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Sugar Daddy Advice: Do’s and Don’ts for the Best Experience

At first, sugar daddy advice doesn’t seem necessary. After all, it’s easy to be a sugar daddy. There is only one of you for every eight sugar babies. The numbers are stacked in your favor and there is fierce competition amongst sugar babies for your attention.

But here’s a truth that most experienced sugar daddies know: Finding a sugar baby is easy. But finding a great sugar baby? You know, one that you’re strongly attracted to and enjoy spending time with in and out of the bedroom. Well, that takes a little bit of know how.

And that’s why we’re here.

This is a treasure trove of sugar daddy advice that will take you from a run-of-the-mill average joe to an absolute pro who has his pick of the best sugar babies.

Here’s what you need to know…

DO: Invest in your sugar daddy profile

Sugar daddies are hugely outnumbered on most sugar daddy websites. So it’d be reasonable to assume that you’ll get contacted by sugar babies no matter what your profile looks like, right?

Not quite.

Sugar babies know they have serious competition. But they also know that getting caught up with a rude, weird, or otherwise unpleasant sugar daddy is not worth the emotional damage. Smart sugar babies are also on the lookout for Salt Daddies and sugar daddy scammers.

So when they come across a sugar daddy profile that is lacking pictures and skimped on the profile bio, they have very little incentive to contact you.

That’s why this is a crucial bit of sugar daddy advice. Creating a great sugar daddy profile doesn’t take much work. It’s a simple, maybe 10-minute process and once it’s set up, it will be your best tool for passively attracting the best sugar babies. It’s worth investing that bit of time.

DON’T: Send Low Effort Messages

Messaging “Hey” or “Hey beautiful” or any variation of this will not get you many replies, especially from the top sugar babies.

One of the biggest things a sugar baby is looking for when perusing sugar daddies is authenticity. She understandably doesn’t want to waste her time with bots, scammers, or tire kickers.

So taking an extra minute to:

  • Address her by name. Possibly if her username is something like CuteKate, you can say “Hi Kate.”
  • Mention something in her profile. If she says she loves to travel in her profile, ask her where she’s been. If she says she’s adventurous, ask her if she’s an outdoorsy adventurous type – kayaking, scuba – or if she likes her adventures indoors – new restaurants, escape rooms.
  • End with a call to action. Simply ask her to check out your profile and see if she thinks you might be a match.

Like much of this sugar daddy advice, it’s that little bit of extra effort that gets you huge results.

DO: Be Upfront About What You Want

The beautiful thing about sugar relationships is that you can ask for exactly what you want and don’t want. There are no set sugar dating rules – only what both parties agree on.

sugar daddy advice

Transparency is key to a good sugar relationship so you’ll want to make sure that you and your sugar baby agree on the most important aspects of a sugar arrangement, like:

  • Sugar baby allowance or PPM?
  • Platonic or sexual intimacy?
  • Monogamous or not?
  • How often will you meet?
  • Overnight visits or short dates?

That’s just a snippet of some of the things you’ll want to be clear on. Here’s a full guide to how to set up an ideal SD/SB arrangement.

You can be fully open and honest about what you want to get out of the arrangement. So be crystal clear about it from the get go.

Don’t: Be the Only One Talking

One of the biggest complaints that sugar babies have after sugar dates is this: some sugar daddies do all the talking and expect sugar babies to do all the listening.

This is not only quite boring for a sugar baby but it also leaves a negative impression that her needs will be the last thing that matters to you.

So ask questions about a potential sugar baby’s life, her interests, her goals, and what she’s looking for in a sugar relationship.

Because the best sugar daddies understand that even though the sugar daddy is the one providing the money, that doesn’t make him the “boss.” A sugar relationship is just that – a relationship. And all relationships work best when both parties’ needs are being met.

Do: Lead the Way

Here’s one underrated sugar daddy tip: be the one to lead the way. The ability to gently take charge is one sugar daddy quality that most sugar babies appreciate and want. It’ll also help you move through the search process faster and get to the fun part: the actual arrangement.

Here are a couple ways to do so:

  • Move to text. Once you’ve exchanged messages on a sugar daddy site and confirmed mutual interest, ask the sugar baby to text or have a phone call instead.
  • Discuss expectations. The next thing you want to make sure of is that your expectations align before you continue chatting. Ask her for a video call or to meet for a quick coffee or drinks to discuss what you both want in a sugar arrangement and your respective budgets.
  • Make her comfortable. Many sugar babies are young and new to the sugar bowl. If she appears uneasy, reassure her that you understand it can be intimidating and to let you know if she gets cold feet. Offer to let her pick a place that she’s comfortable with for the first sugar date. And if she has no experience with arrangement, be the gentleman and let her know your allowance range first.

These little gestures of leading the way and clearly communicating what she can expect is the hallmark of a good sugar daddy. And it’s not hard to do so take advantage of it.

Don’t: Make Promises You Can’t Keep

One quality that every good sugar daddy has is reliability. And it’s a top quality that sugar babies are looking for. This goes for everything from calling when you say you will, showing up on time for the dates you’ve arranged, and giving her the allowance or PPM that you agreed upon.

It’s also about making sure that the promises you make are realistic. So only offer what is in your budget. The last thing you want to do is write checks you can’t cash. It’ll destroy credibility and leave a sugar baby feeling disillusioned and bitter – which is not the way you want a sugar relationship to end.

Do: Be a Gentleman

The sugar bowl has been the target of a lot of social stigma and there’s news galore about sugar daddy scammers, Salt Daddies, and so on.

So a new sugar baby dipping her toes into the sugar world is going to be cautious.

The number one way to automatically set yourself apart from other sugar daddies and gain her trust is to be respectful, courteous and simply treat her well.

Don’t: Be Controlling

This is one of the most important sugar daddy tips that all sugar babies wish you knew. One of the biggest red flags a sugar daddy can show is being too controlling.

It stems from a sugar daddy mentality that goes something like: “I’m paying my sugar baby so she is bought and paid for.”

This is not only unhealthy, but it’s also unrealistic.

A sugar baby has entered into an arrangement with you and yes, she should meet your expectations and keep the boundaries you’ve stated. But the same applies for you. She also has boundaries that need to be respected because there are two people in the arrangement and neither is a slave.

So hold her to the terms of the arrangement. But outside of that arrangement, always keep in mind that she is her own person and doesn’t owe you anything beyond what you two agreed upon.

Do: Practice Sugar Daddy Safety

Being a sugar daddy is safe but it comes with all the same risks that dating, especially online dating, presents. The good news is that it’s easy enough to steer clear of pretty much all the main sugar daddy risks.

Here’s what you want to do for sugar daddy safety:

  • Create a separate sugar identity. If you want full anonymity, you need to start from the get go. When signing up for a sugar daddy site, use a new email that you create specifically for sugar dating. Choose a username that isn’t the same as the one you use on your social media profiles. And last but not least, don’t use the same picture(s) that you’ve posted on your socials. Reverse image search is easy to do.
  • Don’t share personal info. Until you’re in an arrangement with a sugar baby you trust, there’s no reason to share identifiable information like your full real name, where you work, or what street you live on. And it goes without saying that your bank details are just that – your own.
  • Always do a video call. This is a quick and effective to weed out sugar baby scams. Plus, it allows you to see if you like the voice, looks, mannerisms of a potential sugar baby before you arrange to meet.
  • Meet in a public place. This isn’t just to make potential sugar babies feel safe – it’s important for sugar daddy safety, too. You don’t really know who you’ve been chatting with so play it safe and meet in a public place.
  • Don’t send money before meeting. Around 99% of the time, if a potential sugar baby asks you to send her money before even meeting, it’s likely to be a sugar baby rinser.

Do the above and you’ll be anonymous and safe to enjoy your sugar daddy adventures.

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