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11 Sugar Baby Tips for Beginners We Wish We’d Known

This little bundle of sugar baby tips for beginners is a must read if you’re a first time sugar baby. In fact, we’d go so far as to say that if you’re a woman aspiring to be a sugar baby – we hope this article finds you before your first sugar daddy does.


Most new sugar babies rush into the game head on. After all, it’s not like we have many sugar baby mentors in our lives. And it’s not like we’re going to go to our closest friends and family for tips and advice.

So we poke around the Internet for sugar baby tips and stories and then jump in, completely oblivious to what the sugar world holds in store for us.

As such, most of us learn about sugar dating the hard way – by living through it.

And that’s all fine and dandy but it’s also time-consuming and you unnecessarily put yourself through some crappy times. So do yourself favor and give this article a quick read.

It’s full of sugar baby tips for beginners that we wish we knew. It’s years of hard earned experience that’ll take you less than 10 minutes to learn.

Let’s dive in.

Be Smart About Sugar Daddy Websites

Here’s something every beginner sugar baby should know: Hands down the best way to find a sugar daddy is on a sugar daddy website.

Duh, you say, but there are still so many first time sugar babies looking for sugar daddies in all the wrong places. At hotel bars. On Instagram. On Craigslist.

Sure, the rare sugar baby may be able to scoop up a sugar daddy from these places. But those free places are also rife with scammers. Wouldn’t you rather fish in safer waters where the fish are plentiful?

We know we would. So stick to the best websites for beginners. Here are our favs:

  1. Secret Benefits. The most popular, fastest-growing sugar daddy website with over 15 million members. It’s 100% free for sugar babies so it’s the perfect place to start.
  1. Sugar Daddy MeetOne of the oldest sugar dating websites with over 7 million members and also one of the most exclusive. Has the best verification features for both sugar babies and daddies.
  1. What’s Your PriceThis isn’t your standard sugar daddy website. Instead, it lets you get paid from the first date. Generous members bid to take out attractive members out for a date. It’s not an arrangement but it can lead to one and it allows you to make quick money.

You don’t just want to get on the best sugar daddy websites. You want to be strategic about how you use them.

Keep in mind that many of the best sugar daddy sites are FREE for sugar babies. Use this to your advantage by signing up for more than one site. This instantly gives you access to a greater pool of sugar daddies.

Most sugar daddies will confine themselves to just one site, mainly because they lack the time to manage several accounts – plus the fact that they pay a membership fee.

You don’t have these limitations. So sign up to several of the best sugar daddy websites. It’s easy since you can use the same profile across all the sites you sign up for.

Pro Tip: Stagger Your Sign-Ups

That being said, don’t go signing up for all the sugar dating sites in one go.

Here’s how sugar daddy sites work: new sugar babies get featured. That’s why you’ll be bombarded with messages for the first week or so and then the free benefits slowly taper off as new-er sugar babies get featured.

So take it one at a time. Something like this:

Respond to all the decent emails you get across all the sites and once the free promotional benefits taper off, go on the offense and start messaging the best sugar daddies in your area as well.

Have a Killer Sugar Baby Profile

All the other sugar baby tips for beginners don’t matter unless you have this step down.

One of the most useful tools in your sugar daddy search is your sugar baby profile. It is the first thing a sugar daddy notices about you. And it will be the deciding factor between whether he reaches out or clicks away.

You need to make sure that your sugar baby profile makes a very good impression. And that it immediately differentiates you from the competition.

You’ve probably heard the statistic that there are around “8 sugar babies for every sugar daddy.” And while that’s true – don’t let the fierce competition scare you.

If you browse around any of the top sugar daddy websites, you’ll quickly find that many of the sugar baby profiles are frankly not up to snuff.

There are profiles picturing bathroom selfies – glare from the flash and all. As well as half-hearted “About Me” sections that sound like every other run-of-the-mill sugar baby.

So despite the “competition” – it’s easy enough to differentiate yourself from the rest once you know what to do. Check out our guide to crafting the perfect sugar baby profile.

Read: The Must Read Sugar Baby Profile Guide: 2023 Edition

It’ll take you just 11 minutes to read and will change your sugar game forever.

Be Proactive

Sugar daddies are busy people. Plus, the ratio of men-to-women on sugar daddy websites highly favors the men. That means most of the decent sugar daddies are getting bombarded with emails and messages.

That leaves very little time for them to actively search for the perfect sugar baby – you.

In order to increase your chances of finding a real sugar daddy, you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and do the work. Never limit yourself to the pool of men contacting you – figure out what it is you want and go find him. Use the search filters to browse all the available sugar daddies in your area.

Use our clever greetings to reach out to them.

This will increase both the quantity and the quality of potential sugar daddies in your pool, making it easier for you to find yourself the perfect sugar daddy.

Be Ready to Talk About Money

Of all the sugar baby tips for beginners, this is the most important one. Because you are coming into the sugar world for specific reasons, right? You need to stay focused on those goals in order to be able to achieve them.

You already have a good idea of what you want as a sugar baby. Now the next step is to get comfortable talking about it. Because in order to receive, you will have to ask.

And the beginning of a sugar relationship is a super important time for defining your terms. This is something that must be done from the get-go.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that everything will sort itself out or that you’ll start asserting your terms once the arrangement is in progress.

If you’re looking for a set allowance of $x,xxx every month – let your sugar daddy know and do not proceed with the arrangement until he’s clear with the terms. Don’t let yourself get side-tracked by sugar daddies offering only gifts when you’re looking for allowance.

If your apartment is going to be off-limits, let him know early on. If you need to travel to see him and want accommodations and all travel expenses covered apart from your allowance, let him know.

Know your terms and make sure he does too before the arrangement begins.

Don’t Focus on One

This is one of the most useful sugar baby tips for beginners. So much so that we wish every single new sugar baby will keep it in mind.

When you’re looking for a job, do you ever send out just one application? Or stop applying to jobs simply because you scored one interview?

Definitely not.

What about apartment hunting? You don’t just go to one open house and sit at home waiting for them to call you – especially if you live in a big city. You proactively continue to hunt until a lease is signed and a move-in date is arranged.

As for higher education – you didn’t just apply to one college, did you?

Of course not.

You’re all smart cookies who know that one job application, one housing application and one college application doesn’t give you the best chance. Yet so many new sugar babies forget that the same logic applies when looking for a sugar daddy.

A potential sugar daddy is just that: potential. No matter how promising he seems, do not abandon your search to pursue just one potential.


It’s a Numbers Game

Here’s a little known, yet one of the most useful sugar baby tips for beginners: Finding a sugar daddy who you click with is a numbers game.

Simply put: the more sugar daddies you meet, the higher your chances of finding the perfect one for you.

So the last thing you want to do is put all your eggs in one basket before you even know that the basket is yours.

Instead, keep your options wide open. Make sure your profile is active on the best sugar daddy websites. Cast a wide net and do not stop contacting, meeting, and building up relationships with potential sugar daddies until you are in the sugar relationship that you want.

Don’t Take it Personally

One of the best sugar baby tips for beginners is this: grow thick skin.

We hate to break it to you, but sometime during your sugar journey, you’re going to meet at least one jerk. He’ll show up when you’re least expecting it and treat you like crap, make assumptions about you that you don’t appreciate, and will generally reveal himself to be the world’s largest buttwipe.

We wish these people would just crawl under a rock and stay there but they insist on living above ground so what can you do?

The best thing? Ignore them – or give them a piece of your mind, if you must – block them and then do your very best to forget about them and not let them taint your thoughts. That’s the most important thing: get them out of your system as soon as possible and don’t let them poison you.

Because dealing with one jerk is one thing but dealing with one jerk and then assuming all sugar daddies are jerks is just shooting yourself in the foot. It’s like going to Rome, meeting one asshole and then declaring that everyone in Italy is a giant jerk. Ridiculous, right? So don’t do it with the sugar world.

No Sex on the First Date

This is a controversial one. We get it – you’re a big girl and you can do what you want. And by all means, if you’re feeling the chemistry and you want to take it to the next step, you do you.

But if you’re a first time sugar baby wondering whether she should or shouldn’t have sex on the first date, we strongly recommend against it.

In fact, it’s one of our top sugar baby tips for beginners – no sex on the first date.

The truth is that having sex on the first sugar date sets you up for failure. If you sleep with a sugar daddy on the first date, they might not even want to take you on a second. If they do want to take you out again, they’re automatically going to assume you’re going to sleep with him again.

Guess what the focus is not on? What you want out of the arrangement.

Most sugar daddies aren’t going to want a sugar baby who’s sleeping with anyone and everyone. Not only does it come off as high risk behavior, but it shows a potential sugar daddy that he doesn’t need to provide his end of the deal. You’ll be with him anyway.

Sure, it can be easy to get carried away – you’re on a date with a handsome, successful man, there’s good conversation and even better wine but it’s in your best interest to hold off.

How long? We’d personally require a minimum of 3-4 dates, since it will probably take that long for you to feel comfortable and ready. And of course, this is after an arrangement has been agreed upon – never before.

Not having sex on the first sugar date is also a good way to tell the genuine sugar daddies from the ‘Johns’, who are looking for sex and nothing more.

It Takes Time

The media makes becoming a sugar baby look easy. Like you put up a profile on a sugar daddy website and then catapult yourself to riches and luxury.

Sorry to disappoint you but if you expect immediate gratification in the sugar world, you’ll find yourself sorely disappointed.

The fact is that the sugar snowball takes time to get rolling.

So don’t expect a large sum of money right away. You’re on your first or maybe even third date and you’re thinking “when will I start seeing money come in?” We get it. If you’re drowning in money problems, it’s easy to get impatient.

But it’s rare that you’ll meet a sugar daddy in a week or two who will solve all your financial woes. Yes, these sugar daddies do have the funds (as long as they’re not salt daddies) but they also have budgets and a price range in mind. It may take a little more time than you would expect to see large numbers pop up in your bank account.

That being said, there is sugar at the end of the rainbow. Be patient, don’t get desperate, and do the work of searching out and connecting with potential sugar daddies.

Don’t stop ’til you get the one you want. Which brings us to…

Choose a Sugar Daddy You Actually Like

This is known as the sweet spot – which is the goal of all sugar relationships. To get into an arrangement where you actually like your sugar daddy and he’s giving you money.

What we wish for all new sugar babies is that you find yourselves in the perfect arrangement with as little hassle and drama as possible.

Which brings us to the sweet spot, the goal, the holy grail of arrangements, which is: Date a sugar daddy who you genuinely like as a person and who has the funds to be your sugar daddy.

Let go of whatever transactional mindset the media has portrayed sugar dating to be and look for sugar daddies who you actually like spending time with and who care about you as a person.

Because being with someone just for money is tiring and crappy. Especially when there will be someone out there who offers more than that. Don’t settle and find your sweet spot.

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