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A 21 Year Old Atlanta Sugar Baby: How to Be a Sugar Daddy Magnet

I’m Stevie, a 21-year-old Atlanta sugar baby and a student. Sugar dating has become my sole source of income. I’ve worked several jobs. But they never worked around my schedule and trying to study for classes was a constant hassle, so what did I do?

I turned to the exotic world of sugar dating.

Why Did You Become a sugar Baby?

It all started out when I got out of a bad relationship and some of my friends encouraged me to get on dating sites. While I was looking at apps such as Tinder and Bumble, something else caught my eye; it’s called “Sudy.”

Sudy was my first introduction to sugar dating, but I didn’t have any high hopes for it. I uploaded a few pictures, put up a bio, and went to sleep.

The next morning, I rubbed my eyes, grabbed my phone, and was in awe at the number of messages that I had received. Men from all over wanted to take ME out on dates! That’s when the snowball effect had started.

What do you wish you had known when you were first starting out?

When I first started, I wished I knew what I was getting into. I didn’t take notes on the men and it caused me to ask repeat questions or forget what their job was. This was a major no-no.

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There is nothing worse than being mid-conversation with a professional man and asking “did you do any surgeries today?” and then their eyes pierce yours and they say “I’m a lawyer.”

Now, I take detailed notes and I go over them before dates.

How Does an Atlanta Sugar Baby Find a Sugar daddy?

I don’t just have one sugar daddy. I have multiple. This is because while they like to be mentally stimulated, I do too. I enjoy the company of several different men.

I have one from Sudy and a couple from Seeking.com. I have had more luck with Seeking because it attracts more men, although I did meet my best friend through Sudy!

What makes me standout is definitely my profile.

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Sure, dazzling pictures catch the eye, but the profile is what gets them to reach out to you. I would recommend having a profile that captures your actual personality, it makes you feel real and most sugar daddies like real.

It isn’t supposed to feel like a transaction. I have no problem stating that I am a “Netflix connoisseur” and that I will “try anything once, except for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.” Being real is what makes them feel more connected to you, and thus, more money. At the end of the day, the company is nice, but textbooks and tuition aren’t free.

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

My favorite thing about being a sugar baby is the flexibility. If I want to go on several dates a week, I can! If I’m busy, I don’t have to go on any. If I need to reschedule, I can do that too. If one guy doesn’t give me good vibes, I can move along to the next.

Flexibility is key in my situation.

Plus, I have met several sugar daddies that have provided mentorship. There is a saying that you are like the five people you hang around the most. I believe this is true. Since starting sugar dating, I have excelled in school and sought out opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise sought out if it wasn’t for sugar dating.

Oh, and another favorite that I’ve yet to mention…I love riding around in Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, Ferraris, R8s, etc. on a weekly basis. I love the new MacBook that I was just given as an early Christmas gift from one of my daddies. Forget long walks on the beach, now I have chauffeured car rides to the bank.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy/fun/interesting?

To keep my sugar relationships interesting and fun, I always make it a point to try new things. I let my sugar daddy pick out foods for me or pick the places, I go to new events, etc.

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It also helps that I allow them to be heard. I’ve had some sugar daddies that have no outlet to express themselves because they are always busy. So when we meet up, I give them a chance to talk about their day and how they really feel.

What advice would you give to sugar babies?

My advice to aspiring sugar babies is to be genuine and realistic. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not and most importantly, don’t lose yourself. I’m the same person outside of sugar dating that I always have been.

In a sense, I treat it like a job and outside of “work” hours, I live a normal, average life.

Sometimes these sugar relationships can blossom into something more, but I would advise you not to go into them thinking like that because more often than not, that is not what your sugar daddy has in mind for you.

Take into consideration what you’re going to tell your family and friends (if you tell them at all). And think about what happens if you decide to get into an actual relationship. Are you going to tell him or her? Are you going to sever ties? Have a game plan up front, it will help later on in the event your judgement is clouded!

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