How to Find a Sugar Daddy in 10 Strategic Steps

You want to know how to find a sugar daddy. Welcome to the club. I don’t know a single woman who would turn down a mutually beneficial relationship with a generous, attractive man. 

But where do you start?

As excited as you are to get a little (or a lot) financial help in your life while meeting someone you click with, it can also be very scary and intimidating to jump into the sugar world.

That’s where we come in.

Here is the ultimate guide on how to find a sugar daddy. We’re going to show you the exact process to get a sugar daddy in 10 steps. That includes:

  • The best places to find sugar daddies
  • Secrets to increase your chance of success
  • Strategies to weed out bad and fake sugar daddies
  • Smart ways to have a continuous stream of potential SDs

It won’t be easy. If it was, everyone would have a sugar daddy – and yes, it does take work.

That being said, this process is smart, strategic, and very effective. Let’s dive in.

#1. Choose the Best Sugar Daddy Website

Sugar daddy websites are not the only place to find sugar daddies. There are mainstream dating sites, social media platforms, and even chatrooms.

Of course, the old-fashioned way of meeting people in real life works too. After all, capable sugar babies have been working their way into mutually beneficial relationships well before the Internet even existed.

But hey, this is 2023. And we have access to the best, easiest-to-use, most streamlined sugar daddy websites the world has ever seen. It’d be silly not to make use of them.

So what are the best websites to meet sugar daddies? Here are our favorites.

The biggest and the most popular sugar relationship website. Plus, it’s 100% free for sugar babies. It’ll cost you nothing to get access to millions of sugar daddies.

Not your standard sugar daddy website, but one that allows you to get paid from the very first date.

One of the oldest sugar dating websites and boasts the best platform. Sleek, sexy, and functional, it offers clever ways for you to interact with sugar daddies. And there are a lot of them online, with over 7 million members.

#2. Craft the Perfect Sugar Baby Profile

When it comes to finding a sugar daddy online, your profile is everything.

Your sugar baby profile is the first impression you make on any potential sugar daddies. It should set you apart from the competition and make a lasting impression.

Sugar daddy websites aren’t like mainstream dating websites where you’ll get plenty of attention just for being a young woman. The numbers are heavily skewed toward sugar daddies. One popular sugar site reports that there are 8 sugar babies for every 1 sugar daddy.

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Needless to say, this isn’t Tinder where you can get away with a one liner profile saying “Looking for a fun time.” Invest the time and energy into your sugar baby profile and it will pay off in spades.

#3. Find Lots of Sugar Daddies

The worst thing you can do as a first time sugar baby is to limit the range of sugar daddies you have access to.

Because here’s an underrated truth: success in sugar dating is hugely a numbers game. Simply, the more sugar daddies you interact with, the higher your chances of finding the perfect sugar arrangement.

How to Do It

To cast your net as wide as possible, do these two simple things:

  1. Sign up for each of the best sugar daddy dating websites. Many of them are 100% free for sugar babies so you have nothing to lose.
  1. Next, remember that awesome sugar baby profile you invested time and effort into creating? Use it to easily create a new profile on each of the sugar daddy websites you sign up for.

That’s it.

Why it’s a Great Idea

Pretty much all the sugar daddy websites charge the men. For this reason, most sugar daddies will sign up for just one sugar dating site and stick to it. But this doesn’t mean you have to – increase your access to every pool of sugar daddies possible by making sure you sign up for all the best sugar dating websites.

After all, why would you spend so much time writing the perfect profile for just one site when you can easily post it up to a few and double-triple-quadruple the number of sugar daddies you can reel in?

Note: Don’t go too overboard and register for a dozen websites at the same time. It’ll be a full-time job keeping track of them and a lot of sugar daddy dating sites aren’t that great.

Stick to just a few of the best ones – we cover the best ones here.

#4. Be Proactive in Messaging Sugar Daddies

If you want to find the ideal sugar daddy, you’re going to have to do the searching. Don’t just choose from the pool of men contacting you. Figure out what it is you want and go find him!

When you do find some that appeal to you, go ahead and write them first.

How to Do It

Be friendly and detailed in your message, don’t just send a low-effort “hey.” Point out the hobbies on his page that you thought were neat and relate it back to your life.

It shows that you actually took the time to read through his page and can appreciate what he’s into.

This active approach takes a little more time but is infinitely worth it. Here is your game plan, in short:

  • Spend at least an hour a day searching the sugar dating websites for sugar daddies who appeal to you.
  • Make the first move by contacting potential sugar daddies with a short, interesting email.
  • Keep both quality and quantity in mind: Plan to contact as many promising sugar daddies as possible in a short amount of time. Not all of them will reply. And not all of the ones who reply will work out. So the more, the merrier.

Why it’s a Great Idea

Sugar daddies are busy creatures. They often don’t have the time to browse through thousands of sugar baby profiles to find the diamond in the rough – you. If you want to catch your ideal sugar daddy, plan to do much of the searching yourself.

#5. Keep Track of Potential Sugar daddies

If you’ve done the previous steps right, you’re going to have a lot of potential sugar daddies. Your cup runneth over. And you’re going to need a method to keep track of them all.

Yup, it’s time to start organizing. And that may not sound all that exciting, but it is a must-do.

Because casting a wide net is super important but it is all in vain if you let the good fish slip through your fingers.

How to Do It

The best part is that keeping track of your potential sugar daddies is not that difficult to do.

Just keep a “Sugar Log”, a simple Microsoft Doc or Excel Spreadsheet that you can record all your potential sugar daddies on. You can make it look any way you want and add in whatever details are important to you.

Here is a rough example to help you get started:

You can add details like:

  • Name, username, profile links
  • Personal details
  • Contact information
  • When and where you met and when you talked on the phone
  • Their preferred arrangement details and allowance range
  • A “Notes” section

The “Notes” section is the most important since it allows you to write freely on everything you’ve observed about a potential sugar daddy. We’ve found it to be the most useful tool in the sugar search. You’d be surprised how much you can learn about a person from one date or even a phone conversation when you have to write about it afterwards.

The more detailed the “Notes” section, the easier it is to pass on unappealing sugar daddies and to keep track of promising sugar daddies. We’ve been surprised to see how accurate some of our first impressions of potential sugar daddies turned out to be.

Alan, the potential sugar daddy on the third row, has all his information crossed out because that’s an easy way to keep track of no-go sugar daddies without deleting their information (so you remember not to talk to them if you come across them again).

The notes on him turned out to be spot-on. He was anal, supremely self-involved, and mostly interested in dating a sugar baby who would hang on his every word and be very grateful for…dinner and his fantastic company. He was crossed out after the first date but continued to keep on calling for weeks, unable to understand how anyone could pass on him (this is why you should always have a Google voice number, ladies…)

Why It’s a Great Idea

Keeping track of all the potential sugar daddies you talk to lets you:

  • Weed out the undesirables and make sure you don’t mistakenly waste time on them in the future
  • Chart your progress with the sugar daddies who seem promising
  • Remember little details about each potential sugar daddy so you can build relationships with each promising potential sugar daddy…
  • …While at the same time, keeping your options way, way open so if one potential sugar daddy falls through, you still have a whole array of potential SDs to take his place

A well-kept “Sugar Log” can be the difference between a successful sugar search and a massive time sink.

Make one. Think of it as your little black sugar baby book. And no matter what – even if a potential sugar daddy seems so promising, he makes you want to ditch all the others – maintain your little black book.

Step #6. Have a phone conversation

We live in the age of emails, texting, IMs and DMs. So it’s little wonder that so many of us get nervous at the prospect of having a phone conversation with a potential sugar daddy.

Yet, it’s an essential step in finding a sugar daddy.

How to Do It

When you’ve exchanged a few messages with a potential sugar daddy, suggest a phone conversation. It can be as simple as:

  • “Can you hop on the phone for a bit? I’d love to hear what you sound like.”
  • “Want to chat on the phone? I’m free in xx minutes.”

Why It’s a Great Idea

E-mails and texts are not the best way of assessing personality and establishing connection. It’s best to talk to a potential sugar daddy one-on-one, preferably via telephone.

Even though it can be more time consuming than simply sending an e-mail, there’s no better way to instantly establish rapport and connection as well as to ascertain if this is something that might work. There’s nothing worse than getting all dolled up and sitting through dinner with someone you belatedly realize you can’t stand.

A quick conversation can end up saving you a lot of time if you discover that there is simply no chemistry or the potential sugar daddy gives off strange vibes.

Not to mention, suggesting a phone call lets you weed out potential scammers. Sugar daddy scammers are not who they say they are and don’t live where they say they live. A quick phone conversation can help you weed out these scammers before you waste more time on them.

Step #7. Do Your Research

Nobody thinks they’ll be doing due diligence when looking for a sugar daddy. But trust us – this is an essential step in finding the perfect sugar daddy.

Why It’s a Great Idea

The last thing you want to do while trying to find a sugar daddy is waste time on POTs that will lead nowhere. A little due diligence can allow you to get some useful information, like:

  • Social profiles
  • Address
  • Whether they own their home
  • Where they work
  • Criminal reports

You may also be able to find out if a potential sugar daddy is using a fake name or is employed in a position that can not possibly afford a sugar baby allowance.

A little research can save you a lot of time.

How to Do It

Research can really span the range, depending on what you have access to. You should already have their phone number and if they call you, their name should come up on your caller ID. Do a reverse phone check.

You can find out their full name (to do further Google research with, my dear), if they own property, if they have a family, etc.

In general, good old Google is often enough to get some basic details. Enter in a phone number or even a username to see if you can find out more about a potential sugar daddy’s background or sugar daddy credibility.

Step #8. Go On First Sugar Date(s)

Ah, the very first meeting with a potential sugar daddy. So full of possibilities, so laden with expectations.

Not to put more pressure on you, but the first date is important with a capital I. And you want to get as good as you possibly can at mastering the art of the first sugar date.

Why It’s a Great Idea

Because you will probably have to go on several of these before you find a worthy sugar daddy.

To do this? Plan to line up as many of these as possible with the sugar daddies who seem promising. After all, practice does make perfect.

If you’ve already spoken on the phone with the potential sugar daddy and verified that they are who they say they are, the only thing left to do is decide on a meeting place for your very first sugar date.

How to Do It

But where should you go? Anywhere you want. Just keep these safety precautions in mind:

  • Have your own ride. Whether it’s your car or an Uber, have your own transportation. It’s essential that you won’t have to be alone in a car with someone you don’t know or trust yet. Also, it’ll allow you to make a quick getaway if the potential sugar daddy turns out to be a bad egg.
  • Meet in a very public place. A cafe, a restaurant, a boardwalk – any place where there will be lots of people around. Avoid going to his hotel or anywhere private for the first date.

These safety measures are crucial because once you know you’re safe, then you can relax, get to know each other, and have fun.

Step #9. Don’t Be Coy About the Terms

It may be on the first sugar date. Or it may be on a phone call right afterwards. But at some point, you’re going to have to talk terms.

And this is something you can’t afford to be coy about.

Communicate as clearly as you can about what you need. The arrangement conversation isn’t for small talk and how great the weather is. It’s to get to know each other’s needs and wants and to see if both your personalities and interests mesh.

Ask him what he wants out of the arrangement:

  • How many times does he want to meet up? Every week? Twice a month?
  • Does he want phone calls and texts?
  • Does he only want to pay for dates and gifts and no allowance?
  • Does he want to stay in or always go out?

And let him know exactly what you want. We get it – it can be scary to ask someone for money. And so many first time sugar babies beat around the bush trying to not mention it because it’s an awkward subject to bring up.

But this is the main reason you’re looking for a sugar daddy! Don’t forget that.

A real sugar daddy wants to help you financially. So tell them the amount you’re looking for. Don’t be shy about it.

#10. Rinse and Repeat

Here’s the thing about finding a legit sugar daddy: it can take time. You can do all the previous steps perfectly and find yourself without a sugar daddy.

Does that mean it’s time to throw in the towel?

Hell no. The sugar daddy search is a journey and it will take time. Especially if you hold out for a worthwhile sugar daddy – you know, one you actually like being around.

All the happiness to you if you can find a sugar daddy right away that is perfect for you but the reality is that it will take a while.

Don’t give up. Keep searching. Continue going on dates. Don’t stop recording all your minute observations on your “Sugar Log.” And keep on growing and maintaining your list ’til you find yourself in an ongoing sugar arrangement with a sugar daddy you like.

Now go find yourself that perfect sugar daddy.

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  1. I stumbled across this website and I just read through a few of your posts. I’m left wondering…does this stuff really happen? I’ve seen the sugar baby stuff on TV and such, but I can’t believe that this works.
    Can anyone just become a sugar baby? I’m sort of a control freak and I’ve been called an alpha female a lot. Could someone like me find a sugar daddy or do you have to be the submissive type?

  2. Hi. I am really new to this and was starting a blog talking about my transition for ordinary into sugar baby. I loved this post about tracking and started doing it right away. I hope you don’t mind me linking to your page. If you do, let me know and I will not post it or take it down (post isn’t finished). I just think that step 2 is the most important. I was using word trying to make notes of things in profiles and stuff, but find your method much more concise. Thanks for the wonderful information here!


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