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Is a Splenda Daddy Worth Your Time?

You want a sugar daddy. But instead, you’ve met a Splenda daddy. Well, welcome to the sugar world. One thing that’s for certain is that every sugar baby will meet a Splenda daddy at some point in her journey.

It’s inevitable. There are all sorts of sugar daddies out there. Old, young, tall, thin, generous, strict, childlike, wild, conservative – you name it, there’s a sugar daddy who fits the bill.

But in this post, we’re going to be talking about a very specific kind of sugar daddy – one that many of you have probably encountered at least once or twice along your sugar journey.

This is the kind of sugar daddy who likes the idea of having an attractive, youthful sugar baby but doesn’t quite have the funds to properly spoil one.

Yes, we’re talking about the Splenda Daddy. Let’s find out how this particular type of daddy stacks up against others – and whether he’s worth pursuing an arrangement with.

What is a Splenda Daddy?

The Splenda Daddy is not another synonym for a sugar daddy. Just as Splenda is an artificial sweetener, the Splenda daddy is in essence an artificial sugar daddy.

Sure, he can contribute a little sweetness but he simply doesn’t have the resources to be able to enrich your life like a real sugar daddy can.

Think of a Splenda daddy as a Sugar Daddy Lite.

Here are a few brilliant ways the Urban Dictionary defines a Splenda daddy…

1. A man who strives to be a Sugar Daddy but just doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.

2. An older man who dates younger women but nowhere near as wealthy as a “sugar daddy.” Not quite the same as the real thing.

3. When the guy your dating isn’t a millionaire, but still tries to spoil you.

In essence, a Splenda daddy may offer gifts, shopping sprees, spa dates, living expenses and maybe a little cash here and there. So it’s easy to confuse him with the real deal.

But there are some very crucial differences…

Splenda Daddy vs Sugar Daddy

So how does a Splenda daddy compare to a sugar daddy? Here are a few examples.

A bona fide sugar daddy may take you to a Michelin-starred restaurant. A Splenda daddy may take you to the Cheesecake Factory. He’s still treating you to dinner, mind you, but it’s not going to be lavish.

A genuine sugar daddy may take you to the Seychelles. A Splenda daddy may take you to Myrtle Beach. Both are all-expenses-paid vacations for you, sure, but not the same calibre.

A top-of-the-line sugar daddy may give you an allowance that more than covers all your basic living expenses and then some. A Splenda daddy may offer an allowance, but it will barely even cover your most basic living expenses.

A generous sugar daddy may take you shopping at Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, even Chanel. A Splenda daddy may let you pick some things out at Urban Outfitter.

There are perks with dating a Splenda daddy. But they won’t be indulgent. Just enough for you to tread water. And that is the main difference between a Splenda daddy and a sugar daddy.

A Splenda daddy isn’t the opposite of a sugar daddy – it’s just “light” version. The opposite of a sugar daddy is actually a salt daddy…

Splenda Daddy vs Salt Daddy

Another type of sugar daddy that you’ll encounter in the sugar world is the salt daddy. So how does a Splenda daddy compare to a salt daddy?

Well, they are not the same thing at all.

A Splenda daddy may not be able to offer much, but he is still ready and willing to take care of you to some extent. A salt daddy, on the other hand, has no such intention. Salt daddies operate on deception and will overpromise and underdeliver.

The fundamental difference is that a Splenda daddy still has sweetness to give – just not as much as a real sugar daddy. A salt daddy has nothing to give. Their usual goal is to get sex or some other benefit from a sugar baby without providing anything a sugar daddy should.

This is why every sugar baby should be on the lookout for salt daddies posing as sugar daddies. This way, you never need to waste a single minute with these time wasters.

But what about Splenda daddies? Are they worth your time?

The Pros and Cons of a Splenda Daddy

A lot of sugar babies get involved with Splenda daddies in the beginning stages of their search. It’s not surprising why.

There are a lot of Splenda daddies on most of the sugar daddy websites while a bona fide sugar daddy can be a rarer catch. And when a sugar baby is desperate for financial assistance, the allure of cash, gifts and little luxuries from Splenda daddies sounds quite nice.

And that brings us to the main perk of dating a Splenda daddy…

PRO: A Bit of Sweetness

A Splenda daddy, much like a real sugar daddy, is willing to take care of you. To do that, he may take you shopping, treat you to pedicures, cover your groceries, pay your cell phone bill, splurge on a spa day, even foot the bill when you get your hair done.

A Splenda Daddy may wine and dine you at some pretty decent restaurants. He may gift you jewelry, electronics, purses, and shoes. If he’s a high-end Splenda daddy, he may even be able to cover most of your living expenses.

It might not be the riches that you were hoping for, but a Splenda daddy at least adds some sweetness to your life.

Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing a Splenda daddy has going for him…

CON: It’s Not Real Sugar

Every sugar baby has various reasons for getting into the sugar game. But most sugar babies can agree on one thing – we want sugar. Real, actual sugar. Not just the sprinkles.

Real sugar is extra calories. It’s excess. It doesn’t just sustain you – you can grow fat on it or use it as fuel to upgrade your life. You can more than pay your bills, splurge on little luxuries of your choice, and save up some sugar savings.

Little luxuries like dinners out and pedicures come and go. But smart sugar babies know that cold hard cash is the best thing they can do for themselves and their future. That surplus of sugar is what gives you options and security. It’s also what allows you to truly improve your life.

With a Splenda daddy, that’s not likely to happen. They may “spoil” you with things. But unless those things have great resale value (i.e. Rolex watches, Hermes purses, gold bars), it’s just fake sugar. It’s not providing you with any real wealth.

If you can’t comfortably pay living expenses, save a lump sum of cash, and ultimately accrue higher level assets, you’re just treading water.

And ultimately, without having acquired any real wealth for yourself, all you’ll have to show for your efforts in the end are some cute clothes and a nice haircut. And that means…

CON: You’ll Never Have Control

One huge downside of settling for a Splenda daddy is that it places you in a constantly vulnerable position.

Think about it like this: You ask a real sugar daddy for an allowance of $5,000 a month and since you’re a smart and savvy sugar baby, you manage to save 50% of that every month. In six months’ time, you have $15,000 in your savings account – enough for you to survive for a couple months without a sugar daddy if you absolutely have to.

This gives you security and options. If your sugar daddy decided to end the arrangement, you’d have plenty of time to find another one. If your sugar daddy starts treating you badly, you have the resources to walk away and take care of yourself for awhile.

A Splenda daddy, on the other hand, isn’t able to provide enough sugar for you to ever save up. That means you’ll never have the means to be secure. You’re entirely dependent on him for the little sprinkles he provides, but you’ll always be left a little hungry.

Not a smart road to go down, in our opinion, especially since…

CON: It’s Just Not Necessary

Here’s the thing: a Splenda daddy can’t give you the things that a true sugar daddy can. But a sugar daddy can give you all the things a Splenda daddy…and then some.

You may get bare basics living expenses paid for by a Splenda daddy. Or a Splenda daddy may just give you gifts and pay for a couple luxuries.

A real sugar daddy, on the other hand, can provide a good allowance and gifts. We have never come across an allowance-giving, genuine sugar daddy who didn’t occasionally take their sugar babies out for luxurious dinners, pamper them with spa dates, and shell out for shopping sprees.

A Splenda daddy may provide just enough for you to get by. But a real sugar daddy can provide more than enough for you to thrive. So why would you settle for sprinkles when you can have the whole cake with sprinkles atop?

Is a Splenda Daddy Worth Your Time?

You came into the sugar bowl to find yourself a bona fide sugar daddy. But instead, you’ve met a Splenda daddy. And he’s great – sweet, caring, and you get along so well.

But is he worth your time?

It’s a common sugar baby conundrum. And we’ll be honest with you: a Splenda daddy can be great to have. It entirely depends on your situation and goals. Here’s what we mean.

a Splenda Daddy is Your Only Option

Let’s be blunt: not all places have an abundance of sugar daddies. If you live in a small town, wealthy sugar daddies can be hard to come by.

Even in large international cities, like Mexico City, the concept of sugar dating may not be as well understood, which means that bona fide sugar daddies are rare.

If that’s the situation you’re in, then a Splenda daddy is a great option.

You Don’t Need Real Sugar

If you decided to be a sugar baby to add a little sweetness to your life, then a Splenda daddy can be perfect for you. Perhaps you already have a full-time job and more than enough to cover your daily expenses.

All you want from the sugar world is to be treated like a queen. Wined and dined. Presented with thoughtful gifts. Whisked away on romantic retreats.

If being spoiled in little ways here and there is more than enough for you, a Splenda daddy could be the perfect match.

Splenda in the Meantime

Even if what you’re after is a bona fide whale of a sugar daddy, that doesn’t mean you need to cut Splenda daddies out completely.

A good Splenda daddy that you get along with can provide a little sweetness in your life while you continue to search for your ideal sugar daddy. He can help you cover some of your bills or treat you to little luxuries that make your life easier until you find the sugar daddy you’ve been searching for.

To pull this off successfully, though, you do need to be wise. Choose a Splenda daddy who is not going to demand too much of your time or energy.

Ideally, he should understand that since he’s not able to provide full sugar daddy benefits, he’s also not entitled to full-time sugar baby benefits.

If a Splenda daddy is demanding too much of your precious time and energy to meet, cajole, and please him – it’s time to cut him out. It’s just not worth spending that kind of time and energy on a Splenda daddy who cannot cover living expenses and cannot provide enough for you to save anything. Especially since…

Don’t Get Splenda Daddy Tunnel Vision

So many aspiring sugar babies end up meeting a Splenda daddy early in their sugar search. They go on dates. He wines and dines her. He gives her gifts. She’s having fun. So much fun that she ends up giving a lot of her time to that Splenda daddy.

Eventually, she even considers taking the Splenda daddy as a full-time sugar daddy. Why not? she reasons. After all, he is spoiling her. What does she have to lose?

This is such a familiar situation for aspiring sugar babies. But we must ask you: did you become a sugar baby just to have fun?

Because let’s be perfectly real here. I’m going to guess that you are a young, cute, fun woman. And as a young, cute, fun woman, there is no shortage of men who want a piece of your time and attention.

But what you must remember is that most men – sugar daddies or not – are willing to pay for that in dinners, gifts, travels, and little trinkets. There are men closer in age to you, with much more relatable lives and hobbies, that can offer you the same experience.

If what you’re looking for is fun times with a man who can wine and dine you – there is no reason to confine yourself to sugar daddies. The entire world of men is available to you.

Don’t forget how wide and varied your options are when it comes to dating men just for fun and a little spoiling. The Splenda daddy is not your only option.

Can a Splenda Daddy Become a Sugar Daddy?

Here’s the thing about Splenda daddies: They may not provide real sugar, but they can be real sweethearts. You might’ve grown to really like yours and you don’t want to lose him completely.

In that case, we recommend sitting down with your Splenda Daddy and letting him know that while you love being pampered, you’d prefer to have more cash to take care of your affairs.

Make sure that he knows this. You won’t be coming off greedy nor selfish – you’re simply asking for what you want, like he’s asked for what he wants. Always, always remember that the point of a mutually beneficial relationship is that it benefits both parties. If you’re not getting what you want – well, you’re not really benefiting, are you?

Don’t be passive about your needs. You’re entitled to receive your end of the deal.

If he doesn’t want to uphold his part of the bargain – just know that there are sugar daddies out there who will.

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  1. Thank you for the words of encouragement. It’s so easy to get discouraged due to salt daddys. I needed the uplifting words- we all have to value ourselves.


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