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Our Experience With and Review of SeekingArrangement.com

We’ve tried out a wide variety of sugar daddy sites during our time as sugar babies, but only a few make the cut.

One of these is SeekingArrangement, which is not a surprise considering how well known this website is both in the sugar world and in the mainstream media. SeekingArrangement is a definite pioneer of sort in the sugar world and it deservedly takes its place in the top 3 of the best sugar dating websites.

seeking arrangement review

But it’s not just for its infamy that it’s made it into our top 3 sugar websites list. In terms of quantity, quality, and sheer variety – SA is a sugar dating website that every sugar baby must be on. After all, it was voted the #1 Sugar Daddy Dating website by Playboy…how many other sugar sites boast that sort of publicity?

Thanks to its wide-reaching publicity and constant mention in the media – Seeking Arrangement is massive. There are thousands of sugar daddies in every major city around the world, not just in the U.S. of A. Due to its huge member base, there’s also great variety on this site. There are sugar daddies of all stripes and types on SA – its membership is so varied, in fact, that we’d go as far as to say that if you can’t find at least one sugar daddy you like on this site, you can’t find one anywhere.

During our time on this site, we’ve come across business owners, doctors, lawyers, investors, bankers, heirs, professors, and entrepreneurs from virtually every industry.

Personalities and preferences of the sugar daddies vary widely as well. You’ll find everything from sugar daddies seeking long-term, committed relationships to those looking for a contract-based allowance-giving arrangement. What’s more is that SA also has its share of couples looking for sugar babies (both male and female) and it caters to gay sugar daddies looking for male sugar babies as well.

Tip: We’ve suggested that sugar babies reach out to other sugar babies in their area for safety and support reasons. We personally love reaching out to gay sugar babies since there’s no real threat of competition present (which, unfortunately, does crop up now and again between even the best sugar babies) and you can be very genuinely happy for each other when sugar successes happen.

What we’ve found on SA is that it has the highest range of serial sugar daddies. Most of the potential sugar daddies we’d met through this site had already been in at least one arrangement at some point in their lives. We found these experienced sugar daddies to be clearer about what they wanted and what they didn’t as well as more structured when it came to discussing the terms of the arrangement (i.e. how long it will last, how often we would meet, and the range of allowance).

Even the few first-time sugar daddies we met through this site were surprisingly clear on what they wanted and ready to enter into a suitable arrangement instead of continuing to date potential sugar babies on SA.

One potential sugar daddy I met through SA was a first-timer, but he was eager to get the ball rolling after a few phone conversations. Since he was traveling for work at the time and worried I might be scooped up before he got back in town, he asked me to come where he was.

I usually prefer not to travel to meet potential sugar daddies, but he laid out a pretty good offer: a round-trip ticket that’d be flying out in the afternoon and returning to my city in the evening and dinner at the place of my choice in the city he was staying in. All expenses would be paid and I’d be compensated (in advance, via PayPal) for all the travel time I was undergoing, and if anything was awry, I could always leave.

So I agreed. He was a young sugar daddy – in his mid-30s – and a bit of the partying type so we ended up roaming around the town before dinner and having a blast. After a fabulous dinner, I was pleased I came but still prepared to catch my flight back home when he proposed we start our arrangement right then and there. We worked out the terms over dessert and wine – not how I usually do things, but it felt right – and the rest is history.

Not all the potential sugar daddies we met through SA were so obliging, of course, but all in all, most did not waste time. We spoke to so many sugar daddies on the phone before meeting – we recommend always doing this – and the majority articulated exactly what they were looking for and the allowance range they planned on providing. This made it infinitely easier in sussing out which potential sugar daddies were promising enough to meet and which we should politely end the conversation with.

Another thing that’s definitely worth mentioning about SA is its design. Design might not sound like a big deal, but when you’re spending a lot of time on these sugar dating sites – it matters. SA has, hands down, the best layout of all the sugar dating sites. Combined.

It’s ridiculously easy to perform searches for sugar daddies and once you upgrade, you can search according to your specifications.

The profiles are also wonderful on SA. We particularly love how every sugar daddy profile states his allowance range. Although you will still have to do the allowance talk sometime down the road, that little feature alone lets you instantly see which sugar daddies would willingly agree to your allowance range from the get go. An awesome convenience to have.

Overall, we say SA can’t be beat for getting access to a huge variety of experienced sugar daddies.

You have nothing to lose since it’s totally free for sugar babies to sign up and use the site. You’ll get bombarded with mail in the first few days since new members are granted more eyeballs, but keep in mind that the initial sugar daddy rush doesn’t last. SA is one site where it’s imperative to keep active in your sugar search by perusing profiles and initiating contact with potential sugar daddies.

Even if you upgrade to feature your profile – keep in mind that there are tons of sugar babies on the site and stay above the competition by going on the offense instead of waiting for sugar daddies to contact you first!

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23 thoughts on “Our Experience With and Review of SeekingArrangement.com”

  1. Another tip… If a SB registers from a .edu email address (indicating that she is a college student), SeekingArrangment automatically upgrades her to a paid premium profile for free. The premium profile has a lot of benefits.

  2. All of Brandon Wade’s and other sugar daddy websites are filled with mostly full time career prostitutes. Most are brainless, poor hygiene, average to below average looking. I feel that they should be paying me and my friends to take them out. I regretted using this expensive service where all I meet is always a prostitute asking for how much I paid them for their service monthly. My friends and I are in our late 20’s to early 30’s. We went back onto regular dating sites and my friends had meet way more quality women than on these cyberspace prostitution sites with low quality women.
    These women on these sites are no different than regular prostitutes with the exception you paid the a lump sum each month to date and have sex with you. These women aren’t exclusive to you and they also sleep with as many men as possible to max. their monthly tax free income. It is kind of gross that we men can sink so low to stick our dicks in a public toilet. Prostitutes are like public toilet. Any men can stick their dicks into their pussies but of course you have pay for that and also you can as well received herpes, Aids, STDs, HIV from them too. You do paid for what you get and it is low quality and high chance of getting diseases.

    Brandon Wade paids for employees to post goo reviews all over the internet. Have anyone heard about AshleyMadison got hacked and the hackers exposed all the married Johns. AshelyMadison had placed fake ads on their sites and sent fake emails to reply to men. This website only has 12K female members worldwide and their male members is like 50 milion worldwide. So, now you married cheating men wonder why you get so many emails from married women wanting to fuck you , but never actually had any meetings with you? They are not real and jsut to lure you to paid for this site membership.
    Most married women on this site is either old, and/or ugly, fat and/or mentally ill and are very fat ugly women that cannot get fucked by any men that have seen their faces………… Pretty women on this sites are fake ads placed by employees of AshleyMadison.

    I wonder when the group of hackers that hacked into AshleyMadison.Com will hack into all these online prostitution sites SeekingArrangement.com (seeking and dating prostitutes and that traveling prostitution webiste of Brandon Wade’s).

    Ugly men and ugly women have mental issues and refuses to acknowledge they are too ugly to be fucked by good looking people on regular dating sites, so they both joined these online prostitution sites to admire each other. Amen.

  3. I had been a member of SA since 2007 until today. I am NOT an escort, I have met many SD from here and had several successful relationships. I go to log on and my account is suspended, they claim one of my photo’s was on an escort site, they refuse to give me link to that I can find the person who stole my photo’s and refuse to restore my account. They claim no escorts however they are the biggest prostitution ring around and the only one’s punished are the ones who play by the rules. The quality gentlemen don’t go near this site, and as I’m finding out now, there are reasons the quality ladies won’t go near it either. Don’t waste your time and energy, you can contribute to the site, respond to blogs and use the site as it’s intended and if you aren’t a whore they remove you for unbiased accusations. If that is how they treat their longest clients I promise it’s isn’t worth becoming invested in for any reason.

    • What site(s) do you recommend? I’m doing my research before I really get into the sugar bowl and I’ve been hearing so many horror stories about these “top rated” sites for sugar dating.

      • @ Sam hi i was wondering if it was possible to talk about what you found. I’m thinking of starting in this “sugar bowl” myself..but i was hoping you could help me if possible. thank you

    • I understand you’re angry your account was suspended but please stop using the word whore. Women have to deal with slut shaming enough you should know this. And escorts are not whores, that is a disgusting attitude to have. You claim you’ve had successful SD relationships on the site yet you say quality gentleman don’t touch the site.. so you’re saying your SDS weren’t quality gentleman? If you had sex with any of your SDS for money thay is considered prostitution therefore you are technically an escort. You are not above all…

  4. hear these woman complain about not getting paid to meet, this blows my mind. If you want to be paid hundreds of dollars to go on a date by any man, your simply a golddigger. No man in his right mind would, no matter how much he makes. This is simple common sense. These woman know nothing about men, no man gives much of anything for nothing, except charity. If men don’t get some sort of pleasure from a woman, almost all of them will leave, no matter what, a fact! I would never pay a woman to just meet on a date. I’ll pay for all the date expenses, that’s it, just like 95% of all men would. I’m not making an excuse for the assholes that are on this site that are disrespectful towards woman in any way. I ask woman questions to see if their legit and worth my time. I have that right just like the woman do. Go to Match.com and ask to be paid just to meet a man, you’ll never be asked out period, unless he’s mentally ill. I had high expectations when I first joined the site and was disappointed and stressed out, why? I had at lease 4 woman offer pictures for money which I would have paid for like most honest men would. They all had no intention on sending me these pictures, they just wanted to extort money from me. So don’t go making all the woman here look like victims, because that’s a bunch of bullshit. I don’t give allowances, I pay as we meet, you have to earn your allowance through the arrangement agreed on. This is the problem in this country, people think their entitled for things they don’t honestly earn or deserve. I would rather pay an Escort than to pay a Sugar baby just to date which is a total waste of time. I might as well just mail a check to her instead of wasting valuable time. How many men marry a woman if there is no sex involved, none that I know, and neither do they. These woman let their emotions run wild and then wonder why they end up with an asshole. No honest decent positive man wants any woman who can’t think. This is a fact, they think because their young and beautiful that all men are powerless, maybe if your young and stupid or your a sex offender. Older successful men are wiser. My opinion on this site so far, very pretty young woman, most of them are gold diggers, some are mentally ill, and a very small amount are actually smart enough to realize what the real purpose of this site is, which is a mutual arrangement for both. It’s not getting paid to show up just for a date. If this is the case, shit I’m on the wrong side I’m signing up to meet a Sugar Momma. I could make a very good living just sitting at a table for a couple of hours, no sex involved. SHIT! I just realized that’s not reality. Oh well I could get a sex change and maybe some desperate dumb ass will actually pay me just to date. I’m an Entrepreneur just having my breakthrough moment, which took many years of learning and a lot of pain. My advice to men like me, just get a high class Escort and save yourself the time and money instead of wasting it on the eye candy, because that’s all it probably is 90% of the time. I will keep my profile up just to see what happens, maybe I’ll get lucky and I’ll be a paid subscriber again. I also think if I was in my twenties or thirties and lived with my parents and had very little bills to pay with a somewhat decent job. I would be all over this site, these girl would probably jump all over it for a $100 to $300 per sex session, very little stress involved and straight to the bedroom. Their not getting nothing worth anything with their loser, broke boyfriends this is why they are trying to be Sugar Babies. Get paid to go on a date with an old man, and then go home to F**K their boyfriends, not a bad life unless the old man happens to be smart enough to know better and go get a legit high class Escort instead!!!!

    • tag… what you are saying is absolutely untrue… I’ve been a sugar baby for about 10 years… I’ve had a 4 year relationship and moved into my 30+ millionaire boyfriends mansion in vegas, and then dated another gentleman, a neurosurgeon for 3 years and engaged to him for 7 months. The first gentleman gave me 2,000. every time we would go on a date, but there was no sex, not for the first 3 months…. He courted me, like an old fashioned gentleman with chivalry…. See the problem is not that women are gold diggers… the site is made for men to assist beautiful women… the problem is all these broke broke men think that paying for a woman to sleep with them is being a sugar daddy, and it’s not. A real sugar daddy spoils you and brings it all out with no worries and let’s things flow naturally…. They are not paying for sex. I’ve been sent 5,000. on numerous occasions, not because I asked but because it was offered… or spoiled taken to versace and high end places to get whatever I want and no sex expected…. if it happens it happens if it doesn’t it doesn’t. There was one guy that took me to the most amazing spa ever and gave me several thousands of dollars he didn’t want to have sex with me at all… seriously all these guys complaining just don’t understand or should I say “have the means to understand” what a sugar daddy actually is. Leonardo DiCaprio for instance… he is a real sugar daddy!!! lol

      • Rose your one of the very few, I’d say very very few. As for Leonardo I can probably honestly say, he would have either left you at the mansion by yourself and hooked up with someone else at another. I can tell you that almost all Sugar daddies would not wait that long, and probably hooking up with someone else while waiting on you… has that ever occurred to you? Maybe they didn’t maybe they did wait. I never said it’s was 100% of the time, but most of the time, which is a fact. Most men period, whether they are a millionaire or not are not going to pay thousands to most of these woman. They’ll go broke like so many others have, I’ve studied these people for many years, I to lost focus by spending too much time on the site. Successful people are too busy to be wasting their time and money.

  5. Majority of the men (not even going to call them SDs because half of them aren’t; just weird men trying to solicit nude photos and sex for low prices) are very racist on this site. “I don’t like Blacks” “African American women aren’t attractive” “Don’t even bother messaging me if you’re Russian” “No Blacks or Ch*nks” “I only want white women” are just a few of the things I’ve read in people’s bios while exploring the site. While I understand that everyone has a preference, you cannot put everyone of a certain race into one category and say they “aren’t attractive.” Black women come in ALL shapes, sizes, and skin tones imaginable… not all Russians are mail-order-brides. This shit I’ve read on here is disgusting and as a Black SB it has made me wonder if I even have a chance at finding a SD unless I drop 20 lbs and bleach my skin.

    • The men on that site are cheap horny losers who can’t afford a high end escort so they come to this site to bargain for fantasy sex that their wife, girlfriend or a decent woman will never give them. These penny pinchers want you to be their personal porn star for $200 per meet. I had several old men offer me $200 per meet for un-protected sex and a bj. I don’t know why these old sloppy losers just don’t but a silicon sex doll. Oh wait the doll cost more then $200 ??

  6. beware of seeking arrangement. its a con, con, con. they have nothing to offer. they claim to have rich men there but there are just con artists posing as sugar daddies. avoid this site if you can. I had been a member of SA until today. I am NOT an escort. They claim no escorts however they are the biggest prostitution ring around. The quality gentlemen don’t go near this site, and as I’m finding out now, there are reasons the quality ladies won’t go near it either. Don’t waste your time and energy, you will meet men who will don’t have money. will con you.this is a whore site.

  7. Dude where you from? These girls are more like gold diggers.These girls are in desperate mode and most aren’t hookers. Their looking for easy money and most have no intentions on doing anything for you except scam you, “SUCKERS”. I will say there are some very beautiful woman here but I don’t like competing with sex offenders and predators on this site. Ya there’s probably some prostitutes but that doesn’t matter. Most men here will still take that, as long as there the classy ones, which choose who they screw. They are actually cleaner than your regular girl who sleeps with the younger crowd which is more likely to have a STD “A Fact” look it up. 15 to 24 are far more likely to have a STD. High class escorts don’t screw these people, they go for the older men who are a lot less likely to have a STD.

  8. There are a few real ladies on Seeking Arrangement but not many. Tons of fake profiles and computer generated messages. Don’t waste your time and money like I did

  9. After being in the sugar dating world for 4 years, I can honestly say, it’s a bunch of BS. I’ve had a few successful arrangements in my years trying, but the majority were major fails. Let me explain why:

    The new age sugar babies are ruining the game. The ones who are living with mom and dad, in college who are just “trying this out” and have no idea what they’re doing, are truthfully the reason WHY there are so many salt daddies. Because women like them are putting out for free and being hypnotized by the bare minimum, which in return makes the man say “Why would I offer the next woman a whole lot when the last girl gave me everything I asked for, for almost nothing!” Your naive antics just created another salt daddy which is the last thing any sugar dating site needs. You can’t be mad at a man for doing what you allowed him to do. Men will always try to window shop or get the cheaper price, if you let him.

    PS – there is a reason why on Seeking Arrangement, it says no escorts. It’s because the creator himself, Brandon Wade, is just like any other bullshit SD on the site. He preys on fresh out of high school girls who clearly don’t know what they want. They just know he’s famous and probably has alot to offer. I’ve spoken to one of his ex ladies at a sugar summit last year, and she herself told me that he does in fact have many women, all young, but he’s extremely stingy with all of them. He reasons his stinginess with the fact that he has so many women. The only nice perks they get are being around a “famous guy”, being in all of the sugar summits, and having pictures taken of them. An escort would require much more than that. Since he’s the creator and he himself wouldn’t put out more, he creates a website to make minions of himself and prey on the abundant amount of idiot women on the site.

    Rant over. My point of my rant is basically to agree with what that one guy said. Just be an upscale escort.
    Don’t bother changing my point of view because almost all of you are new yourself. I’ve seen the good, bad and downright ugly of this site and this is what I’ve realized.

  10. Being a sugar baby is in actually, a waste of time and stupid. Pull your panties up and just be a fucking escort. A high class one. Most sugar babied are naive, cheap and slutty. I’d rather be a high paid, highly respected escort who picks and chooses who I put out to, then be a sugar baby who puts out to any potential and then cries when they don’t get what they were told. It’s your fault, he only did what you allowed him to do. Of course a man is going to mistreat you when you put yourself in the position. Fucking idiotz

  11. Horrible experience w/ Seeking Arrangement. It’s just men trying to scam you for sex or money. The man behind the Catalyst4Blessings page (William) is a complete fraud. He claims to be an oil & gas exec. His profile pic is of him & 3 puppies. He offers you the world, y’all agree to an arrangement, then ghosts you after you fulfill your end of the deal. He claims to have 12 houses all around the world, yet he lives in a garage apartment in the Heights (Houston). He also lies abt his age to be more appealing. His profile 1st claimed that he is 49, he is now 44. The man looks to be in his 50s.


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