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5 Ways Being a Sugar Baby in Mexico City is Different (And How to Deal with It)

Sugaring is hard enough. But it could be harder if you happen to be a sugar baby in Mexico City. Oh, yeah, babies.

Think of it like this: You’re selling delicious expensive cupcakes but potential customers are not rich, are looking for frozen yogurt instead or don’t even realize they’re in a cupcake store. Right, WTF.

You could notice that confusion is the common denominator. A few Mexican sugar daddies don’t have what it takes. They are not attractive at all, live on a limited budget and consider sugar babies as escorts or even prostitutes.

Yeah, unfortunately, they are mainly looking for sex and willing to pay for it. Let me share with you how we deal with it: 

When You’re a Sugar Baby in Mexico City…

…You become a sugar teacher.

First things first. As a sugar baby in Mexico City, expect to explain to all the potential sugar daddies you meet what sugaring is about and how many ways exist for that kind of relationship to work.

Basics, ladies.

Some feel frustrated (as much as we do) because it’s too much for them to process. “Chemistry is necessary? So you don’t want just my money?” “How much you want per month? That’s insane!” “You offer a platonic (no sex) arrangement, really?”

“Can’t believe your company is worthy. A Russian girl charges me less for 3-4 hours of great sex”. 

My way to handle it: The quick or easy exit is obviously stop talking to that guy, but it’s worth the try to explain the dynamics and maybe he could change his mind.

At least you had the chance to clear the air, raise your voice for other sugar babies and correct his -pathetic- way of what he believes is sugaring. Come on, what straight man can resist the charms of a female teacher? Sexy or sweet, they love them all. 

Prepare to deal with short-term proposals

Some “sugar daddies” just want to fuck you (literal) and they end fucking you in so many ways too. How? They are not trying to build a long-term relationship and ask how much for a date.

If you accept (better that money than nothing), during dinner or drinks they will try to set a number of pesos for later, if you know what I mean (sex). Yes, they want to get laid and if the price is too high to pay, they will call it a night and never ever call you back again (thank God). 

My way to handle it: This one is tricky because you’re not supposed to charge the first date, but when you know that they just want to fuck, you should. It’s just one of the many instances in which being a sugar baby in Mexico City comes with different rules.

Maybe that’s going to be the only occasion seeing each other so raise your number high. If he does not agree, bye. Remember, he does not want you for a long term relationship, so what’s the point then?

Your time is valuable and nobody wants to hang out and realize after hours that it was a totally waste of makeup. 

Forget the fancy stuff (or fight for it)

I’ve been sugaring on and off for two years and in my experience, sugar daddies in Mexico City are not exactly splendid when it comes to splurgin. My first sugar daddy invited me to Miami and bought me a fine Kate Spade purse and a Victoria’s Secret PJs.

The others sugar daddies wanted to take me to non-exquisite local destinations or beaches like Acapulco. Really? What happened to Cabo, Punta Mita? Forget about Paris, Dubai or Bali.

Even if they are successful bank lawyers or company directors, money is limited, it’s like you have to earn the things you like from scratch everyday. Keep your expectations lower if you’re a sugar baby in Mexico City.

My way to handle it: Holding my horses. Experience has taught me that going slow is the key, the best tactic to get what I want.

Unfortunately, I don’t consider myself as high maintenance anymore. I had to learn how to separate between pleasures and priorities.

Of course I love designer purses and shoes but I need my nails done, a weekly blowout or a haircut, teeth whitening, gym membership or pilates classes, rent, pay my mobile bill, you name it. That’s a lot of money too and had decide what I need the most at the moment. 

Don’t expect a McDreamy or McSteamy

…Or Harvey Specter.

Well, maybe two or three, but that’s it. If you’re a sugar baby in Mexico city expecting a lot of hot silver foxes, you will end up disappointed.

Forget the average good looking guy. Here in Mexico is like picking between the ones who could not get a date but paying. Ouch. I’m not kissing a frog in order to get Prince Charming, that’s not gonna happen! I love green but not that much.

The Mexican sugar daddy market is sad. 

My way to handle it: Don’t give up and keep looking. There is always a nice or decent option out there. Or even try to look outside your country. If men are rich enough, they could go visit you or fly you to where they live.

That’s a real and powerful sugar daddy, right? The sky is the limit and he has no problem to send you a jet (or flying you Business). When you’re not playing local you have a clear advantage: being exotic, different, a magnet. 

But expect a lot of bluffing

Getting a response or date usually takes longer than you expected. It’s like starring in one of the movies of Mission: Impossible but you’re always failing. Sugar daddies start to promise you the world.

Words and empty promises, never a date. They just hang you up to dry; stop answering to texts, never call, forget about you for days or weeks. My advice? Stop wasting your time with them and move on. Thank you, next! 

My way to handle it: This is the worst of all because it’s not in your hands. My advice is keep your expectations low. Recently I was so excited when I met this very busy man that showed he care about me (with words, nothing else).

He promised me a lot and let me down. First, he offered to pay my health insurance policy but as he was always canceling our dates, I asked him if he was for real. Then he wanted to prove it by doing a big transfer for some shopping.

Never happened. I stopped talking to him and still recovering from that disappointment. 

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing sugar baby writers, Margo. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

6 thoughts on “5 Ways Being a Sugar Baby in Mexico City is Different (And How to Deal with It)”

  1. Like all wannabe sugar babies you over rate yourself. You have no clue what men want because you still don’t understand that we are all different. Some are rich and can throw money around like seeds in the dirt. Others, of modest income may enjoy an occasional night out with or without sex. Almost all men of quality enjoy giving women gifts. The difference between you and a classy woman is that you seek champagne when your attitude is worth beer.

    • First, it's overrate. Second, I know my worth. Third, men should keep their modest income for women who would love to settle for manis and pedis. Fourth, you are right about men of quality, which was my entire point: There ara a few here in my country. Oh, and I love beer as well. Take it easy, Dave. It's my experience, not yours.


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