100% Free Sugar Daddy Websites Best for Sugar Babies [2020 Guide]

On the search for free sugar daddy websites that are 100% free for sugar babies? That’s only natural.

After all, the very basic idea of sugar daddy dating is that the sugar baby should not have to pay for anything. So it only makes sense that the best sugar daddy sites should be absolutely, 100% free for all sugar babies.

The thing is, though, that many new sugar babies miss is that free isn’t always the best way to go. Don’t get us wrong – free sugar baby websites definitely serve a purpose. But you probably don’t want to rely on them alone. Here’s why!

Pros and Cons of Free Sugar Daddy Websites

Most new sugar babies have one thing on their mind when they dive into the sugar world: make money. And at first, most sugar babies don’t want to spend any of their own money in order to do so. Which is the main appeal of free sugar daddy sites…

Pro: It’s Free

The best thing about free sugar daddy sites is simply that they’re free. Which means there’s very little you need to invest in order to get started sugaring. 

These free sugar daddy sites allow new sugar babies to try out a new platform and check out the sugar daddies that populate that website. They allow new sugar babies to get an idea of what sugar daddies in their area expect and are willing to pay. 

And of course, they allow new sugar babies to find arrangements without paying a cent of their own money. 

Pro: Variety is Key

One of the most important determinants to whether you’ll succeed as a sugar baby or walk away thinking the sugar world is a sham is this: how many quality potential sugar daddies you have access to. 

The sugar game is hugely a numbers game – the more potential sugar daddies you talk to, meet and connect with, the more likely you are to find an arrangement. 

So it goes without saying that you want to put yourself in front of as many sugar daddies as possible. Free sugar daddy websites allow you to do just that. Since you don’t have to pay anything, you can sign up for several at a time and get access to the widest variety of sugar daddies in your region. 

Pro: You Can Try it Out

We don’t know the exact numbers but we’re guessing that for every 10 aspiring sugar babies, only 2 or 3 actually stick with it long enough to search, message and actually meet up with any sugar daddies. 

The truth is that being a sugar baby isn’t as easy as pasting up your profile and then voila – a sugar daddy sends you money. 

It takes time, patience and determination. So much so that many aspiring sugar babies will decide that the sugar world is just not right for them. 

Which makes free sugar baby websites perfect because you can easily try your hand at them without it costing you anything. 

Pro: Even if You’re Broke…

You still have a shot. And that’s important because let’s face it: a lot of newbie sugar babies are in dire need of funds. To shell out an extra $20, $30 , or $50 for a sugar daddy website can be a lot – especially when there’s no guarantee of it all paying off anytime soon. 

As you can see, there are tons of pros to going with a free sugar baby website. But it’s not all sugar and sprinkles in this world, free sites come with downsides as well…

Cons: Competition is Stiff

The thing about free sugar baby sites is that every sugar baby is going to register for them. And that means you’re going to have some serious competition. 

For example, on one of the most popular free sugar daddy websites – Seeking Arrangement – the ratio of sugar babies to sugar daddies is 8 to 1. That means you’re competing with 7 other sugar babies for the attentions of just one sugar daddy!

That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find an arrangement – tons of real sugar babies have met sugar daddies on Seeking, but it does mean that it can be harder. 

Cons: Sugar Daddy Fatigue

Related to the above point, here’s something that many aspiring sugar babies don’t know: a free sugar daddy website opens the doors to, well, everyone

Which often means that anyone purporting to be a sugar baby can sign up for free – that includes escorts, prostitutes, scammers, and every other variety of sex worker or scam artist under the sun. 

Imagine being a sugar daddy on a free sugar baby website. Imagine being inundated by messages and scams until you eventually grow jaded enough to disregard the real sugar babies you were on the site to search for in the first place. 

Note: Of course, this doesn’t necessarily apply to the best of the free sugar daddy websites since they typically tend to be very active about removing scammy and illegitimate profiles – but some will always sneak through. 

Free Sugar Daddy Sites to Avoid

We must say a quick note about free sugar daddy sites to avoid. These are the sites that are entirely free for sugar babies and sugar daddies to sign up for and use. 

We recommend staying away from sites like this for two simple reasons. One: They don’t require a potential sugar daddy to make even the most basic investment into his search for a sugar daddy. And that’s not cool because you really want access to a pool of sugar daddies who are very invested in finding the right sugar baby – and willing to pay for it. 

But the main reason we recommend you stay away from free sugar daddy sites that are totally free for sugar daddies is because they tend to attract unsavory folk like sugar daddy scammers who aren’t sugar daddies at all and have no intention of taking care of a sugar daddy. 

By making it too easy for these scammers to join – and allowing them unfettered access to sugar babies – these free websites open you up to risks that you really don’t need to be taking. 

What are the Best Free Sugar Daddy Websites?

Now that you know the ins and outs of exactly what you can expect from free sugar daddy sites and the best ways to use them, you may be wondering: what are the best free sugar daddy websites out there?

Because there are some that are definitely worth your time. 

So without further ado, here is a list of the best of the free sugar daddy sites. They are 100% completely free for sugar babies, at least to sign up and start. Enjoy!


sugar daddy for me review

This is one of the largest, most established sugar dating sites with a membership of over 4 million members and growing. 

Membership is totally FREE for sugar babies so there’s no harm in signing up and checking it out.

Of course, free membership means more sugar baby competition so you will have your work cut out for you. 

That being said – despite the competition, it’s still proved one of the best sugar dating sites to find Allowance Daddies.​ Read our full review of sugardaddyforme here!


seeking arrangement review

Seeking Arrangement is a classic. Everyone who knows about sugar dating knows Seeking Arrangement, largely in part to its founder, Brandon Wade, who has been a pioneer of sorts in the world of sugar dating.

The infamy of this site definitely contributes to its vast membership base – as well as the fact that this site is 100% free for sugar babies. So yes, there will be some competition – 8 sugar babies for every 1 sugar daddy on the site – but this is the similar for all free-for-sugar-babies websites.

So why should you still sign up despite the competition? Seeking Arrangement does background checks to make sure their sugar daddies are actual sugar daddies.  

Add to that the fact that the sugar daddies on this site are as varied in their occupations and lifestyles as they are in their locations and preferences and the chance of you making the perfect arrangement on this site is very, very good. Read our full review of SeekingArrangement.com!


sugardaddymeet review

True to its name, Sugar Daddy Meet is completely about connecting sugar babies with legitimate sugar daddies. 

This site’s a little, ahem, older looking than the above and it sort of is – ​it’s been around for more than 13 years. And they’ve taken their hard-earned experience and made Sugar DaddyMeet into one of the best, FREE sites for sugar babies. How?

Well, the site manually screens profiles and deletes fake sugar daddies and scammers so you don’t need to waste your precious time weeding through the fakers yourself.

Plus, they’ve got a large collection of “Certified Daddies” with verified incomes, occupations, education levels and even ages and photos so you know they’re legitimate sugar daddy material before you even reach out.

Totally worth it – after all, it’s free for sugar babies.

The above 3 are our absolute top picks for the best free sugar daddy sites currently out there – but as you probably know, there are tons and tons of sugar daddy websites and many of them are free…so why not register for a few more?

If you want to get your profile in front of as many sugar daddy eyes as possible (which you should!) – here are 2 more great, free for sugar babies websites to sign up for!


free sugar daddy sites

What’s Your Price isn’t the typical sugar daddy site. 

Signup is free, of course, but unlike most sugar dating sites – What’s Your Price lets you start getting paid right away. 

How? Simply because it lets generous and successful men pay to go on dates with attractive women. And there’s no limit on how many men you can date or how many dates you can go on. Which makes it ideal for a sugar baby who’s just getting started.

No harm in trying it out. As mentioned earlier, it’s 100% FREE for sugar babies.


free for sugar babies

Okay, this isn’t your average sugar dating site – it’s a dating site for millionaires. 

But it definitely warrants checking out.

Why? It’s free to sign up. And it has a membership base of around 2.5 million. Best part? Many of their members are certified millionaires. 

In short – there’s no reason not to check it out. Signup is free and the men on this site definitely have sugar daddy potential. ​

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published way back in 2013. As you already know, it’s been a long time since then so it’s been completely reviewed and revamped for the year 2020. Enjoy!

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