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How Old are Sugar Daddies? The Truth About Sugar Daddy Age

How old are sugar daddies? Is there an age limit for sugar babies? If you’re wondering these questions, you’re certainly not alone.

One of the aspects of sugar relationships that people are most curious about is the age difference. The assumption is that there always needs to be one. But is that true? Let’s see how the statistics actually look.

How Old are Sugar Daddies?

Most people think sugar daddies are old, or at least much older than their sugar babies. It’s called sugar daddy for a reason, right? Well, turns out that’s not entirely true.

So how old are sugar daddies? Well, there’s no census data that tells you the average sugar daddy age range. So we did the next best thing and looked at the data available to us. Here’s what it says.

Seeking.com Says…

In 2018, the average sugar daddy on Seeking.com was 38 years old. As of 2020, that average sugar daddy age has increased to just 42 years old.

Even more interestingly, there are even more younger sugar daddies. Seeking reported that there are around 100,000 more sugar daddies in their 20s than there are sugar daddies in their 40s!

And there are even more 30-something sugar daddies on the site – reportedly close to 2 million in 2020.

Reddit Says…

We can’t survey every sugar daddy and sugar baby in the world to ask about their age difference. But we can turn to Reddit’s Sugar Lifestyle Forum. Here are some examples of the sugar daddy age difference found there:

  • 49-year-old sugar daddy, 28-year-old sugar baby (21 years)
  • 39-year-old sugar daddy, 27-year-old sugar baby (12 years)
  • 54-year-old sugar daddy, 29-year-old sugar baby (25 years)
  • 43-year-old sugar daddy, 30-year-old sugar baby (13 years)
  • 52-year-old sugar daddy, 19-year-old sugar baby (33 years)
  • 52-year-old sugar daddy, 44-year-old sugar baby (8 years)
  • 54-year-old sugar daddy, 23-year-old sugar baby (31 years)
  • 74-year-old sugar daddy, 23-year-old sugar baby (51 years)
  • 54-year-old sugar daddy, 21-year-old sugar baby (33 years)
  • 73-year-old sugar daddy, 22-year-old sugar baby (51 years)
  • 49-year-old sugar daddy, 21-year-old sugar baby (28 years)
  • 45-year-old sugar daddy, 22-year-old sugar baby (23 years)
  • 60-year-old sugar daddy, 23-year-old sugar baby (37 years)

As you can see, it’s a mixed bag. But you do notice a general trend when looking at the sugar daddy age and the sugar baby age difference. That is, the vast majority add up to around 20 to 30 years of age difference.

There are a few sugar daddies are only around a decade older than sugar babies as well as a few sugar daddies that are over 50 years older. But these are outliers on both ends and no as common as, say, a twenty-year age difference.

We Say…

The question of how old are sugar daddies is a tricky one. There is no age limit to being a sugar daddy. In theory, if you are over 18 years old and can afford a sugar baby – you can be a sugar daddy.

So in that sense, a sugar daddy can be anywhere from 18-years-old to still-alive-years-old.

That being said, in our humble experience, the vast majority of sugar daddies are in the 40 to 60 year old age bracket. This is because of a number of factors:

  • You acquire more money the older you get. The 40s and 50s are when men are making the most money. And the 60s are when people tend to have the highest net worth. It’s no surprise that sugar daddies are older – this is the age when most men can afford to have a sugar baby.
  • Middle age is a busy age. They say busyness peaks at 30, but in reality, the 40s and 50s are a prime busy age. Men are at the top of their careers and especially if they have families, they don’t have the time to seek out and woo the women they want. Offering financial benefits to the type of sugar babies they desire expedites the process.
  • Dating is easier when you’re young. Many sugar daddies seek sugar babies for all the benefits of a relationship without the commitment or baggage. This gets harder to find in vanilla dating the older you get as most women will want a partner to settle down with.
  • They know what they want. Older, more established men who have been there and done that know what they want and are willing to pay in order to have it. They understand the value of paying with money rather than time.

All in all, the 40s and 50s seem to be the golden age to be a sugar daddy. You’ll definitely find sugar daddies who are younger than 40 as well as sugar daddies who are older than 60. But the vast majority of sugar daddies fall in the 40 to 60-year-old age range.

Is There a Sugar baby Age Limit?

Now that you know how old sugar daddies are, you probably have another question: how old are sugar babies? And is there a sugar baby age limit?

The usual assumption is that sugar babies tend to be quite young – most people believe that the majority of sugar babies are between 18-years-old and 25-years-old. And that’s partly true. This is a popular age bracket for sugar babies, since many sugar babies are in university and looking for tuition assistance from sugar daddies.

But there are also sugar babies in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and even 50s. There are probably even sugar babies in their 60s, although we haven’t met any – yet.

The truth is that just like with sugar daddies, there is no sugar baby age limit.

Here’s how Redditors on Sugar Lifestyle Forum put it:

“As long as you are attractive and get male attention, there is no real age limit.”


“It’s more about your looks than your age. And realize that the age of the SDs will go up.”


“Many SDs are less concerned with the date of birth on your drivers license and more about how hot you are.”


“No limit. Every SD is different with different expectations. Yes, the twenty something SBs get most of the attention, older SBs are sometimes a lot better at being more engaging and expressing more personality.”


“No age limit, just depends on you as a person, how you take care of yourself, your mind set, appeal etc. i see profiles of SDs that set the age limits upper 50s so do your thing.”


As you can see, the overall consensus from sugar daddies themselves is that being a sugar baby is less about age and more about appearance.

That being said, there is a popular age range to be a sugar baby. One interesting study done by SugarDaddyMeet (one of the best sugar daddy websites) found that the vast majority of sugar daddies surveyed – as much as 67% – preferred sugar babies between 20 to 30 years old.

And that can translate to some pretty interesting age difference preferences…

How Much Older Does a Sugar daddy Have to Be?

There is no rule for how much older a sugar daddy has to be. There’s no rule that says a sugar daddy even has to be older than a sugar baby.

That being said, most sugar daddies are older than their sugar babies. But by how much?

The truth is that the ideal sugar daddy age difference is what the sugar daddy and the sugar baby are comfortable with. But in general, here’s what we know about preferences when it comes to the ideal sugar daddy age difference…

According to the study by SugarDaddyMeet…

  • 84% of sugar daddies in the 25 to 30 year old age bracket prefer to date sugar babies who are 1 to 4 years younger than themselves
  • 61% of sugar daddies in the 30 to 40 year old age bracket prefer to date sugar babies who are 5 to 11 years younger than themselves
  • The majority of sugar daddies in the 40 to 55 year old age bracket prefer to date sugar babies who are 10 to 20 years younger than themselves

As you can see, the results are consistent with the finding that the most popular age for sugar babies is between 20 to 30 years old.

So does that mean that you have no chance at being a sugar baby if you are 30+ years old? Again, not at all.

Here’s what several sugar daddy and sugar baby Redditors had to say about sugar baby age limits – or lack thereof:

“I’m sure some SDs would prefer to be seen in public with someone more age appropriate and may feel they have more in common with someone older and closer to their age.

Personally, I prefer to date someone I couldn’t Vanilla Date, so I lean towards 20 somethings, but I understand why some men would prefer someone older and closer to their own age.”


“I feel like I am hotter and more sexual than I was in my 30’s. I am not having any issues finding POT sugar daddy options at 43.”


“I’ve had relationships (pseudo arrangements) with women nearing 40. If we had particularly good chemistry and she was hot, I wouldn’t care her age. However, I do have to say that women in their early to mid 20’s are generally A LOT hotter than the vast majority of women over 40. However, if you are one of those rare hotties, it doesn’t matter your age. In fact, being a really hot older woman may be an advantage as they are rare.”


“Being a 59M, I don’t want to search below 30. It’s 34 where most women only begin to spark interest in me.”


“If you are pleasant, presentable, and personable, there is no age limit. I recently saw a pot SB on Seeking, Seattle area, who listed her age at 66. A good-looking, classy, woman. Had I not been in a relationship I would have messaged her.”


“I know of a sugar baby in her 50s — unmarried, but she’s absolutely killing the game. i promise you, age doesn’t matter x”


“Between 19 & 45, I guess. I used to have all these criteria and conditions, but the longer I do this the better I understand that age isn’t very important. It’s how we get along.”


As you can see, the ideal sugar daddy age difference is as varied as the sugar daddies (and babies) themselves. If a sugar baby who is 67-years-old finds a man who wants to be her sugar daddy – then she is a sugar baby. Age is not a prohibiting factor to being a sugar baby.

So Does Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby Age Matter?

To some extent, yes. There are general preferences. You will have more luck if you fall within the popular age for sugar babies (20 to 30 years old) or the popular age for sugar daddies (40 to 60 years old).

But in the sugar world, preferences are as wide-ranging as the sugar participants themselves.

In our experience, the old adage that age is just a number is true in the sugar world too. Sure, there are sugar daddies looking for sugar babies who are much, much younger. And there are sugar babies who are interested in dating sugar daddies old enough to be their father (or grandfather).

But the vast majority of sugar relationships are somewhere in between. The key is to find a sugar daddy or sugar baby that you get on with – and age isn’t the most important factor.

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