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What Does PPM Stand For? Pay Per Meet Deconstructed

What does PPM stand for? What is PPM in dating? If you’re wondering exactly how the pay per meet system works in the sugar world, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re going to deconstruct:

  • Exactly what PPM is and how Pay Per Meet works
  • The pros and cons of PPM vs a sugar baby allowance
  • The biggest pitfall of doing a Pay Per Meet
  • Exactly how to negotiate the best PPM for yourself

Because if there’s one thing all sugar babies can agree on, it’s this: we love the sugar. But when you get into the nitty gritty of how we prefer to get the sugar, opinions diverge.

And we’re not just talking about the many different ways you can receive your allowance but about the frequency.

As you may already know, the most popular ways for daddies to pay you are a Pay Per Meet (PPM) or an Allowance. And on the surface, the only difference between the two payment types seem to be the frequency.

But if you glance beneath the surface, you notice that there’s a lot more going on. So let’s break each of these down and take a look the pros and cons of both so you can choose the best one for you!

What Does PPM Stand For?

So what does PPM stand for? Well, PPM in the sugar world is certainly not ‘parts per million.’ And it has nothing to do with “planned preventative maintenance.”

In sugar terms, PPM stands for Pay Per Meet. And it means exactly what it says – you get paid every time you meet a sugar daddy. So naturally, you’ll agree in advance on the amount as well as how often you’ll be seeing each other. And then every time you meet up, you get some sugar!

Sounds nice and simple, right? It is. That’s actually one of its main perks and the reason why PPM is so popular in sugar arrangements. But that’s certainly not the only thing PPM has going for it…

What are the Pros of Pay Per Meet?

Pay Per Meet is a popular way for sugar daddies to pay sugar babies. But why? Here are the main perks of getting paid as a PPM sugar baby.

  • It’s instant. You get paid right away. The date ends, he hands you the money and you are on your way.
  • Quick money. On a similar note, if you’re a sugar baby who is strapped for cash, PPM allows you to start making money straight away.
  • Little risk for both parties. If a sugar daddy decides to disappear after a month of dates and promises, the sugar baby isn’t left sugar-less and feeling used. There’s also little risk for the sugar daddy, which is why many sugar daddies will insist on PPM, especially in the beginning. If the sugar baby turns out to be a “rinser,” the sugar daddy won’t have lost an entire month’s allowance.
  • Easier to try out. Similarly, if either of you finds that the sugar relationships isn’t working as well as you’d hoped, you can walk away without having wasted too much time or money.
  • Much easier to find. Finding a sugar daddy who agrees to PPM is usually easier than finding a sugar daddy willing to commit to a longer-term allowance. There are even Pay Per Meet websites specifically dedicated to this type of arrangement, which makes things even easier.
  • Negotiation is simpler. PPM is an easier amount to negotiate and easier to ask for a raise. Usually PPM is a lower amount (which is also its main drawback) so it’s easier to negotiate some numbers and it’s understandable to ask for a little more at the end of a month say for bills or rent that’s coming up.
  • Fun for sugar daddies. In general, sugar daddies enjoy this method of paying sugar babies. I’ve been on many dates and it seems like they really enjoy this method of payment, it saves them money and it’s less of a headache.
  • More free time. You’ll have more time to yourself, if he’s paying to see you every time, most likely he will not ask to see you every night or every other night. This could be once every week or once every other week.

Overall, Pay Per Meet sounds pretty good, right? But it’s not all roses and sugar, PPM has some real downsides as well…

What are the Cons of Pay Per Meet?

Pay Per Meet also comes with some very real drawbacks. Here are the main ones:

  • Less moolah. Like I said above, it will most likely be a lower amount in the few hundreds. Even if you explain your budget per month is in the couple thousands, sugar daddies do not want to fork over that much for seeing you one time.
  • Inconsistent. Consistent money is not guaranteed, maybe you’ve budgeted that if you do PPM once a week, it’ll be enough money for you. But plans have a way of falling through, sugar daddies get busy and may not be able to see you every week, so the money you saw last month may not be the same income you get next month.
  • Short-term. In general, PPM arrangements don’t last as long as an allowance arrangement. With a PPM, it gives him more freedom and he can easily leave if he only wanted some short term fun or if being a sugar daddy isn’t his thing anymore.
  • Bargaining. He may try to pull finances from you, like trying to negotiate the PPM rate by what you guys do. For example, a sugar daddy may try to lower the amount because he needs to get a hotel room when you meet. That may sound understandable because it is another expense but it’s an expense that you shouldn’t have to shoulder.
  • Pay Per Meet can become Pay to Play. This brings us to the main drawback of Pay Per Meet – it can be a slippery slope to sex work. Let’s delve into that further…

The Main Danger of Pay Per Meet

Because Pay Per Meet doesn’t require much money or commitment, it can attract sugar daddies who just want to meet you once or twice for sexual benefits.

Here’s an example: You meet a potential sugar daddy online. He wants to meet you for drinks and sex and he offers you a PPM of $xxx.

This is when a sugar relationship can cross that fine line into sex work.

A sugar daddy who offers PPM for sex is actually not asking for Pay Per Meet, he’s asking for Pay to Play. It’s straight up solicitation. And by agreeing to this, a sugar baby is crossing that line from a sugar baby to an escort.

We say this not because we’re knocking sex work – not at all. Instead, we’re trying to emphasize that Pay Per Meet is very different from Pay to Play.

Per Per Meet is a method of sugar daddies to pay sugar babies in smaller amounts, more frequently. But they are paying to be your benefactor, to support you in a mutually beneficial relationship that consists of companionship, emotional connection, and possibly, intimacy. In this case, a Pay Per Meet is just an allowance divided into meetings. This is not illegal.

Pay to Play is when the transaction of sex for money is the main goal. This actually does cross over into the territory of prostitution and in most states, it is illegal.

This is the main danger of Pay Per Meet. It can be a slippery slope. As a sugar baby, you need to make sure that you’re securing a PPM, not a Pay to Play, here are our tips on how to do that.

Tips on Doing Pay Per Meet

So how do you go about setting a Pay Per Meet arrangement without crossing over into escort territory? Here are a couple tips:

Sex happens organically. This is the biggest way to ensure the arrangement you agree to is, in fact, Pay Per Meet and not Pay to Play.

Both you and the sugar daddy should be on the same page that sex happens organically, when you are both ready, rather than something that is expected to happen on the first date.

It’s not all about sex. Another hallmark of a Pay Per Meet arrangement is that it’s not all about the sex. You should not feel pressured or expected to have sex each and every time you meet up.

A sugar relationship is first and foremost a relationship. Just as you don’t have sex every time you meet up with a boyfriend, it should not be a given for a sugar relationship. That is, unless you just can’t keep your hands off each other.

PPM only in the beginning. Pay Per Meet is a good way to ensure both parties are getting what they want in the initial stage of a sugar arrangement. But once you trust each other and know you’d like to continue on with a sugar relationship, you can segue into a monthly allowance.

PPM is great for short-term relationships but an allowance is better for longer-term sugar arrangements. Establish in the beginning how long you will do PPM before transitioning into an allowance.

Pay Per Meet Prices

Now you know what a Pay Per Meet arrangement is and how to procure a good one, you’re probably wondering: how much should I ask for?

Here’s how to find out.

What’s Your Location?

How much a sugar baby can expect heavily depends on where she lives. In bigger, more expensive cities, like NYC or San Francisco, PPM prices are higher. For example:

  • Low end: $200 – $400
  • Average: $500 – $700
  • High end: $1000 – $1500

On the other hand, if you’re in a smaller, less expensive city, PPM prices tend to be lower. For example:

  • Low end: $150 – $300
  • Average: $200 – $500
  • High end: $600 – $1000

Keep in mind that these ranges are general averages. Whether you ask for the lower end of the average or the higher end depends on a couple things, like…

What Kind of Meetings?

What is a reasonable PPM price really depends on what sort of meetings you’ll be having. Is it a platonic meetup involving dinner, drinks, and good conversation that lasts 2 to 3 hours? If so, the PPM amount will typically be on the lower range.

Is it a fairly standard sugar date where there’s dinner, drinks, banter, romantic time, intimacy, and so on over the course of 4 to 5 hours? Then, the PPM will typically be more.

If the meetings also consist of overnights and/or traveling, then again, you should expect PPM prices on the higher end.

How Often Will You Meet?

Once easy way to decide your PPM price is to come up with the monthly allowance you’d be comfortable with – i.e. all your living expenses times two – and then divide that amount per meet.

For example, let’s say you live in NYC and your baseline living expenses are $2500/month. Double that and you get $5000. If you’re going to be meeting twice a week, that is roughly 8 times a month. So you can divide $5000 by 8 to get $625 per meet.

Want to Test It?

If you’re curious exactly what sort of amount you’d be able to command for PPM, a quick, easy (and profitable) way to find out is to test it.

Here’s how: Sign up for What’s Your Price. This is a one-of-a-kind sugar dating website that lets you get paid from the very first date. Once you sign up as an Attractive member, you can accept dates from Generous members who will bid anywhere from $50 to $500 for a first date with you.

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Keep in mind, though, that the dates you’ll get on What’s Your Price are for platonic, first dates. So while they may be a fun way to see what you can get for dates, they are not the most accurate benchmark to set your PPM price for a more involved sugar relationship.

For example, perhaps you’ll be offered $200 for a What’s Your Price date. That doesn’t mean that should be your expectation for a PPM price that involves entire evenings and overnight stays.

Pay Per Meet vs Sugar Baby Allowance

We can’t discuss PPM without bringing up the other popular method of receiving sugar: the sugar baby allowance.

So let’s see how the two stack up. Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons of a sugar baby allowance.

What are the Pros of a Sugar Baby Allowance?

Here are the main perks of a sugar baby allowance. Read through them and see how they compare with PPM.

  • Consistent. It’s like a paycheck, you spend time and have fun for a living and you get an amount in your bank at the end of every couple of weeks. Yay!
  • Can be more moolah. There is often a higher range with allowance than there is with PPM arrangements. So it could be the case that you get a bigger dollar amount. Like I said above, you get something in the hundreds for a date, whereas an allowance is something you two agree on a set amount for a whole month. This could be somewhere near the thousands or few thousands depending on how generous he is.
  • There are usually extras included. On top the allowance there may be some unplanned bonuses, like he could decide to go on a vacation or business trip and ask you to come along, on top of getting your monthly allowance you also get to travel a little bit.
  • Investment. Most sugar daddies who offer a bi-weekly or monthly allowance aren’t looking for a short-term thing – they usually plan to stick around for awhile. As such, they’ll be more invested in you, your life and your goals.

But of course, as great as sugar baby allowances are, they also have their warts…

What are the Cons of a Sugar Baby Allowance?

Of course, a sugar baby allowance isn’t all sunshine and dollar signs. There are some drawbacks as well…

  • Scary to ask. It can be a little intimidating asking for such a big amount. Especially since you’ve probably been on dates where the sugar daddy shares how turned off he’s been by the big amounts sugar babies are asking for. So it’s understandable it can be scary asking for a big amount upfront.
  • More time. We’re not sure why but Allowance Daddies can be needier. Remember that you agreed on an amount you’ll get for a set time, not getting paid each time you see him. Because he’s paying you a lump sum, he could ask for more companionship, for example maybe he wants to be texting you all day, phone calls every now and then. One week he could be wanting to see you twice and the next week he wants to see you five times. Remember you are getting paid the same no matter how much time you spend with him.
  • One man show. The main drawback to a sugar baby allowance is that they tend to take up a lot more of your time and energy, which means that unlike with PPM, it can be a real challenge to juggle more than one at a time. That, of course, means you could left in the lurch if your Allowance Daddy suddenly becomes a Poof Daddy.

Overall, if you can score a reliable sugar baby allowance, life is pretty good. There’s no need to arrange several dates with several sugar daddies – you just focus on one and the sugar keeps rolling in on a consistent basis.

That being said, the lifestyle that this payment type allows can also come with risks. Which is why we highly recommend that sugar babies keep their job, save up at least a couple month’s of living expenses in an emergency fund, and always get the allowance upfront.

Is Pay Per Meet Worth It?

There’s good reason why Pay Per Meet is currently the most popular way sugar babies get paid these days. It’s simple, instant, and poses very little risk for both parties.

You’re guaranteed to get sugar each and every time you meet up with your sugar daddy. It’s easy on his end as well, since it doesn’t require a large upfront investment or long commitments. And thanks to this lower bar for entry, you’re likely to find more sugar daddies who are willing to spring for this.

That makes it a pretty sweet payment option when you’re first getting started sugaring and want some sugar quick and easy.

The downside, of course, is that it doesn’t require much money or commitment – which can attract short-term minded, bargain hunting sugar daddies. Which is less the case when it comes to Allowance arrangements.

As you can see there are both benefits and risks with both forms of payment. What you choose is entirely up to you.

Some sugar babies, like Noelle, aka The Different One, have always gone with Pay Per Meet. There’s less strings and either person can easily agree to part if things aren’t working out.

Other sugar babies, like Caitlin, aka Plain Jane, definitely prefer allowance. It may take longer to snag an Allowance Daddy but she’s found that once a sugar daddy is in – he’s in for a long time and even after the arrangement, you’ll have built a connection that lasts.

Either way, talk it out with your sugar daddy and figure out what works with you and what works with your potential sugar daddy. He may lean towards a PPM more but it doesn’t hurt to ask for an allowance and negotiate around that.

Also keep in mind that PPM and allowance are not mutually exclusive – you can do both! It’s good to play it safe in the beginning and do PPM and talk to him about if the arrangement goes well and there is enough trust built, you two could move to an allowance instead.

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