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11 Types of Sugar Babies You'll Meet in the Sugar World and How to Date Them

One thing every sugar daddy knows is this: there are so many different types of sugar babies. The reason we emphasize this is not just to celebrate diversity but because sugar babies are often typecast as these manipulative, smooth talking gold diggers by the media and masses.

But if you’ve ever met a few real life sugar babies, you know that most sugar babies are just regular girls. And like regular girls, sugar babies span the spectrum from sweet and shy, wild and fun, smart and sassy, classy and sophisticated, and everything in between.

There is too much variety to cover them all. So what is the best way to sort the various types of sugar babies? Into their goals and what they want out of the sugar world.

Here is our list for the most common types of sugar babies you’ll encounter as a sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Rinsers

Let’s start with the one type of sugar baby you will always want to avoid – because they are the sugar baby equivalent to the Salt Daddy.

A sugar baby rinser has one goal and one goal only: to scam sugar daddies out of money. They can be very charming, push all the right buttons, and promise to fulfill your wildest fantasies and alleviate your loneliest feelings.

But they always have a hidden agenda.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

To avoid this type of fake sugar baby, you need to watch out for certain signs, like:

  • Potential sugar babies who ask for money upfront or just to go on a sugar date
  • Sugar babies who demand you get something off their wishlist to prove you’re a real sugar daddy before even meeting
  • A sugar baby who has a sob story (or stories) about why she desperately needs money right from the beginning

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby


A good rule of thumb to avoid being scammed by a rinser sugar baby is to not send potential sugar babies money before meeting. If you two go on a date, you can always slip her some cash for transportation afterwards.

Another tip is to make it clear that you prefer PPM (pay per meet) until after you both know, trust, and are comfortable with each other.

Platonic Sugar Babies

Platonic sugar babies are exactly what they sound like. This type of sugar baby is open to dating, friendship, connection and companionship. But sexual intimacy is off limits.

If you’re a sugar daddy who wants a sugar baby with all the benefits – including intimacy, this type of sugar baby is not for you. The platonic sugar baby, however, is perfect for a sugar daddy who just wants some company.

Sexual intimacy may be a no go, but platonic sugar babies tend to be empathic, great listeners who make you feel heard, and overall lovely company. Be it a weekly cafe meet, going to the cinema or theatre, or just hanging out over drinks or dinner, this type of sugar baby is usually flexible with dates and schedules.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Most platonic sugar babies recognize that they are in the minority when it comes to sugar babies. And that for many sugar daddies, it can be a deal breaker. Which is why most platonic sugar babies state it clearly in their profile, like:

Hello. I’m in medical school and looking for someone to support me a bit 🙂 I’m looking for something platonic but connected and meaningful. I can be your sugar baby!

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

Exactly the same way you’d date any woman you were getting to know. Activities and things you’d normally do with friends are great, too. Coffee dates, walks in the park, cinema and theatre, amusement parks, Netflix and pizza, and the list goes on.

Keep in mind that for platonic sugar relationships, friendship is the core. Show interest in her hobbies and goals as much as she does for yours.

Sugar Escorts

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the Platonic Sugar Baby is the Sugar Escort. This type of sugar baby is the most transactional and most similar to typical sex work.

She will not be looking to do romantic dates, have deep and meaningful conversations, and she definitely will not be looking to catch “the feels.”

With this type of sugar baby, an arrangement is just a convenient way to describe exchanging sexual favors for money, gift cards, or gifts.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

It’s fairly easy to recognize a Sugar Escort type of sugar baby, if you know what to look for. Here are some signs that she may be an escort:

  • Her pictures are provocative and appear to be professionally taken
  • She hasn’t viewed your profile and wrote you a generic message but she is also very eager to meet
  • There is no interest in getting to know you, she might refer to starting the arrangement immediately if you hit it off
  • Her main focus is scheduling a meeting and she doesn’t want a platonic first sugar date, instead wants to meet at yours or hers
  • Her messages discuss sex openly and she uses lingo like full service and GFE (girlfriend experience), may hint she has friends she can bring for extra fun
  • She may list her occupation as self-employed, entrepreneur, or a massage therapist

And an almost dead giveaway is if she wants to discuss rates on a per hour basis.

If you have any doubts, you can always Google the number she gives you or use reverse image search for her pictures. If an escort ad comes up, then you know for sure.

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

If you’re a sugar daddy who is looking for this type of sugar baby, the most important things are money and trust. By that, we mean that for this type of sugar baby, it is of utmost importance that you pay what you say you will. Every time.

As for the trust aspect – this is a type of sugar relationship that is most at risk for crossing the line into illegal territory. So even if it is a transactional arrangement at heart, you both need to establish some rapport and trust with one another to make it work.

Friends with Benefits Sugar Baby

This type of sugar baby is similar but different from the one above. A FWB sugar baby is one that wants at least parts of a friendship and a connection at the core of an arrangement. Sexual intimacy is on the table but romance and a future together are not.

It’ll be more like two good friends who often do things together as well as meet up to share a meal or drinks and then have sex. Sexual intimacy is on the table but there is actual hanging out involved. She’s not looking to just do the deed and bounce.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Look for terminology that suggests she’s busy and looking for someone who fits her schedule, or someone who to support her on some fairly short-term goals. Also, instead of emphasizing things like connection, chemistry, or romance, there will be hints of mutual spoiling, such as:

“I’m a busy college student juggling a part-time job with full-time school. I’m looking for an NSA sugar daddy to meet once a week for some fun and funds.”

“I am wild and fun but also domestic and responsible. I enjoy anything outdoors and near water. Looking for connection, not a boyfriend, and an actual arrangement.”

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

If you’re a sugar daddy who wants to play the field before choosing a long-term sugar baby. Or if you simply don’t want a more serious type of arrangement, a FWB sugar baby could work really well for you. This type of sugar baby is also more open to PPM style arrangements.

To date the FWB sugar baby, be a caring friend. Small things like showing up for meets at her place with her favorite takeout or dessert from across town or gifting her something she’s been wanting when her finals finish. She may not be a full-on girlfriend sugar baby, but she’ll still appreciate the personal connection.

Classic Sugar Baby

The vast majority of sugar babies fall into this type. Researchers have dubbed it simply as “sugar dating.” We might interchangeably refer to it as the Classic Sugar Baby or the Sugar Girlfriend or even the Traditional Sugar Baby.

And this type of sugar baby is one who is basically a girlfriend. There’s companionship, emotional connection, romance, inside jokes, dates, and sexual intimacy. It’s like a vanilla relationship. But without the drama of obligations, jealousy, or any guilt to commit.

In return, she’s looking to upgrade her lifestyle. Most classic sugar babies want an allowance, whether it’s weekly, monthly, or as a PPM.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

This type of sugar baby isn’t usually looking for a full, life-long commitment. But she will want a real connection with a sugar daddy she gets on with, trusts, and enjoys spending time with.

Her profile may read something like:

I seek a direct sugar daddy who knows what he wants and what he doesn’t. He is generous and slightly weak for me . Days together range from preparing a home cooked meal together, watching a horror movie on Netflix, and snuggling up in our matching PJs . Other times, it’s a manic adventure in a new city. We wine and dine while we people watch and make up stories about their lives.”

I’m here for a genuine connection where we can experience a whole lot of deep laughing together. Let’s forget the world for a while. If we’re a match I’d like to just leave the door open on the topic of an arrangement to figure out what best benefits us both.

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

Connection and chemistry are important so the first thing is to make sure that you two actually like each other, beyond the benefits. And then the dating part comes easy. She’ll be game to accompany you on business trips and events, go out for dinner and drinks, vacations, or just Netflix and chill.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind is that this type of sugar baby definitely does not want to feel like a prostitute. Never make her feel like you are paying her for sex. Treat her with respect and make her feel appreciated and she’ll do the same for you in return.

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door type of sugar baby is usually new to the world of sugaring. She tends to be on the younger side and maybe a little naive. She may be shy, sweet and soft-mannered to the point where it’s difficult for her to bluntly ask for what she wants, much less demand a sugar daddy take her to Paris.

And that’s the main downside of dating the Girl Next Door sugar baby – she doesn’t yet know exactly what she wants or what her boundaries are. As such, she may not be as clear or direct about them.

But if you’re the type of sugar daddy who enjoys leading the way and taking charge, the Girl Next Door can be perfect for you.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Her sugar baby profile may read something like:

I’m staying with my parents for the next couple months so I will only be able to meet at certain times. Some of the things I love are long naps, sunsets by the beach, getting dressed up, trying new food, driving with the windows down, cozy nights in, and the color pink.

I am a traditional mid-western girl with old-fashioned values. Looking for a gentleman. I love romance, chivalry, to be cared for, and treated respectfully. I love when you open the door and hold my hand. I’m looking for a solid man who wants to commit to an emotional connection vs a fling. Quality over quantity.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Baby

Be a gentleman and take your time to get to know her. A Girl Next Door sugar baby tends to be young and unexperienced so take that into consideration and go at her pace.

The Professional Sugar Baby

On the other side of the spectrum from the Girl Next Door sugar baby is the Professional Sugar Baby. These types of sugar babies are the ones who have been there and done that.

They have multiple past arrangements under their belt and as such, they know exactly what they want – and how to get it.

This type of sugar baby is one who can talk a man into a Louis Vuitton shopping spree over a latte. She is the sharp, go-getter type who will not blush when discussing her exact expectations and deal breakers over a Cosmopolitan.

The upside to dating a Professional sugar baby is that you will always know exactly what she wants, what she doesn’t, and where you stand with her.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

The Professional sugar baby doesn’t mess around. She knows what works for her and when she is looking for her next sugar daddy, she will be direct and to the point.

Here is an example:

My ideal man can meet with for three days twice a month. I may not be in your city but it doesn’t mean we can’t meet. My most successful arrangements happens when living miles apart.

I’m looking for a mutually beneficial relationship, NSA. I’m excited to have a good time and looking for financial assistance while making a positive impact in your life. Drama free. Our time together should be our little escape and feel natural, and both of us should feel comfortable talking about who we are and what we like to do.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Baby

Be honest and clear about your expectations, what you can and can’t provide, your schedule and which parts of your day are off-limits.

This type of sugar baby is ideal for married sugar daddies since she is experienced and has a good grasp on her emotions and a healthy understanding of professional boundaries.

Luxury Arm Candy Sugar Baby

These types of sugar babies loves the high life and is exclusively interested only in the sugar daddies who can make that happen. The Luxury Sugar Baby may already have their living expenses taken care of and are primarily looking for all the benefits a wealthy, exclusive, jet set life has to offer.

Or she may want a regular allowance as well as all the luxuries. But the luxuries are really what she’s after. And it’s never the cheap stuff. No shopping sprees at Zara or dining at the Cheesecake Factory for this type of sugar baby.

The downside to dating this type of sugar baby is that you will need to spend on top-of-the-line stuff. The upside is that she will look a perfect ten wherever you take her.

So if you’re the See and Be Seen type of sugar daddy yourself, the Luxury Arm Candy sugar baby is your perfect match. She’ll happily accompany you to black-tie events, the hottest restaurants in town, and on luxurious vacations – and you get the pleasure of having the most beautiful woman in the room on your arm.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

The first clue that you’re dealing with these types of sugar babies is that her sugar baby profile pictures will be immaculate. She’ll be dressed tastefully, expensively. Her hair will be flawless. She’ll be sporting the perfect tan. She will be fit. And if she has facial pictures on her profile, you can rest assured that her makeup will be just right – classy and elegant.

Of course, the pictures will showcase the kind of life she deserves. Expect photos of her in beautiful locations, eating at posh restaurants, and the like.

Last but not least, there will be references to the sorts of experiences and lifestyle that she wants.

“I’m a social chameleon and love mingling with diverse sets of intelligent people. You can find me anywhere from sampling a new menu at a Michelin star restaurant, cross country skiing in the Alps, or whale watching in the Spring off the coast of Spain.”

“I love dressing up and being taken out for a night on the town. Gastronomy, theatre, and YSL are my only addictions.”

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

Spoil her. She will love expensive gifts and even more expensive holidays. She may not even ask for an allowance – but she will certainly want gifts.

Little things that win huge brownie points: Upgrade to first class when flying, a couture purse or two, dining in high-end restaurants. Extra points? If all these places are Instagram-friendly. This type of sugar baby cares a lot about the image, the lifestyle, and cultivating her social media persona so if you’re already living a high-flying lifestyle, she will fit right in.

Protégé Sugar Baby

These types of sugar babies may like the cash and presents…but those aren’t the main thing she’s after. This go getter sugar baby has a vision of her life and career and she’s looking for more than financial support to get to where she wants to go.

Of course, this type of sugar baby might be looking for allowance and gifts as well. But the key difference is that financial benefits are simply not enough for this sugar baby. Depending on her goals, she’s after accomplished sugar daddies who have the skills, experiences, and/or connections to further her life and career in a meaningful way.

If you’re a sugar daddy who likes to mentor, this can be one of the most rewarding types of sugar babies to have. They will not just listen to you talk about your work out of duty. They will love hearing your battle stories and will truly appreciate how much you’ve accomplished.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Their sugar baby profile may read something like:

Are you the kind of self-starting, driven, success-minded man I’d love to spend time with? I know many of you here are experienced entrepreneurs with invaluable business knowledge, so if you’re willing to letting me pick your brain, I’d love to chat! I’m currently in the process of expanding a business I built and looking to spend quality time with a smart, generous man who has a wealth of knowledge he wants to pass on to a smart, passionate sugar baby looking for her match.”

How to Date This Type of Sugar Baby

Tell them what you wish you knew, the experiences and insights you’ve gained in your line of work. Give them advice and encouragement on how they can make a name for themselves in their line of work.

And keep in mind that this type of sugar baby is typically looking to mingle with intelligent, well-educated, and well-connected people. If you have a work event that you can invite a “plus one” to, that may mean more to your protege sugar baby than a Chanel purse.

Most importantly, don’t ever talk down to this type of sugar baby. She’s looking for a boost, not a handout. She is smart, ambitious, and looking for a sugar daddy because she knows that spending time with the right kind of sugar daddy can be more rewarding than an MBA.

Travel Sugar Baby

This type of sugar baby isn’t just about the Benjamins or Gucci bags – her preferred way of being spoiled is through travel. Mainly the types of travel experiences that are just out of her reach. It may be luxury beachside resorts, or adventure travel to once-in-a-lifetime places, or a tour around the most scenic parts of Europe.

Whatever it is, these types of sugar babies are there for it.

She’s perfect for the sugar daddy who is an avid adventurer or a sugar daddy who travels a lot for work.

The best travel sugar babies also bring a lot to the table. Not only will they provide the companionship to make the travel experience doubly fun for you, they also tend to be experienced travelers who will be happy to share the legwork of finding and coordinating the most fun things to do.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Her sugar baby profile may read something like:

I love to travel but I can’t always afford to. Do you love to travel but wish you had a fun, adventurous, open-minded and drama-free partner to do it with? It would be absolutely incredible to find someone to share dream experiences on our bucket lists.

How to Date This Type of Sugar Baby

Bond over sharing your travel experiences over dinner or drinks. Swap stories about the favorite places you’ve visited, places you’d love to see, and the places you’d never go back to.

Talk about the bucket list travel experiences you’d love to try with each other.

Marry Me Sugar Baby

Of all the types of sugar baby, this is the most serious. She has been around since the beginning of time and she wants, um, all of the above. Forever.

She is not looking for a short-term fling. She’s not looking for a sugar daddy to simply put her through school or help out during a career transition.

What she wants is a long-term relationship that is more traditional in nature. In short: A wealthy man with a provider mentality who is willing and able to pay for your shared lifestyle, spoil her with gifts and generally provide her with a better quality of life than she can have herself.

In return, she will be the perfect feminine counterpart, spoiling you with love, respect, and a lot of TLC.

It’s basically dating up – or marrying up. It has all the hallmarks of a typical, vanilla, long-term committed relationship. The only aspect that veers this into sugar baby territory is that she would not be with you if you weren’t well off and able to provide.

How to Recognize this Type of Sugar Baby

Her profile will have an emphasis on connection and long-term. Here are some examples:

I’m looking for a man who understands we are both clearly above the average dating methods. I would like to find a long term arrangement with someone I can genuinely connect with. Respect and honesty is extremely important to me. As long as we are both clear on what we want our relationship can have endless opportunities. I want a man who can make me feel feminine, dainty and sexy. Someone who is extremely generous and loves to see a woman pleased. If this sounds like you and you want to dig deeper with me then send that message.

The perfect man is one who enjoys pampering but also one that can truly uplift a person’s life. He must be financially free, drama free, clean cut, honest. He must like to laugh or it just won’t work . I want to be the goddess of your life. I can’t wait to pamper you. Serious long term daddies only.

How to Date this Type of Sugar Baby

Because this type of sugar baby is looking for a long-term relationship, possibly leading to marriage, connection and compatibility are going to be key.

She’ll tend to be more feminine and expect you to take on the more driven, dominant provider and protector role. If you are a sugar daddy who thrives on that, this can be the perfect type of sugar baby for you.

How Do I Find My Type of Sugar Baby?

As you can see, there are many different types of sugar babies just listed here – and this is by no means an exhaustive list. Here’s the thing about the sugar world: If you can imagine it, it exists in the sugar world.

A sugar relationship is all about finding something that works for both sugar partners. So be honest about what you want and you’ll attract the perfect type of sugar baby for you.

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  1. I am really new at this game. I am recently separated from a 30 year marriage and want some thing better. I just would like to experience some of the finer things in life. My confusion is how to classify my self. I am not looking for marriage at all. I would like to find a man who can help me financially but dosnt need a every day commitment. So what kind of sugar baby or momma am I? And where do I look?

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  3. I’m new to the sugar Baby lifestyle, but I want the money and the gifts. But how do I get my profile just right so I don’t attract more scammers?

  4. Theres going to be a lot of scammers. Just go back to the stranger danger rules… Filter them out and let NOONE convince you to give out your account, personal info etc etc. If they make rude comments that imply your asking for too much, leave. If they are implying for you to quit school/college. Leave. It is not wirth it 🙂 all the best.


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