Our Experience With and Review of Sugardaddyforme.com

By Caitlin


There are multitudes of sugar dating websites out there but only a few are actually worth your time.

One of these sites is Sugardaddyforme.com. It’s one of the oldest sugar dating websites around and as such, the site is established and huge – with over 4 million members (and growing!).

It is, of course, completely free for sugar babies.

sugar daddy for me review

The one thing you must know about Sugar Daddy for Me is this: it’s biggest advantage can also be a disadvantage.

Here’s what we mean: Sugar Daddy for Me has a huge member base of sugar daddies, which is both a good and a bad thing. There are tons of men signing up for this site every day and some of them are real sugar daddies…but some of them are not.

There is wheat on this site, but there is also a lot of chaff and you’ll have to spend the time to really separate the wheat from the chaff on this site.

The large member base also means there are a lot of sugar babies on Sugar Daddy for Me. It’s free and anyone can sign up so expect massive sugar baby competition on this site. If you really wish to avoid being lost in a sea of sugar babies (some active, some not), we highly recommend SugarDaddie.com – it’s paid for both sugar daddies and sugar babies and has a strikingly low number of spammy, outdated, and fake profiles.

That being said, Sugar Daddy for Me is still one of our favorite sites for one main reason: It has proved the best site to find Allowance Daddies.

Perhaps it’s because of the huge quantity of men on this site, but it’s proved by far the easiest website to find sugar daddies who are eager to set up an allowance-based arrangement.

One of us, Caitlin, tested this website over the course of three weeks, during which time she emailed and chatted with around two dozen sugar daddies on this site.

Here’s what she found:

Take advantage of the site while you’re on it if you want to have success. Making a profile is just the beginning. You see, most free sugar dating sites feature new sugar babies which is why you’ll get barraged by interested emails in the first couple of days. But in a week or so, the number of messages you receive decline drastically.

Prevent this from happening by both “Featuring” your profile and proactively messaging promising sugar daddies. On top of this, take full advantage of Sugar Daddy for Me’s Instant Messaging service. It’s awesome. Keep yourself logged on when you’re surfing the Internet and sugar daddies who are logged on will message you.

Caitlin met several potential sugar daddies through the IM service, one of which she entered into an arrangement with (see below).

There are a lot of sugar daddies…and sugar daddy wannabes on this site. She corresponded with around two dozen potential sugar daddies. Of these, she ended up talking on the phone with around a dozen. She vetted these even further and ended up going on dates with four potential sugar daddies. All of the first dates went incredibly well. In detail…

1. The first date was with a retired lawyer in his early 50s who was obviously well-off and looking for some fun, but he had never had an arrangement before and seemed more intent on going on first dates with fun sugar babies instead of actually getting into an arrangement. Pass.

2. The second date was with a businessman also in his early 50s. He was a genuinely sweet man but he traveled immensely and it took nearly 2 weeks to arrange a first date with him. He showed massive interest in an arrangement and wanted to talk further about the terms…but his work took him away again. Phone conversations were had and since Caitlin wanted some assurance that an arrangement would take place, she suggested a gift. He agreed. He never followed through. Pass.

3. The third date was completely unexpected – he IM-ed her and she uncharacteristically agreed to a super casual first date at a local restaurant (within an hour). The potential sugar daddy was only in his early 30s and Caitlin was dubious about his sugar daddy cred, but still curious. An hour into the first date, he asked her what it’d take for him to have her as his sugar baby. She said they could discuss the terms after the first date. At the end of the date, he gave her a small gift of a few hundred dollars for her time.

Over the phone, Caitlin let him know her allowance range. He readily agreed. They arranged to meet again sometime in the coming week to work out the details.

4. But then the fourth date happened. Although she’d already had an offer, Caitlin wanted to meet this fourth potential sugar daddy. He was an entrepreneur in his early 40s, extremely easy-going, and there was a great dynamic from the very first conversation.

They made dinner plans – her choice of restaurant – and they had a great time. He called immediately after the date to ask for her allowance range. For him, she asked for $4,500. He readily agreed. And he showed up the next day to hand her the full amount on a pre-paid card. Needless to say, he became her sugar daddy.

I’ve had similar experiences to Caitlin’s. Sugar Daddy for Me has a huge number of sugar daddies (and sugar daddy wannabes).

I’ve met both through this site.

It does take time to search through the chaff and find the wheat, but overall, Sugar Daddy for Me has had the highest percentage of sugar daddies who have agreed to an allowance-based arrangement.

As such, we’d recommend this site as the go-to place for sugar babies looking for an Allowance Daddy.

Try it today, if you aren’t already on it – it’s free đŸ™‚

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Kimmy September 29, 2014

This site is not fully FREE. You can sign up for Free but you can not reply to any SD without Upgrading to a paid membership. This should be clearly stated.

    Bleh April 4, 2017

    I know! I signed up thinking the same thing that it was free only to see that you have to pay to even message people back? Why did they not state this? Annoyed…


[…] She’s been emailing back and forth with a few potentials on both Seeking Arrangement and Sugar Daddy for Me. She’s going on dates. And she’s having […]

Johnetta March 10, 2015

It’s good to get a fresh way of loniokg at it.

gajanan March 15, 2015

I like sugar daddy Web please call me

Layla Rose May 24, 2016

This site is not fully free for sugar babies at all. It told me that I had to get a free trial in order to do anything. This is wholly unfair. I don’t think sugar babies should have to pay at all. Also this info needs to be updated on these advice blogs.

Terrilyn August 4, 2016

This site is definitely not free. Sugardaddie.com give you a month for 10 dollars then after that it’s full price. A 3day trial is not worth the time because you will have to be careful who you think os the real sugar daddy verses the fake one’s.

    Heather November 27, 2016

    You click on the message not his name you can reply to men that pay. Trust me I have over 100 messages and I’ve replied to some.Thanks Olivia ???

toni February 27, 2017

Your article states it is free for sugar babies… it is not…

    Caitlin March 19, 2017

    Hi Toni, no dating website is really entirely free – even the typical “free” ones like POF and OKC offers upgraded options. What we mean is that it’s free for a sugar baby to use to interact with, message, meet up with and overall, find a sugar daddy, which is pretty darn good. I, as well as several other sugar babies have used this site successfully – for free – to find sugar daddies (and meet a lot of POTs in the process :)). Of course, upgrading can help get more attention, etc., but it’s not really necessary. Hope that helps!

      Christine March 28, 2017

      I have found some real sugar and some Splenda if you will. They all seem to give phone numbers on first contact. Pull you from the site.
      It is free for sugar babies to communicate to full member sugar daddies.
      Some have me concerned as I was asked to get an iTunes gift card to unlock money to be sent western union. Before ever meeting. Strange.

        Bleh April 4, 2017

        That is strange. I have talked to 2 SDS that I think are frauds today. Both asked me to give them my bank information so they could send me money before we had even met. The first guy asked for my bank info so he could send me 300 dollars today. I told him he could send it to my Paypal and he refused. The second guy asked for my bank info so he could add me to his pay roll. I told him he could send to my Paypal, Western Union or Walmart but I wouldn’t give my bank info. He never replied. Am I the one in the wrong here or am I right about not giving my banking info?

          Tashna May 29, 2017

          You are so right. They’ll deposit other people checks in your account. I got scammed like that before from a girl. I was just talking to a few and 2 of them asked me who do I bank with and how long I’ve been banking there. It’s a scam. It will get your account closed and you won’t be able to open 1 anytime soon. If they can’t use PayPal or western union, don’t ever give them your bank info.

      Bleh April 4, 2017

      No, I signed up today and it stated I couldn’t even message men back unless I paid. I don’t have any money, that is the reason I am on the site in the first place. What good is it if I can’t even message people back?

      Stephanie August 4, 2017

      If it’s free for sugar babies how come I can’t reply to messages without having to pay? ??

Alisa March 9, 2017

I am a sugar baby,I like making relationship with sugar daddies!

    John August 27, 2017

    Text me 626 415 80one nine lets set up an arrangement

      Jasmine January 9, 2018

      Hi hun still looking for an arrangement ?

Bleh April 4, 2017

I want other people’s opinions. I’ve talked with a few different SDS the past few days. 2 different men told me they’d send me money before ever meeting, except they want my bank info. The first guy told me he’d send me 300 dollars today if I gave him my bank info. I told him he could send to my Paypal instead and he said he couldnt. The other guy said he wanted to be my SD and told me he needed my bank info to be put on his payroll. I told him he could send to my Paypal instead or send Western Union or Walmart. He didn’t reply.. my question.. am I right in not giving men my bank info? Is it a scam like I think it is or am I the one in the wrong? Can someone give me some advice about this?

    13 May 18, 2017

    Bleh, heck no you are not in the wrong! Those people who are asking for your bank info are trolling for suspect reasons such as stealing your identity. So KUDOS to you for NOT giving up any of your information! On the other hand, it sure seems to be quite competitive on the sugar daddy side of things, no? Do you ladies agree that there seems to be tons of Daddy’s, plenty to choose from?

    p.s. Alisa et al, looking for a sugar daddy are you? Well i am a laid back 40 something, never tried this sugar thing before but I might just try it out if it doesn’t require a ton of work getting to that point. If any of you young ladies would like to chat about things in further detail feel free to send me a msg at caliwebman (at sign) gmail.

    Love, Light and Power!

      Jasmine January 9, 2018

      Hi hun are you still seeking an arrangement?

Crow July 14, 2017

I tried signing up for Sugar Daddy For Me but as a Baby you only get like 3 days free trial before having to pay for it.

Jenny July 16, 2017

I don’t know when you signed up, but I just tried to yesterday. Creating a profile is still free, but you can no longer read messages or send messages without paying a fee first.

Peaches January 8, 2018

i have questions because i signed up for the website and i got messages immediate and we communicated but they all wanted me to buy a OneVanilla card from Walmart and the website said this card is not re-loadable. i feel like i was being scammed and when i called them out on it. they would lie. i do my research because they was all eager to send me money but wouldn’t send to Walmart or the actual re-loadable MyVanilla card. i’m hoping i am doing the right thing i want a sugardaddy but i don’t want to be scammed or lied 2. and if i cant received the money the way i want i shouldn’t do it right? what is the best way to receive money from a sugardaddy

jc February 28, 2018

im on this site and it wont let me upload pictures and had over 100 inboxes and they all appear to be scams, sad part i am a paid member for sugarbaby

cayray July 24, 2018

Sugar Daddy for me is no longer free

Jocelyn Crowe August 6, 2018

This site is not free for sugar babies. I went through all the signup for it, and STILL got asked for a card. False advertising.

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