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Sugar Daddy Travel: How to Do It Right

Sugar daddy travel is one of the biggest perks of being a sugar baby. And it can take all sorts of forms. Weekend escapes to nearby towns. Business trips to foreign cities. Glitzy getaways to exotic beach resorts. Luxurious lounging around the most picturesque places in Europe.

And the best part about it is that they’re all-expenses paid. Some sugar daddies even go above and beyond and compensate you for your time, on top of the travel expenses.

What’s not to like?

Well, the truth is that sugar baby travel is not all fun and games.

After all, you still need to bring your A game. You need to be a fun, romantic travel companion. You need to make sure he’s having fun. You need to entertain yourself when he can’t. You need to make sure that you’re safe. And you need to do all this while looking as good as you always do at home.

Sounds like a tall task. But we’ve got sugar daddy travel tips that will make sure you both have the best time no matter where you go.

Different Types of Sugar Daddy Travel

The words ‘sugar daddy travel’ conjure up images of white sand beaches and five star resorts. But not all sugar daddy travel is the luxury vacation kind.

There are actually a few different types of sugar baby travel, such as:

  • Going to a different city to meet a potential sugar daddy
  • Traveling to meet a sugar daddy you already know in a different city
  • Accompanying a sugar daddy on a business trip
  • Taking a romantic weekend getaway to a nearby town
  • Going on a sugar daddy vacation to a destination you both decide on

Each of these types of sugar daddy travel come with their own set of benefits and complications. Here’s how to handle every kind!

Traveling to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy

There’s traveling with your sugar daddy and then there’s traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy. Keep in mind that the key word here is “potential.”

When you travel to meet a potential sugar daddy, there are risks that you can’t afford to take. That’s why we’ve written a whole article on what you need to know before you fly to a different city to meet a POT.

READ: Should I Travel to Meet a Potential Sugar Daddy?

Traveling to meet a potential sugar daddy doesn’t have to be dangerous.

If you take the necessary safety precautions, you can have your cake and eat it too. By that we mean an all-expense trip to a different city and an out-of-town sugar daddy.

Sugar Baby Travel Tips for Business Trips

Another popular type of sugar daddy travel is accompanying a sugar daddy on his business trips. Most sugar daddies are busy men who have to travel for work and can leave town for days at a time.

But this time, he fortunately asked you to come along! He says he’ll buy you your ticket, pay for hotel and food and even give you some spending money. An all expenses paid trip sounds like a dream come true.

So of course you’re going to say yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that all goes peachy smooth. After all, you do want more sugar daddy vacations with an “expense account,” right? Here’s what you need to know to play your cards right!

Be Present

Most of the time when your sugar daddy travels for work, he doesn’t have any acquaintances there other than his work mates. Or sometimes it’s a solo trip and he wants you there so he has someone to spend time with and not have to be alone.

Your sugar daddy brought you on this trip so he could also have some companionship while he is dealing with his business. Feel free to go do whatever you want while he’s busy at work but when it’s time for him to relax, you should be there for him.

And that’s the catch with these business trips.

Look the part

Figure out how to present yourself the best way to him and to his peers and co-workers. Your sugar daddy may have work events and possible parties to attend and will want you to come along to be his arm candy.

So figure out what kind of events these are and pack accordingly. Is this a themed party? For example, Black and white, Mardi Gras, 80’s, etc.

Also, figure out what dining places you’ll be steering towards too. Is your sugar daddy more of a dive bar guy, where you can wear relaxed street clothes, or does he like the finer things and you two will be eating at fancy 5 star locations?

Sugar Tip: If there are events you’ll be going to together – it’s a great opportunity to score an extra shopping trip or two 😉

Keep your schedule flexible

On a business trip, a sugar daddy’s schedule can fluctuate so be ready to adapt to his schedule. There will be possible work meetings during the day, events and parties at night, maybe he wants to meet for lunch and then has to go back to work.

Plan to work your schedule around his.

Always Add value

In the context of business trips, you can do this simply by looking for fun, pleasurable things to do together that your sugar daddy most likely doesn’t have the time to research for himself.

As much as the trip is for business, your sugar daddy also wants to have fun and feel like it’s not all about work.

That’s where you come in.

Discreet…or not?

Last but not least, how discreet will you two need to be, especially in public. Your sugar daddy may not want his work mates to know that he has a sugar baby and may want you to introduce yourself as a friend and physically act like friends, while back home you two weren’t afraid to hold hands or touch each other in public.

It could also be the other way around, maybe you two didn’t show PDA back home because it was back home and there was a fear of bumping into friends in public but now that you two are in a different city, the perspective of that might change.

Sit down and talk it out with him or get a feel for his body language when you start walking around the city with him.

Sugar Daddy Vacation Tips

And finally, here’s the one kind of sugar daddy travel that all sugar babies dream of: a sugar daddy vacation to a dream destination.

But as exciting as this is, there are a couple things you should keep in mind before you start packing that suitcase.

Be Ready for Lots of Quality time together

A sugar daddy vacation is a whole different beast from a sugar date.

Whereas on a regular evening sugar date back home, you may spend a couple hours with your sugar daddy – on a trip, you’ll be spending full days with him or at least most of the day with him. Every day.

Great news if you love the company of your sugar daddy since this time will bring you closer together. But not so great news if you can’t stand your sugar daddy (which is one of the reasons why we recommend waiting for a sugar daddy you actually really like).

Prioritize your priorities

You two are on a trip, more of a vacation for yourself but your sugar daddy didn’t spoil you with this trip so you can run off and live your own life.

In other words: you can’t play your own way the whole time. Your sugar daddy is still your top priority.

Do Your Part

One thing smart sugar babies do is to always be on the lookout to add value to their sugar daddies’ lives.

For example, find out what interests the both of you about the place you’re going to. Do you both like museums? Is there an attraction you want to see? A walk by the river? Food that you both want to try?

While your sugar daddy is busy booking the flights and accommodation, do your part to find sights and activities that you can enjoy together.

Spend at Least One Night Together

If you’ve never spent even one night together with your sugar daddy, try to do this before you embark on a sugar daddy vacation where you’ll be sharing a bed for days or even weeks.

Because chances are, one of both of you will discover some interesting habits. Think: snoring, tossing and turning, hogging the blankets, using you as a body pillow, being horny at 4AM, completely different wake up times, and so on.

Spending at least one night together before a longer trip lets you know what to expect. Which, in turn, allows you to prepare.

If they snore (or you do), pack earplugs. If they turn and toss like they’re dancing in bed, maybe get a room with separate beds. If they’re a blanket hog, remember to ask the hotel for an extra duvet. And so on.

In the worst case scenarios, you may be better off with your own rooms so that you can both be refreshed and happy throughout the vacation. It’s better to know what to expect and then plan accordingly than to ruin a great sugar relationship with a bad experience.

6 Essential Sugar Baby Travel Tips

Last but not least, we want to leave you with some essential sugar baby travel tips. These are the sugar baby travel tips that we’ve gleaned from years of accompanying sugar daddies on everything from overnight excursions to business trips to vacations abroad.

They apply to every situation and will help you no matter where you go with your sugar daddy.

Be High Maintenance to Be Low Maintenance

One of the best sugar baby travel tips we can give is this: do the prep work so that you can be effortlessly beautiful on the trip. Because a sugar daddy on vacation isn’t going to want to wait for hours while you doll yourself up in the bathroom.

This depends on what your usual beauty routine is, but before embarking on any sugar daddy travel, you might want to:

  • Get lashes done. Whether it’s a lash lift and tint or lash extensions, this drastically cuts down on time you need to invest to do eye makeup. Also, you wake up with perfect lashes.
  • Brow lamination. Eyebrows are so important and this keep your brows looking on point without any extra effort from you.
  • Facial. An extraction and exfoliation will slough off dead skin and keep you glowing for your sugar daddy vacation.
  • Main and pedi. Even if you’re not into actual polish, getting your nails trimmed, shaped, and buffed makes you look more polished overall.
  • Hair removal. Whether it’s a wax, threading or just topping up on laser hair removal, getting this done before you go is less stress and less things to do.
  • Hair care. You may not want to risk a new haircut right before a sugar daddy vacation but one smart thing you can do is a nourishing treatment.

With these ticked off before the trip, you’ll be looking good even when your sugar daddy rushes you out the door.

Have a Plan B

By the time you’re traveling with a sugar daddy, you probably know and trust each other. But it’s always a good idea to have a Plan B. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Keep your passport safe. This is the most important thing. Don’t just hand it over to your sugar daddy to take care of. If there’s a hotel safe, use it. Otherwise, find a safe place for it and know where it is at all times.
  • Emergency cash. Whatever you feel comfortable with. I personally carry a couple hundred dollars to tide me over in case anything happens. For example, I lose my phone or wallet or if the sugar daddy proves unreliable. Stash this somewhere discreet like inside a pad, in your journey, or in your makeup bag.
  • Backup card. Don’t carry around all your bank cards. Keep at least one somewhere safe like the lining of your suitcase.
  • Spare phone. There is nothing worse than losing your phone while on vacation. That’s your access to the rest of the world! If you have an old phone, bring that with you.

This isn’t about a lack of trust. It’s about making sure you’ll be safe and okay no matter what happens.

Be Prepared

People always forget to pack everything. But one thing you can’t afford to not pack is protection. Make sure you bring extra condoms (of the type and brand that your sugar daddy prefers). Extra birth control and any contraceptives you might be using is important too. It may not be as easy to get these things in the part of the world you’re going to so this is a travel essential.

Also note that feminine hygiene products aren’t always available in other parts of the world. Tampons, in particular, can be tricky to find in more religious or far-flung locations. Pack accordingly.

Logistics Matter

Logistics may not be the funnest topic to discuss as you prepare for a sugar daddy vacation but it is necessary.

For example, if you’re going to a European city and your sugar daddy is the only one who can drive a manual rental car, it makes sense for you to ask that your hotel be located city center so that you can get around without being totally dependent on him.

Your comfort level with each other matters too. Are you okay sharing one bathroom within the small confines of a hotel room? Consider whether you’d be happier in separate rooms especially if this is your first trip together.

Be On the Same Page…

…Or at least make sure you’ll be reading the same book.

It’s fun to talk about all the things you’ll do together when you’re on vacation. It’s also practical. Especially if you’ve never been away together before.

Ask your sugar daddy about things he usually likes to do on vacation. Maybe he loves museums and art galleries while you want to explore the local food scene. Research the best restaurants near museums and prepare to do a lot of walking by bringing comfortable shoes.

Tip: Having a pair of foldable flats that can fit in your purse is a godsend.

If your sugar daddy is more chilled and wants to have drinks by the pool bar all day while you’re looking forward to underwater adventure, choose a hotel that has snorkeling available right off the beach.

Whatever it is, make sure you have a chat about what it is you both love about vacationing. And then try to arrange accommodation and activities that suit you both.

Factor in Alone Time

A wise sugar baby will keep in mind the old adage: “familiarity breeds contempt.”

It’s actually why sugar relationships work so well. You spend quality time together and have plenty of time apart. You have all the intimacy of a romantic relationship without all the unpleasant trappings of the typical relationship. Which means he usually sees you at your best.

To maintain some semblance of the fun, carefree, gorgeous girl he usually knows – and not the grumpy-before-coffee monster who is the actual you – set aside alone time. It’s smart to discuss this with your sugar daddy beforehand.

You can say that you’ll be going to the gym in the mornings – at which point, you can also grab a coffee and scroll Instagram until you feel ready for the day. Or that you’ll be setting off to town to grab them a special treat.

Setting aside at least an hour or two a day for you both to reset and recharge is the best way to be connected without being overwhelmed.

And there you have it – everything you need to know to make sure every type of sugar daddy travel is a great time for you both. Got any more tips we missed? Share them in the comments!

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