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Sugar Baby Scams: How to Spot and Avoid Them

If you’re a new sugar daddy entering the sugar bowl, one of the main things you need to be on the lookout for is sugar baby scams.

The good news is that they are not as common as sugar daddy scams.

But they do exist. And they can come with the risk of financial loss or even damage to your reputation and career.

So it goes without saying that you need to know how to spot them early on. Here are the most common signs of a sugar baby scam.

Signs of a Sugar Baby Scam

The smartest thing you can do is to learn to recognize the tell tale signs of a sugar baby scam. Here are the biggest red flags that you should put your guard up…

  • She asks for a sugar baby allowance before you ever meet in person
  • She wants you to send her x amount of money before the first sugar date to pay for her date expenses, i.e. gas money, mani/pedi, a blowout
  • There’s suddenly an emergency right before the first sugar date, i.e. her car broke down, a health crisis, and so on, and she needs you to send her money
  • You need to buy her something off her Amazon wishlist so she knows you’re not a Salt Daddy
  • She readily agrees to your sexual kinks and fantasies and hints or promises that she will fulfill them
  • The first sugar date keeps getting delayed because something always comes up
  • You need to send her money before she will agree to meet in person to prove that you’re serious and not a fake sugar daddy
  • Her photos seem fishy and she has a lot of excuses why she can’t do a video call with you
  • She’s apparently local to your area but her profile bio has strange syntax and grammatical errors and her messages are written in very poor English
  • She presses for personal information about you, including identifiable details, before you ever even met

Some of these requests can seem harmless. After all, it’s not uncommon for a sugar daddy to gift a potential sugar baby something from a wishlist or pay for cab fare.

But when you know the most common sugar baby scams, you can spot them for what they are – signs that a sugar baby scammer has you in her sights.

Types of Sugar Baby Scams

The good thing about sugar baby scams is that they are fairly easy to spot once you know what to look out for. And once you know the most common types of sugar baby scams, you can easily protect yourself from them.

Here are some of the most common sugar baby scams – and how to avoid them.

Rinser Sugar Baby

The rinser sugar baby is all about getting the sugar – without giving any in return. She is the sugar baby equivalent of the Salt Daddy.

To get a sugar daddy to provide the sugar, a rinser sugar baby will come off like the perfect sugar baby. Her pictures are gorgeous, she’s engaging, attentive, and flirtatious. She’ll even promise to fulfill all his sexual fantasies and desires. But all the while, she has no intention to ever make good on her promise.

This promise of future intimacy is dangled as a carrot to wheedle gifts and cash out of a sugar daddy. This can span the range from short term to longer term cons, like so…

  • Rinser Pump and Dump: She asks you to send her money or something from an Amazon wishlist to prove you’re serious before the meet and greet. Once you do, the date never happens and you never hear from her again.
  • Online Rinser Sugar Baby: You text and talk often. She asks for gifts and help with bills, tuition, family emergencies and so on. But every time a sugar date is set, something always crops up and she can’t make it. But it’s definitely happening soon. Or so she says.
  • The Long Game: This type of rinser sugar baby can be the most confusing. Because she will meet and date you. You may even enter into an arrangement where you’re providing allowance. But the game is the same – she’s going to lead you on while never intending to deliver on physical intimacy. She will ride this gravy train as long as possible until you figure it out.

However long it lasts, the basic game of rinser sugar babies is simple: get as much sugar out of a sugar daddy – without giving any yourself.

Catfish Sugar Baby

The catfish sugar baby scam is very similar to the rinser sugar baby in that they have no intention of ever having a real relationship with you.

But it has an added layer of deception – they aren’t even who they say they are. A catfish sugar baby scammer will create a fake identity with stolen pictures and made up information. The sole purpose is to make their sugar baby profile look as appealing as possible to potential sugar daddies.

In some cases, a catfish sugar baby scammer may pretend to be an online personality, such as a well-known Instagram influencer or model, in order to convince a sugar daddy to give them money or gifts.

Ultimately, the sole purpose is to use the temptation of the ideal sugar baby to con sugar daddies out of money.

Gift Card Scam

This is the sugar baby version of the common sugar daddy gift card scam.

Here’s how it typically works: A sugar baby asks for a gift card before a date to prove that you’re a serious sugar daddy. She’s been scammed before. She’s met her share of salt daddies.

All she needs is for you to spend a small amount of money on a gift card to show her that you’re the real deal. And you don’t even need to give it to her until you’ve actually met in person.

But she does want you to send a picture of the gift card to prove that you bought it.

That’s when she uses the numbers on the card to spend the balance – and the sugar date never materializes.

Sugar Baby Blackmailer

This is the most insidious of the sugar baby scams because you could lose much more than just money.

It involves a scammer who poses as a real sugar baby. Similar to the catfish sugar baby, the account will be carefully crafted with attractive, inviting photos.

Once a sugar daddy bites, the messages and conversation soon turn teasing and intimate. In the course of sexual conversations, the sugar daddy is encouraged to share explicit photos or videos.

This material, of course, is the very thing that is then used to blackmail the sugar daddy. This threat becomes real especially if, in the course of the conversations, the sugar baby scammer has obtained personal information about you as well – i.e. phone number, real name, where you work.

The threat of having the sexually explicit material exposed can be a serious risk, especially if you’re someone who stands to lose a lot from the exposure. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to protect yourself against this sugar baby scam. Here’s how…

How to Protect Yourself from a Sugar Baby Scam

Sugar baby scams may differ but there are a couple things you can do to effectively protect yourself from all of them. Here’s the short list…

Protect your personal information

This starts from the moment you create a sugar daddy profile. It’s tempting to just breeze through it, using your personal email address and the same username that you always use.

But opt for the extra security of creating separate accounts and names for everything sugar dating related. Here are our recommendations:

  • Use a different username than you use on your socials
  • Make a new email to sign up for sugar daddy sites with
  • Don’t use your real name in the username, i.e. Tim293
  • Get a different phone number – Google Voice is great for this

And, of course, don’t share personably identifiable details with potential sugar babies you have just met online. There’s no reason to.

If she asks what you do, no need to say you’re a VP at Morgan Stanley. Just say you work in finance. If she asks where you live, keep it general instead of naming a specific area, i.e. the Marina.

Go Even Further

If you absolutely want to lock down your sugar daddy identity, here are a couple extra steps to take:

  • Sugar daddy pictures. Use new pictures for your sugar daddy profile. If you reuse pictures that you’ve already posted on your social media, they can show up with a simple reverse image search.
  • The GPS location. Another way potential scammers can find out information about you is to check your picture for location info. To avoid that happening, remove the GPS location from any pictures you post on your sugar daddy profile.

Don’t Send Money to Someone You Don’t Know

The one thing you can do to protect yourself from the vast majority of sugar baby scams is simply this: don’t send money to anyone you don’t know.

If you’ve never met the potential sugar baby in question, don’t send her money. She’s having car trouble on her way to the first sugar date? Wish her well and move on.

She wants you to buy something on an wishlist to show that you’re a legit sugar daddy? Kindly refuse.

She needs you to provide the full allowance at the start of the date? Let her know that you prefer PPM (pay per meet) until after you both know, trust, and are comfortable with each other.

Once you actually meet and determine she’s the real deal and you are interested, you can always send her a gift or slip the sugar baby a bit of cash to help with transportation or expenses. But you never need to feel pressured to do it in advance.

Do a Video Chat

One simple way to quickly weed out many sugar baby scams is to do a video chat early on. Legit sugar babies will be happy to do so – especially since this allows them to weed out fake sugar daddy scammers as well.

If It’s Too Good to Be True…

…it probably is. She’s a gorgeous fitness model who is everything you ever wanted in a sugar baby. Sweet, attentive, and innocent yet very sexually open to you. She readily agrees to everything you say you want in an arrangement. She’s the total package.

Her photo shoot schedule means that she often needs to cancel that first date that still has yet to happen. And her sponsors often pay late, which means she needs some financial help to tide her over. But she definitely wants an arrangement with you…soon.

The way that rinser sugar babies scam sugar daddies is by promising the world and posing as the perfect sugar baby. That’s the bait that’s used to hook you while she asks for money.

If a potential sugar baby seems too good to be true, there’s a 99.9% chance that it’s because her profile and pictures have been carefully curated to craft the perfect bait.

Wait for a Relationship

The most important way to protect yourself from sugar baby scams is to keep your cards close until there’s an actual relationship. Protect your personal information and your funds until then.

Everything else can be discussed and worked out once you’ve established trust and are in an established arrangement.

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