The Most Important Question a Sugar Baby Must Answer BEFORE Finding a Sugar Daddy

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” – Lewis Carroll

I recently spoke to an aspiring sugar baby. She’s been emailing back and forth with a few potentials on both Seeking Arrangement and Sugar Daddy for Me. She’s going on dates. And she’s having fun.

Good, good, and very good.

The problem was that she was having a little too much fun. So much fun that she was giving a LOT of her time to a Gift Daddy, i.e. a man who offers to wine and dine you and give you little gifts in lieu of allowance.

She was even considering taking that Gift Daddy on as her full-time sugar daddy. Why not? she reasoned. After all, he is spoiling her. What does she have to lose?

This is such a familiar situation for aspiring sugar babies but it still gets me riled up each and every time I hear something similar.Why?

Let’s be perfectly real here. I’m going to guess that you are a young, cute, fun woman. And as a young, cute, fun woman myself, I know that there is no shortage of men who want a piece of your time and attention. But what you must remember is that most men – sugar daddies or not – are willing to pay for that in dinners, gifts, travels, and little trinkets.

If what you’re looking for is simply fun and good times with a man you’re compatible with – there is no reason to confine yourself to sugar daddies. The entire world of men is available to you. Many sugar babies seem to forget how wide and varied their options are when it comes to dating men just for fun.

But fun is not the main reason you’re sugar dating, is it? I think it’s fair to assume that you entered the sugar world for a reason, a goal. Maybe you wanted to be able to save more money. Maybe it was a higher quality of life you were after. Maybe you wanted to have your education paid for in full.

Whatever the goal – having fun while attaining that goal is great, but losing sight of your goal because you’re having fun? Not smart.

This brings us back to the question posed by my aspiring sugar baby friend – What does she have to lose?

Her time. And that is the most valuable thing any one of us can claim to possess.

Most of you reading this are somewhere in your 20s. And speaking as someone who is nearing the end of her 20s, I have to say that the 20s are amazingly vibrant, experimental, and formative years. Do not waste them for anyone else’s benefit. Make the most of these years to get what you want.

Your time – your youth – is valuable.

How valuable?

So valuable that Warren Buffet – the richest man in the world – while speaking to the graduating class of The Fuqua School of Business said, “You know what? I’d trade places with anyone of you… right now.” Felix Dennis – one of the UK’s richest men – says he’d make the same exchange and whoever would take his offer would be getting the short end of the stick.

That brings us to the most important question a sugar baby must answer before she finds a sugar daddy: What do you want out of a sugar relationship?

The bottom line is simply: Make sure you know what you want.  And when you’re choosing a sugar daddy, ask yourself the question: Is he going to further your goals or is he not?

That’s all for today.

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  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement. It’s so easy to get discouraged due to salt daddys. I needed the uplifting words- we all have to value ourselves.


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