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Sugar Daddy Doesn't Want to Use a Condom? Here's What To Do

What do you do when a sugar daddy doesn’t want to use a condom? It’s an uncomfortable quandary that sugar babies can find themselves facing.

As your relationship with your sugar daddy progresses, many relationships will eventually gravitate towards sex. It’s obviously important to always use condoms, but what do you do if your sugar daddy insists against them?

Here’s how to deal gracefully but firmly with every excuse he comes up with…

Neither of you have a condom

Before I go into the details, make sure you always carry at least one condom in your wallet or tucked into your purse at all times. Never depend on your sugar daddy to carry condoms with him.

Chances are, if he’s already refusing to use condoms, he wouldn’t have any reason to carry them in the first place. Don’t give him an excuse to not use it just because neither of you carry a condom and always come prepared.

Tip: If possible, try to carry condoms in your purse or a pouch, not your wallet. Since wallets are typically pretty tight, the condom could get damaged from the lack of space or the heat (imagine wearing a really tight jacket).

Anyways, let’s say neither of you have a condom. With convenience stores everywhere and many being open 24/7, there’s no problem spending an extra 10 minutes to drive over and grab a pack from the local gas station.

Maybe he’s already “in the moment”, but let him know gently that you won’t be comfortable until you know that you both are safe. Remind him that it isn’t a matter of how much you trust him, but you aren’t a virgin either and are afraid of transmitting diseases by accident.

It’s just 10 minutes, literally. It’ll save you a month (or more) of worry.

You’re on birth control

You’re on the pill, or you have the shot, or maybe you have an IUD. Whatever it is, your sugar daddy knows and he thinks that being on birth control is enough protection for you both.

He should know that being on birth control only protects you against pregnancy, not STIs or STDs.

Just because you want to use a condom doesn’t insinuate the idea that he has STDs, it just means you’re a careful and cautious woman who just wants to be as safe as possible.

When’s the last time he got tested for STDs? Probably a long time ago or never. Don’t forget to add that many STIs and STDs can lie dormant without any symptoms for years, then flare up.

What if you have an STD that you don’t know of? Assure him that you care about him too and you wouldn’t want anything to happen.

He got a vasectomy

This is the same idea. Yes, it guarantees you won’t get pregnant, but again, STDs. Plus, if he’s had other arrangements before you and was having unprotected sex, all the more reason for you to be worried about catching a virus.

He says it won’t “feel as good”

This is something that high school boys used to say. If he wants to complain about a piece of latex less than a millimeter thick, then let him. Because that argument is totally invalid.

His penis won’t be any less sensitive just because of a condom. If anything, use a super thin condom, most condom brands make them.

And if he’s not budging, gently suggest trying a female condom. It looks like a plastic bag, but it’s been tried and tested, and some sugar daddies love it when it’s done correctly.

Besides, this is kind of a compromise because his penis will be bare since you’re wearing the condom this time. Yeah, it’s a little more expensive and not as attractive to some, but at least he can choose who wears the condom, right?

One of you is allergic to latex

Personally, I’d advise against sheepskin condoms because they aren’t as effective in preventing pregnancy and they DON’T protect against STDs. There are plenty of latex free condoms out there that are effective for protection against both.

He thinks they won’t fit

Too big? Magnum XL condoms are big enough to go over your entire foot and still not break.

Too small? The Okamoto 004 is a condom designed for smaller penises and is available at most supermarkets and drugstores.

He threatens to take something away from you

What if he’s saying that you won’t get that shopping trip tomorrow? Or even making a cut to your allowance? Make sure to make eye contact, keep your voice steady – don’t let it get loud or high pitched! – and stay calm.

Firmly state that you’re having sex with him because you wanted to, not because he bought you that new pair of heels. You made the decision, and you can change your mind at any time.

He’s not paying for sex, he’s paying for companionship, your time, your emotional support, and intimacy. If he’s making a big deal out of a simple condom, that’s not very intimate. That’s manipulative.

Using a condom should never change how he treats you, and if he won’t give up? Get up, leave, and find someone else. Someone who will actually respect your decisions and support your well being.

Bottom line is, be firm about where you stand. If you’re giggling and acting coy, he will try to change your mind. And if his mind can’t be changed, he’s probably not the one for you anyways. Better be safe than sorry.

How do you convince your sugar daddies who are against condoms? Let us know in the comments below!

This post is brought to you by one of our contributing SB writers, Candice, aka The Bay Area Sugar Baby. You can check out her sugar baby story here!

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  1. Quote:

    “He says it won’t “feel as good”
    This is something that high school boys used to say. If he wants to complain about a piece of latex less than a millimeter thick, then let him. Because that argument is totally invalid.”

    Only something someone without a penis would say. Try putting a piece of saran wrap around your clitoris and see how much you enjoy that. And a person’s preference doesn’t make an argument “invalid”.

    Nice article, but cut the bullshit.


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