3 Clever Ways to Weed Out Salt Daddies

By Caitlin


Want to weed out the salt daddies before the first date? Who doesn’t! After all, we only have so much time and the last thing we need is to waste that valuable time with salt daddies who are too stingy to splurge!

Recently, I took a break from sugar dating due to medical issues, but now I’m back, better than ever, and SO ready to get back into the swing of things! While recovering, I discovered the greatest ways to weed out salt daddies before they can take a big chunk of your time and energy.

Here are 3 clever methods you can use to test out every potential sugar daddy!

1. Donations

What do we look for first in a sugar partner? Generosity. Generosity is usually a pretty good sign that someone is a nice, down to earth, and generally a good person.

On Giving Tuesday last week (a day to give back after a holiday weekend of thankfulness and shopping) I shared a link with everyone I had been talking to on SA of a triple matching program for a nonprofit that serves homeless youth. I have been working in nonprofits for a few years and had never seen a triple matching program, so I thought I should spread the word.

I got some pretty interesting answers; “I’m out of town, I don’t have any money to give, I don’t donate to charity, etc.” I also got some responses thanking me for sharing this great program with them, and saying they donated.

The website had a donation tracker, so after each person messaged me that they gave, I could check the tracker and see if it went up, and by how much. Someone gave a few grand. I can’t wait to meet that catch 😉

Now, I’m telling guys before I meet them that I would like to get some services at Planned Parenthood, and would they donate $100 to cover the cost of that service so I don’t feel bad about using Planned Parenthood’s resources for free. I usually say I need my quarterly STD test or birth control.

Since this would hypothetically benefit him as well, he has some pull to donate. Usually that is enough, because if he says no, you know you have a salt daddy. If you have any friends who work at Planned Parenthood they might be able to check and see if he did make a donation, and how much.

They might even be able to see his last name, so you can look him up. If you want to use this method to get his name, you can try a smaller nonprofit that might be able to share his full name with you if you can pull off something sneaky, like pretending it was you who made the donation or “check in to see if a recent donation went through”.

Better yet, make friends with someone in the development department of a nonprofit who could easily share names with you.

As I set up a new round of first dates, I’ll be putting the guys that gave the biggest donations first in line.

2. Parking and Transportation

If you have doubts about a potential sugar daddy on the first date, ask for him to pay for your parking on the way out.

This is an easy one: If he hands you a 5, you know he is looking to give the bare minimum. Or he may hand you a Benjamin, an then you know you’ve landed some real sugar!

Same thing applies for transportation. When you’re setting up a sugar date, does he ask you how you plan on getting to the meeting spot? Good if he does, that shows consideration. Bonus points if he offers to pay.

3. Gifts

There’s a simple little test you can use to gauge whether a potential sugar daddy has the intention – and the ability – to spend money, time and care on you. It doesn’t demand much from the POT in question but it will both demonstrate how worthy he is of pursuit as well as give him an opportunity to provide for you without imposing on him.

Plus, you’ll most likely end up with a lifetime supply of audio gear. Find out how to do the test here!

Last but not least, there are some characteristics that make some men better sugar daddies than others. For example, I have found an undeniable link between someone’s level of education and both the chances that they are a legitimate sugar daddy and their ability to support a sugar baby. On your first date or phone conversation, ask your sugar daddy about their studies. They will probably love to recount their glory days of college to you.

Talk to them about their graduate programs and what they wrote their thesis/dissertations about. If they can talk about the work they did in their graduate studies, they are likely real Sugar Daddies. Want more tips on what types of men make the best sugar daddies?

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Lindsey, aka Miss Independent. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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Josie Copon January 5, 2018


Hope you’re well? I’m writing an article for Cosmopolitan on salt daddies. I’d love to chat to you about salt daddies if you could email me.

Molly April 24, 2019

This is some whack ass advice… Being a sneak and snooping is a great way to weave some negative energy that will most assuredly bite your arrogant ass

Julie May 4, 2019

Seriously, DO NOT ASK your friends to share donor names with you. There are privacy laws in many states. Do not ask friends to put themselves in that position. That’s totally selfish.

    Adonis July 3, 2019

    Not to mention it’s a federal crime…smh… Real great advice here *sarcasm*.

    Advice #1-Do NOT follow!!! Advice #2-This is actually pretty smart. Advice #3-This is slightly flawed. He may have experience with or read good reviews about a cheaper, but better device. Whether he put in the time or not is the biggest determining factor, not the cost…

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