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How to Be a Successful Sugar Baby: The #1 Secret

It’s not enough to just be a sugar baby. No, you want to know how to be a successful sugar baby. One who is a master of the sugar game. A sugar baby who always has one exciting after another.

Sugar daddies seem to abound from every corner of the globe to be with these sugar babies. There is no shortage of men in their lives who’re offering them benefits. Money. Travel. Gifts. Spa days. All the perks of being a sugar baby are theirs for the taking.

Sounds good, right?

Almost too good to be true. But we’ve been in the sugar world long enough to know that this kind of successful sugar babies at the top of their game exist. So what exactly are they doing?

5 Things Successful Sugar Babies Do

The media likes to portray the world of sugar as one of sex, looks and money. And of course, all of that matters – just as it does in the “real” world.

But sugar relationships are so much more than that. In fact, they’re actually a lot like real life relationships in that personalities, emotional connection, and compatibility are key.

So if you want to know how to be a successful sugar baby, you need to and bring more than looks to the table.

Here are a couple things that the most successful sugar babies know how to do.

Be Discreet

Apart from shielding your own privacy, being discreet has the additional benefit of letting potential sugar daddies know that you’re a girl who can be trusted.

If you’ve been in other sugar relationships, refrain from talking in detail about the negative aspects. Don’t name drop. Definitely don’t trash talk past sugar daddies.

Portray yourself as a sensible sugar baby who can be trusted with his secrets and you’ll automatically be heads and shoulders above the rest.

Know How to Market Yourself

This is something that all smart marketers know. And make no mistake about it – you, as a sugar baby, are definitely marketing yourself. So make sure to do it right.

Why do people wait in line – often overnight – for Apple products while other brands have to offer discounts to get customers to buy?

It’s the perceived value – and it all comes down to how you market yourself.

One of the easiest ways to do this to draw in sugar daddies is to:

  • Invest the time to write a sugar baby bio that exudes positivity, personality and makes potential sugar daddies want to get to know you.

It may take more time than simply slapping up some selfies and calling it a day but that’s missing a prime opportunity to advertise yourself. And who do you want to show up as in the sugar world – an iPhone or a Nokia?

Take Care of your Body

A successful sugar baby is one who is in control of her body, mind, and emotions. And the easiest foundation for that is to exercise.

Whether it’s a regular yoga or pilates practice, lifting weights, running, cycling, or taking long walks – invest in taking care of your body. Not only does it keep you healthy, but exercise boosts all the happy hormones in the brain. So it’s a shortcut to better mental and emotional health as well.

A happy, energetic sugar baby who feels good about herself is not only more attractive, but inspires better treatment. Sugar daddies will notice that you respect yourself enough to take superb care of yourself and behave accordingly.

Learn about the world around you

Most sugar daddies are educated, cultured and well-versed in a variety of topics. So sometimes, conversations can segue from discussing the menu into history, world culture, current events, the price points of various varietals, spirituality and so on.

You don’t need to know everything about everything but take the time to educate yourself about the world. Especially the topics that your sugar daddy is interested in.

Give Him a Good ROI

Sugar daddies know they can always find another baby so they need to know they are investing their time and money into a baby that’s worth it. A sugar baby who is giving him a good Return On Investment, so to speak.

Many quality sugar daddies genuinely enjoy seeing the value he provides in your life. Value is not always something that you have to return to the sugar daddy. Instead, show him that you’re a sugar baby who is able to take the value that the sugar adds to her life to augment her own life. Be the kind of sugar baby who is going places and already has a clear direction, but just needed a little help.

By demonstrating how far you’ve come thanks to his help, you give him that gratifying feeling of an investment well made and money well spent. And sugar daddies are smart enough to know that you invest more into investments that perform well.

5 Things Successful Sugar Babies Don’t Do

If you want to be a successful sugar baby, the things you don’t do are as important as the things you do. Here’s a list of things that the most successful sugar babies know not to do.

Waste Time on Bad Sugar Daddies

The unfortunate truth is that in your sugar baby journey, you will come across some bad sugar daddies. Don’t get us wrong – most sugar daddies are nice, respectful people. But there are some bad apples among the bunch.

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There are the salt daddies who want sugar from you without giving you anything in return. The Splenda daddies who want a discount sugar daddy. And every sugar baby has experience at least one Poof Daddy – these are the jokers who promise you the world and then drop off the face of the universe.

But the worst by far, is coming into contact with abusive POTs who make you feel uncomfortable, unvalued and straight out crappy.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to continue to stay in these situations because you think there are no better options. The best thing you can do is to emotionally “brush that dirt off your shoulder.”

The most successful sugar babies aren’t successful because they never come across any bad sugar daddies. They’re successful because when they do, they just acknowledge that there are bad apples in the sugar game, block these jerks and move on to sugar daddies who have their sh*t together and know how to treat other people.

Make It All About the Money

Money obviously plays a part in the sugar world, but it’s never a good look to seem obsessed with it. Sugar daddies know they’re giving you financial benefits, they know you need money for rent or student loans or bills and they know that your ideal date is probably a trip to Chanel.

They know all of this but they still don’t want to feel like money is your only motivation. They want to go on dates and have fun without feeling like you’re just going through the motions.

Is there anything worse than spending time with someone who looks like they’d rather be anywhere else?

Successful sugar babies know that there are smart ways to ask for gifts or negotiate a better allowance without sounding greedy or demanding. And they know the quickest way to turn a sugar relationship sour is by treating their sugar daddy like an ATM.

Guilt Trip

Here’s one thing successful sugar babies know not to do. Ever. Do not guilt trip your sugar daddy.

The only things your sugar daddy is required to do for you are the things that he agreed to do – as well as treating you with respect and consideration. Commitment, calling you at certain times, even not cancelling appointments – these things are not.

Ditto for gifts and other luxuries. He may be in a better financial situation than you but he doesn’t owe you everything. He may have more money than you, but keep in mind that you’re a capable person a lot as well. You are both equals. Approach him from that position. He will both like and respect you more for it.

If you want something from him or you feel that he isn’t giving you something you need, sit down and calmly let him know. Be direct about it, but be sweet. Never guilt trip him. It won’t work – most sugar daddies are smart and very self-motivated – not the kind of people who can be emotionally guilt tripped. Approach him with rationale rather than guilty emotion.

Sell Yourself Short

This is the one mistake that successful sugar babies know not to make. We hope every sugar baby can avoid it. Because it’s silly. And it’s easily avoidable.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A sugar baby allowance is not a handout. You’re simply receiving compensation for the many services you’re providing.

So why should you sell yourself short?

Don’t fear coming off greedy or selfish. Since when is it greedy or selfish to ask for your part of the deal?

Most sugar daddies are shrewd businessmen. They will give you less than they know you’re worth…if you let them. When a sugar daddy asks you what you would like, he’s also assessing what you think your value is. Make sure you set your value.

Ask for what you want. And be ready to negotiate.

Become Complacent

This last one is a key point to not only keeping your sugar daddy interested, but keeping you interested in your life, the world, and yourself. Newfound sugar babies suddenly find themselves with a lot of time on their hands. Don’t whittle this time away just shopping, lounging, or chatting with your friends.

The most successful sugar babies use this time wisely to try new things, explore new options, give to the community, and learn more. Do everything you can to continuously be growing, learning, improving, experimenting, and thriving.

Pro tip: Share what you’re doing with your sugar daddy. Chances are, he’ll want to do even more for you to keep you around. Why? ‘Cause there is nothing sexier than a sugar baby who is always expanding (figuratively, of course).

As true as the above list is – at the end of the day, being a successful sugar baby is not something that can be reduced to simple Do’s and Don’ts. It goes a little deeper…

How to Be a Successful Sugar Baby: The Secret

Every successful sugar baby has her own style, her own way of spicing things up and keeping her sugar daddy hooked.

We all have our own unique way of wearing things, doing things, saying things that suit us. But when you get down to the root of what makes certain sugar babies so successful at sugar dating, you find they all hold something in common.

They all know the secret to sugar baby success.

And it’s not what you’d think. It’s not good looks, wit, a certain je ne sais quoi – nope, it’s actually something that can be learned and gets better with practice.

Successful sugar babies are, in essence, businesswomen (or men) who are able to identify a need in their sugar daddy.

This requires the ability to read between the lines. After all, he might not even know what it is he needs. You need to pick up on subtle cues in his behavior and personality to gauge what he needs the most from you.

Hint: Contrary to popular belief, it’s usually not sexual.

Once the need(s) has been identified, the successful sugar babies are the ones who outdo themselves in staying attentive to their sugar daddies’ needs.

It’s a simple secret, but it does take a bit of practice to perfect.

The technique, if it can be called as such, consists of just two parts. Practice the parts and weave them together in flawless unison and you hold the key to sugar baby success.

#1. Understand What Your Sugar Daddy Needs

The first part of the equation requires that you think like a giver, rather than a taker. When you shift your attention to assessing what it is that he needs, you will automatically be able to pick up on aspects of his character and desires.

You’ll be able to sense if he feels overwhelmed by work, whether he simply needs someone to take care of him for once in his life, or that what he wants the most is some completely stress-free, fun times with someone who loves the fact that she’s enhancing his life.

You’ll be able to pick up on his secret desires and what makes him tick. Does he love it when you make him feel like a knight in shining armor? Or maybe he adores a woman who can put him in his place. Maybe he has a thing for taboo and breaking societal conventions?

Whatever it is that he desires most in a sugar relationship – whether explicitly stated or not – will become more obvious to you the more attention you pay to him.

#2. Know Yourself

The second part of putting this secret into practice concerns shifting the attention to you. It requires you to think about your unique qualities – what make you you? Why do people like to be around you? What do your friends see in you? What are you especially good at?

Are you funny? A patient listener? Broad-minded? Introspective? Outrageous and crazy fun to be around?

Whatever it is, you want to be able to determine how your unique qualities can be used to meet the needs of your sugar daddy. Once you hit that sweet spot – the place where you can gratify your sugar daddy’s needs simply by doing what you do best – you’ve just landed yourself a spot at the successful sugar baby table.

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