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Sugar Baby Jobs: Should a Sugar Baby Have a Job?

Sugar baby jobs is a controversial topic. For some sugar babies, being a sugar baby is their job. It does, after all, pay for a complete lifestyle. Another full-time job would only get in the way.

For other sugar babies, it’s not so simple. Sure, the sugar daddy benefits are great. But sugar is just sugar for them – and they prefer to make their bread and butter elsewhere.

So what’s the answer? Should a sugar baby have a job? Let’s delve in.

Is Being a Sugar Baby a Job?

Being a sugar baby can look and feel very much like a job. After all, there are countless things that a sugar baby does for a sugar daddy, including:

  • Being arm candy to parties and events
  • Provide NSA girlfriend benefits without commitment
  • Travel with a sugar daddy when and where he wants
  • Have a sexually intimate relationship
  • Provide emotional support
  • Give a sugar daddy her full presence and attention

And the list goes on and on.

All that being said, as a sugar baby, you don’t get the security that a job provides. There is no insurance, no pension or 401K, no work experience to account for the gap in your resume.

Which leads many sugar babies to wonder: is it worth having a job?

Should a Sugar Baby Have a Job?

A question that often comes up for new sugar babies is whether they should keep their job or not. What you choose ultimately depends on you and your goals. But let’s see what other sugar daters have to say about it.

What Sugar Babies Say…

We get it. You have money rolling in – sometimes, even more money than you’re making at your job. It can be very tempting to hand in your resignation and walk off into the sunset.

But most smart sugar babies will tell you that you it is wise to keep a job even if you have a generous sugar daddy.

It’s a generally a good idea since:

  • It will give you security. Just in case he decides to become a Poof Daddy, you won’t be left unable to pay the bills and in poverty
  • If anything goes awry in your sugar relationship, you’ll have the freedom to leave since your sugar daddy is not your main source of income

The simple fact that you are not wholly dependent on a sugar daddy for your lifestyle is a huge reason to keep a job as a sugar baby. And most sugar daddies tend to agree that it’s a key factor…

What Sugar Daddies Say…

When it comes to a sugar baby having a job, it all comes down to personal preference – as well as what a sugar daddy is comfortable providing.

Some sugar daddies are okay with their sugar babies being wholly dependent on them. As long as that means the sugar baby is able to cater to the sugar daddy’s schedule.

Here’s what one sugar daddy had to say:

So long as a sugar baby has the time to see me that is conducive to my schedule, I don’t mind either way. Many potential sugar relationships for me have failed because the potential sugar baby doesn’t actually have time to see me when I am free.


And how a sugar baby described it:

I have a friend whose job is her sugar daddy. He’s paying for expectations to be met. They have an incredible bond built on trust, respect and business acumen. They have a deep love and affection for each other. It’s lonely at the top and he wants someone pretty be there with him.

The arrangement was if the sugar baby travels with the sugar daddy or spends the time and money to look hot. As in spa treatments, tanning, nails, hair, working out, having a nutritionist. She also attends black tie events, charity events, conferences and vacations with him.

But the majority of sugar daddies tend to prefer sugar babies who have jobs.

Here’s why:

I greatly prefer a potential sugar baby to have a job. I don’t want the responsibility of being her only source of income.


I wouldn’t date a sugar baby who didn’t have a job (unless they are a full time student). Lack of adult competence and motivation is a major turnoff.


The power dynamic gets uncomfortable when a sugar baby doesn’t have her own money. You are not really spoiling her if she is fully dependent on you.


The key point is that she can survive if I were to drop out of the picture. The last thing I want is a dependent.


Every sugar baby I’ve seen has had a job, and I would say most had a career. I’m happy to assist a sugar baby and improve her life, but I don’t want her to be fully financially dependent on me.


As you can see, keeping a job isn’t just beneficial for a sugar baby, it can be very attractive to sugar daddies as well.

So Should a Sugar Baby Have a Job? It Depends…

Again, whether you choose to have a job as a sugar baby comes down to personal preference. But there are two big things you need to consider:

Does the job allow you to be a sugar baby?

As in, does it have a flexible enough schedule for you to go on sugar dates and be available for a sugar daddy? If you’re working most of the day and traveling on weekends, it’s not realistic to have a sugar daddy as well, unless he happens to have a very flexible schedule.

Is the job a career or a dead end?

Keeping a job while being a sugar baby really depends on the kind of job you’re currently able to get.

If your current position will allow you to eventually advance up to the career you ultimately want to have or allows you to gain the experience you need – great! Don’t quit your job for anything, even if your sugar daddy offers to triple your allowance.

Especially because being a sugar baby can be very beneficial for the career track you’re on. Sugar daddies tend to be experienced, successful men. If you find the right sugar daddy and ask the right questions, you can gain more business knowledge out of a sugar relationship than an MBA degree.

There is tremendous value in a sugar daddy who is much older than you and in a related field. They will know much more and have many more valuable contacts. Plus, they’ll find your youth and ambition sexy and want to mentor you and help you progress.

However, if, like so many people of the recent college-grad generation – you’re working at a job that will not lead to the career you ultimately want to have AND your current job is not teaching you the skills required to land that career, it’s not a bad idea to quit.

But make sure you have a plan in place before you do.

If You Do Decide to Quit Your Job as a Sugar Baby…

The first place to start is to make sure you have a safety net solidly in place. A sugar daddy is not a safety net.  A good safety net is to have enough in your savings account to be able to support yourself for at least 3 to 6 months without a sugar daddy or a job.

Also, make sure you have a game plan for self-improvement.

One of the best reasons for being a sugar baby is to buy yourself time to improve your current skill set. Nine-to-five jobs that consist of mental menial labor are exhausting and unproductive. Your time is better spent devoting that time to learning new skills and gaining the experience you need to qualify for a much better position.

If you decide to quit your dead-end job, take advantage of the time afforded to you by your sugar daddy and get to work building up a skill base for yourself. Do everything you can to increase your value.

Do a bootcamp. Apply for an unpaid internship. Do volunteer work that is related to the field you want to work in. Non-profits are continuously in need of people and willing to give you experience in a number of areas: project management, event planning, finances and budgets, fundraising, and so on.

Spend some time studying whatever will get you closer to your ideal career. Learn a new language, read up on economics, invest your time studying for a certificate or in a training course.

A steady sugar relationship provides a way (albeit temporarily) for you to gain time and money simultaneously. Make sure you use it to your full advantage.

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