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What Do Sugar Babies Look Like? It's Not What You Think

What do sugar babies look like? Between the brightly smiling blondes featured in sugar daddy advertisements and the younger-than-thou sugar babies profiled in the media, you might think you already know what a sugar baby looks like.

Or should look like.

If the media is to be believed, the average sugar baby is a polished, pretty, often bleached-blonde girl dressed to the nines in the latest designer clothes.

But in our experience, this is far from accurate.

Whereas that look might ring true for a few sugar babies, it is in no way representative of most of us.

What Does a Sugar Baby Look Like?

A sugar baby can look like a blonde goddess. She can also look like a sophisticated brunette. Or a shy redhead. She may be tattooed. Her hair could be dyed blue. A sugar baby may be model thin. Or she might be full-figured. She could be caucasian, black, Asian, middle eastern, Latina, Jewish or any combination.

There are hippie-dippie sugar babies. Athletic sugar babies. Scientist sugar babies. Student sugar babies. Mature sugar babies. And so on and so on.

As you can see, there is no standard sugar baby appearance. And that’s a mighty good thing.

Because sugar daddies represent a diverse population of men – men with various tastes and preferences when it comes to women. So what one sugar daddy finds “hot,” another sugar daddy might find “not.”

The only thing that sugar babies have in common is this: on average, they tend to be better looking than the general population.

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And overall, it is true that physical attractiveness is an important component in sugar dating. In fact, it’s an important component in any sort of dating dynamic.

But keep in mind how much variation there is in “normal” dating preferences. That’s true for the sugar world as well.

Am I Pretty Enough to Be a Sugar Baby?

Here’s an email we received recently:

I’ve joined all the sugar daddy sites and still can’t find a sugar daddy. I’m not sure if I’m sugar daddy material, maybe I’m not pretty enough to have a sugar daddy. I’m attracted to older men who are out of the boy stage and successful men drive me crazy! (in a good way) so I really want a sugar daddy but maybe I’m not pretty enough! Please help!”

Again, this is a popular sugar baby myth – that all sugar babies have to be gorgeous knockouts.

And it’s one that makes us laugh every time because, well – being a successful sugar baby is not about being pretty.

Of course, we’d be lying if we said looks didn’t factor into. Looks do matter. If you don’t have teeth or you don’t take good care of yourself, it’s going to be difficult to get your feet in the door.

But we don’t think that’s the case for the majority of you. Has a man ever asked you out? Has a man ever stared at you? Has a man ever called you pretty?

Okay, good. You’re pretty enough.

And “pretty enough” will get you far in the sugar world – if you know how to use your personality.

‘Cause ultimately that’s what counts. You see, pretty is nice to look at and all – but it’s also very relative. Ever met a guy you didn’t think was that cute but he made you feel so comfortable around him and got you laughing like you were a kid again and listened to your opinions like they were the only things that mattered?

Didn’t that guy start looking cuter and cuter the more you got to know him?

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It works the same with sugar daddies. They may only rate you a 6 if they saw you walking down the street. But the very fact that you’re a girl who’s hanging on his every word, laughing at his jokes, flirting with him and smiling at him in that way that only you can – that’s the sort of stuff that’ll upgrade you from a 6 to a 9.

Am I Too Told to Be a Sugar Baby?

There are several societal misconceptions about the sugar dating dynamic. The most widespread – and perhaps also the most wrong – of these misunderstandings is that sugar daddies are only interested in hot, younger women.

And there is a shred of truth there. Many men do like younger women. And the vast majority of sugar babies tend to be women in their 20s. But does that mean that you don’t stand a chance if you’re older?

Not at all. Sugar daddies come in a wide range of ages. And they all have their preferences.

That means there are successful sugar babies who are in their 30s, like Caitlin, aka Plain Jane and Margo, aka The Old Sugar Baby. The 40s isn’t unusual either, as you’ll see with Steffi, aka The German Sugar Baby. There are even sugar babies who are in their 50s, like Hattie, aka The Mature Babe.

Just because it’s more rare, doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. There are plenty of older sugar babies out there. Don’t let age dissuade you from the sugar world.

Sugar Baby Appearance Isn’t Everything

Some sugar daddies may be simply looking for knock-outs that can be arm candy. But many others prefer a sugar baby that can make them laugh, or a sugar baby who makes them feel understood. Many times, sugar daddies are looking for a sugar baby who can offer something that is missing in their lives.

You don’t have to be a knock-out, you just have to find a sugar daddy who’s looking for what you have to offer. And that often goes deeper than what you look like.

Don’t underestimate the power of human connection – it goes far beyond mere attraction to looks. Your looks might get him to click on your profile, your looks might get him to talk to you. But it’s your personality and how it makes him feel that’s going to keep him wanting to talk to you and provide an allowance to make you happy.

So ditch the belief that there is such a thing as the “perfect sugar baby” and focus on knowing what you have to offer.

What Every Sugar Baby Should Know

Here’s something that every sugar baby should know: Men think you’re prettier than you think you are. And if they don’t, they can be fooled into thinking so.

If you’re a somewhat decent-looking girl, you probably have an assessment of your looks that you are right now comparing to the looks of so-and-so model or so-and-so gorgeous acquaintance. By comparison, you don’t feel so hot.

Well, guess what?

Most sugar daddies don’t spend their days flipping through the pages of Cosmo. They’re also too busy with work to go frolicking around with models all day. The simple fact that you’re an attractive woman makes you beautiful. Add to this the fact that you’re an attractive who is having dinner with them and interested in what they say, makes you the most gorgeous woman they know.

In addition, you have to remember that men are human. And all humans are susceptible to a herd mentality: We believe what other people believe.

That is why, in America, as the media broadcasts images of models and underweight actresses, we believe thin is the epitome of beauty. In Mauritania, however, girls force-feed themselves to attain the ideal fatness their men like.

What all this means for you is that men will judge your beauty by how other people judge your beauty. And the primary way he can do that is by observing how attractive you seem to believe yourself to be.

Have an unshakeable belief in your own attractiveness, and he’ll believe it too.

Confidence vs Sugar Baby Looks

Contrary to popular belief, the most successful sugar babies are not necessarily the best looking sugar babies. Yet, they manage to find themselves in the most beneficial arrangements.

Other sugar babies, however, seem to try harder than most but still have no luck in attracting even one quality sugar daddy.

What’s the difference between these two types of sugar babies?

It’s easy to chalk it up to location or looks, but if you zoom in for a closer inspection, the difference isn’t due to such arbitrary factors.

It comes down to something that you have total control over: your confidence.

The most successful sugar babies are able to attract the highest quality sugar daddies because they remain confident in their desirability. They know what they have to offer and know that there are plenty of men who would be more than appreciative.

A confident sugar baby knows that there will be more than enough quality sugar daddies for a girl like herself. Even in the beginning stages of the sugar daddy search, she remains secure enough in this knowledge to turn down offers from sugar daddies who aren’t quite right.

A sugar baby with low self-esteem, however, approaches sugar dating from the mindset that there are not enough sugar daddies who will want her as a sugar baby.

In her mind, she enhances the desirability of all the other sugar babies out there and diminishes what she herself has to offer.  The result: she will settle for the first sugar daddy who throws something her way.

Do you see the difference?

The first sugar baby values herself enough to reach for what she knows she wants while the second devalues herself enough to take the first thing that she comes across.

The Takeaway

The sugar search can be an arduous process. But the difference between whether it’ll be a success or not depends on one factor: your mindset.

So if you’re wondering if you’re pretty enough to be a sugar baby – you might want to start asking yourself another question instead: what do I offer and how can I enhance it?

Know what you have to offer. Emphasize it. Value it. Believe that you are a catch. And you’ll find a sugar daddy who believes it too.

7 thoughts on “What Do Sugar Babies Look Like? It's Not What You Think”

  1. I am in my early 50’s, am attractive, intelligent, fun and a nice woman. Would a Sugar Daddy be interested in me? I would be interested in being with a younger daddy and would state that in the profile as well.

    • I just started sugaring at 55, and I am successful. However, I do look younger, and I do not dress like I’m old. I do dress a little trendy at times, such as distressed jeans, but not over the top. I dress to meet my own style. I have a great job, and own my own home. I have a doctorate degree which tells men that I am educated and intelligent. Most men find this attractive. I get asked out by more younger men than older men. Some men are looking for the ” trophy” girlfriend. Most men are looking for intelligent older women in which they can actually have an intelligent conversation. Older women have less drama and more experience than younger women, especially in bed. Older women usually are more confident without being conceited than younger women. One extra bonus for older women is menopause. No surprise children and all that a child would entail. I have found that most men prefer a woman with a few curves, instead of a stick straight body.
      I’m telling all of this to let older women know that they are not to old to sugar.
      The only people who think that older women are to old to sugar are young women with little self confidence.

    • Not very nice, if she looks young then what does it matter? Im 34 and ppl tell me all the time I look like im 21 tops. I even have a rare disease, and when I use to be a prostitute and dont judge because being a sugar baby is a prostitute, you sell yourself for money. These johns treated me no different than any of the other girls.
      I say honey if you can strut it, do it and dont mind these haters


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