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Missionary Kid to Sugar Baby: How to Get the Most Out of the Sugar World

Hi! My name is Moira and I went from a missionary kid to sugar baby. Until I was 16, I lived in Tanzania. I grew up a missionary kid and always felt constricted by the stereotypes that everyone always has for missionaries.

When I moved back to the US when I was 16, I tested out of all high school classes and started university immediately. I was always sexually curious but with a heavy school load and a restrictive home life, I didn’t have much time for experimenting.

How Did You Go From Missionary Kid to sugar Baby?

I was lonely, sexually curious, and I had a love for expensive lingerie. With missionary parents, you can imagine their horror when I wanted to buy things from Victoria’s Secret. So pretty soon I realized that anything more than a Target bra was on my dime.

I was planning on going to London to be an au pair and decided to make an account on Seeking.com. I was working to save for the next year of university and I didn’t have money to go out partying in London. So I decided that an arrangement would solve both of my issues.

When I got to London, the dad of the family I was an au pair for came on to me. When I told him to fuck off, he tried to get physical and so I ended up resigning.

I wasn’t comfortable explaining why I suddenly wasn’t an au pair any more to my friends and family. So I took on a couple more sugar daddies and became a full time sugar baby. The truth about my summer in London is still my secret.

What do you wish you had known as a first Time Sugar Baby?

Going from missionary kid to sugar baby, I wasn’t prepared for a lot of the things the sugar world throws your way. One thing I learned is this: Insisting on figuring out your allowance before anything happens does NOT make you an escort. There are a lot of liars. Like, a lot.

Never ever trust someone who starts out the conversation with how much money they are going to give you.

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There are so many scams and even more men who just like messing with you or that hope that you will send them pictures in return for empty promises.

The best thing to do is try to keep the conversation clean but cheeky until you meet in person. If you won’t be able to meet for a while and he is pushing sexting and you are ok with that, tell him that you want your first allowance first.

You can say it’s “so that you know that he really does care about you and wants to take care of you”.

Oh, and never send pictures on empty promises. Also, try and iron out the arrangement before you meet so it is less awkward for you.

A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way

Never have sex on the first date, especially if he tries to say that you two will iron out the details later. Girl, you will get ghosted SOOO fast. Again: you are not an escort for insisting on figuring out your allowance first. You are ensuring that he is not a hit it and quit it sugar daddy.

Sex with older men is way different than sex with men in my age group. Some have learned all the secrets to get you off and when you find that sugar daddy, hold onto him and never let him go! If he’s spent the last several decades perfecting his craft then you will love every moment and sex with younger men will never match up.

But whether or not they know all the tricks, they THINK that they have got this down pat. So if they are bad, they are confidently bad. And you end up having to play along.

Where and how did you meet your sugar daddy?

I met my first sugar daddy on Seeking.com. He ran several post offices in Reading, England, just an hour train trip from London. We clicked immediately.

Within the first hour of talking, he sent me a video of him singing “I can show you the world” karaoke with his 8 year old daughter and the terrible singing was kinda adorable.

He later told me that I had so much world experience and it showed through in my profile. I wasn’t outlandish. I didn’t have crazy requests. And because I was down to earth, he was drawn to me.

Having gone from a missionary kid to sugar baby, I also have a unique advantage. Mainly, I have been able to play off the stereotypical ideas so many people have about how innocent missionary girls are. If my sugar daddy wants to think that he personally taught me about my sexuality, then who am I to argue? He loves it.

We started talking two months before I planned to leave for London. Just 3 weeks into our conversations, he hopped on a plane to come visit me in the US! I was kinda terrified as I stood in the arrival terminal waiting for him to walk out the door. What if I didn’t recognize him? What if he was an asshole or abusive? I just agreed to spend the weekend with him.

Before I could completely talk myself into just walking away, he walked through the door. From the first moment, he was an absolute gentleman. I got very lucky with my first sugar daddy. He was the most caring and gentle man I’ve ever known. He was a very good intro for me into the sugaring world.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

Not only did I have an allowance to buy sexy clothes with, but I always loved the fashion show part of the evening.

On that note. Don’t have an arrangement with a man that you can’t stand. It will never work out. Be in an arrangement where you are excited to see his reaction when you step out of the bathroom in that sexy lingerie.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy?

You are not there to just sit and be pretty. I find that a lot of sugar daddies like it when you acknowledge that you still have a lot of learning to do.

One thing that they like to read into is when I ask them to pay for massage, cooking, or burlesque dance classes. They immediately see how this is going to pay off for them and they are also happy that you are still trying to improve yourself.

Also, learn from previous arrangements. I keep a mental list of a bunch of common fantasies that men tend to have. Then when I suggest it to them like it is my fantasy it drives them wild. And I always ask them what their fantasies are in a normal conversation.

For example, I read that sex outside was a common fantasy for men. So when I phrased it as my fantasy to my sugar daddy he was crazy excited to “help me out”. Afterwards I was able to be like “So then what is your biggest fantasy?” and he told me that I was to get a bj on a road trip.

Later when I was with a different sugar daddy, I had a couple more fantasies that I was “excited to try out”. 

What advice would you give to sugar babies?

You don’t have to be that stereotypical hot model to be a sugar baby.

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All of my sugar daddies in the past have commented on how much they loved that I laid there and played with their hair and listened to them talk about their work days. If you can take a few classes on how to give a good massage, your daddy will appreciate it and it will pay off for you in the end!

As long as you are being taken care of well, try not to talk about money. Make it feel like a real relationship without letting yourself get too caught up in it. If you don’t love the sex with that sugar daddy but you still like the arrangement as a whole, try to fake some enthusiasm. So many of these men just need someone to want them again and they are happy to pay you to be that person.

Learn before if your sugar daddy is married or not. Figure out what your boundaries are with texting. If he is married then understand that you can’t just send random naughty messages when there is a chance that he is home with his family.

Get a clear understanding of when you are allowed to send dirty messages and do it! It will keep pulling his mind to you throughout the day.

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