/SB arrangement so much easier.

Also keep in mind that it doesn’t stop there.

Once you’ve found a sugar daddy or sugar baby who meets a lot of the above expectations, it’s time to sort the nitty gritty.

Yup, we’re talking logistics.

The next part of clarifying expectations is to think about what the ideal SD/SB arrangement will actually look like.

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