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How to Be a Sugar Daddy: The Ultimate Guide

Wondering how to be a sugar daddy? Here’s the good news: Becoming a sugar daddy is pretty darn easy.

Unlike on traditional dating sites, the numbers on sugar daddy websites are skewed in your favor. The average sugar daddy site has a member ratio of about 8 sugar babies for every 1 sugar daddy.

That alone makes for an entirely different experience than the likes of Bumble and Hinge.

On sugar daddy sites, you’ll be the one being messaged and pursued. And the best part is that the ladies doing the pursuing tend to be more attractive than the norm.

All that being said, it’s not quite as easy as signing up for a site and finding the sugar baby of your dreams. To get the most satisfying, fulfilling sugar relationship, there are a couple things you need to know.

We’re going to cover them all, including:

  • Pros and cons of being a sugar daddy
  • What you need to be clear on before becoming a sugar daddy
  • The exact step-by-step process to becoming a sugar daddy
  • Tips to be a good sugar daddy

Let’s dive in.

Why Become a Sugar Daddy?

It’s obvious what sugar babies get out of it. But what about sugar daddies? What do sugar daddies get in return? What sugar daddies get may not be as tangible as cash, but most sugar daddies will agree that the benefits are more than worth paying for.

So what are they?

Here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of being a sugar daddy:


Attention from beautiful women

All the benefits of a romantic relationship without the drawbacks

Freedom to be non-monogamous, NSA, or whatever you choose

Can date much younger women

Emotional TLC

A relationship on your schedule

Can be honest about what you want and don’t want


It is expensive

There are sugar baby scams so need to be careful

Risk of falling in love and not being reciprocated

It usually won’t lead to love and commitment

Still interested? Read on.

How to Become a Sugar Daddy in 6 Steps

As you know by now, the numbers are stacked in your favor. Sugar babies massively outweight sugar daddies on most sugar sites.

But to connect with the best sugar babies, you still need to put in a little bit of work. It’s not much and it’ll go a long way to helping you find the best sugar baby for you.

Here’s the full step-by-step process to becoming a sugar daddy…

1. Know What Being a Sugar Daddy Means (to You)

This sounds obvious. Of course you know what a sugar daddy is – that’s why you’re reading this article. But there are so many men on sugar daddy websites that say they don’t want gold diggers or an arrangement.

Which leaves sugar babies feeling confused. Because it is a sugar daddy website, after all.

Of course, every sugar daddy is going to have his preferences. And that’s totally okay.

The beautiful thing about sugar relationships is that they are not a one-size-fits-all. In fact, if you can imagine it – you can most likely find it in the sugar world.

But you need to know what it is you want. What are your expectations for a sugar baby? Do you prefer her to look a certain way? What should she do for you? Is it a very attractive woman who prioritizes your busy schedule? A discreet NSA short-term fling with an open-minded sugar partner who understands it won’t lead to commitment?

Once you’re clear on that, it’s time to have a think about what you can contribute to a sugar relationship. What are you willing – and not willing – to provide? Is it a monthly allowance or a PPM? Mentoring and connections? Maybe it’s travel to exotic destinations. Or perhaps it’s a five star wining and dining experience.

Becoming a sugar daddy is a fun, wild experience and you’re ready to dive straight in. But considering and clarifying these questions are the best way to find a sugar relationship that’s satisfying for both partners.

2. Choose the Right Sugar Daddy Site

Hands down the best way to find a sugar baby online is to head straight to one of the top sugar daddy websites. Here’s why:

  • It’s full of sugar babies. Sugar daddy websites are worth the money for one big reason – it’s full of potential sugar babies. The ratios can be as high as 8 sugar babies for every 1 sugar daddy.
  • There’s way less risk. All the sugar babies on a sugar daddy website know why they’re there: to find a sugar daddy. You don’t need to worry about offending someone. There’s very little risk of rejection. Nowhere else will you have such a large pool of active and willing potential sugar partners.
  • It’s fast. Signing up for a sugar daddy website is a breeze for sugar daddies. Many don’t even require you to have a profile picture. And with the numbers skewed in your favor, it doesn’t take long to set up a date.

So what are the best sites for sugar daddies? There are several that you can’t go wrong with. But for simplicity’s sake, here are the best to start with:

Secret Benefits. It’s the fastest-growing, most popular sugar daddy website as of now. It’s also 100% free for sugar babies, which means it is constantly expanding its member base of available and attractive sugar babes.

What’s Your Price. This website is for the sugar daddies who want to streamline sugar dating. It’s offers a quick, straightforward method to get dates with attractive women pretty much immediately. It costs nothing to sign up and browse attractive members. When you find someone you like, you simply bid on a date.

SugarDaddyMeet. This is the most exclusive, best run sugar daddy website to find both short and long term arrangements. It offers the best security features and verification. In fact, if you live in a wealthy country (the site only accepts members from the 20 richest countries), this is the site to be on.

3. Create a Sugar Daddy Profile

A sugar daddy profile takes a couple minutes to create. Many sugar sites don’t require so much as a photo, much less a bio. So many sugar daddies take advantage of this and breeze right through the profile creation process.

The assumption is that sugar babies will still be interested, no matter how they look, talk, or represent themselves.

This just isn’t the case. Sure, sugar daddies have the numbers working in their favor. But sugar babies – especially the best ones – aren’t looking for just anybody. They are actively seeking out sugar daddies they can envisage being happy with. And they’re on the alert for sugar daddies who give off creepy, weird, or Salt Daddy vibes.

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So investing a bit of time into your sugar daddy bio will pay off in spades. It’ll make you stand out in a sea of sugar daddies who haven’t put in much effort. That signals that you’re both authentic and serious. And that alone will help you attract more sugar babies.

On top of that, a well-written sugar daddy bio can help you draw in the type of sugar babies you want. And that alone makes it worth doing.

4. See if Expectations Align

You are being bombarded by messages from interested sugar babies. Is it time to set up some first sugar dates? Not quite yet.

Of course, it’s entirely your preference. If you’d prefer to meet and see if there’s chemistry before hashing out the finer details – by all means, do so.

But if you prefer to save time, it’s a good idea to have a preliminary chat to see if you and a potential sugar baby’s expectations match up.

There are just two things that you should be clear on:

  • The expectations
  • The budget

It’s a good idea to make sure that both of your expectations and budget align before continuing. You don’t need to get into the nitty gritty yet. Just try to establish the basics.

For example, if one of your expectations is physical intimacy, make sure that the potential sugar baby isn’t looking for a platonic arrangement. If your budget is $xxx – $x,xxx, make sure that the sugar baby you’re talking to isn’t expecting $xx,xxx.

This is what really differentiates sugar relationships from their vanilla counterparts. With a sugar relationship, you get to define the exact terms. So take advantage of that and have an honest discussion.

Pro Tip: The best way to do this is on a video call. It helps you immediately screen sugar baby scammers – they won’t do a video call because they aren’t who they say they are. And you can talk “face-to-face” about some details before you actually meet in real life.

5. Go on a Sugar Date

Once you’ve found a potential sugar baby (or three) that you like, it’s time to suggest a Meet & Greet. This first face-to-face is pretty important because you never really know how well you’ll get on until you meet the potential sugar baby.

You can quickly get a feel for whether you enjoy her company, her mannerisms, if she looks like her photos, and a sense of what she’s like as a person. It’s also the prime opportunity to impress a sugar baby that you want an arrangement with.

The first sugar date can be almost anywhere – from a simple cafe to a 6-course tasting menu. But there are some things you should keep in mind.

The only rules for a first sugar date, aka a Meet & Greet, are:

  • No talk of transactions. We recommend that the first sugar date be platonic. It’s a get to know you, not an immediate exchange of sugar. And one thing you never want to do is discuss a transaction for the first sugar date, i.e. “meet me at my hotel for 3 hours for $xxx.” This transactional exchange of money for sexual activity veers into illegal territory so don’t do this.
  • Always meet in a public location. This doesn’t just make it more comfortable for the potential sugar baby – it’s safer for you too. Keep in mind that you don’t know this person yet! Always choose a public location.
  • Don’t send money before the date. If a sugar baby asks you for money before the date for any reason, don’t do it. Maybe she says it’s proof that you’re a serious sugar daddy or perhaps she has some emergency crop up. Either way, asking for money before the first date is a sign of a sugar baby scam.

And last but not least, keep it short. A couple of hours are more than enough to get a feel for each other.

6. Become a Sugar Daddy

If all went well on the first sugar date and you and the sugar baby agree you want an arrangement – congrats, you are now a sugar daddy.

Of course, there are still a couple tips that will help you be not just any old sugar daddy – but a good sugar daddy.

Tips on How to Be a Good Sugar Daddy

You don’t just want to be a sugar daddy – you want to know how to be a good sugar daddy. The sort that can get any kind of sugar baby he wants. The kind of sugar daddy that makes a sugar baby brag to her friends and leaves a lasting impression long after you part ways.

To be honest, it doesn’t take much. Here are a couple tips on how to be way above average as a sugar daddy.

Be Clear on What You Offer

The most successful sugar daddies are the ones who are crystal clear on what they can and cannot offer. This sort of honest and open communication lets you attract only the sugar babies who want what you have and ultimately sets the stage for the most fulfilling arrangements.

So if you are okay with a sugar baby allowance but will not provide gifts and other luxuries on top of that, say so.

If you’re comfortable providing tuition assistance but don’t want money changing hands, make that clear. Or if you are happy to provide pampering and shopping sprees but not a regular allowance, be upfront about that as well.

Sugar Daddy Manners

As they say, manners maketh man. And that applies to sugar daddies as well.

Because yes, sugar babies are looking for financial support. But most sugar babies – and especially those in the top percentile – aren’t looking to subject themselves to demeaning treatment for it.

Manners matter just as much in the sugar world as they do in the vanilla world. And they don’t need to be extravagant. Small gestures like being on time, saying please and thank you, asking rather than demanding, taking turns in conversation and asking about a sugar baby’s day – go a long way.

Just the simple fact that you’re respectful in a world with lots of social stigma and the risk of scammers automatically puts a sugar baby at ease.

Be Caring

One thing that separates an average sugar daddy from a good sugar daddy is that the best sugar daddies actually want to take care of their sugar babies. It matters to them that their sugar babies are happy and doing well.

They’re not trying to bargain her down to the lowest price possible or squeeze every last dollar’s value out of her. Good sugar daddies want to take care of their sugar baby, as much as she takes care of them.

Always Follow Through

Reliability is a key sugar daddy quality that all sugar babies look for. If you make a habit of doing what you say you’re going to do – show up to dates, send allowance payments on time, make necessary arrangements for events and travel – you show up as a solid, reliable sugar partner. The sort that’s not easy to find and hard to replace.

Generosity Always Wins

A sugar daddy provides financial support. But a good sugar daddy shows generosity in a way that goes above and beyond. It can be something like upgrading to first class as a surprise. Or giving a sugar baby a cash gift so she can go to her college roommate’s destination wedding.

Little gestures go a long way too. Bringing a potential sugar baby a small gift on a first sugar date. Sending a heated cat bed to her apartment for a new kitten she just adopted. Thoughtful and generous gestures like these automatically set you apart from the average sugar daddy.

And there you have it – the complete guide on how to be a sugar daddy. And not just any sugar daddy – a great one. Good luck and let us know if we missed anything in the comments!

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