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The Most Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance Calculator

A sugar baby allowance calculator is not an exact science. And that’s simply because a sugar baby allowance itself can be a tricky thing. There are no set rules on how or when you receive. Or even how much. There are just so many different factors that play into it.

As such, determining an average sugar baby allowance can seem impossible, especially since sugar baby allowances have a huge range from the hundreds to the tens of thousands.

Further adding to the confusion is the lovely aspect of extras, such as gifts, shopping sprees, and travel. Some sugar babies have even received goodies like stocks and real estate in lieu of cash allowances.

So how do you go about setting your sugar baby allowance?

We’re going to show you exactly how to figure out a reasonable sugar baby allowance range for you. This is the closest thing to a sugar baby allowance calculator. It’s in-depth but worth the read. Let’s dive in.

What is a Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance?

To understand what is a reasonable amount of money to ask from a sugar daddy, you first have to know what the average sugar baby allowance is. That way, you can see if you’re asking for way too much or too little compared to the going rates.

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The thing is, though, that the average sugar baby allowance can really vary. Here’s a quick idea of what the research says:

  • A quick Google search for the average sugar baby allowance will bring up a lot of numbers. The most quoted statistic you’ll find is that the average sugar baby makes $2,800 per month. This number is based on a report from Seeking’s 2018 summit and is cited over and over again by various media outlets.
  • You’ll also find articles on first-hand sugar baby experiences that quote sugar babies who have made everything from $250 to $500 for sugar baby allowance per visit.

With all the varying statistics on the average sugar baby allowance, one thing is for sure: It varies. Which is why, when it comes to a sugar baby allowance, it’s helpful to look at the range to give you an idea of what to expect.

And then start narrowing it down to a range that works for you

Sugar Baby Allowance Calculator

By this point, you’re well-versed on sugar baby allowances across the board. But how do you use that information to get the number that you’ll be asking for?

Well, we’ve put together a handy sugar baby allowance calculator for you, based on the most crucial factors to consider, starting with…

Location: Where Do You Live?

When calculating a reasonable sugar baby allowance, you’ll want to think about…location, location, location. The simple fact is that location plays a huge part in what you can ask for allowance.

In short, big cities equal higher sugar baby allowances.

best cities to find a sugar daddy

A good rule of thumb is to think of the average rent for a one bedroom apartment in your area. That’s the baseline for what a sugar daddy should expect to pay a sugar baby.

Here are the average sugar baby allowances of popular cities:

  • Miami: $6,166
  • New York: $5,692
  • Los Angeles: $5,448

Some towns and small cities simply don’t have many sugar daddies who’re able to afford larger allowances so take into considering where you live – you’ll probably be able to negotiate a higher allowance in New York, NY than in Marfa, TX.

The Sugar Baby: What Do You Need?

The biggest part of determining your sugar baby allowance is simply what you need and want. Every sugar baby has different goals and motivations so it’s important to know what you want from the get go. Here are a few examples…

A Gift or Experience Sugar Daddy

If you are just looking for a few hundred dollars of supplemental cash or luxury gifts and experiences, you might not even need a full-time sugar daddy. An occasional sugar daddy that you have a PPM arrangement with can be enough to tide you over. Even a Splenda Daddy could work well.

You could also do very well for yourself just going on dates – What’s Your Price is the best option for this. Just set up a profile (it’s free for sugar babies) and “Generous Members” (aka, sugar daddies) will send you an offer of how much they’re willing to pay to go on a date with you. You can either name your own price or accept the offer. Voila – you just got paid for a date.

A Classic Sugar Daddy Allowance

This is an allowance that covers living expenses and a comfortable lifestyle. This is what most sugar babies are looking for and these allowances typically range from around $1,000 to $10,000 per month. According to Seeking, the average Sugar Baby receives $2,800 in monthly allowance.

But don’t just take the usual average and run with it – the important thing is finding an allowance that works for you.

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A good place to start is to calculate how much you need to live comfortably – your rent, your car payments, cell phone bills, and all your bills and living expenses. Now add to that an estimated cost of extra material comforts you’d like as well as a range of how much you’d like to save.

And you should end up with a price range that suits you.

Tip: Instead of trying to decide on a number, decide on an acceptable range for you. One way to do this is to take your average living expenses and then double it. So if your bare bones living expenses in NYC are $2,500. Double it to get $5,000. Your range then becomes $2,500 minimum, $5,000 preferred, and anything above that is gravy.

The Sugar Daddy: What Can He Provide?

Most sugar daddies are wealthy men, but that doesn’t mean they have unlimited resources. Contrary to popular opinion – not every sugar daddy is a millionaire.

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And to be a millionaire is certainly not a necessity. The most important quality of a sugar daddy is how generous he is, not how much money he has.

Because even if yours is a millionaire – it doesn’t necessarily mean he has the disposable income and liquidity to give you a huge allowance. He may be a multi-millionaire, but if his money is tied up in investments and he’s paying his kids’ college tuitions, he’s just not going to have that much leftover to spend on you.

All in all, you’ll want to consider how much your sugar daddy can comfortably give when negotiating your allowance. To get an idea, start by doing some research on how much his occupation earns and whether he has children or other dependents.

You’ll be in a better position to negotiate afterwards since you’ll know which end of your range he can reasonably afford.

The Arrangement: What Type of Sugar Relationship?

This one’s a biggie – especially since the terms differ so much from arrangement to arrangement. Here’s a quick look at the most popular types of sugar relationships and what the corresponding sugar baby allowance might be.

Sugar Friendships: Compensation varies widely, usually on as-needed basis. These completely platonic arrangements are rare but they definitely exist in the sugar world. It usually involves meeting for dinner, drinks, movies, and general companionship but the relationship is platonic in nature and financial support is informal and unstructured, mostly on an as-needed basis.

Sugar Prostitution: $300 to $1,500 PPM. This type of sugar relationship is the closest to sex work and involves a more transactional arrangement which involves selling sex and/or sexual acts in the context of a sugar relationship.

Sugar Dating: $1,000 to $10,000+ per month. The traditional form of sugar dating, which typically involves a relationship between the participants, with sugar babies going out to dinner, getting drinks, attending work events, and traveling with benefactors. Sexual intimacy doesn’t always happen but usually does develop organically and there is an expectation of regular financial compensation in allowance and/or gifts.

Pragmatic Love: Varies widely from little luxuries to entire lifestyle provided for. This type of sugar relationship is really just “dating up.” It’s basically a vanilla relationship with sugar on top, aka monetary or material benefits.

Other Factors

As you can see, the sugar baby allowance will depend on several factors. Here are a couple more factors to consider when negotiating allowance:

  • Time. How often will you meet – once a week? once a month? thrice a week? Basically – how much time will your sugar relationship take up? The more time, the more allowance.
  • The Nature of Time Spent Together. If he wants you to travel with him or spend full night and weekends together – anything that requires a longer time commitment – the allowance should be larger than it would be for in-town date nights out.
  • Exclusivity. Are you expected to not date other men or sugar daddies during your arrangement? For us, exclusivity also warrants a higher allowance.
  • Other expenses. Do you have to travel to see him? Will you be expected to dress up in clothes you’ll have to shop for? These additional sugar expenses should be covered by the sugar daddy on top of your allowance.

But the most important thing when it comes to a sugar baby allowance does not involve a calculator. While it’s always good to have a range, the most important thing is that you arrive at a sweet spot, which is the number that makes both you and the sugar daddy happy.

The key to finding that is securing a sugar daddy who actually wants to take care of you and your needs and being a sugar baby who genuinely wants to do the same.

150 thoughts on “The Most Reasonable Sugar Baby Allowance Calculator”

  1. This data is noncense.
    Most sugarbabies do not bring enough to the table to justify the allowances suggested here.
    Remember the average rate on humaniplex for a session with an extremely attractive college age girl is $300
    and on The Erotic Review you can get a session with a girl who looks like a super model for $400, than common sense dictates
    that $5000 a month is not a reasonable market rate for a sugarbaby. And let’s be honest, the number of guys who can pay 60K annually on an aftertax basis (meaning 120K annually of there income) is a very small fraction of the population.
    So ladies if you want to have some fun and make a few extra bucks as a sugarbaby don’t go for the wind wall.
    You won’t get far.

    • Hi Brett, thanks for your opinion on this topic. But in our experience, the data is far from “nonsense.” Sugar dating is not as simple as an hourly pay-for-play – the best sugar babies are trusted confidantes and companions and provide emotional benefits that go beyond a physical “session.” In many ways, SBs are like drama-free girlfriends for very busy and successful men.
      This group of men may not be plentiful especially in certain areas but they are not a rarity in cosmopolitan places like NYC and the Bay Area and are often more than willing to spend a little extra for the comfort of getting what they want, which is usually not an escort.
      As with everything else in life, your opinion on the matter is reflective only of your own experiences. But it’s not wise to assume that your experience is everyone else’s. Thank you anyway for taking the time to comment.

      • Hi Caitlan,

        My life experience being involved in this life style for nearly a decade (long before easy access to the SB market [as that’s truly what it is, a market, and it goes both ways] is factually inline with Brett’s perspective.

        As an experienced SD I’ve learned many lessons from my multitude of arrangements -from my longest arrangement of 3 years, another over 2 years, my migration to semester-long arrangements with attractive, fit, academically intelligent, open-minded women that are genuine in exploration and expanding their boundaries. Although I’ve also had countless short term arrangements weeding thru the fakes, professionals, wanna-be SB’s that are not realistic with their expectations, etc. which have all been ‘interesting’ experiences.

        Brett’s presentation of
        after-tax disposable income is precise and reasonably accurate. What he did not extend further is those eventual after tax dollars are before a SD spends one single dollar on his own lifestyle and commitments (child support, maintenance / alimony, living expenses, the costs SDs incur to be on sites that SBs don’t pay a membership fee ? etc.

        By good fortune I’ve traveled all over the world and I know the professional rates and variable quality in Amsterdam, São Paulo, Singapore, etc. And I also have first person experience in more than a half dozen states and Canada.

        Based on that experience only once did I provide an allowance of $500. And that was to a Harvard SB with the body of a Goddess. It was my folly to anticipate it would be better than my normal ‘first time’ cap / maximum of $300.

        That’s my experience.

        So to be fair to Brett, he’s provided a reasonably accurate non-commercial perspective. Brett, thank you for that.


        An experienced Sugar Daddy

        • So $500 per meet up once a week is enough? What about $1000 per meet up let say meet up 2-3 times a week? I suppose there’s such thing as huge allowance of meeting up 2-3 times in a week?

        • As a current sugar baby in an arrangement, I can say hogwash.

          I’m in my mid 30s and receive over $3k/mo allowance, plus shopping, expenses, etc.

          AND I’m far from one of the big cities.

          So, there’s MY anecdotal evidence to add to the pile.

          In my opinion, y’all are just cheap.

          • Unfortunately, even after a six month arrangement with one, I have yet to be with an SB from SA that isn’t a SplendaBaby. Most of these girls string you along for a month or more, until you put your foot down that the relationship needs to go further, and then they say bye. I am not saying anyone is obligated to DO anything, but most of them know they aren’t going to do anything EVER. Even the addition of the key words does nothing to protect an SD from a liar. All SDs and SBs should expect to have a starting Allowance that is less than the SDs maximum, but at least equal to or more than the SBs minimum. Based on trust developed in the relationship it can grow from there. I would recommend SA have SBs put Starting Minimum Allowance and a Long-Term Allowance.

          • How did you get into one of these arrangements ive been reading these forums and cant find a clear answer

          • What does your arrangements consist of that it’s that much money? -a new SB that’s curious

      • I agree with you. It’s a lot different having an hourly girl verses a woman at you beck and call and it’s a lot safer for a prominent man on many levels. I’ve been on receiving end and I wouldn’t take less then $500 a date. And would expect at least 4 monthly + shopping allowance to keep up on things that would please him. IE nails, hair ect most hourly girls have no commitment, see several guys a night bringing in usually around $1000 per night and hold no discretion or loyalty.

      • Yes SF and the Bay Area/Silicon Valley are hounding with men ready to spend!! I tell of all my tales — good and bad @ thesugarbabydiary.wordpress.com

        Thanks again for the helpful tips!! 🙂
        xo, E

      • Great, for NYC and the Bay, but let’s talk cities that aren’t million plus population with supermodel potentials flocking there to be discovered and millionaires to be had on every corner. Brett is right for the average SD. I would be willing to bet guys making seven figures don’t use SA.

    • I pay 1600 an month 4 dates a month 2 hours each session and spend another 400-600 a month on gifts, on assistance extras, car tires, repairs extra bills..,200 hr sex.. plus extras… is that your experiences or the norms.. shes a 21 year old student

    • The thing the SD is paying for is EXCLUSIVITY. That hot model is fucking upwards of 10 men a DAY for $400. A lot of men don’t want someone with that kind of traffic in their homes or beds. I’m not throwing and insults, that’s just the nature of prostitution.

      You want choices and to bang a new hottie every week? Okay, go see escorts for $350 a pop. The less men she’s sleeping with, the more she can charge. Low volume escorts charge thousands of dollars a night. To see maybe 5 guys a month.

      So to have the hot girl you want ALL to yourself? It costs. That’s how this game works. If I wanted to be a prostitute… I would be. I’d make WAY more money than what I get in allowance, but the difference is 1 I’m not risking stds and 2 I actually LIKE my SD.

    • Hey, I read your other comment as well to Caitlin. You’re a cheap guy and extremely calculated. From your comments, it is evident that you look for sex and that’s all. That is not what SB/SD is intended to be. You’re not in it to help enrich a young woman’s life and be grateful that you have wealth. It’s not like you will take it with you when you’re buried in a coffin. Men like you are exploitative and are not cut out to be SD. There is a reason why you also couldn’t score a wife and take advantage of young girls by paying them less. It doesn’t matter if you’ve traveled the world and think you know what’s up because what you’re learning about SB/SD by “traveling the world” is the type of people you attract. Quite frankly, smart women won’t go for you because again, as stated, you are not cut out for this. A cheap and calculated guy like will attract similar people who give you similar advice.

  2. Im a, sugar daddy sdating guy. I live in abq n.m. im retired. I just want sex once a week for two hour’s and pay about 400$ plus gifts each week, is that a fair offer. and texting and emails should I expect responses. Sometimes these messages are for additional dates, some dates no sex, just conversation to rant about my week. I could use help. Btw, most dates are just me giving her oral and she dosent really need to perform much, shes 21 student im 55 retired, shes an 8 when made up well.. input from women appreciated.. thanks sdady

  3. I was so suppressed about American SD.
    Japanese SD will pay to SB, 100 to 300 for just spend time ( no sex).
    With sex? Of course +++++
    Mostly old SD want to a lot of sexual things and want to stay all day.
    But don’t want to pay much … not nice

  4. I just talked to my first sugar daddy and we only text for now, but im wondering when should I get my allowance money or how long I should wait to ask for it eventhough I dont see him. Note: he was exclusivity. And he would see me whenever hes able to. I also want to know how to ask for my allowance without making him think im going only for the money. And finally, even though we dont see often I should still get my $3000 montly cause he mention he would give me 400$ for 4 days and 3000 per month.

    • You should just stop being a ho and maintain a healthy relationship with your boyfriend who loves you rather than blaming him saying it’s in his head when you know your deviant ways are to blame

    • Do like a lawyer does. Say, “Bring my fee” or “Bring me the fee you promised.”

      Actually you shouldn’t have to ask. Sounds like he wants something for nothing but empty promises. Dump him and when he calls, don’t agree to meet and tell him I need a guy that can help will my expenses.

  5. I have only had one sugar daddy and I have been talking with him for six months now and it’s been great ! I have had such a good experience with him. Originally we met , our first date being at the comedy show . I had told him our first date was to meet each other see if we got a long and then we would go time there . We went to dinner first then the comedy show . He walked me back to my car and I told him I wanted my 400 allowance . He looked confused and said there is no way I’m giving you 400 unless you come back to the hotel with me . I looked at him and said I have no problem with being intimate but I would need to be paid more for that . He asked how much and I looked straight at him and said $1000 but we would see each other once a week . And we’re not exclusive . He agreed that was fair and we have been seeing each other for about 4 hours each visit once a week . It’s been great ! We always grab something to eat and talk and of course spend a little time in the bedroom like any couple would . Just recently I changed the terms of our relationship to seeing each other only once a month because I didn’t really need all the Extra money anymore since he basically got me out of debt . Now I see him once a month for 4 hours and he gives me 1500 each month . I think it’s a great thing that we have .

    • Sugarbaby,
      I’m curious as to how you met your one Sugar Daddy? I just thought negotiating your allowance was smart. it looks like you wasted no time…which is nice.

    • To the comment above me wrote this year April 21. You are so lucky lol. I would love and desire a relationship or arrangement like that. I live in Las Vegas and it’s so hard to meet decent men with money who are generous. All I really want is good company, good sex time to time, and a nice amount of money monthly to supplement my income. I’m far from high maintenance. But I do like nice things. I also would like to own a car. Which is something I have never had. I guess for now I’m just wishful thinking. Ps are there still SD who date single mother SB?

      • They do, I have never hidden the fact that I have kids. You have a choice to make though: married men typically have time during office hours, when your kids will typically be in school. Single SDs might get the idea that they will fix your life- be the responsible guy baby daddy was not and things like that. I tired of that and only date married men now.

        • Going after married men does not speak well about your values. You won’t like it if you were married and the guy was cheating on you. Have some morals Audrey.

  6. I decided to try this out and my potential SD is wanting me to set up a checking and savings account at a bank that is nowhere near me and I don’t want to scare him away but how can I get him to send me money in another way?

    • I realize this is several months old, but I certainly hope you did NOT go for that. Scammers are everywhere. Don’t worry about scaring anyone off. Your safety, financial and otherwise is far more important.

  7. I have had three arrangements. Average length of time 3-4 times each. I started off the first one with a monthly allowance of $1800 – we met three times per month for a few hours. Unfortunately the SB got lazy in month 2 and just expected the cash, made excuses about catching up and it all got too hard. At one point she said to me “the money should tick away in the background and if we don’t see each for a month or two then that should be fine..” She was really naive.

    The second arrangement was really nice. Same deal. It was easy and comfortable. Met at her place and the sex was incredible. She was a self-described nympho and it was like a scene out of a porn movie. After four months I called it quits – it was great but the emotional connection wasn’t developing at all and it started to feel a little awkward.

    No 3. Amazing. This time $500 per meet. Great connection, sex and just so much fun. We meet when we want to and its really relaxed. I won’t do a monthly allowance again. I think the per meet allowance just makes everyone ‘work harder’in the arrangement. Interestingly we catch up a lot (probably 4-5 times pm) so it’s good for both of us. I think this one could last quite a while.

  8. This may seem odd, and I’m not sure if sugar babying is the answer to my problem, but I thought I’d ask.

    I want someone to just let me live with them so I don’t have to worry about money or anything ever again. But I don’t want to necessarily be emotionally attached to them. I’ll DO anything, whatever they want, I just want the security that comes with not having to worry about money. I don’t even want expensive things. I’d be content with the belongings I have now as long as I didn’t have to worry about my stability.

    Preferably that means I wouldn’t work. I’m not a huge shopper or spender in general, and I have no friends, so I really wouldn’t be wanting or needing to spend a ton of money. I just want a place to live where I don’t have to worry about money and I’ll do whatever they want me to do to earn that.

    • Hi Haley, that’s a pretty unusual desire in the sugar world but doesn’t mean there isn’t someone out there who’s looking for the same thing! The only thing we’d caution you to be wary about is that this sort of situation could be ideal with the right sugar daddy but with a predatory one – it could place you in a position of vulnerability where you’re completely dependent on them for your everyday living expenses as well as your housing. So if you do find a sugar daddy who wants the same thing, please make sure that they are a decent, considerate and trustworthy human being before moving in with him.

    • Haley the arrangement your looking for works well with the right combination, Caitil’s advice is good you have to make sure the man is decent and trust worthy and to do that would be to spend enough time with him to assure that before moving in too quickly.
      I had such similar arrangements as a single dad raising a couple of school age boys I had live in’s with the arrangements I would take care of them and they would help me out with the boys running errands and helping around the house etc.-From a mans side you have to make sure you get to know the person first to assure your not bringing drama in your house hold, my 1st arrangement was my learning experience she was drama with friends coming in and out and drugs that ended fast, the 2nd one lasted 2 years worked well she met someone her age and we hugged goodbye and they moved out of state,the 3rd one lasted 5 years went well until she started drinking wine every night and being drunk in front of my boys the sex was awesome but was not worth the drama when she drank,the 3rd lasted 4 years and is still going we are close friends, the sex is boring but she is a sweetheart that’s not the problem she loves to take care of me yet my boys are now young teenagers and she’s not good with older kids so we are about to part in a very friendly way I got her a good job and home I wanted to make sure she would be ok, that’s why I’m not ready for a relationship,my plan is to get the boys out of school and moved out then find a good woman to settle down with until then arrangements seem to be working best for me. my point Haley is it can work if the combination works for both parties.

    • Hi Haley,

      Where do you live? I am in Chicago Land Area looking for a sugar baby arrangement. I am also open for a lining in relationship with no string attached. I will take care of all housing/food and other expenses.

    • Hello Ladies,
      I would be looking for a similar arrangement as Haley, in regards to the SB wanting to live with the man so that she doesn’t have to worry about any financial responsibilities in her life. I could see where this would be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the agenda of the individuals and chemistry of the friendship. I am a helper/ mentoring type with no kids so it wouldn’t be about the sex really. My joy would come from helping a lady find herself and her place in the universe and point them in the right direction to find success within their own right while having inner peace and joy maintaining a high level of self respect. I am a mid 40’s successful never married no children no drama situation that really enjoys life and I am looking for someone to just have fun with that wont overly distract my focus on my demanding and volatile time schedule of running a startup company barely two years old. Lets face it SB’s don’t you want your SD to bring home the money? So the live in situation and fun has to be mindful of my career but I could totally see this working especially if it was a SB that was needing mentoring to get setup in college. I am above the normal in looks and physique and I have no problem getting a date or getting laid for that matter so obviously its not about the sex. I don’t even know if this would interest someone but if it does lets talk about it. I know its obvious to the veteran SB’s that I’ve never done this before but I think that this is a good angle and could be a great blessing to some lady out there trying to find herself and needs the assistance with a compassionate person with a good moral fabric.


      Kindest Regards,


  9. How does finding a sugar daddy really work? I’m a college student who’s having financial difficulties and I stumbled upon this site and I’m curious on how this really works.

  10. Hi, I am an Indian and earning close to $5000 per month in US. I have never done this thing but I wanna try. I am not that good looking with short height (5’2″). Can I get a sugarbaby in 1-1.5k per month. We can also live together if she is willing? If not, how much should I be spending to get that?

  11. Hi,

    I have been in contact with a SD who wants to meet for one hour a week each week. He wants to pay me an allowance of $100 each meeting. I was going to counter with $200. Is that too much? Too little. Going to be basically just sex each week for the hour.

    • that sounds like it is too little for your time, in my opinion- your regular escort can command a higher rate than that, depending on location, physical and intellectual level. If that is your avenue, and props to you if it is, then you should seek out a more specific clientele. Being a sugar baby, as I see it, goes beyond just sex- again, that’s what escorts are for- you also provide companionship, the GFE, or anything else you agree upon. Personally, I wouldn’t continue negotiating with him seeing as he clearly doesn’t value your time enough. That is, of course, your call- but you should know what you are getting yourself into. Being an escort is totally fine if that is what you want, but you should be very careful of the legal implications- as I see it, sb’s are paid for their time, and because of the relationship they build with their sd’s. On the other hand, escorts get paid for physical favors only (which is illegal- no judgement, of course, but you MUST protect yourself- see next). Some high-end escorts get paid for their TIME (much like sb’s, but not quite), which is perfectly legal, and anything that happens between consenting adults is ok. Since you want to be an sb, I would assume you value yourself at or above the going rate for higher-end escorts, which can start at 300 an hour, but EXTREMELY rarely do they actually meet for one hour only- most have a 2-3h minimum (for most, it’s hardly worth it getting ready for just one hour of their time). My advice- respect yourself and you will command respect as such; higher rates come not only with looks, but with personality as well.

      • Just stop giving that kind of advice. $100 is a lot to some girls. Not all SB’s are smoking hot models. I prefer the girl next door look and most of my SB’s have agreed to $200 or less per meeting. It helps that I gift often, respect them, show interest in their futures.

        The odds that you will find a guy that can drop $3000 a month on a SB are extremely slim. $36000 a year, after taxes is like $68000 in earnings that SD has to part with. That’s %20 of his income at $350K a year.

        Slim pickings ladies, very slim. It’s also very competitive. Men with that kind of scratch can have any woman they want. SB or not.

    • I had an arrangement like that for $100 for an hour or less it worked out great for both of us for several months until she moved out of state when she comes back in town she calls me to hookup again she was getting as much sexual out of it as I was and the extra money helped her out it all comes down to it has to be worth it for both parties or it will not work,she was a busy single mom in her mid 40’s this worked well for her.

    • Hell no girl. You got thots, hood rat bitchs making $350 just for a hr… You get sick how you gonna pay a Dr and get meds if meds can heal you?? Think about it…

  12. I make on average $20k a month as a sugar baby. Be cultured, refined, exquisite manners, well-read, have fine tastes in wine and classic tastes in clothing. Keep yourself well-presented, be a conversationalist that makes him think but also allows him to shine. Listen to his problems, ask his opinions, hold his hand, be soft and highly feminine, give him sensitivity, affection, compassion, and be the candy on his arm. I am told by my sugar daddies they’ve never been with a woman like me. I tell you, put yourself in his shoes, and imagine what he needs/wants from you and give him very fond memories of his fantasy come to life. His life is stressed. He needs/wants low drama (actually, they all like a little drama- it makes them feel needed and wanted… It’s a fine line to walk. Low drama – but have enough that he respects your boundaries and limits.) . Babies, hold yourself to a higher standard, if you want a higher standard man.

    I never kiss on the first date, no sex for the first month until he proves to me he is a real gentleman. For me, the right man will thrill in the chase, he is looking for that release, I do a slow buildup and old slow, graceful unraveling.

    I do not charge for the first date. Ever. It’s an interview. I’m interviewing him. Now babies here is the thing, you have to show up as exceedingly high value. Far Higher than his money he could spend/invest elsewhere. As a result, I’ve made half a million in sugaring in 2 years and my daddies are happy as clams. 🙂

  13. Hi, I am a new SB and I’m talking to my first SD and he wants to meet 2 times a week. He wants to go out for dinner, kiss, cuddle and be intimate. I’m not sure if I should be setting a price per date or per month. Also if I should tell him this is my first time as a SB (he asked). Thank you!

  14. Hello ladies & gents! Your girl needs help!

    So I have a prospective SD and from these comments, it seemed like $400 was a decent start. He asked me if I have a time expectation and I have no idea what to say! He’d like to meet 4-6 times a week which is fine, but I’m still in university so I obviously can’t afford to spend all day with someone. I just wanted to know what the norm is? 2h? 3h?

  15. It really depends on the situation. After I broke up with a girlfriend maybe 7 years ago I met a girl just a few blocks away. She would come over and bang me senseless for $100. Truth was I was MORE ATTRACTIVE than her. But she loved coming by twice a week for over a year and a half. It isn’t a lot of money but I’m a young attractive guy and its probably something she would have done anyways. We both had a lot of fun.

    I can see girls getting 10k a month, especially if they have to do weird stuff with some 80 year old foreign dude. That’s way out of her character so the price should be higher. These guys are obviously desperate.

    After my original accidental sugar relationship I dated another chick the old fashioned way for a year before we broke up. As soon as we did I put an add on craigslist, of all places, and met the most amazingly beautiful women. She was only a few years younger than me but she was smokin hot. I gave her $400 each time we hung out. I didn’t really bug her. She called me when she needed money which was only once or twice a month.

    I’ve done similar arrangements much like this one several times now as well as dated girl normally since than.

    There is a major disconnect when I see people on here suggesting a girl that takes $400 is sleeping with multiple guys per night. The girls I am hanging out with already have day time jobs/school etc. They are not trying to live off this income. Some of them have boyfriends or still live at home with their parents. Casual sex and a little $$ isn’t career choice. Its something to help relieve some of the bills or have extra spending money. Same goes for me, I don’t expect her to satisfy every need for friendship or intimacy. But it definitely adds some spice to my life without all the overhead.

    I think there are a lot of predators out there so sugarbabies need to be careful. If you meet some old weirdo then charge them a fortune, sure go ahead if thats what your into. If you meet someone cool and friendly who is into normal stuff then be realistic. I’m a young attractive guy who makes 20k per month I don’t really have trouble meeting women and sleeping with them for free. I feel like I can pay most girls on sugar dating sites around $300-$400 per meet.

    They are worth a million dollars to me and hopefully they appreciate and value me as well. I can be contacted at bizdeveloper@yahoo.com

    • I am a new SB but definitely know my worth and have big goals. $300-$400 per meeting sounds like something you would give a prostitute… Quality over quantity always is more $$ pappi…

  16. I came to this blog because I just asked a potential SB her allowance if I flew her to the city she wanted to stay over Xmas and New Year, and I provide accommodation, food, joint expenses etc.

    She asked for an allowancr on top of that for 1-2 montth stay, and she asked for 8,600,00 JPY /MONTH = $100K USD/MONTH

    I felt somewhat offended, as this cannot in any reality be a genuine offer expectation? I feel like I made a genuine and generous offer, and got cat fished.

    She was by no means a supermodel, and she’s flaked on me a couple of times (said she’d meet and “got busy”). I’m thinking is this any way this can be real?!?!?

  17. Hi, I am wondering something and hoping someone can give me some answers. I am getting divorced and thinking about becoming an SB. I am not perfect. I am slightly overweight, however, I’m proportionate. Not massively fat or anything. I am in late 30’s, too, but look a bit younger. I’m not plastic. I’m real. Do I realistically have any chances to meet a nice SD? I don’t expect to get rich off anyone.

    • You are not the ideal SB, older, less than perfect. Adjust your expectations accordingly. There are SD’s that are into older curvy mature women, just not the majority.

  18. I’m new to SA and have had quite a few men who’ve expressed interest, asking me my desired monthly allowance and I don’t know what to say… I have never had a SD and I don’t know anyone who has ever been a SB… I have absolutely no knowledge of the sugar-dating world but I’m certain that I want to be apart of it. I want a sugar-sister, who would “coach” me and introduce me to sugar-dating. I live between Houston and San Antonio,Tx. Does anyone have any advice for me?

  19. I would love to get into this but I’m limited on time and am a married stay at home mom. All I want is to be able to afford to finish college so I can go to work. But I find by reading comments no guy/woman is looking for a mom who has limited time and no one likes honesty! If a woman came out and said no sex, limited time (am I’m a mom and wife), allowance is to cover college classes and can be paid right to the university do you think anyone would actually agree? NO! If a man/woman really wants honesty, time, and is only with working around the individuals schedule. Florida is becoming expensive and every job requires a degree just about. The jobs that don’t mean you are putting yourself in debt is you have kids because childcare for a month is more then a full time job at minimum wages pays. If only people really wanted honesty!

  20. Hi . I’m still a newbie to this. Today I met a POT SD in seeking arrangement and we were texting for awhile. After that he was asking me what’s my expectations? So I answered him all of my expectations, among one of them is “Prefer those who take things slow.Don’t wanna rush for sex,its all about chemistry, just go with the flow”.
    But then he replied he would only pay me allowance once we have sex.
    So what do you think about this ?

  21. I’m looking for a sugar daddy. I’m trying to get caught up on medical bills for my daughter and need a new vehicle. I live in southeast Michigan. Terms are open to discussion ?

  22. Please I need a sugar daddy…. Am a single mother…. I live in Nigeria….. please I really need a mad that can care for me financially…

  23. heya i’m a sb from chicago, so i bet there’s some around then, once a week i suppose, date night, so far i am not seeing anyone but i do consider best as open relationship, i wont go far though so Ill take pub tran, Ill only be active for a few months in this field, maybe 3k per month like she say, all of it is material, no bills, so after three months and Im still running i wont be so scratching. No, it cant be lower, unless you actually get me the things on my “christmas wishlist” that never got fulfilled its March now. I’m just curious, and transvestite, even there curious. Its abnormal and awkward doing it in public but its still worth it for once.
    I’m not sure how you contact me so christopher.mitchell.018@gmail.com
    i like mentouring and discussion on intellective conversations like in chemistry, soso
    Im 21, little bit of weight (5 ft 8 200lbs, low muscle mass)
    Kisses <3

  24. I had a SB that i paid roughly $1500 a month to but she was a solid 10. Supply and demand is key. I live in relatively small town so the price was lower than a place like NY.

  25. I am a previous Sugar mamma turned Sugar Baby!!
    I new at it but meet 2 wonderful men. I’d love to share my story! Thank you, Tina AKA Sexy Tee

    • Hello, know this comment is quite old but I’d really like your advice on some things. I’m a sb looking for a sd who isn’t trying to bs me

  26. So he asked me he would like to see me once a week… How do i go about asking him an allowance? whats the proper way/question…

  27. My ten years of experience echoes what some of the men have posted here. I’ve heard stories of women offered thousands per month, but have never known one – in the SBs I’ve had and the ones I’ve talked to – who ever had a man come through with that kind of money on a regular basis. You can tell the men who have the experience because they can do the math. I also agree with the comments that men offering those kinds f allowance probably have less-than-savory reasons for it. Hell, think about it, if I guy can sugar one girl for $3000 or three girls for $1000, which do you think he’s more likely to do, given the male proclivity for screwing as many young hotties as possible?

    I’ve had SBs that needed me to keep them above water financially while they finished school, and I’ve had SBs that simply liked older men and wanted to be able to date someone with the resources to do fun stuff and spoil them a little, so putting some kind of unrealistic impression out there In my opinion does a disservice to many generous men who can’t afford thousands and many enthusiastic young ladies who don’t need thousands.

    Fact is, getting rent and utilities paid makes a huge difference in the average co-ed’s life. A $800-$1000 a month tax free allowance removes the need for 100+ hours of low wage work and replaces it with what should be a fun, low pressure and healthy relationship that doesn’t consume nearly as much time as working, thus allowing her to focus on academics, extracurriculars and generally just enjoying life.

    And if you really want to put it into perspective, if that allowance allows a young lady to finish school, the future value of that investment is tremendous and alters the trajectory of her life in a very positive way. I know this for a fact since I’ve seen it firsthand repeatedly. I have remained friends with most of my former SBs and appreciate knowing that I made their lives better.

    So, don’t downplay the value that a lot of good men can bring to the lives of young ladies. Set your expectations realistically. Thing long term and big picture. Forget the LV and such.

  28. WOW really ? Here’s an idea why don’t you get a God damn job and better your life your morals , your self esteem

  29. I have often thought about seeking an arrangement here in Atlanta. I make great money, and I am really good looking, at least that is what I am often told. I would just need something that takes me away from the demands of life, since I don’t do things like smoke, drink, etc. The problem is, even younger women want to lock me down; I am working on that so that isn’t possible at this time. I would be willing to pay some hundreds here and there, but there would be rules that we both follow. Should I seek this?

  30. I have been thinking about seeking this. I am a good looking guy in Atlanta. One problem I have is the younger women try to get me to settle down with them. It would be nice to have an understood arrangement. Should I seek it?

  31. The problem women have is that there are about 5 women for every male looking for an arrangement. So if a woman wants more than I want to give her, I just move on to the next one. Its a buyer’s market. The more a woman wants the harder it is for her to find someone. Also I never give a woman a big amount one time per month because then I’ll never see her the rest of the month. So I give them a small amount each date and they are sure to come around as often as possible. Also I give them more than just money. I make them feel respected and appreciated and loved so they look forward to spending time with me even if it is not a huge allowance. I live near Los Angeles and have more inquiries than I can handle. I usually have at least 3 sugar babies at any one time and they all give me great companionship, respect, and sex. I never tell them my age (78) so they think I am a lot younger. Anyone who gives a woman more than $1300 is really desperate or married or just not very bright. It really is a buyers market.

    • I tottally agree with your whole perspective . daddy and im willing to be there whenever you need any sex or whatever it may be. Lets do this daddy.

    • Sounds like you are just in it for sex and that’s how you determine a woman’s value. You are so old yet you treat women like sex is all that can offer? This is the problem right here. Some people bring a lot more to the table but you will not appreciate it. Also, I hope you’re clean if you have three women at a time.

  32. Thank you for this insight. Sadly I have found that most sites are watered down with men who don’t understand the Sugar lifestyle and are looking for Pay-Per-Play. I also blame the women on these sites for continuing to chat with these men.

  33. I would love tht to go wth u my allowannce pre day fr 3hours or 4hours is 500.00 per day fr a months is 3weeks in month is4500 fr 3days a week tht means total is 4500

    • Im ready to meet you daddy lets do this i want to find a man that enjoys sex as much as ii do. And plus have a wonderful relationship with me . lets do this daddy.

  34. Question for the guys: I’m extremely picky with what I want in a sugar baby. I’m looking for only the best looking young girls I can find. I’m talking about 9’s and 10’s only that turn heads everywhere they go.

    Not only can I afford to pay up to $10K/month but I’m also in good shape, look like I’m in my 20’s even though I’m in my late 30’s (so the SB wont get weird stares hanging out with me) and I don’t have any weird fetishes or requests. I’m just a guy that wants a really hot girl who is willing to be physically intimate.

    HOWEVER, I don’t want to pay $10K/month if that’s way above the going rate. That’s just not good business. So in your experience what would you say is a respectable allowance to give a girl of the caliber I stated above? I know some guys in the comments said they pay around 1-1.5K/month but that seems too low for the type of girl I’m looking for. Any advice would be appreciated.

    • Sorry this is not advice but are you looking for a sugar baby? I’ve been told I’m a 8,9,10 and don’t need as much as 10k or near that number. I’m from europe.

      • I love Euro women so much. However, I live in the US so logistically, it would be a challenge for a US SD to be with a Euro SB.

    • It’s like leasing a car or buying a car…. Pay 5k and get a lemon everyone and they daddy drove or a luxury whip for more than that, you can count the owners and depend on it when you need it… Just saying. Don’t follow the crowd if you know what you want and deserve. Remember Quality ain’t cheap

    • First, you have to know what her needs are. All of the SBs I have had based the allowance on what they needed. They have rent and tuition or whatever and I was acceptable to sleep with. Then I keep them happy with fun things. A 10 girl isn’t going to have higher tuition than a 6 girl. There is a lot more to their decision process than money, as it should be for you.

      To compete, you only have to out-value your offer over what the other guy would give. By value, I mean the total package she is getting. If you are good looking, confident, and super nice, then you can give less money than the fat dude who is rude to everyone. They will accept less money, down to their needs, for being with a guy they like.

      If you are only going for looks, you can pay the average rate and get a hottie, but she won’t be in college and you may have to help her with her spelling.

      Where this doesn’t quite work is with girls that are special, like professional models and actresses. Most any actress is available for enough money if you meet her package attractiveness threshold.

      A SB I had about 12 years ago is an actress and model and went on to get on some of those “Most Beautiful Women in the World” lists. Absolute 10. Cover of the magazine. Definitely one of the most beautiful women in the world. I still see her on tv sometimes. Talk about turning heads, I ended it because she was too famous and I was afraid someone would take a picture of us together. The Purchasing Power Parity would come out to be equivalent to about $40,000 a month in a place like Dallas or $60,000 a month in SFO today. This doesn’t contradict anything else I’ve said about allowances, but the economics with her were atypical. Sweet girl.

      You are not likely to meet these actress and model types on a site. Figure out how to meet them in person and then chat them up. For my star, I knew someone that knew her and I “happened” to be in the same place as she was and he introduced us. If the conversation goes well, make her an offer.

  35. Question for everyone here : My SD is trying hard to change (downgrade) my allowance without giving me a reason that for just when we are getting deeper in our 10 month relationship.He is a business man from Luxembourg and visits my city for work.Gives me 200 Euros per meet.Doesn’t want to talk, just sex.The first time he tried I accepted ,the second one a week later he tried again with no success because I showed him my disagreement with a smile on my face.Do you think I did the right thing?

    I’ll always remember an ex boyfriend long ago telling me: “you’re an expensive artwork with a cheap frame”

    P/S I’ve learned my self worth very well through the years.Don’t have too high expectations, but as long as I can, no-one is getting the chance to play with me again.

    • Don’t downgrade your value. He buy you a house, stocks, paying for college,anything to secure your future? If not no reason, plus you having sex?? Remind him that money has to pay for Dr visits, travel, bills… Figure out now how much you really making. I would guess not much. No disrespect but I would ask for more or walk away.

    • From what you describe, you misunderstand what you are.

      A sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship is just that, a relationship. There is a personal connection between the two people. Friends, in love, activity buddies, etc. There are many ways to have a real relationship.

      What you have is strictly sex for money. That is a prostitute.

  36. Yes the SDs here are mostly right. The allowance range varies but never in the 5K per month range (The ones that really get that big number, well, the SDs are not that smart – sorry!) Over the past one year, I have been out with about ten different SBs, all different experiences (some nice, some not so nice). There is a good percentage of SBs that are not “flakes” and are reasonable. They do know what they are worth. No, I am not trying to be mean or anything. The SBs that are really cute, young (< 23 or so) are in great shape – they do get offered anywhere in the 500 – 1K range and they dont settle for less. Lower the "heat" index, lower is the price. Now please dont flame me, that's the way it is. I have been very nice with all the SBs I have been with – drinks/dinner to start with, and in very clear terms, the next steps to take the arrangement to the next level. If both the parties are comfortable, things move forward, otherwise, good-byes (and probably phone number blocks ;))

    Yes, some SBs expect more than just drinks/dinner for the first meet (In terms of allowance). I am usually not ok with it (though did pay allowance for few during the first M&G) because the first MG is just that – no expectations on either side. Yes SBs time is important – so, is the SDs time. We havent become this successful without managing our time properly. The SD is compensating the SBs time with the dinner.

    Anyway – happy sugar'ing 🙂 if that is a term!

  37. LOL, your cheap. Dinner is not compensation to a meeting. I’m not starving and I cook very good. If I meet you I am expecting something for MY time because yes my time and me myself is very valuable. If you are a rude and disrespectful I wouldn’t be able to eat anyway, So definitely you should pay…. But then again you might just be looking for someone to use. Shameful….

    • If you expect to be compensated for your time, then you are not a sugar baby, you are an escort.

      Escorting is a job.
      A sugar baby is a lifestyle choice.

    • Maybe, maybe not.

      He could be weeding out anyone who is unreasonable before he spends anymore time on her.

      If he offers money just to meet, then he is trying to hire a hooker.

      I never bring up money in an early message. My approach is to find someone I like and who likes me, then I’ll take care of her needs. If a POT SB puts out a number in her first message before she gets to know me, then I block her, because it is clear that she is only after and will do anything for money, she is not looking for a partner.

  38. Hi Emma!!

    Thank you so much for posting this. I recently created my SA profile and have been getting many messages but I only recently got my first serious inquiry where he actually asked me first what I was thinking of as an allowance.

    I got nervous and wanted to do a quick google search before I answered and I found your article, very helfpul.

    He is based in Vancouver, is single, and has a networth of $10 million. With my living expenses considered, and his personal info, I went ahead and asked him for $6000. I just asked him and have not checked to see his reply. I hope it goes well!

    Thank you again for posting!!

    • How do you know he is single and how do you know he is worth $10M? A whole lot of men lie.

      I am worth $10M. But as the article said, that is sitting in real estate, stocks (ouch), and private businesses. It doesn’t mean I have $10M under my mattress.

      You need to look at income, not net worth. Then take out taxes and his living expenses. What percent of that do you think he would part with? It is probably not $6k/mo.

  39. I am an experienced sugar daddy.

    “So how do you go about setting your sugar baby allowance?”
    Hookers: Set their prices. Sugar babies: Are given what their sugar daddy can and is willing to part with.

    “A sugar baby’s allowance is not about how much you’re “worth”
    That is true.

    “you’re simply setting a price for the time”
    When you add sex to that mix, that makes a hooker, not a sugar baby. Sugar babies do NOT set “prices”. They have needs and wants, but they do not have prices.

    “The average sugar baby monthly allowance can vary a lot”
    Don’t believe the amounts reported by sugar babies on random sites. Those who get more are more likely to report, so there is an upward bias. Unfortunately, that gives newbies unrealistic expectations. There is a rule of thumb that tends to adjust by area. A starting point for allowance is the cost of a decent one bedroom apartment in the city where she lives. It then goes up or down from there based on the kind of man she can catch and how emotionally close the relationship is.

    What I said above is absolutely true, the man decides the allowance and she can agree, propose something, or walk away. There is always some sugar baby for every allowance point. What happens is that the girls compete for the men willing to give the most money. A man willing to hand out $5,000/mo will have a lot more choices than one at $500. Sugar babies who insist on going high often find themselves alone, passing up men who would be very good to them.

    The girls are competing for the best guys. The ones who are in college, super good looking, a professional model maybe, and great in bed are going to be able to catch a higher status man than an overweight woman from a trailer park with three kids. Age also has a lot to do with it. There are a lot of sugar babies over 30 who do not expect an allowance at all. They enjoy the good times of nice dinners, trips and the occasional gift and are happy with it. Men who want a woman over 30 don’t have to give an allowance.

    Sometimes the monthly allowance is not fixed. With a trusting relationship, there can be a “whatever you need” allowance. This can really take the stress off a sugar baby because she doesn’t have to worry about money at all. But she isn’t going to go out and buy LV and Chanel’s either.

    “those $10,000 to $20,000”
    I met one girl who got $10k/mo from her previous SD who was a ball player. She said that is what she expected. I asked how long she was with him. She said one month. I asked how long ago was that. She said four months. I asked how much she has gotten since then. She said nothing. Be realistic. For the babies that get higher figures, it really tends to be short affairs and unsustainable.

    “YOU set your allowance range”
    NO. You set what you will accept.

    “they will pay you less”
    John’s pay hookers. Sugar daddies give to their babies.

    Keep in mind that if a sugar daddy gives more than $15,000/yr, not including for school, it is subject to gift tax. Millionaires get audited far more often than normal people and if you get more than that, you risk getting caught in it.

    How much do I give? It depends. I had a 34yo sugar baby who didn’t want anything (there are others I’ve talked to who say the same). I had a really long term, super smart sugar baby going into law school that if basic allowance, tuition, the car, travel, extras and date costs were added up would come out to about $2,500/mo. In my area, $1,200/mo is typical base allowance. Some girls that were lower quality, but pretty and sweet, but not on a college track, I gave $800/mo to. If they had demanded more, I would have just found someone else.

    • I’m (two years) late to the comment party, but I’m posting in the hopes that my two cents might help some young sugar baby trying to decide what to do. I’m a (former) SB in NYC, now in my early 30s, Ivy-league educated with multiple degrees, looks are 9 on bad hair day. And personally, I second Bruce and Joe’s insights: this article doesn’t give SBs good advice.

      Assume SD/SB is analogous to an employer/employee scenario: firstly, employers don’t pay employees for “what they’re worth”, they pay them in alignment with the market to the extent they can afford. Secondly, lots of HR data shows that employers think their employees underperform! So a SD/SB relationship that is treated like an employer/employee relationship not only puts the SB in the position of providing services rendered, *like an escort*, but also anticipates that SD will feel like SB isn’t doing all she can/should on her end!

      There may be some women this has worked for, but they’re probably not the norm. Most aspiring sugar babies are probably unlikely to find a long term sugar arrangement by demanding very high, very specific compensation off the bat. While a sugar daddy might initially agree to pay, the transactional nature of the resulting arrangement will make it more likely to fail. Like Joe pointed out: maybe you do get the $10k asked for, but it’s more likely the arrangement will only last a month.

      If you’re only looking for something short term, then that’s fine—but if you’re looking for a long term situation or want a sugar baby lifestyle that’s stable and reliable, then this approach isn’t conducive.

      My personal experience: my daddy has been with me more than 10 years— we are now married, and I love him more and more each day. When our relationship started, he had no spending limits on me, and I had no demands on him. Actually in fact, I would do things to surprise him, like occasionally paying for dinner or making him gifts.

      If I had walked into our first date and demanded that he pay me $10k or $20k a month, he would have politely shaken my hand at the end of dinner and we’d have gone our separate ways (and, I would have missed out on the best thing that ever happened to me). But because he has substantial means, without my even asking for it, it wasn’t unusual for him to spend as much as $70k/month on me. His financial support allowed me to retire at 24, although he would support me if I ever wanted to go back to work or start my own business. Now that we’re married, even though we have shared finances, he still spoils and surprises me on a regular basis and I try to do the same for him.

      The elephant in the room—the thing that *no one* one this website or any other will tell aspiring babies about the lifestyle—is that sugar daddies *have no legal obligation to pay you anything*, regardless of whether they’ve promised to or not. Anything in an SD/SB relationship is given gratis. It is a gift. So it’s fiscally irresponsible to try to rely on SD’s gifts as if it’s income—a real sugar baby always needs to have her own independent and diversified income and investment streams.

      I know that not everybody in the sugar lifestyle is looking for the same experience. But after many years of watching my friends breakup with celebrities and athletes and wealthy older men and consulting with top matchmakers about dating, I personally have found this to be true when establishing a SB/SD relationship:

      It doesn’t matter how young, or beautiful, or educated or sexy you are—what really matters is how independent you are. If you are comfortable being responsible for your own happiness, your own success and your own bills, then you are more likely to find a daddy that enjoys spoiling you. Daddies are attracted to beautiful women they have to impress, not women that seem like a charity case or an employee. A sugar daddy worth keeping finds happiness in his baby’s happiness. If daddy is addicted to impressing you, then compensation will be a nonissue.

  40. Women need to this this way. How much money does it take for your boyfriend to sleep with him. Go out and eat with him. If you’re young you are even expected to do work around the house and bring in money for bills. SD is not expecting you to work full time.. will pay for all dinners and dates and gifts. No house work needed. Just connection and sex. Now ask yourself how much you man you’re with.. How much does he even make and you’ll sleep with him 3x a week. Put up with cleaning, all his nagging, he expected you to work. Does your man even make 10k a month after tax. Hahahaha. If he did you would have known how much you’re worth and look for better.

    Just keep in mind your value you think you are, is disconnected with what is reality. All hot women ( 99% of them ) go home from work to sleep with their broke boyfriend. That’s the truth. So why think your value is more if you’re already settling with the broke guy. What are you really bringing to the table to think you command pre tax dollar 6k+ a month. You better have high social status. Insane manners and know how to communicate with a man. Have the craziest sex ever. Be the fittest ever and you have something rare other women don’t have…. That’s just not the case for 99% of women and that’s ok. Just realize the small amount of work you put in if you do connect with a guy how much load he’s taking off that you don’t have to work so many hours or get tuition paid for. Possibly a car. And or credit card bills… that’s better then 99.9% of the population!


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