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What to Look for in a Sugar Daddy: The #1 Best Sugar Daddy Trait

Knowing exactly what to look for in a sugar daddy is the key to finding the best sugar daddy. Because you don’t want just any run-of-the-mill sugar daddy. Nope, you want the best sugar daddy you have access to.

And there’s no doubt about it – some men just make better sugar daddies than others. We’ve gone on sugar dates with men across various professions, cultures, ages, personalities, etc. – seriously, you name the category, we’ve dated a potential sugar daddy who falls into it.

And we’ve come to a few conclusions.

Of course, as with everything in life – generalizations aren’t always accurate. But that being said, if you’re looking for true sugar baby insights on the sort of men we’ve personally found to make the best sugar daddies – we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive right in.

What is the Best Sugar Daddy Age?

The common assumption is that sugar daddies tend to be older, more mature men. But when it comes to the best sugar daddies – older isn’t necessarily better.

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In fact, we’ve found that contrary to popular belief – there are many capable and generous sugar daddies who fall into rather young age brackets. Here’s a roundup of our personal experiences with a wide sugar daddy age range…

Young Sugar Daddies

  • Ages 20 to 30: Every once in awhile, you’ll come across a potential sugar daddy who’s in his 20s. And sure, a few of them might actually have sugar daddy potential but they are very, very rare. Plus, even the ones who are financially capable of being sugar daddies are not necessarily mature or well-versed enough in the art of taking care of a woman to make a long-term arrangement work. You may find a diamond in the rough but keep in mind that great sugar daddies who are this young are a rarity.
  • Ages 30 to 40: This is a surprisingly great age bracket for sugar daddies. Potential sugar daddies around this age group are easy enough to come by and ‘though they may make less than older sugar daddies, they do come with other perks like being single and childless (i.e. more disposable income). Also, because they’re close enough in age to you, they’re more relatable and no one will look twice if they see the two of you together. If you’re looking for an ‘undercover sugar daddy,’ this is your go-to age bracket.
  • Ages 40 to 50: This is a great age bracket for sugar daddies. Men in their 40s are at the perfect sugar daddy sweet spot – i.e. they’re at a high point in their careers and are earning substantial incomes, have solid net worth and they may still be single and childless. More earnings and less obligations translates to higher allowance for you – plus, these men are also young enough to not elicit sugar daddy suspicion 😉

*Seeking proves that the popular misconception of an old sugar daddy is false – the average age of sugar daddies on the site is…39 years old.

Old(er) Sugar Daddies

  • Ages 50 to 60: Many sugar daddies – most, probably – fall within this age bracket. And it’s a great age for a sugar daddy to be. They’re stable, mature, and experienced enough to take care of your needs and talk through the terms of an arrangement. The downside is, though, that men in this age bracket tend to be attached (whether still married or divorced and with kids) so there is a high chance of other financial obligations in his life apart from you. As in, you’re not the priority. Plus, if you’re a young sugar baby in her early 20s – the age difference may simply be too much for any meaningful connection or friendship between you.
  • Ages 60+: There’s a lot of sugar baby controversy over much older sugar daddies – some of us love ’em and some of us plainly don’t. This one’s a huge toss-up so we’ll just go over the pros and cons. The main perk: he will spoil you. The main downside: you won’t be able to really “go out” with him.

All in all, when it comes to age – it is mostly just a number as you’ll find great sugar daddies from all age brackets.

That being said, when it comes to practicality and good old ease – we prefer someone who’s between 30 to 50, simply for the relatability factor as well as the comfort of being able to be seen with them in public without prompting stares and tongue wagging.

It all comes down to personal preference.

What’s the Best Sugar Daddy Profession?

So you’re considering various potential sugar daddies across several sugar dating sites (like you should be!) and you’re wondering…which profession(s) do the best sugar daddies belong to? After all, sugar daddies hail from a huge variety of career paths.

According to Seeking, here’s the breakdown of how sugar daddies make a living (big enough to provide your allowance :))…

sugar daddy professions

Of course, there is no one profession that automatically makes someone a great sugar daddy. You could just as well find a wonderful sugar daddy who’s a dentist or an auto shop owner.

That being said, some career paths are better than others, especially when it comes to sugar daddies. Here are our favorite professions for sugar daddies:


By entrepreneur, we’re not exactly talking Mark Zuckerberg – we’re simply referring to a class of men (and women) who know how to create value and sell it.

Entrepreneurs exist in every market – he might be running a software business or own a chain of fitness franchises – so don’t worry if you don’t live around silicon valley. Just keep your eyes open and you’ll definitely find a few wherever you live.


We noticed over the years that investor make great sugar daddies and ‘though we’re not totally sure why – we’re going to guess that it’s because investors understand that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially in dating and relationships.

Instead of setting themselves up for unwanted costs (i.e. divorce, relationship drama), they find it simpler to “rent” a relationship that’s more clear cut. Perhaps because of this, they tend to make appreciative sugar daddies who intrinsically understand the value sugar babies bring to the table.

The above professions are both fantastic because they basically mint their own money. As in, they’re not working for a paycheck so their concept of money (making and giving) is drastically different from even the high-paid executive.

They can also contribute something to your life that’s even more valuable than a regular allowance: knowledge. You know that saying that you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with? Well, make damn sure your sugar daddy is among the smartest you can find (and entrepreneurs and investors often are).

What we especially love about these 2 career types is that most of them actually love – or at least are obsessed with – what they do. So they’ll keep themselves very busy so you’ll be able to have a full life of your own. They also have fairly flexible schedules, which may be a perk or a downside for you.

Are the Best Sugar Daddies Experienced or Newbies?

In our experience, the best sugar daddies have usually had previous successful arrangements.

Not only do these previous arrangements help the sugar daddy define what works for him and what doesn’t (thus, he’s likely to have a much better idea of what he wants), but he’ll also be better equipped to anticipate your needs as well as problems that can arise in mutually beneficial relationships.

But as much as we like experienced sugar daddies – there are exceptions. We’ve found that newbie sugar daddies who’ve taken the time to think about why they want an arrangement and what sort of arrangement would work for them also make great sugar daddies.

the Best Sugar Daddy: Single or Married?

This one is very hard to say because it completely comes down to personal preference and what you are looking for as a sugar baby.

Here’s what we mean…

Single Sugar Daddies

Many sugar babies simply feel more comfortable dating unattached sugar daddies for moral or ethical reasons. But even if you don’t have those qualms, dating a single sugar daddy presents a lot of perks.

For example, if you’re a sugar baby who is looking for a long-term, open-ended sugar relationship, especially one that may end up in something more serious – single is the way to go, for obvious reasons.

Even from a monetary viewpoint, it makes sense. Single, unattached men simply have more disposable income. Attached men may want to give you more, but fact of the matter is that most wives control the purse strings and even if they don’t – when it comes down to investing in his child(ren) vs investing in his sugar baby…who do you think the married man is going to choose?

Married Sugar Daddies

All that being said, married sugar daddies are very popular with some sugar babies. Why? Simply put, a married sugar daddy provides all the benefits of an arrangement but he will typically be less needy, crystal clear about his expectations, and above all – drama free.

Even better, married sugar daddies know exactly what they’re getting out of the deal – a very discreet, truly no-strings-attached, fun and carefree fling that won’t cost him his family and lifestyle. And they tend to be very appreciative.

Sure, married sugar daddies usually have more boundaries and controls in place that you’ll have to adhere to. You’ll only be able to see him at select times, he’ll be the one calling you and you can only contact him at set times.

But that can work very well for a sugar baby who wants full control of her schedule and operates very well with clearly defined boundaries.

These sorts of arrangements can work really well especially if you’re an attached sugar baby yourself or if you plan to date other men (and sugar daddies) on the side.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more involved sugar relationship – it’s best to opt out. There’s nothing worse than getting romantically attached to a man who’s already attached – especially if he’s your sugar daddy.

What to Look for in a Sugar Daddy

You already know what to look for in a sugar daddy (and what to expect) when it comes to age, professions, and so on. But are there crucial personality traits?

You bet there are.

While personal preferences vary, here are 3 traits that all the best sugar daddies have in common.

He Has Good Manners

As they say, “manners makes the man.” Sugar daddies are not an exception.

So many sugar babies think that the presence of financial benefits excuses the absence of basic courtesy. It doesn’t. The same rules for decency apply in sugar dating just as they do in vanilla dating.

And in general, sugar daddies who treat you and other people with respect and kindness tend to make much better sugar daddies than the one who are rude and impolite.

He Wants to Take Care of You

One of the biggest things every sugar baby should look for in a sugar daddy is that he actually wants to take care of you. This should be apparent from the get go. And it doesn’t have to be grand gestures. It can be as simple as providing cab fare for the first date or slipping you a Starbucks gift card so your morning coffees are on him.

If you have to…

  • Convince him about the benefits of having a sugar baby
  • Justify every $x you’d be getting
  • Explain why you need $xxxx when his last sugar baby only needed $xxx
  • Try to answer any variation of the question “what am I paying for?

…the man is not going to be a good sugar daddy. You should pass on him so you can get back to contacting, meeting and discussing arrangements with new and better potential sugar daddies.

And always keep one thing in mind when you’re looking for a sugar daddy: if he doesn’t express a genuine interest in taking care of you, he’s not sugar daddy material.

He Communicates well

Communication may not be the first thing you think of when you imagine the perfect sugar daddy but it is a key quality of the best sugar daddies.

A sugar daddy who can be respectful yet clear in communicating his expectations, his boundaries, what he is able to provide, and what are deal breakers from the beginning is one that is going to be better equipped to handle snafus along the way instead of flying off the handle or ghosting you over misunderstandings or hurt feelings.

So…Who Makes the Best Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddies come in all shapes and sizes. They span the range in ages, professions, ethnicities, and personality types.

So of all of these men out there, who makes the best sugar daddy?

If there is just one quality that makes someone the best sugar daddy, it’s this: Generous men who are givers by nature.

Some men just really enjoy taking care of people. It comes naturally for them. This is another reason we like business owners and entrepreneurs – these people run companies, hire and manage employees.

They’re well-accustomed to understanding and taking care of their people ’cause if they didn’t, their companies would suffer. These skills translate well to the sugar world.

Just keep in mind, though – givers (smart givers) tend to go for other givers. If you come across as too entitled, spoiled and with an attitude that screams “what’s in it for me?!” – the best, generous sugar daddies are going to pass on you.

Think first what you have to offer your sugar daddy, what you can do to make his life happier and easier and you’ll attract the best sugar daddies to you.

More Tips to Choose the Best Sugar Daddy

Last but not least, there are some characteristics that make some men better sugar daddies than others.

  • Stereotypes are not always true, but chances are, if he’s speling lyk diz, he’z probly not suxessfull.
  • Some of the men on sugar sites span the spectrum from wanting a pay-for-play to wanting a life partner and they’re not always clear about their intentions so you should be clear about yours when corresponding with them.
  • Know your deal breakers and don’t settle. If there are certain pet peeves that you have that a potential sugar daddy displays – don’t bother with them, it won’t last long.

And last but not least, choose wisely for yourself. Because the best sugar daddy for one sugar baby may not be the best sugar daddy for another.

For example, if you’re naturally an introvert and you enter into an arrangement with a sugar daddy who is constantly on the move from event to party to charity gala and so on, it’s going to be unnecessarily draining for you.

Or if you’re a wise-cracking firecracker, you may not be the best match for a sensitive sugar daddy who enjoys quiet nights in and long conversations.

Know what works for you and choose accordingly.


Are the Best Sugar Daddies Educated?

Yes, the best sugar daddies are usually educated. It doesn’t necessarily mean he has an MD or a PhD. But whether it’s self-education or formal schooling, in general – the best sugar daddies tend to be educated.

It’s simple why – a man who’s unable to take care of himself is a man who’s unable to take care of you. And in the society we live in, education forms the backbone of a career.

We’ve also found an undeniable link between someone’s level of education and both the chances that they are a legitimate sugar daddy and their ability to support a sugar baby. On your first date or phone conversation, ask your sugar daddy about their studies. They will probably love to recount their glory days of college to you.

Talk to them about their graduate programs and what they wrote their thesis/dissertations about. If they can talk about the work they did in their graduate studies, they may be more likely to be real sugar daddies.

What About Good Looking Sugar Daddies?

The typical stereotype of a SD/SB relationship is that of a beautiful woman dating a wealthy, yet unattractive, older man. But what about good looking sugar daddies?

Well, they definitely exist in the sugar world. But they may not make the best sugar daddies.

The reason is simple: you can expect a lot of competition.

Just as it is in “vanilla” dating, good looking men have more options to choose from. And this is even more true in the sugar world, where the numbers are stacked against sugar babies to begin with.

Which Ethnicity Makes the Best Sugar Daddy?

This one is a controversial one but we need to cover it, all the same. Of course, we can’t give opinions on every ethnicity out there.

But we can make one big distinction: sugar daddies that hail from cultures that value chivalry more than egalitarianism can be natural sugar daddies.

Case in point: Many Asian cultures place a lot of value on men as providers. Men are expected to pay for dates and generally provide for the women in their lives. On the other hand, men from, say, Scandinavian or Western European cultures are more used to a more financially egalitarian relationship between men and women.

Of course, this is not always the case and you can definitely find great sugar daddies from all cultures. But it is worth keeping in mind.

Let us know in the comments if your experiences show the same (or different)!

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