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An Older Sugar Baby Shares How to Be a Sugar Baby Past 25

My name is Margo and I’m an older sugar baby. By older, I mean I’m a 38 year old Mexican sugar baby defying age and conceptions or traditional ideals like “you cannot be a sugar baby if you’re older than 25”.

Well, that’s false. I’m living proof! Of course the journey has not been easy. Some men who I’ve turned down told me hurtful things but I understand the main reason why: No man like to be rejected. 

I consider myself a sensitive, good person and it shows. But don’t get confused: I’m also smart and have a strong character that has helped me raise my voice defending what I believe in.

So people get surprised when “I have something to say”. I’m a natural in the art of persuasion and that’s been handy when it comes to sugaring. 

How Did You Become an Older sugar Baby?

As you can see, I started this journey pretty late (when I was 36). I didn’t know about this fantastic world until I was in a really difficult financial situation.

A guy who I was dating knew the kind of life I wanted. One day, he told me he was not going to be my sugar daddy. Wait, what? Oook.

Well, thanks to him I made my way into sugaring. I was desperate and tired of just surviving. Trust me, I love what I do for a living but the income sucks and it was not enough. My curse always has been expensive taste. #SorryNotSorry.

I decided to make my nice company profitable in order to finally fulfill my material dreams.

But I have to confess that being a sugar baby in Mexico City is tricky. Not as cool as I’ve read about being a sugar baby in NYC or LA. What’s different? A lot. And that’s something I’ll explain in another post. 

What do you wish you had known when you were first starting out?

How to settle a proper agreement. Even if we know it’s the center of the dynamics, it’s a hard, uncomfortable topic.

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In my experience, men don’t want to talk about it. They want to feel it’s a classic date, so they just go with the flow.

I was not into that. I need certainty and most of all not feeling like I’m begging for money. That happened to me during the first few encounters.

Thanks to my experiences, I could be a helpful guide to knowing how to put your cards on the table without being rude, harsh or too upfront. 

Where Does an Older Sugar Baby Find a Sugar Daddy?

I met my first sugar daddy on Seeking.com. He liked me because – to my favor – I was not that young. So being an older sugar baby actually worked to my advantage as that made the bonding easier.

He already had another sugar baby who was 26 years old. But over and over he told me that sex was the only enjoyable thing with her. He wanted more than physical attraction.

He was seeking for a more intimate connection, deep conversations and a challenging mind (in a hot sexy mature body!) I guess. 

What’s your favorite thing about being a sugar baby?

I won’t lie: The money on the first date (3-4 hours) that I get. Easy, just for having dinner or drinks.

I know it’s not recommended to set a fare for the first business meeting (because it’s a business, ladies). But if there’s no chemistry or sparks, at least you don’t leave empty-handed.

That’s a frustrating feeling, thinking about all the wasted makeup or time you invested in getting ready, trying to look flawless/irresistible in front of the mirror.

I like that guarantee.

How do you keep your sugar relationship spicy/fun/interesting?

Men are grown-up kids. They will always be that way. So they want to be heard and sometimes they are needy.

BUT it’s not about using the same formula every time. You need to get to know your sugar daddy(ies) well. Even if all of them like surprises. Like pictures in lingerie during office hours for example, what straight man does not like that? But each man has different interests and desires.

I give them space too. That’s why they are not looking for a girlfriend, they just want to have fun and enjoy the moment. No drama! That is the basic rule and I unfortunately learned it the hard way. 

What advice would you give to sugar babies?

Don’t be too fantastic. Trust me, that’s the challenge all of us sugar babies have. Why? Because even if your sugar daddy tells you he doesn’t want a serious relationship, he is a human being and could start having feelings for you.

It happened to me not once but twice. Both wanted to date me in the classic way (no deal, no sugar). And that’s messed up. So no matter if you believe you have to be the best thing he ever had, that’s risky, draw a line, don’t get too involved, don’t make him fall in love, that’s my advice.  

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