5 Common Mistakes Aspiring Sugar Babies Make (And How to Avoid Them)

By Caitlin


The beginning of every potential sugar relationship is exciting, yet delicate, terrain. And knowing how to navigate is crucial to sugar baby success.

Here are 5 common pitfalls that aspiring sugar babies fall into. Spot them early and avoid them for smooth sugar baby sailing.

Sugar Baby Pitfall #1. Delivering Before Receiving

This one is #1 on this list for a reason: It’s a common and often fatal pitfall.

Many aspiring sugar babies start corresponding with a potential sugar daddy and almost immediately…start giving him what he wants.

In hopes of eventually getting into an arrangement with that potential sugar daddy, the aspiring sugar baby is at his beck and call. She picks up his phone calls and lets him talk as long as he wants. She primps and polishes herself to meet him whenever he asks to see her. She might even sleep with the potential sugar daddy.

This is a big mistake.

Knowing what your sugar daddy needs and being able to give it to him is an important sugar baby skill. BUT it’s a skill that’s only to be used on sugar daddies you are actually in an arrangement with.

A potential sugar daddy is not your sugar daddy. You owe him nothing. He is just another guy before you’re in an arrangement with him. And until then – you should remain barely available to him. Politely cut short phone conversations. Decline frequent dates. Your time is not free. Don’t make him think it is.

Ultimately: Figure out what he wants and needs. But don’t give it to him until you’ve gotten what you want and need first.

Sugar Baby Pitfall #2. All the Eggs Go in One Basket

This is such a common, yet avoidable, mistake made by aspiring sugar babies and we cannot emphasize enough the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket.

Cast a wide net and do not stop contacting, meeting, building up relationships with potential sugar daddies until you’ve found yourself a great arrangement.

A potential sugar daddy is just that: potential. No matter how promising he seems, do not abandon your search to pursue just one potential. Always keep your options wide, wide open by keeping your profile active on the best sugar daddy sites and never stop building relationships with new potentials!

Sugar Baby Pitfall #3. Not Knowing When to Cut a POT Loose

If you’ve been on multiple dates with a potential sugar daddy who isn’t giving you what you want – it’s high time to cut him loose.

In our experience, if a potential sugar daddy is not suggesting an arrangement by the second date – he most likely won’t. Ever. (Note: The second date rule is not always the case)

He might be interested in you – certainly enough to keep getting value from you without returning any in return – but he’s not interested enough to snatch you up before another sugar daddy will. He is content to just keep on wasting your valuable time.

The only time you should keep these men around is when and if they’re offering you fabulously valuable stock tips or something or the like that makes it worth your while. Sure, that may sound calculating but hey, a sugar relationship is a mutually beneficial one. Don’t continue meeting a man who’s not fulfilling his part of the deal.

Sugar Baby Pitfall #4. Not Defining Your Terms

The beginning of a sugar relationship is a super important time for defining your terms.

This is something that must be done from the get-go.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that everything will sort itself out or that you’ll start asserting your terms once the arrangement is in progress.

If you’re looking for a set allowance of $x,xxx every month – let your sugar daddy know and do not proceed with the arrangement until he’s clear with the terms. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked by sugar daddies offering only gifts when you’re looking for allowance.

If your apartment is going to be off-limits, let him know early on. If you need to travel to see him and want accommodations and all travel expenses covered apart from your allowance, let him know.

Know your terms and make sure he does too before the arrangement begins.

Sugar Baby Pitfall #5. Selling Yourself Short

This is the one mistake we wish all sugar babies can avoid. Because it’s silly. And it’s easily avoidable.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: An allowance is not a handout. You’re simply receiving compensation for the many services you’re providing.

So why should you sell yourself short?

Don’t fear coming off greedy or selfish. Since when is it greedy or selfish to ask for what you’re due?

Most sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen. They will give you less than they know you’re worth…if you let them. When a sugar daddy asks you what you would like, he’s also assessing what you think your value is. Make sure you set your value.

Ask for what you want.

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Mya September 30, 2015

You are a very creative and positive writer. These tips are detrimental to Suger Dating. The way you explain everything is very clear cut. I appreciate that.

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