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8 Best Sugar Baby Blogs That Show What It’s Like to Sugar

The best sugar baby blogs are a must read, especially when you are an aspiring sugar baby.

We’ve all been there.

You’re a brand new sugar baby with a million questions swimming in your head. You want to know what the life of a sugar baby is actually like. You’re curious what sort of happiness and pitfalls you should expect. And you have questions on whether you’ll fit into the sugar world and how challenging the search for a sugar daddy actually is.

The thing is…you can’t exactly consult your usual social circle about these sugar dating questions.

So what’s a girl to do? Sugar baby blogs, of course.

The Only Problem with Sugar Baby Blogs

The thing about sugar baby blogs is this – there used to be a lot of them out there. You could find entire communities of sugar babies on Tumblr, LiveJournal, and on WordPress blogs. On these personal sugar baby blogs, women – and men – would document their entire sugar journeys.

The best ones showed the journey in all its wild, awesome and varied glory, from the disappointment of meeting yet another fake sugar daddy to the victorious jubilation of getting your first allowance.

But all good things come to an end. Since many websites started cracking down on sugar baby/sugar daddy content, these communities no longer exist. Even one of the best resources for sugar babies (and daddies) – the Seeking Arrangement blog – is no longer in existence.

So where do you go when you want a glimpse into the lives of actual sugar babies and sugar daddies? It may not be easy as it once was to source, but there are still great places to see into the sugar world.

What are the Best Sugar Baby Blogs?

Here are the our top sugar baby blogs to follow when you are first dipping your toe into the sugar world. Check them all out, especially if you’re wondering whether you’ve got what it takes to make it as a sugar baby.

You’ll quickly notice the diversity of the sugar babies out there – different backgrounds, varying goals and styles – and they all manage to find their niche.

So here goes!

Sugar Baby Stories

sugar baby stories

This isn’t a sugar baby blog, per se. It’s our very own selection of sugar baby stories. If you didn’t yet know, we accept submissions from real life sugar babies.

Thanks to this, this website boasts dozens of articles written by actual sugar babies. They’re a treasure trove of tips and tricks, things that experienced sugar babies wish they knew when starting out, and general sugar advice from the women and men who have been there and done that (and are still doing it!).

If you’re looking for real sugar baby stories, this is the place to head.

Too Much Luxury

We don’t know too much about the sugar baby behind this particular blog. But we do know that she has some seriously useful articles for sugar babies and escorts alike.

Some of the best articles are:

And a whole lot more, including red flags to watch for and how to screen a POT. It makes our best sugar babies blog list for a reason.

Undercover Sugar

This sugar baby blog is subtitled “Confessions of a Sugar Baby.” And it is comprised of very personal articles in which a young sugar baby grapples with the emotional and moral complexities of being a sugar baby.

Here’s a snippet of an encounter with a potential sugar daddy:

“I do not want to be that obvious sugar baby. When we’re in public, I don’t want someone to automatically think, “Oh my god. Whore.” I want them to honestly look at me and  think “Oh. She’s with her dad.” I’m NOT okay with making out with an old man in public, holding his hand, him rubbing my leg, or putting his hand way too far up my dress and attempting to rub me in places that are not appropriate IN PUBLIC!!!!!”

What you’ll find here are very honest accounts of her experience as a sugar baby, seeking a sugar daddy to pay for her college tuition.

The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw

The Real Black Carrie Bradshaw isn’t a sugar baby blog. The website goes into much more than that – there’s tips on everything from self care to fashion. But what she does bring to the sugar baby scene are articles that go into the mindset of a sugar baby.

Here is one our favorite snippets from her blog:

“Countless women play by the biased male rules of dating and relationships, ones that keep them in a constant state of stress and worry. Victims of romance instead of masters of love, today’s women settle for cheap dates and cheaper talk.

Why are you splitting the bill with a man that should be spoiling you? Why are you preparing home cooked meals for a man that can’t provide you a home? Why are you having sex with a man that promises the world, but refuses to give you his heart? Why are you playing by outdated rules in hopes that one day your kindness will be rewarded?”

As such, she has articles like How to Minfck a Man Into Spoiling You. And it’s worth checking out.

Sugar Baby YouTube Influencers

The sugar blogs of yesterday may be mostly gone but when one door closes, another one opens. We’re speaking of sugar baby vlogs, of course. There are a bunch of sugar babies documenting their journey on Youtube and we love these videos because they provide an in-depth look at what the sugar journey entails.

Here are the best sugar babies on Youtube to check out:


She’s funny and covers some everything from in-depth guides on specific parts of sugar dating to profile tips and how to inspire men to spoil you.

xtina kim

A sugar baby turned CEO, she has a sugar baby masterclass series that covers everything from designing your profile to red flags to watch out for.

Honorable Mentions

And, of course, there are some sugar baby blogs that may not have as much content as the above but still deserve mention:

  • Luis Speaks. A thoughtful blog that shows how and why a young gay man starts looking for a sugar daddy.
  • The Sugar Baby Confessionals. This award-winning podcast series shares the real life stories of sugar babies and sugar daddies. It also explores sugar dating from a feminist and psychological perspective.

Best Sugar Daddy Blogs

You could learn a lot about what to expect from being a sugar daddy simply by checking out sugar baby blogs. But what if you want a deeper perspective – you’ll be on the hunt for a sugar daddy blog.

The trouble is that most sugar daddies want to remain anonymous. On top of that, sugar daddies tend to be busy, busy men. Not the usual blogging sort.

So if you want an inside look at the lives of sugar daddies, you’ll have to look in some more unusual places.

My Sugar Daddy Blog

This sugar daddy blog is brought to you by one of the lesser-known players in the sugar daddy website market. But whereas you’ll rarely find them listed in many top sugar daddy site lists, they do boast a very useful blog. Especially if you’re a new sugar daddy.

Here are some of the most useful articles:

Sugar Daddy Blog on Youtube

YouTube is a treasure trove for sugar baby channels. What they don’t have enough of, though, are sugar daddies who are vlogging about their experience. Which is why, when we find a good channel, it’s a bit like striking gold. Here’s what to listen to for the sugar daddy experience…

King of Podcasts

It’s not a sugar daddy channel, per se, but the King of Podcasts has a lot of useful content on sugar dating topics, from how to avoid being scammed to managing expectations.

Sugar Daddy Podcasts

And last but not least, we have a sugar daddy podcast that is very worth listening to. Secrets of a Sugar Daddy features real life stories of both sugar daddies and sugar babies. They really dive into various aspects of the sugar relationship and is entertaining while being very informative.

And there you have it – the best sugar baby blogs (and sugar daddy blogs) to vicariously experience the world of sugar relationships from the safety of your own sofa. Enjoy.

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