Should I Give a Potential Sugar Daddy My Bank Login Information?

By Caitlin


This article is a quickie and I apologize in advance if it comes off a bit harsh, it was written frantically, in response to a whole bunch of comments and emails we’ve received on the exact same scenario: A potential sugar daddy wants my bank login information.

That’s just not kosher. And if it’s just one sugar baby who’s asking the question, it’d be bad. But since there are several sugar babies that are pondering the same thing, this absolutely must be addressed. In detail.

And yes, it may sound harsh but take it as what it is: a warning shout to sugar babies. After all, the last thing we want is for you to get scammed. 

So the next time a potential sugar daddy asks you for your banking details, here’s a list of things you really must keep in mind.

Do you actually know this person?

You meet someone online, he has nice pictures and he sounds promising. You chat, exchange a few pictures and bam! He wants you to be his sugar baby.

This does not check out. A sugar relationship is not established quite so easily. In fact, it’s pretty much like any other relationship: you chat, you meet, you get to know each other, you develop a sense of what each person is about, and then you decide whether you want to pursue things further with that person.

Think about this way: if you were chatting with a guy on Tinder for all of three days and he proposed to be your boyfriend, that’d raise eyebrows, right?

It’s the same with sugar dating. So if there’s a potential sugar daddy you’ve exchanged a few texts with but have never met up with, don’t know much about, and who doesn’t know much about you…be very, very suspicious when he suddenly wants an arrangement and offers to send great big gobs of cash your way. ‘Cause 99.99999% of the time, yes, it is a scam.

Some things are better kept to yourself

There is absolutely no scenario where a potential sugar daddy should ever need to have your bank login info. None.

In fact, even if you’ve been with a sugar daddy for years and you have tons of trust and respect for him – even then, he does not need to know your bank login ID and password. No real sugar daddy would even ask for this information.

Actually, no one has the right to ask for this information. Not even your closest friends. And definitely not a man you just met. It’s not only a huge invasion of privacy, it’s utterly unnecessary.

The next time a POT asks you for this information – no matter what his reason – do yourself a favor and block him immediately. Then, do other sugar babies a solid and report the scammer to the sugar dating site you met him on.

No relationship = no information

There are very few rules in the sugar world (every sugar baby has her own tastes and preferences, after all), but this one is a hard and fast rule: If you have never met the person, do not give them any banking information. At all.

Because the truth is, you have no idea if they are who they claim to be. That promising POT could be a bored housewife in Timbuktu. He could be a group of scheming teenagers. Or he could just be your run-of-the-mill scammer who’s decided sugar babies are his favorite targets.

You know by now that bank login information is to never be given out. But this applies to your bank account number as well, especially if you have never met the potential sugar daddy.

Why? In Europe, it may be okay. But in the US, there’s little security for bank drafts. Armed with your bank account routing numbers, scammers can withdraw money from your account without your authorization and even buy stuff online with demand drafts.

So is there ever a case when you can give your bank account number to a sugar daddy? Sure, and that’s when you trust him and you’re in an actual arrangement with him. This includes knowing where he works, where he lives, and other (verifiably) information about him and his life, i.e. a real relationship between two people.

Until then, he can send the money to you via PayPal, Bitcoin or even as a pre-paid card to a P.O. Box. But he’s not getting your bank account info, okay?

You’re not a special snowflake

Okay, you are. We’re all very unique and special but when it comes to scammers, you’re just another easy paycheck.

The thing is though, scammers can get pretty creative and in the process, really mess with your head. You know in your gut that it’s fishy but you can’t help think to yourself, Hmmm, maybe it is true, maybe this is an exception.”

It’s not.

It doesn’t matter what the variation is:

  • Maybe he wants you to take a loan which he promises to pay back in lieu of actually giving you the allowance himself (what?!)
  • Maybe he has a huge fintech project in the works and he’s going to give you equity if you pay for all his living expenses (double what?!)
  • Maybe he’s a Nigerian prince who’s trying to transfer millions of rubies out of his country and he’ll reward you generously once you wire him…well, you know where this one’s going

And you do know. Even if it’s not the same old Nigerian scam, if it’s some convoluted payment plan that makes you think “what?! is he serious??” – you know in your gut that it is a scam.

So don’t fall for that tempting idea that maybe, just maybe, this can be for real. It’s not. Real sugar daddies have real money and they’re willing and able to provide a real, straightforward allowance for an arrangement that they want.

The others that ask you to jump through hoops and use your own money to get your allowance? Wish them the best of luck with their “business” and cross them off your potential sugar daddies list.

Desperation can make you do stupid things

As I mentioned in a previous post, when an aspiring sugar baby is in desperate need of money, she might be fooled into forking over valuable information at the promise of a big allowance to come.

It happens because desperation makes you do stupid things. When you’re hungry, it’s hard to keep a clear head. Yet – these are the times when you most need your wits about you.

So no matter how much you want an allowance right now, no matter how much you want to believe this person who’s promising an arrangement and a hefty allowance – whenever a potential sugar daddy asks you for something that makes you suspicious, check in with yourself to see if you’re considering it out of desperation or if you’re thinking with a clear head.

After all, you’re in this for profit, not loss. And that requires a clear head to get.

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Gab May 5, 2017

Every sugar daddy I have came across says they wanna put me on their payroll,so I need a bank. Then others say they need the same thing cuz they have a business and their account officer handles their stuff or something similar, so they need online access.

    T June 12, 2017

    Yes i have recently gotten the account officer handles their stuff. How’d you handle it, in that case?

    Rachel June 19, 2017

    And have you ever gotten scammed from giving them that information?

      Tanab October 8, 2017

      Yes I have been scammed from giving my bank login etc so don’t do it

      Diamond August 29, 2019

      Yes recently, a few sugar daddys immediately ask me for my info without really getting to know me. Getting a wierd vibe and having mistrust with the dark web. Most recently I argued with a random man about getting my bank info which was a tell tell sign. If your talking to someone from 10-20 minutes and they ask for info to send when they really dont know you. In the end he said he was tired of arguing and admitted he is a scammer. Watch out lady’s they are scamming us.and if they sound like they are from Africa or have foreign accent

    jess March 2, 2018

    this just happened to me. its crazy. i literally told him if he was serious there are other ways like PayPal, venmo. that he can send me money through. guess what. he basically told me goodbye. he stopped writing. why you ask? well because its a scam. don’t be fooled. you are the sugar baby. but if a sugar daddy really wants you he will do what makes you feel comfortable.

      Vanessababy October 22, 2018

      they literally keep trying this with me too its SOOOO ridiculous i tell them to go fuck themselves

Nina grace August 1, 2017

What if he asks to send you a check? I mean I still think it’s a scam because he wanted to send 2,000$ over email never spoke on the phone or anything but I feel like the info I would have to provide him with to issue me a check he could use against me no? He asked for my full name
Felt like that was fishy…please help. I stopped talking to him but just for future reference. Thank you!

    Caitlin August 2, 2017

    Hi Nina, that’s just weird. There’s no point in even thinking what he’s planning on doing with that information – maybe he just collects personal info to sell to companies. Either way, if it feels really fishy – it’s best to drop it. There are other fish in the sea. Good on you for moving on from this one!

jackie September 3, 2017

My POT wants my banking info because he is out of the country and says that’s the only want to send money. He is saying he has a banker but I don’t know if I trust him. He seems genuine and wanted me to delete my profile on SA.

He also sends me pictures regularly and actually seems legit. IDK what to do.

    Paula September 17, 2017

    @jackie I literally had the same exact thing happen to me. They’re out of the country and they have their banker handle all of their money. Needed my login and password info and then when I asked him to prove to me that he was real he got mad and told me bye and that he just wanted to spoil me but I didn’t want to help myself.

      EE January 26, 2018

      Omg the same thing happened to me. He asked me what would I like for allowance and the. I told him and then he said he will have his accountat send me a cheque and ask for my first and last name my bank number and branch number. Then as we continued talking and exchanged photos he said his accountant needs my user name and password for my online banking so that she can deposit a cheque and that made no sense to me. I refused and then I became skeptical as to what can he do with my account number and branch number and name? And he got angry and said I don’t trust him what could he possibly do if he doesn’t have my SSN, and that if I don’t trust him I can take all the money off my account and change the password after the deposit is made. I told him I want to get to know him better first before we bring in any money issue because it was all strange :/

    Imani February 12, 2018

    Just use Dosh app it’s safe and easy

    jess March 2, 2018

    Same thing happened to me.. he wanted my bank information. i told him we just met and i don’t trust him. he sent me pictures of himself and he also told me to delete my profile on SA. because he wants me to only focus on him and only him. but he wants me banking info. you know what i told him. i told him there is PayPal, and venmo .. if he is really down them he has to go my way to make me feel comfortable. if he doesn’t agree then bye..

    Dorian March 17, 2018

    I had one recently, sending me pictures of him AND his daughter, deposit a check into my account. The check essentially bounced and put my account in the red. Haven’t heard from him since. So Beward Ladies!

Zach September 20, 2017

For some reason I have a lot of older guys who want to pay me out and be my sugar daddy, so I let them…This one guy said he would send me 250$ every 3 days but he needed my Bank of America log in I.D and password I said why do you need my password he said because he only does “mobile check only” should I do it

    Melissa October 4, 2017

    I am going through the same thing. I really dont want to be scammed but it seems so easy to be tricked.

    Allison January 11, 2018

    to anyone considering giving their bank account number or routing or login info, DON’T do it! it’s definitely a scam. This gives them access to drain your account. I had two POT SDs in the same day say that they had been “scammed” before on paypal (which is pretty much impossible, by the way, unless they gave their ex SB their login info) and the only way they could send me money was through mobile deposit. They wanted to write a check (which is why they needed the account number), login to my mobile banking app, and deposit the check through the app. I was googling for hours whether or not this could be a scam and kept telling them I don’t know enough about it and need to protect myself first. One of them said “I don’t understand why you are being so difficult, I just want to spoil you” which is crazy because he’d never met me or talked to me on the phone just like the other one who was saying the same thing. I ended up telling both of them it wasn’t going to work out because I was only going to accept paypal or cashapp from now on, and the one who called me difficult got mad at me and lashed out. I blocked both of their numbers and reported their profiles. Do not send any POTs your bank info and don’t send them pictures. I made that mistake after being promised $400, he even asked for my paypal. i’m not so naive anymore but it was frustrating when it happened. Don’t trust them until after you meet them and use your gut instinct always! If you get a bad feeling, politely ditch them because it’s not going to work out anyway. You can’t be in a relationship or arrangement with someone who creeps you out.

Heather September 26, 2017

I have an issue that concerns that one sugar daddy that wants to send it through wanting my account information along with my username and password, and one that only does mobile deposits.. It has been fishy to me for a while now.

Sugababe1127 September 27, 2017

I have come to a conclusion that everyone on find rich guys site are frauds

Caprice lecoy October 9, 2017

So this guy, asked for my account number name,user and password. My stupid ass sent my account number but he sent me pictures of him and his drivers license. I asked if he could use PayPal or email it. But he said his financer doesn’t do that.

    Kendall November 3, 2017

    Mine also says that I “don’t want to help myself” and he just wants to spoil me. I ALMOST fell for it. Then I pulled back and was like…wait honey…he was offering a mobile deposit if I gave my login info. He also says he “his lawyer doesn’t allow him to do business with Bank of America”. I now assume this is because BOA is extremely secure.

    Lauren November 6, 2017

    I’m running into that same situation right now. He says he’s following his bankers advice because last time he got scammed and the girl stopped talking to him after a huge pay out.

    Fal February 5, 2018

    What happened after you gave him your account info?

Tonio October 18, 2017

I have one and he paid my Credit cards off and he asked me for my login information I gave it To him and it seems legit but idk he disappeares for a little while then comes back

    goofy November 15, 2017

    So that is similar to me, never a sugar baby before came out of no where. They paid off my CC, I gave them my login/username/password and they made a full payment and it cleared and then a week later asked me to get 15 $100 Itunes( Red Flag) but now i am stuck in the middle….. since my cc is paid off. Do I go and do this or cut off and cut up the card or cancel it?

      Maria November 21, 2017

      This literally is the same thing that happened to me! Once he asked me to get the cards for him I told him no and called my bank and told them I don’t know who made that payment and it wasn’t me. They were able to reverse the payment and I stoped talking to him. He got really made that I did that

Adri October 19, 2017

Lord, I’m dealing with a similar situation. A sugar daddy has scoped me out. I’ve never really been involved in anything like this and I only barely turned 18, so believe me when I say I know nothing about this line of work. My main thing is he claims he is out of country rn and that his account manager needs my account name, number, routing number, and my online login. Should I just dilvulge this information?

Brea October 25, 2017

There was 3 different sugar daddies asking for my banking info and i told all of them to get paypal or a money sending app. Theres so much fraud and nonsense going around nowadays.

Nana November 4, 2017

I’m new to the site and the 2 sugar daddies I met want me to make a bank account they said it’s the only way for them to send money to me are they scammers ?

    Kayla August 29, 2018

    Any person with a bank account can send money through paypal or anycash app do not fall for it! If they say that they can only send through bank info then run away!!!

Cari November 7, 2017

What about routing and account numbers? I’ve had 4 people ask me for those and I don’t know if I should trust it or not or if I should just ignore it.

    Kas November 25, 2017

    Don’t ever just ignore them people, REPORT THEM ON THE SITE THAT YOU FOUND THEM ON…. If a SD likes the photos you sent to them and wants to be your sugar daddy, He will find a real and truthful way to get that money to you if he has to walk it to you him self… Never give out ANY info of your banking or anything… If he wants to be with you at all, he will go many extra miles to make sure you get what you are asking for in terms of money. Please report anyone who asks for your account info to the site you found them on and tell them what the situation is, so the site admins can remove and block these people and protect future SB’s from the same!!! Use your heads peoples…!! Tell those SD’d that you don’t have a bank account because you have no money. If they will send you some money then maybe you can start up a bank account, but until then, YOU DON”T HAVE AN ACCOUNT. They will stop responding to you most likely and that right there will tell you they are scams! If they want to argue with you about whatever then that right there tells you that they aren’t going to be very good SD’s also. Again, If a man wants to be in your life as a SD, he will get the money to you if he has to bring it to your door himself! Trust me. He would be glad to arrive at your door, after he has seen those pics of your butt you probably sent him…

Lavish November 29, 2017

This guy on SUDY just tried to scam me. He said he is an aviation teacher in Paris and that he would send me an allowance of $400 weekly but he needs my bank info and login. He then got mad because I kept asking him question. Saying that he can’t use a cash app or paypal because he only has checks but he can snap a picture of the check and put it in my account. “Let me show you that I’m serious bu giving me your info”

    Natalie Kay Surette August 20, 2018

    Girl I think the same guy scammed me! I’m trying to get my money back. He paid my credit card off but the payments reversed so I went over my limit and now I’m fucked. Any suggestions would be helpful!

      Vicky Mars November 14, 2018

      Wow, one paid my credit card off and it’s already past pending it just hasn’t showed up on my statement but now I’ve realized he’s a scammer but I want to keep my credit card paid off so I’m trying to figure out what to do lol

Maddie December 23, 2017

I’m have a somewhat similar problem as everyone else. I’ve been using an app, SugarD, not a website and all of these men are in Europe, or other countries and a lot of these men’s English is awful. It comes off to me as if English is their second or 3rd language and their in buttfuck nowhere in Africa or something. I’ve opened a separate account with a different bank just for sugar daddies bc I didn’t want them having my full bank & savings. But when I show any type of hesitation, the men always say “trust me. Am not gonna do that to you” also they use “am” instead of “i’m” weird… I’ve had one guy get angry at me for not sharing my account info and said, “if you think am going to scam you, lose my number” but the money he promised was too good. He even showed me a screen shot of all the money in his bank account. 12 mil euros, under the same name, so that seemed legit. Then once I gave him my account info and password he said the money would come today and he just fell off the face of the earth. Another man fell off the face of the earth once I gave him the info. I changed my password, but what else should I do to secure my account and my identity? The account is empty, I removed all my money out. But should I close the account to be safe in terms of my identity? How can I tell if someone is being genuine when asking for my bank info given they’re in another country? It makes sense to me if they’re across the world but they all say they have to drop of the information off at their financial advisor and stuff. One time I even said I will only do Venmo or Paypall and the dipped hella quick. Any and ALL advice would be lovely.

    Caitlin January 3, 2018

    Please read these articles on avoiding scams – here and here. It’s even more helpful to keep in mind that in 99.9999% of cases – if they’re in a foreign country, you two have never met, and they ask for your bank information…it’s a scam. Guaranteed.

Jay February 12, 2018

Was him laying off ur cards legit ?

Julio February 27, 2018

My sugar daddy wants my account and route number! So I give it to him. He told me he wants to put me on his payroll? But I don’t what to do. He seems legit.

Sara March 3, 2018

What if the sugar daddy wants to give you his account and routing number to add to your credit card account so you can pay your bill. I’m just super paranoid. Can he get any of my information?

Laila March 14, 2018

what is the deal with POT asking to buy Itunes card ? i had two asked me that when i say no. they stop messaging me

Exclusive March 15, 2018

Multiple SD’s habe asked me for bank information to send money I don’t have bank account and not going to open up one what made me suspicious is who ask people they never met for they bank information this crazy makes me think they all out to get thanks to this blog I know they not right and I will never give nobody my bank information if I had one I’m not stupid

jake April 8, 2018

so has anyone actually found a legit sd or sm before?

rb122 April 12, 2018

Thanks for the tips I think I’ve encountered a scammer he wanted my bank info & says he doesn’t do paypal lol

Steven April 22, 2018

I am new to this whole thing and I am very glad that I came across this site. I recently decided to look for a sugar mom and many of them, ask for my bank information including login and password. They explain that they have been scammed by previous sugar babies and want to keep tabs on what I am doing with the money. I said no to couple of them, some left and others are still here. I am not sure what to do because they insist that they cannot send money without my information.

Kendis Southward April 27, 2018

So I just met this guy today he offered to be my sugar daddy he told me story about his child hood and what he do. He said he’s in the army then he told me that he need my bank information to send my allowance I was not too sure on give it to him he want me to open a credit card at a new bank so he send me the money then he told that he can’t really video call I guess he claim he at the base shit idk ? but anyway after that he was so quick to get off and go to sleep. Please help me out and tell me what should I do

Raina Taylor May 24, 2018

im currenly going through this my daddy is now asking for me to open a bank account for us to share and said that he no longer uses paypal as he lost a large amount. he says he wants me to do this so my allowance will be aromatic?

Lulu July 9, 2018

This is what happened to me.
I want you to create PayPal account and buy an amazon gift card I can not transfer to a PayPal directly due to some reasons when you buy the amazon gift card I am gonna activate and link it to my personal account and make a transfer to it I will give you a code which you will use to link it to your bank account or PayPal account which will make the cash available to your bank account or PayPal account in two hours.
You need to hold the card physically Baby You can easily get the card at any Walmart store pharmacy store in the market or gas stations near you for $100 or $50 any one you can afford but the $100 Amazon gift card will be better when you buy the card I am gonna link the pin on the card to my personal after the link up is complete i will transfer $2000 your weekly allowance to the card and when I get the transfer successfully code then I will link the card pin again to our PayPal account and and code then it will clear into your PayPal account in two hour.
This seems suspicious am I right to be concerned

    Amanda February 4, 2019

    This is what I’m going through right now, I say no that I can not afford an Amazon card or won’t be going to the store and one sugar daddy lashed out at me asking if I didn’t trust him, and I’ve had other who say they do bank transfers and I gave one of them my info, but now I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to get scammed as I have money in there and I strictly said that money was for college.

    MJ July 30, 2019

    Amazon cards are not reloadable– once you use the PIN and spend the money it’s gone. So once you give it to him- he gets a free $100 and you’ll never see him again. Think about it– if all you needed was a physical card and to give him the PIN so he could link to it and load it– you could simply buy a $5 card.

Brendan July 19, 2018

I actually have a sugar Moma who asked for my bank details as well… I told her I didn’t feel comfortable doing it so I told her to send me a picture of the check front and back and I’ll deposit it for now… she said okay and I haven’t herd from her sense..

Ruby September 6, 2018

So I met this potential SD in and he asked me to open a bank account which I did, he said that in that way he would be able to send me money a lot easier. But now he’s asking for my log in info (username and password) and I told him I didn’t feel comfortable and he started saying reasons why I should trust him. What do I do?? Now I am stuck with this bank account which is completely new and I don’t know what to do.

Jason September 10, 2018

A “sugar daddy” was looking for a new sugar baby on tindr and he found my profile and he had immediately offered me to be his sugar daddy. he asked me a couple questions; nothing to do with and bank info. he proposed my salary. $400 a month. he only asked for my bank username and password he didn’t want anything else. he says that he only can do check deposits. he claims to be a military man. that’s all i know about him. of course i only seen the profile picture. i think its a scam and i use to work for a bank so i know that no one ever needs a bank login. i ask for his other “sugar babies” number. now i never shared a sugar daddy. i need to know if this is a scam?

Starr September 11, 2018

Looking for a good man that like to have fun

Katie September 13, 2018

Watch out for Chris Kelvin on sugardaddymeet. Tried to get me tonight with tha bank account fraud.

Katie September 13, 2018

Just so everyone is aware, when they ask you for your account info and deposit money, they are laundering money through you, and YOU can end up in prison over it. Don’t don’t don’t do it!!!!

Brianna October 5, 2018

Recently been on the website seeking arrangements! And a lot of the men I’ve come across have evening me the scenarios that they can’t use 3rd parties cash apps like cash app, PayPal, or even money gram to send my allowance because they said there accounts get flagged.. and one guy did send me a check via email and once I verified it online it came back invalid and never heard from him! But yes I have had the same issue about them needing my mobile bank log in

Lexa December 7, 2018

Could you give some advice on how to proceed after you’ve been scammed? I was really naive and did it and my account then got closed for fraudulent activity. They sent me checks and now I don’t know what to do.

Anna December 20, 2018

I have a potential sugar daddy and he is asking for my account number and routing number and also my name. He says that he will send me money and that if I could pay his bills with some the money he send me and that he will send me extra for myself, I don’t know if this is legit I need help it’s my first time.

Jackie January 29, 2019

He said he needs my mobile bank app login? I just gave him my account #

Amanda February 4, 2019

I gave a sugar daddy my banking info and I’m paranoid now as to what’s going to happen to the money I already have in my account, I’m new to the sugar baby business and I strictly told him it was for college. He told me he could only do bank transfers and then said he would deposit a check into my account. Any help or advice? I plan on changing my password.

Cherry June 17, 2019

I have a potential sugar daddy. He’s willing to make an arrangement but wanted me to be on his company’s payroll. He also said he’s uncomfortable doing money apps because he said he got scammed from doing that. I don’t want to send my bank login information but it sounds so convincing because they said I can remove the money I have inside if I really wanted to. Should I do it? They also said if I don’t want to, that they can help in other ways.

    Nikki July 2, 2019

    One said the same thing to me and said they got hacked from using PayPal which is weird and I told him I made a bank account and now she wants the password and stuff to it so I wouldn’t send if I were you

Mickey June 21, 2019

My bank account is overdrawn.. No money in it.. My sugar daddy to be is asking for my mobile bank it safe cause there’s no money in it? .. Or is this some kind of scam too?

Dalton McNally July 17, 2019

im so glad I found this! a potential sugar mommy wanted to send me $900 on only day 2 of chatting. asked for my acct info. when I suggested cash app or venmo “she” responded as if I shit in her shoes.

kel August 5, 2019

so the SD that i have been chatting with wants me to buy the Vanilla one cards ,
then they want me to take a pic of the card an send them the info, when i started to ask questions they blocked me ,

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